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Harry Potter and the Hallows of Death by purplefire
Chapter 5 : Emotionless
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After a marvellous dinner, as always in the Weasley home, seven people
trudged tiredly up the staircase to their rooms. Fred and George turned off
at the second landing; the first belonged to Mr. and Mrs. Weasley and also
contained the only bathroom further down the hall. Hermione turned off at
the third landing and entered Ginny's room, where it was dark and you could
see candle light flickering. Bill and Fleur said goodnight at the fourth
landing, because they were living in Percy's room, which had been enlarged
(Harry had found out earlier when he asked Ron about it) and emptied of all
Percy's remaining furniture. The fifth landing was where Bill and Charlie's
old room was, and where Charlie would be staying. The sixth landing was
where Harry could finally fall asleep, because it held Ron's room right
below the attic. Harry followed Ron into his room, where they changed into
their night clothes silently. He climbed into bed as Ron turned out the
light. Silence fell over the room. Harry knew Ron was still awake because he
couldn't hear his snoring.

"Harry?" Ron whispered. Harry knew what was coming.

"What?" Harry said, equally quiet.

"You can't keep pushing away the people that care about you, mate. They'll
just care about you more."

"I know that Ron.” Harry replied “But I have to protect Ginny. I don't want
her to get hurt."

"You're hurting her now, Harry; more than Voldemort ever could. And you'd be
hurting pretty bad now if you weren't my best friend.” Ron said rather

Harry looked up at him in surprise.

“If any other guy hurt Ginny like you have he would be dead and in the
ground by now." Ron he continued. "You're lucky Charlie isn't coming until
later this week. I could guarantee that if you weren't family he would have
been home yesterday - waiting."

"I guess I should try to talk to her.” I’m just worried that he might hurt
her if he finds out."

"Harry, just knowing you could get anybody on Voldemort's 'who gets killed
next just because they know Harry Potter' - list. Everybody you have ever
met could get killed. Don't make Ginny suffer for nothing mate. Make her
happy again."

Harry sighed.

"I'll try," he said. 'It's not going to be easy though."


Harry tried to talk to Ginny over the next couple of days without much luck.
The only time he saw her was when she came out the bathroom early the
morning after Harry and Ron's conversation. She had been wearing a grey
shirt and black pants. Her eyes were red and puffy, which showed that she
had been crying.

She didn't even look up at Harry; she just kept on walking. Later that same
day Harry stopped Hermione in the living room and asked her what was going
on with Ginny. Hermione told him that Ginny had been in a state of
depression and wouldn't talk to anybody. She collected a pair of scissors
from the kitchen drawer, and headed back upstairs to Mrs Weasley, where they
were both working on dresses for the wedding, along with Fleur. Ginny would
be with them of course, Harry thought. Unless she was still in her room with
the door shut and locked by a spell that only she and Hermione knew how to
At dinner Ginny still hadn't shown up. Hermione took her up some food
afterwards and the plate came down later, hardly touched. Mrs Weasley was
concerned, but once again Hermione allayed her fears. Harry never realised
she was such a great liar.
After dinner everyone but Ginny could be found in the living area. Ron,
Hermione, and Harry shared the sofa; Bill and Fleur shared an armchair, with
Fleur in Bill's lap leaned against his chest. Mr. and Mrs. Weasley shared
the other couch. Fred and George had gone back to their flat above the shop
to "check on things", as they put it and would be back the next day.
Hermione was re-reading her personal copy of Hogwarts: A History, with
Twilight on her shoulder, who was now a contented blue.

"I think I'm going to bed now." Harry announced.

"Alright, dear, we'll see you in the morning." said Mrs. Weasley.

"Night Harry." Bill said sleepily; Fleur was already asleep in his arms.

"Sleep well." Hermione said, without missing a word out of her book.

"I'll be up in a while, mate." Ron was now lying down where Harry had been,
although he had to bend his knees so he wouldn't hit Hermione. Harry started
up the stairs. However, he didn't get off at the sixth landing. He got off
at the third. Surprisingly, the door to Ginny's room was unlocked, so Harry
slipped inside.

There was a candle sitting on Ginny's dresser, it was only just enough light
for Harry to make everything out clearly. Ginny's form could be seen lying
on her bed, asleep. Harry crossed the room and sat on the edge of Hermione's
bed, which was directly in front of Ginny's. Harry didn't want to wake her,
but they needed to talk.
"Ginny. We need to talk." Harry whispered; there was no response. He didn't
think she heard him, and deciding it was best he left her to sleep, he got
up to leave. That was when Ginny spoke.

"Don't go. I don't want you to." She whispered. She sounded weak. Very weak.

"Ginny," Harry said sitting back down, "Are you okay?"

"I’m fine." Ginny replied, not sounding very convincing to Harry.

"Gin, I know you're lying. What's wrong?"

"Well let me think...hmm...maybe the fact that I haven't eaten in two days
has something to do with it." Ginny said sarcastically.

