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Lost at Sea by wicKeDwitch1316
Chapter 2 : The Bad Beginning
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Chapter 2: The Bad Beginning

I do not own Harry Potter or any of the characters you recognize.

I would also like to thank Disney and their “Pirates of the Caribbean” idea, which has really inspired this fic. And I would like to credit “Deep breath,” by Ruby89 for inspiring me to write this fic as well.

Unfortunately, however, Lily stepped back a little too far, and was suddenly falling…into the fathomless depths of the ocean.


As she fell, Lily threw her hands out, reaching, grabbing, and trying to catch hold of something, anything that would prevent her fall. It was to no avail as she land heavily in the water with a huge splash. Sputtering, she sprawled out her arms and legs, frantically trying to stay afloat, but her heavy clothes were weighing her down. The heavy current of the ocean kept pushing her under, and she was tiring fast. Paddling her arms furiously, she tried to look up at the ship to see if anyone had noticed her fall. Considering that they were pirates, her expectations weren’t high.

However, she was pleasantly surprised to see a rope coming towards her. She could not see who had thrown it, the sun was in her eyes, but she saw it coming from the ship, and that was enough. Trying to consider her options rationally while fighting for her life, she established that she had two choices: to take the rope to a ship full of murderous plunderers or stay here and drown. Survival instinct kicking in, she grabbed hold of the rope. Hell, at least death by bullet was quicker and less painful than drowning.

Lily held onto the rope for dear life, literally, as it began to reel her towards the ship. Eventually, she encountered the wood and kicked back to avoid smashing up against the side. Slowly, arduously, she climbed up the side of the boat as the force at the top began to pull her up. She could feel her arms seizing up and her palms were blistering, but all she could think about was getting to the top of the ship.

Finally, after a hard ten minutes of excruciating physical labor, Lily saw the ship’s edge less than six inches above her. A hand was extended over it, a large, tanned hand. Figuring that there was only a little space left until the top, Lily let go of the rope with one hand and grabbed the proffered hand. She felt the strong grip and held on tight, but in the next moment her other hand lost its hold on the rope, and she felt herself falling from the ship once again. Only this time, she wasn’t alone.

With a loud splash, Lily fell back into the water. Pushing herself to the top, she gasped for air, furious with herself for letting go. Turning around to see whom she had pulled in with her, she was horrified to see the angry, and wet, face of Captain Prongs. “Oh crap!” she swore before being pushed under the water once more. However, she was quickly pulled to the surface by a hard tug on her hair.

Back at the surface, she gasped for air once again and, looking around, ascertained that Captain Prongs was the one who had hauled her up so ceremoniously. Lily groaned at their predicament; her arms and legs were exhausted and cramping, but she knew they had to get back to the ship. She slowly began meandering in the direction of the ship, but every muscle in her body was protesting violently. She stopped after only a few seconds, closed her eyes and tried to rest, tried to regroup.

Suddenly she felt a pinching grip on her arm. Captain Prongs was pulling her through the water. Lily tried to sputter thanks, but stopped when she received a copious amount of seawater in her mouth. As she glided through the water, the captain’s powerful strokes pulling her along, she felt something smooth graze the bottom of her foot. She shivered, but ignored it, certain that it was nothing more than the captain’s leg. However, a few seconds later the captain halted and growled, “You might be thankful for me saving your sorry ass, but there’s no need to be rubbing up against me.”

Lily scoffed, “I’m not—” but broke off as she felt something smooth glide past the outside of her leg. She instinctively recoiled and hissed, “What was that?” She locked eyes with the fierce sea captain and registered, for the first time, that he was a rather attractive fellow. He had a strong and sharp jaw, much like that of Lucius Malfoy, but it was oddly softened by his floppy black hair. His eyes, which were now riddled with confusion, were a swirling hazel color and Lily found that she had trouble looking away from them.

“If it’s not you…” he said, “Then it must be…”

“Sharks!” Lily squeaked. She had not signed up for this! Nowhere in the plan that she and Alice had so carefully designed was there any mention of pirates and sharks.

