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Arranged Marriage Tutorial by Staff
Chapter 1 : Arranged Marriage Tutorial
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Arranged Marriage Tutorial

The following is an example of a story containing an arranged marriage that would be acceptable for validation. Please note that the only reason this story is acceptable on this site is because both characters consent to marry the person their parents have chosen. Characters do not need to like the arrangement but they must enter into it without force, threat, or coercion. Stories in which characters are forced to marry against their will, or are not old enough to consent to the marriage, are not acceptable on this archive. Stories including arranged marriages must be rated at least 15+ and have the warning "sensitive topic/issue/theme." Expectations may be made for historical references, but the final decision falls to the staff.

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Narcissa Black, soon to be Malfoy, allowed herself a small smile as she studied her reflection in the mirror. She knew she looked more exquisite than ever in her shimmering wedding robes, spun from the finest white silk mixed with a few delicate strands of goblin-wrought silver, and couldn’t wait to see the looks of admiration that would no doubt be plastered on the faces of every member of the audience.

Narcissa liked being stared at. She liked being the center of attention. This day, her wedding day, was special to her not because she was madly in love with Lucius Malfoy, but because of all the attention she would be receiving from newspaper and magazine reporters, important ministry officials, and friends of the family, all commenting both on her beauty and on what a wonderful match she had made.

It wasn’t that Narcissa disliked her future husband; she was perfectly happy to be marrying him, and did so of her own free will. She just wasn’t the sort of girl who married for love, especially after seeing what happened to her sister Andromeda. Blasted off the family tapestry and without inheritance – why, Andromeda had to work for a living, not to mention take care of her daughter, cook, and clean without the assistance of even a single house-elf! How could any amount of “love”, whatever that was, possibly be worth all of that hardship?

Narcissa had far different priorities: money, comfort, status, and her family’s approval among them. As cold-hearted as she seemed to many, Narcissa loved her parents deeply and couldn’t stand the thought of being a disappointment to them. Besides, it was so much easier to have her parents arrange a marriage for her than to bother finding a suitable husband on her own. As the people who had raised her, they shared her ideals and values, and knew what she could live with and what she couldn’t stand. Nevertheless, Narcissa had turned down the first two suitors her parents had found, before finally agreeing to marry Lucius.

Her parents’ first choice, Etienne de Machaut, was a handsome, stylish, and fabulously wealthy Wizarding politician who, even at the young age of twenty-three, already occupied a prominent position within the French Ministry of Magic. Personality wise, he was much more compatible with Narcissa than anyone else she’d met, Lucius included. She would have agreed to marry him instantly, if he hadn’t lived in France.

Of course, Narcissa didn’t have anything against French people in general. She just didn’t want to live there. Having to always speak in a foreign language and eat foreign food, not to mention being so far away from her family and friends… she might be able to tolerate it for a few years, but not for a lifetime.

So, Narcissa’s parents had set out to find her a companion who rivaled Etienne in wealth and intelligence, but was British. Browsing through their owl-order catalog of eligible pureblooded bachelors, they came across the name of Sir Humphrey Scrimgeour. A distant cousin of the well-known Auror Rufus Scrimgeour, Sir Humphrey was a potions prodigy who had discovered the cure to dragon pox at age twenty-five, and was now comfortably retired at thirty-one.

As intelligent as Sir Humphrey must have been when it came to potions, he was dreadfully dull otherwise. Even the noble sport of Quidditch failed to arouse his enthusiasm. He would simply sit on the sofa, smoking a cigar and reading potions magazines. If that hadn’t been enough to turn Narcissa away, Sir Humphrey was also, to put it bluntly, ugly. Narcissa didn’t buy any of the nonsense her sister Andromeda used to preach, about how “it’s only what’s on the inside that matters.” If she was going to have to look at some man every day for the rest of her life, well, he had better be damn fine to look at.

Thankfully, Narcissa’s parents respected their daughter’s input when it came to her future husband. They cared about her well being too much to force her to marry someone against her will. True, they wouldn’t let her marry just anyone – they needed to approve of him too, but that was only because they had her best interests at heart. If she had chosen, like Andromeda, to ignore her parents’ warnings, that, to them, was unforgivable, but luckily Narcissa saw eye-to-eye with them on most things. Marrying Lucius was one of them.

Smiling in anticipation, Narcissa turned towards the door, ready to descend the stairs to the large chapel, where she knew Lucius would be waiting. He would make a fine husband, she thought, with his aristocratic face and well-groomed hair, his money and his connections to important officials in the British Ministry of Magic. Narcissa felt certain that they would have a wonderful life together.

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