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How To Save A Life by goodbyetoyou
Chapter 12 : Chapter 12: In Times of Sickness.
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Chapter 12: In Times of Sickness.

A.N: That banner with all the beauty? made by Overdose x3!!!


One week had passed and Rory was still sick. Jamie hadn’t left her side at all. She ate and slept in the hospital wing. No matter how much Tyler, Lily, and Madam Shaft tried to get her to leave she refused. She knew what she looked like, bags under her eyes, greasy hair that could match Snape’s, and tousled clothes that looked like she had pulled out of a dumpster. She sat back in her chair, staring at the crib. Rory had fallen asleep about ten minutes ago. Jamie didn’t know how to cope with Rory being sick. This was a first for her motherhood experience. A loud bang came from the doors, and Jamie grimaced, looking at Rory, she luckily had not awoken. She slowly stretched, realizing she hadn’t moved in twelve hours. She walked out of Madam Shaft’s office, seeing who had decided to be so loud. There, watching Remus jump on a bed he had claimed his own back in year one, were the Marauders.

“Wow you look like shit,” Peter said, catching sight of her.

“Thanks, Hun,” Jamie yawned, plopping down on the bed next to Remus’s.

“What’s wrong with you,” Sirius asked, sitting down on the end of her bed, looking at her with concerned eyes.

“Tyler’s sick,” Jamie said a little too quickly. They all nodded, but Remus studied her carefully. Lily came running through the doors.

“How is she,” Lily breathed, not noticing the Marauders, “I just got out of class. I am so worried about her.”

“Her?” James questioned, raising an eyebrow at his girlfriend.

“Oh, uhh,” Lily said, glancing at her friend for help, not knowing what James was talking about. Everyone stood there awkwardly before the door opened again, quieter this time.

“Hey, Jamie, I brought you some food,” The voice said coming around the curtain. It was Tyler, and everyone was sure this could not get more uncomfortable, or confusing.

“So who did you say was sick,” Sirius said, trying to figure out why she was lying to them. Jamie sighed, knowing lying more wasn’t going to make it much better,

“I said Tyler.”

“But he’s,” James said staring at Tyler.

“Not sick, good eye, Potter,” Tyler said, walking over to Jamie and handing her the bag of food, “You ok?”

“I’ve been better,” Jamie whispered quietly. Tyler nodded, gave her a pat on the back, before going into the office. Lily looked around, noticing how different everyone looked. Jamie looked tired for she had been up for days, Remus ill, James confused, Peter hungry, and Sirius looked hurt that Jamie lied to him.

“Well,” Lily said, trying to pull the attention away from the lies, “How did we all do on the Charms test? I did awful.”

“We all know you did not,” James said, trying to help his girlfriend lighten the situation. He was still staring quizzically at Jamie, who was staring at her feet.

“Who’s sick, Jamie,” Sirius said, staring her hard in eye, “Is it you?” Jamie went to say no, but Lily cut her off,

“Jamie, stop lying, just tell them you haven’t been feeling well,” Lily said, and when she made sure no one was looking, she nodded over and over telling Jamie to go with it.

“It’s nothing Lily,” Jamie groaned, with her amazing acting skills, “I just need a pepper-up potion!”

“I hope you feel better, Jamie,” James said, and then added, “Lily we have a heads meeting.”

“That’s not for another hour,” Lily commented, then say James smirk, “Bye guys!” The couple left and with them the noise. Peter, not liking the uncomfortable air, shuffled away without as much as a goodbye. Tyler came back out and said,

“Jamie, come here for a second?” Jamie gave the boys a small smile, before walking into the office. She went through a small gel wall into a room that was Rory’s.


Sirius sighed as he watched Jamie go.

“Girl problems, Padfoot?” Remus asked him trying not to move too much. He needed to save all his energy for the full moon tonight.

“No, it’s just,” Sirius started, then reworded it, “I’m not trying to sound cliché or corny, but it’s almost like I’m in a dream, just waiting to wake up back to a day when she and I were ok.”