“I was going to say sharks,” the captain muttered.

“What are we going to do?” Lily whispered, her voice nearing hysteria. She felt like something was crawling up her legs and she did not like it. She also did not like the fact that she had to rely on this man for her safety, but she had limited experience in the water, while he was obvious very comfortable in the aqueous setting; or at least more comfortable than she was. She might love crewing The Spider’s Web occasionally, but she much preferred the land.

“Swim, you bloody fool, swim,” he hissed before shoving her forwards and breaking into a strong stroke. Lily followed, her fatigue forgotten, with little, frantic paddles. Her gasps for air were quickening, but her fear of being eaten alive was urging her to swim faster, farther.

Captain Prongs reached the ship before she did, but he waited for her before ascending. Lily barely had time to appreciate the chivalrous gesture, before she felt something smooth brush against her upper thigh. Suppressing a scream, Lily surged forward, her hands scrambling for a hold of the rope. As she felt the captain’s arm wrap around her, she instinctively squirmed, eliciting a growl, “Don’t want you falling again, you addlepate!” Lily wrapped her legs around the rope and closed her eyes as she slowly rose up to the ship.

Her momentary peace was shattered when she was thrown onto the hard, wooden deck of the ship. Ignoring the lingering ache in her arms and legs, she quickly sprang up, unconsciously rubbing her upper arm and bathing all of the observing sailors with an indignant glare. She heard someone coughing behind her and turned around.

She saw Captain Prongs rise to his feet, soaking wet and furious. Ignoring the offers of help from his crew, he slowly walked towards Lily, his eyes never leaving hers. He stopped right in front of her. Lily looked into his eyes, forcing herself not to look away. She could hear his angry breaths and the heat radiating from his body left her ignorant to the bitter cold she should have been feeling.

“What the hell were you thinking?” he hissed in a deadly voice. Lily resisted the urge to step back. The captain was towering over her and she could feel her body trembling. “What the bloody hell, were you thinking!” he shouted. This time Lily could feel his spittle spray over her face. She bit her lip as her eyes began to water, begging her body not to let her cry.

"You fool!" he hissed again. His hand tightened its grip on the hilt of his sword and Lily was struck by how imposing and dangerous he looked with water dripping from every inch of his body. He looked like a dark creature from the depths of hell by the way he cut across the sun's path, shrouding his figure in shadow. Lily could feel adrenaline pulsing through her veins and a thousand paths of escape flickered through her mind before being discarded. Her only escape was back into the water she had just left.

She prepared herself for a physical blow, but Padfoot and another member of the crew quickly interceded. Padfoot had his arm across the captain's shoulder, preventing him from advancing, while the other crewmember was whispering in his ear.

Whatever the crewmember said must have been in defense of Lily, because the captain released his clenched fists. Instead, he faced her, a furious fire in his eyes, “Fine. You will take the first watch! And be sure to swab the deck…it’s filthy.”

Lily nodded, too shaken to respond verbally. The captain stalked away, followed by Padfoot, Wormtail, and the crewmember that had ameliorated the captain. As Lily looked around the ship, she noted the cruel leers of the other crewmembers, and finally came to terms with the fact that she was on a pirate ship. And there was no saving her.


Later that night, instead of swabbing the deck and keeping a vigilant watch, Lily was lying on her back, gazing at the stars. She had washed about half the deck, but had then tired of the tedious job and had decided to take a break. Lying down, her mind had begun to wander. Eventually she started wondering how she had gotten herself stuck at sea on a pirate ship with a captain who hated her.

However, Lily was an optimist and did not like the word hate, especially when it was directed at her. Therefore, she satisfied herself with the fact that he did not hate her; he just strongly disliked her. Shifting to make herself more comfortable, she tried to figure out where it all started; where she had made the fatal mistake and got herself into this mess. Thinking back, she decided it all started with the first night she met Lucius Malfoy…

“There’s another one collapsed in the corner, Tom,” Lily announced to the bartender, as she placed some glasses on the counter. It was another rowdy night at the Leaky Cauldron and Lily was growing restless. Looking up, Lily saw a tall man standing by the bar. His aristocratic attire contrasted harshly with the dirtied atmosphere of the pub. He was all lean muscle and sharp angles, his very being screaming wealth. True, the man wasn’t Lily’s usual clientele, but she knew how to play him. Underneath the pomp and the clothing, he was just a man and Lily could play men like a fiddler.

