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The True Son by Potter n Mione
Chapter 4 : Inheritance
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After leaving Number 4 Privet Drive, McGonagall, Harry, Hermione, and Ron apparated to Diagon Alley because Minerva had told the trio there was something Harry needed to do.

“Daernana, where are we going?” Harry finally managed to get out, puzzled.

“ We are going to hear your DaerAda’s will at Gringotts,” The boy’s relative replied, “ You also need to hear your parents’ and Sirius’ wills.”

“Grandmother,” Harry ventured, “Have you forgotten that I am not yet 17 years of age and therefore not eligible to have access to my deceased relations’ wills?"

“Of course not, nin indyo,” Minerva smirked, “I’m not even one hundred years old. Do you find me to be old and forgetful like an elderly muggle? Anyhow Harry, in answer to your question, I have decided that since you are no longer under the guidance of the Dursleys and are in my care it is time for you to hear Dumbledore’s, your parents’, and Sirius’ wills.”

“Oh,” Harry gulped, not sure of how he would react upon hearing the wills. “Right, okay.”

Soon, the foursome had made their way through the crowded, winding cobbled street and the magnificent, towering bank came into view. Once inside the imposing building, Minerva led her party down the marbled halls striding purposefully, coming to a halt at a door embossed with a title and a name: Yulse Goblin Orion. Inside was a sparsely furnished office with a surprisingly ornate desk in the center, and sitting at the desk was a male goblin.

“Greetings, Orion,” McGonagall said, “We have come.”

“Ah, so the young elf has discovered his heritage,” Orion smiled, not unkindly.

“Elves and goblins have been acquainted with each other since the beginning of time.” Minerva explained to her baffled grandson and his chums. “Orion is the Yulse or the Chief of all goblins.”

“Well met, Orion,” Harry nodded as he spoke, acknowledging the goblin.

“ The honor is mine, O Heir of Gryffindor. All peoples have been waiting, since the time of Goodwin son of Gryffindor and Fiona daughter of Ravenclaw, for you to bless us with your presence. Well, we must get down to business, you shall first hear Dumbledore’s will.” Orion, then brought out a pensieve before motioning for Minerva to take her wand and stir the silvery memories, which were stored in the chiseled basin. And, as the professor did so, an opaque shadow of the renowned elven/ wizard patriarch rose from the depths of the swirling memories. Once the said shadow had risen, he beamed merrily at the audience with his eyes virtually sparkling just like they had before his passing.

“Minerva,” The memory seemed to relish his spouse’s name as he focused his eyes on the weeping woman. “My sweet Minerva. You are grieving, I know you are and for that I am sorry. It is wholly my fault that we were unable to spend more time alone together. Know that I have loved you for all eternity and that I will continue to do so. I hereby, place you in charge of all of Harry’s financial affairs, which were transferred to me at the time of Sirius’ death. And, as you already know I wish for you to continue my training with our grandson.” The late Headmaster then turned his gaze to his precious grandson and tears welled up in his eyes.

“My dear boy,” began the shadow in a choked whisper. “Forgive me, I told you at the end of your fifth year that I would not keep anything from you, and yet I broke my promise. By now, you have probably learned of your lineage and that you are an elf. I have noticed you are struggling to grasp the concept of being an elf as well as a wizard, but you must understand, Harry that as an elf you have a far greater chance of bringing justice to the world than as a wizard who has lost everything. Discovering your ancestry has led you to find family, you now have greater magical power than ever before, and your elven mentors surround you. Even while I was still living, I often considered calling upon our people for assistance, for there was even not much I could do by myself. You see, Harry you must learn the art of battle, and you will need help, despite your independence, to seek out the Horcruxes. I leave to you, all my earthly possessions and estates including my fortune. Use it well. I also request that you, Harry, become the leader of the Order. I know that you do not desire the position, but I beseech you to accept it for the sake of the Order.”

Up until this point, Harry had hidden his emotions, but now as he nodded in acceptance of the position, his shoulders began to shake and he howled his lament for the parting of his grandfather… the grandfather he had never known. Hermione, seeing her best friend’s inexpressible grief took him in her arms, calmly stroking his hair while she whispered soothing words in his ear. Finally, Harry’s sobs subsided and Dumbledore proceeded to address him.

