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Running Away by AlyssiaCarter
Chapter 5 : Plans in the Making
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(Alright I know that chapter 4 wasn’t the happiest chapter so sorry bout that but it was necessary for the chapters to come I’m sooooooo sorry it took me so long to write this. I had some major writers block so Here goes!)

"written in italics' = thoughts or someone speaking through thoughts

“Mione” Ron said quietly shaking her slightly.

“Hmm” she said rolling over slightly biting her lip at the sudden movement. 

“Are you alright Hermione?” Ron asked worriedly.

“Um yeah fine just tired,” she said yawning to prove her point.

“You sure?” he asked.

“YES RONALD” she practically screamed.

“Sorry Mione I was just worried you know. You have slept since you and Grace got home,” he said.

‘When was that?” she asked curiously

Ron looked at her. “Last night which was about fourteen hours or something” he said

“Oh wow I must have been really tired,” she said sitting up rubbing her head. 

“All you all right Hermione?” he asked.

“Yeah” she replied.

“You sure? Grace said you disappeared last night for a bit and then when you came back you looked different,” he said 

Hermione looked at him. “I…” her voice faltered for a moment. “Yeah I am fine,” she said “I just had to get a few things for the upcoming babies” she said smiling slightly.

Ron smiled. “Oh you heard about George’s baby too huh,” he said smiling.

Hermione nodded. “So what time is it?” she asked

“It’s a little after one in the afternoon,” he said

“Oh that’s why I am so hungry” she said.

Ron chuckled. “Well come on Mione lets go get you something to eat” he said standing up and holding his hand out for her.

“Yes lets,” she said grinning as she grabbed his hand and stood up.

The two of them headed downstairs towards the kitchen and once they got there Ron quickly threw some of the soup in a bowl and then he set it in front of her on the table.

“Thanks Ron” she said digging into it.

“Your welcome” he said smiling

Hermione grinned and finished the soup with great speed.

“Now where is Grace?” she asked standing up.

“Most likely playing out in the puddles from the rain last night with Kirsten and Logan” he said with a grin.

Hermione smiled slightly at him “Well that certainly means she’ll need a bath later” she said with another smile.

“Yeah probably” Ron said staring at Hermione. He was already falling in love with her again and he was already anticipating the heartbreak to come. 

Over the next two weeks things were all but normal. Everyone got himself or herself into a routine. Everyone was up by ten and the kids played outside while Hermione would begin to read a book curled into what was quickly becoming her favorite chair. 

Then one week she began to realize that she had skipped her monthly. She cursed under her breath and shut the book she was reading. She instantly went into the bathroom and performed a knowledge spell. She sat on the bathtub and cried.

“Oh my son I am so sorry” she whispered quietly.

She cried some more and soon she laid on the floor of the bathroom and cried herself to sleep.

‘HERMIONE!!!” someone yelled through the house.

Hermione groggily woke up still on the bathroom floor. “I’m right here,” she yelled standing up and looking in the mirror wiping her eyes and fixing her hair slightly. 

“Hermione are you alright,” Ron asked knocking on the door. 

Hermione opened the door. ‘Yeah I am all right” she said with a smile. 

“Are you sure?” he added. 

“Yes Ron I am just tired,” she said pushing her way past him.

“Alright” he said kissing her cheek in a loving way. ‘I was just worried about you Hermione” he whispered.

“I know Ron,” she said softly. “Count me in for dinner tonight” she added, 

“Mum will be pleased,” he said smiling. He headed down the stairs as Hermione walked into the bedroom to fix her hair and change into a pair of shorts. 

It was about 80 degrees in the house. Hermione opened the window and smiled at the bright sunshine. 

“Oh how I love this weather,” she whispered as she turned and headed down to the kitchen. It had to be close to dinner. She walked into the noisy kitchen and smiled at everyone. 

“Hey Hermione” a familiar voice called. 

“OH George” she said turning to the other redheaded twin. 

“Hey ‘Mione” he said grinning broadly. His deep maroon robes glinting in the sunlight from the windows. “Sorry I just got off work” he added as he saw her eyeing his robes. 

“OH it’s alright,” she said smiling. 

“Hey George do you think your mother may have some healing spell for my back?” Katie asked waddling up to Hermione and George. 

“Hello Hermione” she added turning and glancing at Hermione. 

“Hello Katie” she answered. 

“Yeah Mum always had some cool spells” he said smiling lovingly at his wife. 

“Alright I’m gunna go find her my back is killing me,” she said as she waddled along to find Mrs. Weasley. 

“Yeah Alexia is certainly decided to keep her mom busy for the next month.” He said with a grin. 

“Oh so your going to name her Alexia?” Hermione asked curiously. 

“Yeah Alexia Marie Weasley” he said proudly.

Surprisingly over the next two months Hermione was able to hide her pregnancy. Since she hadn’t started showing yet and only Grace was around to see her throw up in the morning. Her only other symptoms were extreme fatigue which she excused as she was still recovering and overeating…which no one was really paying attention too.

Then one day she began to notice that she was getting a slight bump. She groaned slightly and mentally began to make the plans that she knew she would have to take but had been procrastinating on.