“This isn’t a dream, Sirius,” Remus whispered, “You might need to start working on this now. Hang out with her; I saw how much you two cared for each other. Love like that is bound to work out.”

“How do you know I still love her, or ever loved her,” Sirius asked.

“By the way you look at her, talk about her, and care about her. Sirius love is something that takes work, but it can be great,” Remus replied.

“We’ve turned sappy,” Sirius mumbled.


Jamie stared at the small crying girl, and felt tears pour down from her face.

“You know,” She croaked, “She was trying to warn me. Madam Shaft tried to tell me that she was sick, but I wouldn’t listen. I would just say, ‘She’s not.’ This shouldn’t have happened. I should have never left her in the hospital wing. I should have watched her more carefully,” Jamie was sobbing now, and Tyler hugged her, “I should have known what to do. I should have seen this coming. I should have stopped this. Why do I never know what’s coming, because I should! I’m a bad mother!” Jamie sobbed into her hands, Tyler was shocked. He never thought Jamie blamed herself for this.

“Hey, you are not a bad mother,” Tyler soothed, “This will pass. She’ll be better than ever soon.” Jamie nodded,

“Will you stay, I want to go shower, and I’ll be back in ten minutes.”

“No,” Tyler said, “Don’t come back today. You need a break. I’m staying with her; you go sleep or hang out with Lily.” He gently pushed her through the door before she could object, and then locked it. Jamie sighed, knowing she’d come back. She walked out to find Sirius and Remus whispering about something.

“Alright, goodbye boys. Remus be careful tonight,” Jamie said, both boys said the farewells before she left.

“Now would be a good time to start,” Remus said to Sirius once she left.


“James,” Lily giggled, kissing him back. The moment they got to the prefects common room James pushed her against the wall and began to kiss her. They stayed that way for about ten minutes, with Lily running her hands through James’s unruly hair. James slowly pushed Lily backwards until she landed on the couch. James reached for the buttons on her shirt while moving his lips to her neck.

“James,” Lily said, pushing his hand away, “James not now.” James sat up, obviously irritated.

“I have to use the loo,” James muttered going into the next room. Lily sighed, she need to hear the three special words before she ever did that. I love you. Lily groaned to herself, she new the happy stage of her relationship was officially over.


Jamie was exhausted. Showering made her feel better, and cleaner. She knew Tyler would not let her into the hospital wing, but she was terrified for Rory. She could be in pain. Jamie sighed throwing on a pair of faded jeans and a blue band shirt. She had lost track of days and it took her a moment to realize it was Saturday. ‘No wonder the common room is so empty,’ Jamie thought scanning the common room.

“Feeling better,” A voice said from behind her causing her to jump.

“Yes, very much, thank you,” Jamie said smiling at Sirius. Sirius was leaning against the fire place, with a glint in his eye that Jamie could not place.

“So what’s up for today,” Sirius asked nonchalantly, “Any big plans?”

“I’m in desperate need of sleep, but have you ever had your mind not be able to shut down,” Jamie gave a small laugh as Sirius nodded, “Well of course you have. You are ridiculously hyper.” ‘And all those nights I thought about you,’ Sirius thought.

“Well want to do something to hold your mind for a while,” Sirius said throwing the invitation out there. He saw Jamie hesitating and began to give the puppy dog face.

“I suppose.” 


“It’s too cold to go out side,” Sirius whined at Jamie who was pulling him towards the door.

“C’mon you baby, I want to play in the snow,” Jamie said practically jumping up and down. Sirius gave a light snort but Jamie paid no attention. He should have known she was going to drag him out here. She always had loved the snow. ‘It’s magical Sirius,’ she would say, ‘You’re just mad you’re not magical.’ That always made him laugh, who ever heard of a wizard not being magical? This thought made him smile, before he frowned. Back when they were dating, he had to remind himself. He watched her spin trying to catch the snow flakes with her tongue.

“Sirius,” Jamie groaned, “You asked me to accompany you and now you’re not even hanging out with me.” She gave a small frown before coming back inside.

“Alright,” He cried, “I’ll come out!” Then he began to cower in fear thinking she was going to hurt him.