She glanced up at him, a seductive half-smile playing on her lips. When their eyes met, she held his gaze for a moment, before turning and pretending to observe a romp that was taking place in a distant corner. Lily could feel the man’s gaze on her, and so turned back, batting her eyes in the way only women can. She was startled by the intensity of those black eyes, but ignored the sudden pang of fear.

Biting her lip, she rose on tiptoe and leaned over the counter, as if looking for something. However, she was quickly pulled back down by a pair of large hands on her waist. She closed her eyes as she felt his warm breath all over her ear and the back of her neck when he whispered, “What’s a pretty little lady like you doing in a place like this?”

Lily turned around to face the man. She was very aware of the fact that his hands were still holding onto her waist possessively. She reached up with one hand and pretended to play with a loose strand on his shirt, strategically placing her hand on his chest. Tilting her head in a coquettish gesture, Lily murmured, “I think the real question is what a great lord, like you, is doing in a place like this?”

Suddenly, she felt herself pulled towards him, as his lips pushed against hers. Lily felt his hot breath on her mouth as his tongue darted in. Trying not to shudder, she registered that his hands were now all over her ass, pressing her body firmly against his. After allowing the kiss to continue for a while, she pulled away, trying to suppress a triumphant smirk. Her hands still resting on his shoulders, Lily looked up at him, “My lord, I don’t think I like what you’re implying.”

“Damn you and your implications,” he growled. Lily had to fight a laugh as she felt proof of his arousal. She tilted her head again, gazing up at him with an innocent look on her face. “Come up to the manor,” he ordered, his face barely two inches away from hers.

Lily was unable to stifle a small gasp as she realized that she was currently seducing the mayor’s son. She was swimming in dangerous territory. The mayor’s vendetta against Frenado’s underground society was well known. If she agreed, she’d be walking into the lion’s den.

But Lily lived for danger and excitement. So she let herself be led away, smiling up at the young Malfoy as if he was the only man on the planet, ignoring her rule of always staying at the tavern for work.

As they stepped outside, Lily saw that a carriage was waiting for them. As Malfoy handed her in, she was surprised to see two other gentlemen sitting there. They were both large and muscular, and seemed rather useless to Lily. She took a seat across from them, and she was soon joined by Malfoy. He nodded to the men, “Crabbe and Goyle.” Lily nodded, pretending to care. However, she was soon distracted as Malfoy placed his lips on her neck and allowed his hands to roam her body. She responded with faked moans and whimpers, trying to ignore the awkward feeling of being watched by the two thugs.

Soon, yet not soon enough for Lily, they arrived at Malfoy Manor. Feeling slightly overwhelmed by the enormous and intimidating structure, Lily felt a sense of foreboding as she imagined being locked up in there…

As she lay on the floor, Lily closed her eyes as the wind brushed by her face. Gathering her resolve, she picked herself up, preparing herself for the next several hours of watch. What she did not expect was to see a gang of men, pirates, coming towards her, looking very menacing. As they drew closer, Lily, counting frantically, established that there were seven of them, all of varying shapes and sizes.

“And what do we have ‘ere ye scurvy dogs?” shouted one of them in a loud voice. Lily was instantly on her guard. She had come to terms with her horrible misfortune. She was stuck on a pirate ship and had no hopes of rescue, at least until they docked. She had also decided that if the Royal Navy were to arrive and capture the ship, she would merely remove her disguise and proclaim her innocence. What more could a girl do?

Regardless of the fact that she was now resigned to spending the next few months of her life with these smelly, lawless miscreants, Lily was also fully aware that pirates in general were not a friendly breed. Therefore, she regarded the approaching mass with growing apprehension.

