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The Powers Within by ladyemma
Chapter 1 : Chapter One
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Summery- Sequel to Happily Ever After?! Harry and Hermione are living happily with their three children. That is, until their magic goes away, and the only clue they have to what’s going on is a map to a treasure that could change everything forever if in the wrong hands… but how will they find it without magic? And how do they know the map is not leading them into a trap?

The Power Within

Chapter One

“It’s so peaceful out here.” Hermione said, sighing happily. She felt content, a feeling she felt often, though not quite as much as right now. It was actually quiet here. Well, mostly anyway.

“Yes, it is.” Harry agreed. He was watching their three children, ages four; swim happily in the lake, having a water fight. Tristan, Lily, and Elizabeth just loved the water. Since Harry had never learned to swim without using something like gillyweed, he had them taught (mainly by Hermione who turned out to be a great swimmer- something Harry never knew) as soon as he could. His only regret was not being able to go in with them.

“No reporters here, either.” Hermione commented as she took a sip of her iced tea. After the word had gone out that she had defeated David, the press started following her around. And it didn’t help that she was married to and had children with the defeator of the worst dark lord in the history of the Wizarding World. Perhaps even the whole world. It was becoming near impossible to go anywhere without the press.

Hermione was starting to feel stressed out, so Harry suggested that they take the day off and enjoy the day at a park not many people went to. They were lying on a grassy area, with a small pond right next to them. The trees blew softly in the wind, playing with Hermione’s hair, and birds were tweeting happily. In fact, it was near impossible to tell that winter was coming.

This was the life. Suddenly Tristan and Lily started crying at the same time, and soon Elizabeth joined in too. That was one problem with having three small children the exact same age: if one started crying, the other two started too. Harry picked up Tristan and Elizabeth, and Hermione picked up Lily. What was the problem? They had just gotten in the water, so it couldn’t be wrinkles, neither of them fell, and they had eaten and drank recently. Not to mention the fact that just seconds before they had been without a care in the world.

That’s when they noticed her. Her hair was tangled and dirty, as if she hadn’t washed it in weeks, and her clothes were torn. But most of all, her green eyes were desperate and scared, and she was running from someone. Or perhaps something. It was a world filled of magic after all. Who knew what was chasing her?

It was because of her speed that Harry and Hermione couldn’t see her very well. She stopped suddenly in front of them. Hermione clutched the children close. After so many years of facing dangers, she could be somewhat paranoid with odd people around her children. She and Harry certainly had enough enemies.

“You have to help me.” The woman gasped out when she was close enough. Harry frowned, and looked at her inquisitively. Hermione sighed. Harry was once again doing his “saving people” thing.

“Go to Tom. Don’t let them catch you. Leave now.” The woman said in between pants. She grabbed Harry’s hand (since Hermione’s hands were full) and shoved a piece of paper in there. Hermione looked at it for a second, and then looked up. The woman was gone. Vanished.

It looked like it wasn’t going to be such a peaceful day after all.

“We should go. Something isn’t right here.” Harry said his mouth set in a straight line, though it was pretty close to being a frown.

“All right.” Hermione agreed. She took Tristan’s pudgy little hand, and started the walk to the fireplace they were using. It was quite a pity that one couldn’t apperated with children. It would make things so much easier. She snuck one final look at Harry. He looked worried, and like he really wanted to talk to her, but knew better than to look worried or talk to her in front of the children, who might start crying again at any time.


Once the children had been put to bed in the nursery that had once belonged to Harry, he and Hermione went to their bedroom.

“So what do you think that was about?” Harry asked, looking serious.

“I think it was a woman who wasn’t quite right in the head, and possibly decided to play on your weakness. It is a well known fact that you like to be a hero.”

“No, I think she was serious. I think we should find out who Tom is.”

A/N- Well, I am not quite sure about this plot, or this chapter, which is why this took so long to get out. I’m not very good at this genre, but I guess that’s why I did it, to improve. Ah well. Please leave a review! I love feedback, and I want to know whether I should continue, or forget I ever had this plot. Updates will be slow.

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