“I will not deny you the right to mourn me, Harry, but when the time is right you must move on. Death is simply the next great adventure, and one day, hopefully not soon of course, you will join me. I leave you now with my blessing: May the stars watch over you and peace be in your heart.” After speaking with his beloved ones, the imprint of Albus Dumbledore slowly sank back down into the shimmering mass of memories and disappeared from view. An eerie silence ensued, broken only by Minerva’s muffled sobs and Harry’s attempts to console her. When the heartbroken widow had at last quieted, Orion cleared his throat and added another memory to the pensieve. This time, however the goblin indicated for Hermione to use her wand and blend the memory into the basin.

“Next we shall view the Last Will and Testament of Sirius Black.” And sure enough, immediately after Orion finished speaking, the memory of Sirius appeared, grinning.

“Hey, mates. First of all, I want to apologize, Harry because I wasn’t there when you needed me during your sixth year. I wish that we could use a time turner and be able to spend some more time together, but it’s too late now. I love you like a son, Harry, and I’m very proud of you. Oh, and Albus told me that you’re an elf, I got to admit I’m not surprised, there was always something different about you. As Dumbledore told you, I bequeathed all my belongings, wealth, and estates unto you at my death, and you are now free to access my Gringott vaults. Bear in mind, that my vaults also hold tokens of my schooldays with your parents, you might want take a look at those. Lastly, I want to thank you, Ron and Hermione for being there for my godson during difficult times. See you in heaven, someday!”

With that, the memory of Sirius Black vanished into the pensieve, and the present company spent a moment in silence to honor the Marauder. Finally, after the moment of silence was over, Orion retrieved the last memory and deposited it into the basin. As the goblin did so, the spirits of Lily and James Potter emerged simultaneously from the bowl of memories.

“Mother,” Lily murmured, reverently addressing the lamenting elf. “Dearest mother, how I miss you so! Harry is fortunate to have you at his side, guiding him along the right path. I wouldn’t trust my son with anyone else, except perhaps James and Ada.”

“Wait a sec,” James interjected. “ Are you saying that you wouldn’t trust Harry with Padfoot or Moony??”

“Of course not,” Lily retorted, slapping her husband’s arm, and causing all to laugh. “It’s just… that none of our friends are elves. Who would teach Harry to control his powers???”

“Oh, well… I guess you have a point, Lils.” James admitted, reluctantly. “Anyways Nanneth, what Lily and I mean is, we really miss you, and we love you lots!” And, at last, the couple turned to speak with their son.

“Hey, son,” James said, cheerily. “You’ve become quite the Quidditch player, I must say. Your nana and I, we’ve attended every single one of your games, you know. And, I’m very pleased to see what type of man you have become.”

“Oh, honestly.” Lily thought, “Don’t you, boys, ever stop going on about sports? Nonetheless, Harry, your father was right when he said that he was proud of you. We both are, really. Now, I know it was hard for you to grow up without us, but I have to admit, I think was harder for your father and I. Every single time, Vernon hurled you into that cupboard, a stream of insults would fly out of your ada’s mouth. And, each time that monster laid a hand on you; it was like a knife was piercing my own heart. I still cannot believe that, Father left you with those hideous muggles just to preserve the fact that “he and Mother weren’t supposed to be married”.”

“C’mon, Lils,” James pacified, “There’s no need to get so worked up about it. Harry is not living with the Dursleys anymore, and your father was just trying to protect Harry. Why else would Albus have placed all those wards on the muggles’ house?”

“What wards?” Lily asked, bewildered.

“Didn’t you ever notice them? Layer upon layer of wards surrounded the Dursleys’ house when Harry resided there, and all of them were the most impenetrable of elven wards.”

“Yes, well…” Lily began, embarrassed. “On a lighter note, Harry, now that you are under the care of your grandmother you can access the Potter family vaults. And believe me, there is some pretty brilliant stuff stored in those vaults.”

“It is now time for us to go,” James continued, “We love you, son.”

“Yes,” Lily agreed, “And remember, the dead never truly leave their loved ones.” After having said all that was necessary, the spirits sank back down into the pensieve; leaving those alive to mourn them.

“Come, Harry.” Minerva said, gently wiping the remaining tears from her eyes. “I must show you something.” With that, everyone made the journey through a torch lit tunnel, coming to a halt at the first of many Potter vaults.
A/N: Daernana- Grandma
        Daerada- Grandpa
        Nana- Mum/Mom
        Adar- Father
        Ada- Dad
        nin- my

Please note: All Elvish is taken from Tolkien's the Lord of the Rings and the other companion books. The fictional language is not my own.

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