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Off Limits! by Green
Chapter 12 : Epilogue
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A/N: Okay, this is the final last chapter! I really want to say thank you to everyone who was reviewed and read my story, I am so sad but it must come to an end. 
I wanna say a big thank you to D i a, I simply don't know how to thank you! Everything you have done for me and Off Limits! is just amazing. Thanks D i a from the bottom of my heart!
As they say, all good things must come to an end and this is Off Limits!'s end. I am very happy for the result, since I have been working on this for months. I must say there will not be a sequel to Off Limits!

So, here it is The last chapter of Off Limits! And please leave a review. Thank you for now,
Green (Mia)

Hi! My name is Sirius Black, I am 18 years old. I am about to end my 7th year at Hogwarts, which is the best school in the whole wide world. Don’t even start to tell me that I am wrong!


It was there I got the best friends in the whole world:


James Potter (Prongs), who is Quidditch captain of Gryffindor (GO GRYFFINDOR) and he plays chaser. James has a monsterhuge crush on Lily Evans (top student no.2), she of course love him. They have been together for now 4 months and are cute to watch, expect when they snog! EW! I don’t need to see that!

But I am still happy for them, since that crush have been there for more than 6 years.


Then there is Remus Lupin (Moony), who desperately tries to get us out of trouble all the time. And let me just say, he has done a great job on that, what can you expect from him when he hangs out with pranksters? Remus is top student no.3, it is hard work, I know (I have been told!). Remus is a werewolf and has always been scared to find a girlfriend who wouldn’t accept him, but he has been lucky. He has now been together with his girlfriend Dia, for now 8-9 months (I think).


Peter Pettigrew (Wormtail) there is not much to say about him, other than he is a Marauder too.


SO! Let’s talk about me! As I said I am Sirius Black, the most handsome man at Hogwarts (In your face Prongs!!!!!). I can make every girls heart melt, but I don’t do that anymore.

I am in Gryffindor house (so are my friends, Dia is in Ravenclaw and yes she is my friend), which in my opinion is THE best house, even my family thinks that, The Potters. I have lived with The Potters for a long time now, but soon I am getting my own place.


James and I are like brothers and so much alike, but the huge difference between James and I are….. That I don’t have a crush on anybody. Sirius Black doesn’t have crushes on anybody.


But I am in love with somebody.


Her name is Angel Potter, James’ 10 months younger sister. Angel is a Gryffindor as well and in my year. She has these beautiful intense green eyes. And then her hair, brown curls with a touch of gold. Her body is just perfect, but after 6 years of Quidditch as a seeker you would kind of expect that, but no, it is even more perfect, seeing as she dances. Her voice is so calm and sexy; you just want to fly away with it.

Angel has brains, Top student no.1, which explains why she is School Head.


You sense a but, don’t you? And there is one!


But (Told you so) she is not single.

No she is not.


She is my girlfriend of now 7 months. Angel Potter has finally tamed the unstoppable Sirius Black. Even through I wasn’t that horrible.

When we first told James the news, he got mad, but when we explain it to him, he changed his mind and became happy for us. And he is still happy and doesn’t walk around with thoughts about me involving London’ graveyard.

So everything worked out in the end. And I couldn’t be happier about it.



                                                                                       Sirius Orion Black

                                                                                       - Angel Potter’s boyfriend.


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