“Relax,” Jamie laughed, “I’m cold. I forgot my jacket.” Sirius quickly pulled off his and handed it to her, “Thank you.”

“So where to next, train wrecker?” Sirius said, watching her out of the corner of his eye. She tried to hide her wince at the sound of her old nickname.

“So, if the wand is waved in the opposite direction,” Jamie said waving her wand in demonstration. Sirius and she were trying to complete his homework while on the way to Hogwarts. 5th year was coming up which meant O.W.L.S. Jamie didn’t want him behind before the year even started. Sirius glanced up from his book to see Jamie wave her wand. Suddenly the train jerked and stopped, causing everyone to soar across their compartments up and down the train.

“Ahhh,” Jamie screamed, being thrown into Sirius. She reached for her wand, giving it a small flick. The train suddenly began to move again, all lights returning on.

“Oh,” Sirius said, mocking shock, “Your wand. You did that!”

“Shut up,” Jamie snapped.

“You broke the train! Blimy, Jamie, you broke the train,” Sirius smirked, “You’re a train wrecker!”

“No,” Jamie said, “Who asked you?”

“Train wrecker, train wrecker,” Sirius sang prancing around the compartment.

“Nothing like old times, huh,” Sirius said quietly, shoving his hands in his pockets.

“Yeah,” Jamie answered, then matching his quiet tone, “Can I ask you a question, Sirius?”

“Sure,” Sirius said, suddenly terrified of what she could be asking him.

“How come,” Jamie said, and stopped herself with a deep breath, “I mean, why did you bet on me?” Jamie bit her lip nervously awaiting the answer. Sirius was shocked, though realizing he shouldn’t be. Jamie was always the one to bring up something that no one else wanted to talk about. He opened his mouth, and closed it again. Truthfully, he didn’t know. What made them choose her? Was it because they didn’t like Tyler? He doubted that. He also doubted it was because they didn’t like her. Suddenly every memory he tried to forget was thrown at him. He and James making the bet. James had caught him staring at her. That’s how it all started. Sirius realized he must look like a fish, opening and closing his mouth.

“Honestly? I don’t know,” Sirius muttered, “Because I didn’t want James to know I liked you.” Jamie nodded, not saying anything else, “Can I ask you a question? Why’d you leave?”

Jamie sighed, knowing they would come to this eventually. She bit her lips again, choosing her words carefully, “A change of scenery, I guess. I had just had a hellish year, and need a break. How was your year?”

“It was ok, weird when someone who had been by your side for two years is gone, but other than that it was ok,” Sirius said, trying to find boundaries to what they could talk about and what was just too uncomfortable. Jamie knowing Sirius too well, could see this.

“We’re friends, Sirius, we don’t have boundaries,” She said, giving his hand a small squeeze before letting go.


About an hour later Jamie felt bad for leaving Rory, so claimed she wasn’t feeling well. Sirius walked her back to the Gryffindor tower where she went to her dorm, then slipped down to her common room, then to the hospital wing.

“Tyler,” She said, knocking on the door lightly, “Tyler?”

“He’s in the bathroom,” Remus said from behind her, causing her to jump. She had thought that he was asleep when she first came in.

“Thank you,” She said hopping on Remus’s bed.

“So, is Rory sick,” Remus asked. Jamie immediately felt a rush of cold liquid on her cheeks. Crying was something she did as soon as Rory was brought up lately. She was so frightened that this was her fault. She’s the one that had been out partying, rather than taken care of Rory. That’s what she believed. However everyone else didn’t see it that way. Jamie hardly was ever out, and they all knew she needed some fun. Afraid that is she answered her voice would crack, Jamie just nodded. Brushing the tears off her face she sighed.

“It’s not your fault,” Remus said, reading her like a book.

“I should have seen this coming,” Jamie said, sounding abnormal even to herself.

“Oh god, please don’t tell me you think you’re psychic now. I can’t handle that,” Remus said, eyes wide. Jamie gave him a small smile, before saying her goodbyes, and going into Rory’s room.