“A landlubber it would seem!” answered another voice. Squinting in the dark, Lily determined that it was one of the pirates she had seen earlier, the one with the brand. He had an oddly raspy voice that sent chills up Lily’s spine--not in a good way, either.

“Right shark bait, I reckon!” added another voice, this one with a thick Irish accent.

“No need sticking your nose where it don’t belong, you bloody wanker!” shouted one more Irish voice.

“Argh, cowardly swabs, the whole lot ‘a ya!” retorted a deep voice.

Lily stood there in shock as the pirates all started yelling at each other, their common prey and goal completely forgotten…until the raspy voice rose above the others, “Enough!” All the other voices died out quickly.

“You think that wise, boy?” asked the raspy voice, turning to Lily, “Slacking off on your duties?” Paralyzed with fear, Lily began to shuffle backwards, away from the band of pirates, all of whom were carrying some kind of weapon. Unfortunately, for her, the pirates followed her. Soon she reached a corner where she could not back up anymore. The pirates leered, seeing her trapped.

“Layin’ down like a blaggard you were!” remarked a voice that Lily had not yet heard. This one was rather high pitched for a man and it cut through the air so that she could hear crystal clear.

Lily forced herself to speak, begging any and all higher powers to save her from any sort of gruesome end, “Don’t see how my actions concern you!” she retorted, before silently wincing at her aggressive words. She’d always had big mouth and a sharp temper, and it had gotten her into trouble before, though never more than now.

“It don’t affect me, eh?” said the raspy voice, “It don’t affect me? Why you little—”

“Bones!” This new voice cut across the night’s air. It was less of a voice and more of a growl, to be precise, but it seemed to soothe Lily’s heightened nerves. She, along with the pirates, turned in the direction of the voice and watched the newcomer. This pirate was…shocking. He had matted gray hair that fell raggedly to his shoulders and scars that littered his face. Instead of one leg, he had a wooden peg, and in place of one of his eyes was a vivid blue glass ball.

As the man hobbled over to the gathering, Lily saw that he also had a parrot perched on his shoulder. Suppressing a nervous giggle, she realized that he fit every decrepit description of a pirate that she had ever heard. She was half-expecting a hook to come out one of his sleeves, but after closer consideration, she concluded, much to her chagrin, that both of his hands were, in fact, hands.

“Leave the lad alone,” the tattered pirate growled to the rest of them. “The Cap’n wouldn’t be too chuffed knowin’ that you was botherin’ him.”

“The Cap’n would hardly give a damn, seein’ as how he hates the boy,” responded the first voice that had spoken. “He bloody pulled him into the sea…addlepated fool!”

“Hush, the Cap’n feelin’s towards the boy hardly concern you, Bones. You best be mindin’ the ship and where we sailin’. If we end up swimmin’ in circles, I’ll know who to blame.”

With that, the pirates began to disperse. One large, lumbering fellow, much bigger in height and width that any normal man, lingered for a while, but he too left rather than be associated with Lily. She had just opened her mouth, about to thank the scarred pirate, but he beat her to the quick, “And you best be mindin’ yourself. If the Cap’n don’t like you, you don’t have much of a chance on this ‘ere ship. Keep your head down you hear?” And he stalked off back below deck.

The wind began to gust, and Lily wrapped her arms around herself for warmth, and it occurred to her just how alone she was.


The next morning Lily awoke to a horrible stench and a cruel blaze of sunshine. Her eyes hurt from the morning glare and her back ached from its uncomfortable position the night before. Stretching awkwardly, Lily scrunched up her face as she tried to discern the source of the disgusting odor. As she squinted in the bright sunlight, she thought she saw the usually smooth surface of the deck covered in lumps. Peering closer, she realized what covered the floor she was supposed to have cleaned: vomit.

Cursing, Lily sprang to her feet, looking around frantically for a way to fix this disaster. The captain already didn’t like her, and if he saw the sullied deck…suffice to say it would be a bad idea. She searched around for her mop and pail, but they seemed to have disappeared during the night. Lily looked around the ship, forlornly, and the full odor hit her like a ton of bricks. Turning her head to the side to avoid the sight and smell, she almost felt like throwing up herself. This was disgusting.