Harry sighed

"Gin, we can't go on like this."

For a split second, Ginny stared at Harry with a most peculiar expression.
For a moment Harry half expected her to jump up and pull him into a massive
hug. However, after a second or two he was sure he had imagined it. The fire
in her eyes had returned.

"Something finally clicked in that empty space between your ears has it?”
She asked, though her tone was a lot softer now.

"I think Ron knocked some sense into me." Harry explained.

Ginny didn’t reply; it looked to Harry as though she were holding her

"You were right.” Harry started; deciding he should continue. “I do still
love you. But I won't allow you to fight in the war. You can come with us to
visit my parents'... well, my place. I'm still thinking about the horcrux
part. I just don’t know what I’d do If I lost you -;"

His speech was cut short by a smothering of red hair as Ginny threw herself into his arms. Before Harry even knew what was happening he and Ginny were locked at the lips; her arms wrapped around his neck and his around her waist. All thoughts of Voldemort and horcruxes dissappeared, Harry couldn't help but enjoy the moment; he was completely consumed by Ginny's flowery scent until, quite abruptly, it ended and Ginny backed away.

The two of them stared at each other for a second; both looking slightly embarrassed, until they burst out laughing.

"I take it I'm forgiven then?" Harry asked, smiling.

"Hmm...I'm not sure-maybe." Ginny replied, seductively. "Another kiss might do it."

Harry grinned. However, just as he made to move in, Ginny's stomach gave an almighty roar which made Harry jump a foot into the air. Her face immediatly turned bright red.

Harry couldn't help but laugh.

"Well I haven't eaten for two days now have I?" Ginny snapped; her face still resembling a beetroot.

“I think we should go downstairs and see if there's any left overs.” Harry
suggested; he was still laughing. “Maybe you should freshen up first though,
you look like a zombie”

This was no lie. Two days locked up in a room with no fresh air and sunshine
had made Ginny's skin as white as paper. Her features had sunken in, giving
her an almost deathly appearance.

"Fine. Just give me a minute. Would you wait outside?"

"Of course. Make sure you come out this time though." Harry joked.

Ginny got out her wand as soon as Harry closed the door and sat down at her
desk where there was a big circular mirror surrounded by multiple things
from hair care products to quills. If you were looking for it, Ginny's desk
had it.

Hermione came in soon after. Her eyes widened when she saw Ginny sat with
her wand pointed at her head. It was as if she thought she was about to do
something stupid. Hermione turned on the light quickly and blew out the

"Er...Ginny, why is Harry standing outside your room, and why on earth do
you have your wand pointed at your head?" Hermione asked, failing to hide
the worry in her voice.

Ginny seemed to notice.

"Relax Hermione. I'm not going to kill myself." she said with a rare smile
that Hermione was surprised to see.
"Me and Harry sort of made up." Ginny continued. "I was just trying to make
myself look know..."

"Alive?" Hermione suggested with a laugh.

Ginny couldn't help but giggle.

"Can you give me a hand?"

"Sure." Hermione said, still smiling.
She pulled out her wand and began casting some vanity spells on Ginny. She
had done so much research for the Yule ball and performed them so many times
on most of the Gryffindor girls she knew them by heart. First was a spell
for Ginny's skin colour. With a flick of her wrist Hermione had it looking like it had all summer: slightly tanned and smooth. Second was something for Ginny's hair which had started to get flat and dull-looking from lack of sunshine. With a few flicks Hermione brought it back to life and made it look better than ever. Ginny actually gasped.

"Okay, Gin. The finishing touch is your clothes. If you go down there like
that everyone will think you've gone gothic."

This was true. Ginny was dressed in pure black from head to toe. Even her
socks were black. This was not Ginny's style. She usually wore medium
colours. Nothing too bright and nothing too dark. They headed over to
Ginny's super-sized closet and pulled out an emerald green top and a pair of
worn-out, but nice looking and fitting, jeans. As well as a new pair of
socks, of course.
When they were done, they walked out the door, only to start giggling again
at what greeted them. Harry was staring at Ginny with his mouth hanging
open, unable to believe this was the Ginny he had just seen moments before.
Then, she had been more like a zombie from the underworld - brought back to
life. But this...there was no word for it.

"Who are you and what have you done to Ginny Weasley?" was the only
statement Harry had.

"The Ginny Weasley of five seconds ago is now bound and gagged in the
closet. She will never come out again." Ginny joked.

"Now that's the Ginny I know. It's good to have you back." Harry said.

"It's good to have you back."

And with that they went down stairs in search of food.

A/N: Sorry it's taking so long with my next chapter, but i'm having computer problems. i hope you all have liked my story so far, and i hope to have my next chapter up soon. remember to leave a review, because i really apreciate them. the more reviews i get, the quicker i write the following chapters. thanks! oh, and special thanks to my beta, check out some of his stories. his penname is Gandelf_The_White. thank you! he is very good at what he does.

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