“Mommy are you alright?” Grace asked one morning.

“Yeah baby mommy just has the flu,” she said with a smile. She threw one of the larger t-shirts on and a pair of shorts. “You know I love you right baby?” she asked sitting next to her daughter.

“Of course mommy” she said

Hermione sniffed and wiped the tears from her eyes.

“Are you sure your alright?” Grace asked again.

“Yeah baby I’m alright,” she whispered quietly as she hugged her daughter tightly.

“Mommy-I-gotts-to-breathe” Grace said

Hermione let go. “Oh I’m sorry,” she whispered kissing Grace’s head

“I’m hungry lets go eat” she said smiling at her daughter.

“I’m hungry too baby” she said picking her daughter up gently as they began to make their way downstairs.

“Hey Mione” Ron said seeing the two of them as they began to enter the kitchen. Ron kissed Hermione’s head and then smiled at Grace. “Are you hungry Grace honey?” he asked smiling.

“Famnished” she said grinning. She had heard the word around a lot and she didn’t care that she continued to say it wrong.

“Well if you’re so famished lets go eat,” he said smiling.

Grace giggled. “Okay” she said.

The three of them entered the warm kitchen.

“What’s for breakfast Molly?” Hermione asked seeing Mrs. Weasley work wonders with her wand.

“Pancakes, sausage, and Pumpkin Juice “ she said setting the table for the three of them.

Hermione smiled. “That sounds excellent,” she added as she set Grace down and sat beside her.

Molly set plates down in front of the two of them

“Eat Up” she said smiling.

“Thanks Molly” she said smiling.

“Yeah Tanks Gramma” she said grinning.

Molly smiled and kissed Grace’s head. “Anytime sweetheart” she said smiling.

Ron sat down across the both of them and smiled.

They ate in silence and Hermione smiled every couple minutes as she ate heartily.

She yawned and pushed her plate forward as she knew she was full. She pushed the chair out and slowly began to walk out of the kitchen and after she began to ascend the stairs she grabbed her mouth and ran the rest of the way loosing the breakfast she had just eaten.

“That must be a record 3 minutes after eating” she muttered as she washed her face and brushed her teeth again.

She walked into her bedroom and layed on the bed suddenly very tired. She yawned again and rolled onto her side and fell asleep almost instantly.

She woke up but the sun was down.

‘Oh man I fell asleep again. They are going to begin to wonder what wrong with me,” she muttered.

“Your exactly right Hermione” Ron said walking into the room.

Hermione jumped and looked up calming down seeing Ron.

“Hermione…” he said sitting down on her bed. “What’s Wrong?” he asked genuinely as he laid his hand on her leg.

“Nothing” she denied.

“Hermione…I know something’s up,” she said

Hermione dropped her head. 

“MhmmpregnantMhmm” she mumbled quietly under her breath.

Ron leaned in closer. “Huh” he asked.

Hermione lowered her head more. “I’m…. pregnant” she whispered trying not to cry.

Ron’s mouth dropped open. “Did you just say you’re pregnant?”

Ron blinked slowly and stared at him. “By who?” he whispered finally.

“Stefan” Hermione whispered.

‘Aww Hermione are you having fun my dear?’ 

Hermione jumped.

‘Steven get out of my head!’ 

‘Oh no my dear it is quite interesting’

Hermione looked at Ron who was staring at her.

“Ron I didn’t do it on purpose!” she said.

Ron rolled his eyes and left the room.

‘Great I just lost the one guy I love’ she thought

‘Aw really you miss me already?’ 

Steven I don’t love you now or ever I despise your guts!’

Oh no my dear Hermione I don’t think you really do’

‘STEVEN get out of my head!’

No! You will obey your superiors and I will get out when I am full and ready’

UGH’ Hermione said throwing her hands down.

Well until I feel we will meet again my dear Hermione’ 

Dont feel the need to stop by’ 

Oh I will considering you are carrying my heir’ 

‘Not if I can stop it’ 

‘Hermione I order you not to even think! About killing my heir’


Unless you are short of mind and forgot already but I do’ 

Now say that you will not even think about killing my heir’ 

‘I won’t’ she thought grudgingly.

‘Good good’ Steven said as he exited her head. 

Hermione rolled her eyes and felt Steven leave her head. She relaxed against the edge of the bed.

“I have to do this now” she whispered and quickly pulled out the pieces of paper she had written earlier that week. She grabbed the diary she had bought for Grace when she was born out of her bag and stuffed the letter into it. Then she grabbed the other letter and set it on the dresser. Then as quickly as she could she packed her bag grabbed her wand and apparated to London to begin her journey a long way away.

Tears fell from her eyes as she walked through the almost deserted streets of London. She ducked back into alleyways and stayed in the shadows. She couldn’t let Steven figure out where she was or he would never stop chasing her. She had to get far away so that the connection would be broken. She sniffed and patted her stomach softly.

“I promise you my son that you will not turn out to be like your father if I can stop it in any way” she whispered and continued on her journey.



(Well here is chapter 5 I hope you enjoyed it! I am currently writing chapter 6 and hopefully it wont take so long!)

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