Just as she was hoping that the ship’s crew fancied sleeping in that morning, she heard footsteps. Horrified, she quickly turned around. She knew she was in for it the moment she made eye contact with Captain Prongs. His hazels eyes darkened with anger as he surveyed the deck and his jaw twitched unpleasantly. Lily opened her mouth, wanting to say something, wanting to defend herself, but soon shut it as she realized there was nothing she could say to rectify the situation. It was glaringly obvious that she had slept through her watch and, unfair as it was, the deck was in worse condition than it was before her watch.

When the captain finally looked at her again, his eyes were blazing. “You bloody fool,” he hissed in a deadly whisper. His voice rose, “You can’t even keep a simple watch! What use are you, boy, if you’re incapable of such an easy task? Are you that stupid? You can’t even sit there and stay awake?”

Lily set her jaw. She was not going to let this man intimidate her. She had always had a stubborn streak and now, not yet fully awake, she felt it rise in her. “Oh yes, blame it all on me!” she snapped back, “Why don’t you teach your bloody crew how to hold their alcohol? Then we wouldn’t be in this mess, now would we?” As she stood, hands on her hips, glaring at the man, she knew she had gone too far. Captain Prongs was shaking from anger and his face was bright red. Lily braced herself, thinking he might resort to hitting her again.

“Stop!” It was the crewmember who had defended her from the captain the last time. Upon closer inspection, Lily saw that he had sandy hair and looked rather tired. He hurried up to the captain and began talking to him in hushed tones. As they talked, many of the other pirates began to come up on deck. Some passed by curiously, while others openly sniggered at Lily’s predicament. Lily watched them carefully, noting those that she had to thank for putting her in this situation.

Finally, the crewmember and the captain seemed to come to a decision. Lily got up from the barrel where she had perched as she waited. “Fabian! Gideon!” called the crewmember. Lily noticed how quickly the two redheads responded to the summons; obviously, the crewmember was high up in the pirate hierarchy. “Take him to the brig,” he ordered them before turning to Lily. “You are going to the brig for a whole day, you hear? Sleeping during a watch is a serious offense. You do it again…let’s just say you might not be around to tell the tale.” Lily paled in horror.

As the two pirates hauled her away, Lily caught sight of the sandy-haired crewmember talking quietly to the captain, with a hand on his shoulder. Obviously, they were close. She was so preoccupied with the mysterious crewmember, she grunted in surprise when one of the redhead pirates gave a particularly hard tug on her wrists. “Shut up you blaggard!” he snapped.

“You should be thankin’ your hide that ole Moony stepped in for ya,” growled the other one. “Otherwise the damn Cap’n would skin ya alive for sleepin’ on a watch.” So the sandy-haired crewmember’s name was Moony, what an interesting name.

“Bloody temper that one has,” sniggered the first one.

When they got below deck, Lily was roughly thrown into a tiny cell about five feet both ways. The floor was patched with hay and there was a lingering smell of something foul and rotten. Lily grimaced as she examined the walls; she was afraid to touch them for fear of contracting some deadly illness. She was surrounded by filth. She had only been in here for a few minutes and already she wished to get out. “How long am I in here for?” she questioned the two pirates.

One of them laughed while the other smiled jeeringly, “A whole day, fool. We have orders for no food or water.” Laughing, both of them went back on deck and Lily closed her eyes, hitting her head back on the wall. She quickly sat back up straight when she remembered the grimy walls. She let out a loud sigh. This certainly wasn’t the first time she had been imprisoned, but this was definitely the grossest cell she had ever seen….

Lily laughed as the stern guard pulled her forward. The cool metal handcuffs were refreshing compared to the blistering heat of that summer’s day. “I really don’t see what this is all about,” said Lily, a smile still playing on her face. “Why would I bother stealing Lady Margaret’s sapphire necklace? The thing’s ruddy worthless!”

“Shut up,” growled the soldier.

