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Love: An Irresistible Desire by magical words
Chapter 15 : Only Two Things are Infinite
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AN: Chapter 15. Hell. No. Time. For. More. Words. Read.


R & R.

magical words

                                      Chapter 15: Only Two Things are Infinite 
It was an amazingly quiet dinner, especially considering that no one wanted to have their dinner ruined by some tale like going up the Amazon on a rubber duck. (Yes, no one really wants to have their dinner interrupted by a story like that. It would be so scarily funny that you’d choke from laughter.) 

No one spoke unless it was to ask to pass the potatoes (or whatever they had been eating) or to tell one of the kids to “eat up” in order to get dessert. 

Dessert was also a morbid affair. It was Molly’s famous chocolate obsession; an intensely rich, dark Belgian chocolate flourless cake, glazed with chocolate ganache and served in a pool of raspberry sauce. It was simply to die for. And it was so silent, it sounded like someone had died. 

Later, after dinner and dessert and putting the children to sleep, the Weasley family (and the Potters) congregated once more in the family room. 

Everyone was looking curiously at Fred and Hermione, just waiting for them to tell their story. 

Hermione and Fred were standing together, holding each other’s hands tightly. 

“Alright family. This may be long, this may be confusing, but bear with us.” 

“Fred and I think we should start from the beginning. January eleventh, 2001. This was the day I was given an assignment by my boss, Amalia Anders. You see, I was working very hard, non-stop for quite some time. Since July 2000.” 

Ron sighed, quite aware of what July 2000 entailed (Hermione had broken up with him). 

“And this assignment,” Hermione continued, “was to interview Fred Weasley, staying with him for a week; from late Tuesday morning, January 12 to Wednesday morning, January 19.” 

“So that’s how it started,” Fred clarified. 

“After I got to the office on Wednesday, Fred came, and he gave me a tour of his flat. It’s absolutely gorgeous. You raised your son right, Molly.” 

Molly beamed at this compliment. 

“We talked for a while, getting reacquainted,” Fred said, instantly remembering how he detailed his so-far unsuccessful love life. “Then I made Hermione lunch.” 

“This, I must say, was absolutely wonderful, especially considering I can’t cook to save my life.” 

“And we talked some more until Hermione decided that she’d start up on her article by collecting information on what we talked about. And then we went to sleep. In our own beds.” 

(No one seemed to notice the last part about sleeping in their own beds, of course. That is, except for Ginny.) 

“The next morning, Fred made breakfast, and then questioned me on what I’d be putting in the article. We talked some more. And then Ginny owled, telling me to meet her at the Muggle restaurant Magic where we talked; about my life, about my boss, and about my assignment with Fred. But, before I could’ve eaten anything, I had this feeling that I needed to return to Fred’s flat. Like a tugging on my wrist. Therefore, I did.” 

“While Hermione was out with Ginny, I was reading some of her previous articles, which I must say are bloody brilliant. Even with those barmy titles. And the more that I got into her articles, the more I thought about Hermione. And then I felt this sort of tugging on my wrist. And just as I was about to go do something or other, Hermione landed in my lap.” 

“So, this being very awkward, I tried to get out of Fred’s lap, only to fall to the ground. Fred and I were attached at the wrist. And looking back into our contract, we would until the closing of the assignment. We were looking at the contract when Harry and Ginny walked in on us on my bed, where he was tickling me.” 

Molly had an incredulous look on her face. 

Ginny laughed. “We obviously got the wrong idea.” 

Harry smiled, giving a hearty laugh. “Yeah, sorry about that comment too.” 

“So, Ginny and Harry went into the living room, while Fred and I composed ourselves and came up with a plan.” 

“We pretended to be a couple. Just because I didn’t want Harry and Ginny to know that we were stuck together. Me and my bloody pride.” 

“And they were pretty believable,” George piped up. “Hermione and Fred were incredibly convincing when they came with Angelina, Lee, Oliver, Katie, Alicia and I to the Elf’s Pixie.” 

“And not to mention at the first Weasley gathering. You all had us fooled with your artificial couple status,” Percy said. 

“It was very conniving of the both of you. I would’ve never expected it from you Hermione,” Penelope said, accusingly. 

Every Weasley turned to glare at Penelope and Percy. The buggers. 

“Percy, Penelope, I’m ashamed of you two,” Molly scolded. “They’ve both confessed. Now all we can do is to forgive them.” 

Penelope and Percy just stared at Molly, looking somewhat sad. 

Then Margaret had to go and be enthusiastic. “When are you going to tell the world?”
Fred and Hermione looked at each other, scared out of their boots. They couldn’t tell the world. Telling the Weasleys was hard enough. And the Grangers? Eek! (Dentists can be very scary.) And what about the media? Hermione would lose her job because of her relationship with Fred. I mean, he’s supposed to be a bachelor! The wizarding world’s most eligible bachelor! This plan of telling the world wasn’t going to work out. 

“We can’t tell anyone else, besides my parents, that is,” Hermione said. 

“Why not?!” Charlie, Nadia, Bill, and Fleur cried. 

“This is fantastic news that needs to be shared!” Molly said. 

“I agree,” Arthur said. 

“It’s great now that you have each other,” Ron said, wholeheartedly. 

“Yeah, you look so cute together,” Margaret said. 

“You actually do,” George said. 

“You look almost as cute as George and I,” Alicia said. 

“But we can’t,” Fred whined. 

“Why?” Harry insisted. 

“Yeah, why can’t you two be cute together?” Ginny demanded. 

“Because Fred is supposed to be a bachelor! That was what my whole assignment was about! ‘The wizarding world’s most eligible bachelor!’” Hermione practically yelled. 

“Oh!” was the collective reply from the Weasleys. 

“You did tell me that,” Ginny muttered, thinking exceptionally hard about that conversation at the restaurant Magic

“So you all have to keep it on the down low,” Fred explains, miming with his hands at the “down low” part. 

And so, the Weasleys were forced to keep Fred and Hermione’s relationship on the “down low.” 

Now all that they had to do was tell the Grangers. 


The next day, Fred and Hermione went to Hermione’s parents’ house for dinner, where Hermione told her parents, Drs. David and Jane Granger, about her boyfriend, Fred Weasley. 

And they were also told not to tell anyone that they were dating. This made Jane Granger upset, because she absolutely adored Fred. She kept on saying that he was such a “wonderful young man who is very prosperous.” (That’s Jane Granger for you.)
(David Granger was fond of him as well.) 

And so, the Drs. Granger promised not to tell anyone.

Fred and Hermione were very happy how everything turned out. 


Hermione finished her article and put it into editing. Fred came up with a new product, the Glorious Googlie. (Don’t dare to ask what it is; Fred couldn’t even figure it out.) 

What Fred and Hermione didn’t know, however, was that it was only the very beginning of a very abnormal (meaning completely foreign territory in Fred and Hermione’s standards) relationship. 

AN: I’m so sorry this took so long. I hope you like it. Don’t worry. The story’ll pick up soon. It’s kind of dragging as of now.

Remember, R & R!

Here’s the quote:
Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I'm not sure about the former. - Albert Einstein

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