“And that’s it, you’re free to go,” James said to the prefects as they all jumped up. He had been avoiding Lily through out the whole meeting.

“James,” Lily said shyly, “May I speak with you?” James looked up from his paper with out speaking, “About what happened early, I just don’t feel ready yet.”

“Look, Lily,” James said running a hand through his hair, “We’ve been dating for three months, and that’s a long time for me. I don’t want to pressure you but, just think about it ok? We’ll be careful.” Lily swallowed the lump in her throat, knowing she wasn’t going to be ready until she was sure James loved her.

“I’ll think about it,” Lily said, and she knew she would.

“Alright, I have Quidditch practice, I’ll see you later, Love,” James said, kissing her quickly, before leaving. Lily sat on the couch with her head in her hands. ‘What now?’


“She broke her fever!” Madam Shaft shouted to Jamie as soon as she walked into the room. Jamie jaw dropped into a smile, as she hugged Madam Shaft.

“Thank you so much,” Jamie shouted, running out into the hospital wing. “Tyler!” Tyler had come out and was talking to Remus.

“What’s wrong,” Tyler said immediately seeing Jamie’s tears, only this time they were happy.

“Rory,” Jamie laughed, “Broke her fever. She’s going to be fine.” Tyler cracked a smile, and Remus grinned. For the first time in a week Tyler and Jamie were smiling. Jamie pushed her hair behind her ears, and bit her lip to try to stop smiling.

“I’m going to go see her, go back to your conversation,” Jamie said, waving. Tyler nodded, wanting to see Rory too but giving Jamie her time.

“Is she doing ok with everything,” Remus asked Tyler. Tyler glanced at the floor, not being able to look Remus in the eye, for when it came to his sister he always felt like he would cry, he was just so proud of her.

“Yes, she is. I am so proud of her. To go through parenthood alone is hard enough with out being a teenager. Plus with the bet and everything else, to come back here? I wouldn’t be able to do it,” Tyler spoke proudly, as he couldn’t be more proud even if it was him.

“I’m not trying to criticize her, or anything, but if Sirius knew he’d help her in a heart beat,” Remus said, praying Tyler didn’t take it the wrong way.

“I know, but Jamie feels like if he never truly loved her, than how could he ever truly love their daughter.” This made Remus snort, “What?”

“Sirius,” Remus said, “Not truly loving Jamie?”

“It was just a bet, right,” Tyler said, “What do you know that I don’t?”

“Sirius loves her more than anything, the bet was a mistake in his eyes, and should have never happened. He was in love with her, he still is. The whole reason this bet started was because Sirius was trying to cover his feelings for Jamie. He’d take it all back now,” Remus sighed, “Please don’t tell anyone I told you that, I am sworn to secrecy.”

“Of course I won’t,” Tyler commented, “But I don’t think telling me is going to help his case, Jamie will do what Jamie will do.”


Jamie looked at Rory; she was sitting up staring at the wand trying to feed her. Rory kept trying to bite it every time it came in ten inches of her. It was like watching a dog chase its tail. Rory looked up at the laugh.

“Mommy!” Jamie smiled, and picked her up. She began to sing lightly into her daughter ear.

“Someday we'll all be gone, but lullabies go on and on... They never die. That's how you and I will always be,” Jamie sang the lullaby her mother sang to her when she was younger. Billy Joel’s, ‘Lullaby.’ Rory was asleep in moments, “Go ahead, kid. You deserve it.” Madam Shaft walked in, as Jamie continued to sing.

“Jamie, would you sit for a moment?” Jamie nodded and sat down, as the nurse continued, “As great as it is that Rory’s better there is one downfall.” 

A.N: Another Chapter, and a long one! This was at first two chapters, but i decided they were both too short and combinded them into one. So how is everyone. I love that you all are reviewing! I love you all so very much. I am currently in a play and tonight is our last show, it was a big play over 1000 people each night, so i am nervous. Thanks so much for everything guys. I LOVE YOU READ AND REVIEW!!! Preview:...and punched him in the face. His nose made a sick kind of crunching noise.

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