“Oh, I’m sorry, bad day?” she asked, placing a sympathetic look on her face. “We all have days like that. The trick is to just—”

“I said shut the bloody hell up!” shouted the guard, slamming her against the bars of an empty cell. Lily had been talking non-stop since her arrest and she had a feeling it was grating on the sentinel. However, his body pressed up against hers, Lily realized why he was so frustrated with her. It wasn’t her talking, that much was evident by the thing poking her in the stomach.

Lily was mildly surprised when the soldier did not move from his position, but rather leaned in and whispered in her ear, “Make it worth my while, and I might make it worth yours.” He furthered clarified his intentions by placing his hands on her breasts and grinning.

Lily scoffed in disgust. She did not lower herself to sleeping with petty jail guards. She showed her feelings by kneeing the pervert in the area where the bulge was growing. The sentry hissed in pain, the grin quickly sliding off his face, before throwing her into the cell. “You bloody whore,” he snarled

Lily threw her hands out to protect herself from the fall. She winced slightly; she would surely have some bruises tomorrow from the handcuffs that the idiot hadn’t removed. Standing up, she pulled out the key that she had swiped earlier and easily unlocked her handcuffs. Then, pulling a pin out of her hair, she picked the lock of the cell effortlessly before continuing down the hall. She was sure that the guard would regret coming onto her in the morning.

Lily giggled slightly at the memory. Frenado had been in complete disarray for the next few days. The escape of so many convicted felons had sent the respectable citizens into frenzy. There had been an excess amount of crimes as the less respectable members of society took advantage of the pandemonium. Of course, she had had the most fun with the girls in the underground euphoria.

Looking around, Lily felt a sense of melancholy at the distance between herself and her home. She was starting to miss the familiar girls and patrons of the Leaky Cauldron. Not to mention the fact that these pirates wouldn’t dare touch her if they knew she was a woman. Or at least they wouldn’t touch her like this.


Twenty-four hours later, Lily found herself rushing to the deck as she was finally released. Grabbing a water bottle, she chugged the whole thing in one go. A whole day without food, water, or human interaction was more than she could bear. She vowed to herself that she would never piss off the captain again…at least not intentionally.

Still relishing in the taste of water in her parched mouth, Lily was surprised by the shouts of the rest of the crew. Looking around, she saw what they were all pointing to. It was the Royal Navy. Lily was terrified. She felt goosebumps rise all over her body and she felt slightly faint. The Royal Navy had fancy ships and guns, not to mention many more ships than the captain did. Their resources far outstripped the pirates’, which left little hope for these pirates, meaning there was little hope for her. She was so absorbed in her absolute fear that she did not hear the captain walk up behind her.

“Man your guns!” she jumped at the sudden shout. Captain Prongs stood there, tall and stern, and Lily was struck with the idea that this was a man who men would follow to their death. He exuded confidence, although the battle had barely started. The pirates all ran about, preparing for battle.

However, Lily was still left with some doubt, “Why though?” she voiced. “We can easily outstrip them. If there are more ships, then we can be walking into a trap!”

A silence fell over the ship as every eye in the room turned and stared at her. “What did you say?” hissed the captain.

“I was just saying that’s it’s stupid to go into a battle without knowing—”

His eyes bore into hers making Lily feel strangely exposed and...naked. Despite his threatening persona, she had a feeling that he was quite the charmer when he wished to be. “Are you the captain?” he asked. “Have you been in battles? Do you know something I don’t?”

“No, but—”

“That’s it!” he yelled. “I am done with you! You are a pathetic excuse for a sailor, but I can live with that if you’re just another pair of hand. Now, however…when this is over, I swear I will have you suffer most severely.” With that cryptic warning, he was off, and Lily was left standing on the deck, confused and alone.

As she watched the crew run around, preparing all the guns, Lily couldn’t suppress a sense of foreboding…

A/N: Wow, this is a long chapter! I’m sorry it took so long, but a lot of this was really hard to write for me because I’m really only good at writing romance, not action, etc. So please be really honest in your reviews and tell me what I did wrong/right. I really appreciated the response for the last chapter and can only hope it’s as enthusiastic for this one!

Edited: On August 23 for some revisions.

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