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Ronnie Denner and the Son of Gryffindor by tycoon34
Chapter 1 : An Abrupting Letter
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Harry Potter was in disaray. He didn't know how to handle the situation presented to him. "How did you handle it?" he asked Albus Dumbledore's picture hopelessly. "What did you do for me?" 

"Give him as much information as needed as a 1st year, and then go from there." Said a tired Dumbledore. 
"I just dont know how he could handle it, he doesn't even know that he's a wizard, let alone a descendent of one of the greatest wizards of all time."
"Then don't tell him. That wasn't too hard now was it," said a smiling Dumbledore.

Ronnie Denner led a normal life. He had just came home from school feeling very proud of himself. He had just got the highest grade out of anybody in his 4th grade class. This luck continued as he went home to see his mom cooking his favorite dinner, pork chops, and his dad was home from work, a pretty rare feat. "Hey Dad, mum," he said, smiling as he walked through the door. "Hey Ronnie," they said in unison. "How was school?" asked his dad, Rod Denner. Mr. Denner was always concerned with his schoolwork. "Good, I got the highest grade on my math test." 
"That's great, honey," said Mrs. Denner. "Why don't you come to eat, it is ready now." As he ate dinner, Ronnie felt more and more exited. For some reason nothing could go wrong. He felt like this a lot, like he is on the top of the world, like everything he did was special. During these times, weird events would happen. Like on day he was getting mad at this one bully, and wanted to punch him. "I'm going to rip your guts out, you idiot!" he yelled, and the next minute the kid was thrown against a wall, at least 30 feet away. No one could explain this, but the next day Ronnie Denner was a hero. That probably explains why that night the light to his room and the t.v. turned off by themselves, and Ronnie went to sleep easlily.
That night he dreamed he was a pirate, sword fighting enemies. He couldn't be stopped. He just kept mowing down opponents, when he finally gave the captain a sward to the chest.

Ronnie Denner awoke with his mother scrieching from down below. "Ronnie! Get down here now!"
"Coming," he groaned, pulling some pants over his briefs, and a t-shirt after that. As he walked downstairs he saw his parents staring at him from the foyer.
"Read this," his mother, Mary Denner, said, handing him an old parchment. As he read it, he couldnt believe his eyes.


                            Welcome To Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry
You are expected to report to King's Cross Station at 9 and 3/4 on September 1st. Enclosed are a list of school supplies you will need for school. There is a map enclosed, also, for your trip to Diagon Alley, where you will get your supplies. Good Luck, and we will be seeing you soon at Hogwarts.

Hermione Granger,
Transfiguration Proffesor and Dep. Headmistress

Ronnie couldn't believe his eyes. "Wizard? Mom, Dad, you told me none of that stuff was real. What does it mean by couldron, or wand, or any of this stuff?" he said as he went down the list of school supplies.
"Honey," began Mary Denner, "My brother is a wizard. You have never heard of him, but he is a bartender at a wizarding bar. He is the only one in our family. We didn't know if you would become one or not. Then you started doing magic-like things when you were 6. We still weren't sure,though. We are very proud of you sweetheart. We will leave tomorrow to get your things." "Ok Mom," he said, hugging her. Mr. Denner went into the kitchen. Mary Denner sighed. For she she knew, that her brother was not the only wizard in the family. In fact, he wasn't a bartender. He was an unspeakable, a worker for a very mysterious department in the Ministry of Magic. She also knew that Ronnie had the potentional for being a very powerful wizard. Just like her brother.

Author's Note:
*Please review! I am sorry for the brevity, and don't read the next chapter untill I have edited it. The third chapter should be as long as JK Rowling's herself. Sorry for the space in the beginning, It won't let me take that off. Just ignore it. I am also sorry for going over things you already know, and for starting it off somewhat like Harry Potter, but it is needed for the plot! And sorry again for a horrible chapter, the second, third, and so forth are going to be better. Please Please Please leave reviews!

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Ronnie Denner and the Son of Gryffindor: An Abrupting Letter


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