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Those That Remain by Pretty Purple Pelican
Chapter 9 : Broken Teacups
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The household was awoken the next morning by a loud cry. "Arthur!" screamed Mrs. Weasley, from Ginny Weasley's bedroom. "ARTHUR!"

Everyone leapt out of bed and rushed to her side. "What is it?" asked her husband, out of breath. "Molly, what's wrong?"

"Ginny's gone," she sobbed. "Ginny, Neville, and Luna."

"I knew they would follow Harry," said George, shaking his head.

"They can't do this," continued Mrs. Weasley, sitting down on the bed. "They're far too young."

"It will be fine," said Remus, leaning against the door frame with a somber expression. "I placed a charm on them last night. The same one that I placed on the other three."

"But they're younger!" cried Mrs. Weasley, absolutely beside her. "They're still younger."

"What makes them any less capable, Molly?" asked Remus, with an almost stern look. "Their strength of nerve has been tested just as much."

Mrs. Weasley glared at him before leaving the room and slamming the door behind her.

"She'll be fine," said Mr. Weasley heavily. "She's just worried."

"We're all worried," muttered Tonks. "But that's war."


Now that the wedding was over, Charlie was required to return to Romania, and George and Fred had to go back to their store. This was why Agnes was looking rather moody at dinner that night. Tonks had made them a rather meager meal of tea and sandwiches, since Mrs. Weasley was in her room with her husband, who was attempting to calm her down.

After Agnes had been silent throughout the meal, Tonks nudged her slightly and said, "Don't worry about it. After all, you know what they say, 'absence makes the heart grow fonder'."

Agnes glanced up at her mother. "Not in all cases," she spat.

Elle, shocked, dropped a tea cup, and it smashed to pieces right by her hand. "Oh, bloody-" she cried, leaping up and grabbing at her injured hand.

"Are you alright?" asked Remus, concerned.

"I'm fine, I'm just- Ow!" Her hand was bleeding rather freely, although the cut was small.

"Here, Elle," said Tonks, pulling her up. "I'll just take you into the bathroom, and we'll get you cleaned up. Don't worry, I do it all the time."

The older woman allowed Tonks to escort her to the bathroom, leaving Remus alone with Agnes.

"So what do you think that was for?" asked Agnes coldly.

"You need to stay out of this," said Remus, not looking at her.

"Are you my father or not?" continued Agnes.

"I am," muttered Remus.

"Haven't you heard the phrase 'The best thing a father can do for a child is to love their mother'?"

"Yes," said Remus, his voice rising. "But that's not the-"

"Why don't you try taking it to heart?" said Agnes angrily.

"You know nothing about my heart!" yelled Remus.

There was a clang and Elle and Tonks came running into the room.

"What's wrong?" asked Tonks worriedly.

"Uh, nothing," mumbled Remus, taking Elle's hand. "Is everything okay?" He turned it over in his hand, examining it carefully. "I think you'll live," he said quietly. He looked up at the other two. "I need to take a walk," he said. "I'll be back in a bit."


Night was falling, and Remus was still outside, sitting by the lake. He was just so frustrated right then that he couldn't handle it. He knew that he loved Elle. Loved her in an extraordinary way. But, he had made a promise to Tonks.

I made a promise to Elle, too, he thought unconsciously. I promised I would wait. I promised I would marry her.

"When did it all get so complicated?" he muttered to himself.

It had been so much easier at Hogwarts. There were girls at his disposal, and nothing was expected of him. He had a reputation, just like James and Sirius. Girls just didn't expect for him to settle down with them. They knew relationships only lasted a short time. But then, she came along.

He smiled fondly.

She had been crying over a lost book. He had been entranced. He had kissed her.

And that was how it had happened. All of it.

He knew he would have to make a decision at some point or another, but now, it was just too difficult.

He loved them both.

He had promised them both.

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