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Some chicks finger by phoenixorder13
Chapter 1 : Wrapped around some chicks finger
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Ginny Weasley stood out by the garden watching as her father and older brothers put up the remaining decorations with magic. Since she was still over a year away from using magic outside of school, she felt it easier to let the guys do it and stay out of the way. She was, as was usual for her lately, feeling useless.

“Aw, come on sis, I know you’re upset about everything, but this is a wedding, it’s supposed to be happy. Cheer up and join in the fun,” said a very forlorn looking Charlie as he watched his baby sister standing moodily by a tree, alone.

“Really Ginny, you never know what kind of surprises could occur just out of thin air, all by themselves,” said Fred with a innocent grin as his twin brother George jabbed him in the ribs.

“There had better be no unexpected surprises during this wedding young man, or you will be in more trouble than you can shake a broom stick at,” replied a harassed looking red haired woman as she returned to the house. All the children inherited flaming red hair from their parents and for a few, even the red haired temper of their mother, Mrs. Weasley.

The oldest brother approached the twins with a look of half disdain and half intrigue on his face saying, “if you two do ANYTHING that messes up my wedding, you’ll answer to me--defense cloaks or not.”

“Don’t worry Bill, we won’t do a thing that messes up the wedding,” said George as though they had plans for after the wedding instead.

Everyone assumed she was very disheartened by the death of their Headmaster, Albus Dumbledore, less than a month ago, and allowed her to be by herself and “mourn” for the last few weeks. Her unhappy mood was not helped by the excited talk of her brother’s return home. They were all so worried when, at the end of term, her brother Ron told them he was going to his best friends house for a couple of weeks before coming home (again, something Ginny was left out of knowing or understanding). 

This would be wonderfully exciting news, if it weren’t for the fact that Ron’s best friend was also her apparent ex-boyfriend. In a stand of nobility, Harry Potter had broken up with her only three weeks ago, at a funeral no less. She, of course, acted the part of understanding girlfriend, while inside she was screaming as her heart was breaking. How could he do this to her? How could he say she made his life “like something out of someone else’s” and then just walk away? She knows he’s “destined” for something even if he won’t talk to her about it. She knows he’s the famous “Boy who lived” and he can’t go anywhere without people whispering about him. But she also knows he’s “Harry” and not just any “Harry”, but hers. How is she supposed to act like everything is ok when he walks in the door with Ron and their other best friend, Hermione? If this were just three weeks ago, she would run up to him and throw her arms around him. Then, she’d kiss him like there was no tomorrow (because in all honesty, there very well may be no tomorrow in these dark times). Instead, she’s propped against a tree watching everyone laugh and joke, while she’s just dreading what’s coming soon.

After a shriek from the kitchen knocks her back into reality and sends everyone running to the house, Ginny slowly makes her way to the house behind everyone else. A noise from someone when it isn’t expected usually tends to send everyone into a defensive stand in the expectation of the most powerful dark wizard the world has seen in over a century, or his many followers. However, having thought of nothing else all day, Ginny knew what was coming and what had caused her mother’s reaction. What she doesn’t know is how she should react and what she should do.

She very cautiously walked in the back door and stood to survey the event before her. Seeing one of her best friends engrossed in a huge “Mrs. Weasley hug,” she has to smile. Hermione, like Harry, has become a part of the family and has spent a good deal of her summers here while on holidays from school. Mrs. Weasley loves them like they’re her own and constantly fusses over them. She could now be heard saying things like, “much to thin,” and “didn’t they feed you there” as she immediately started lunch for the whole house (which by this time included six of the children, both parents, Harry, Hermione, Fleur (Bill‘s fiancée), and her younger sister, Gabrielle. Ginny noted that Gabrielle was standing in front of Harry, beaming up at him, and practically drooling. 

Then it happened. Ginny looked at Harry just as he looked up at her and the air sizzled when their eyes met. She always felt this with him. When they looked at each other it was like there was no one else around and the world was made just for them. How long they stood there was anyone’s guess, when suddenly Hermione ran to Ginny and hugged her tightly, breaking the connection and allowing them to escape without having to say a word to each other. This also allowed her to miss Charlie’s questioning look at both of them.

As they settled around the kitchen, questions immediately began about their time spent at the Dursley’s. Ginny was able to watch the conversation and not have to join in herself. She also thought she felt Harry’s eyes on her several times, but refused to look up at him. She hated the thought of him going to his Aunts and Uncles in the summers. They were muggles who hated Harry for what is was without even knowing him in the least. However, the relief they all felt knowing that he would never have to go back, since he was almost of age now, was evident all around. He did, apparently learn quite a bit about his mum from his Aunt this visit, although he didn’t share much information. As the meal continued, Ginny noticed Harry was growing more and more quiet, although she doubted if anyone else noticed this.

Eventually, most everyone went out to help finish with the preparations for Bill and Fleur‘s wedding, and Ginny offered to clean up. As she was wiping off the counters, without magic of course, she felt a familiar feeling in her stomach--like a flutter. She turned around suddenly to see the room empty except for Harry. “Now what?” she thought. 

“Hey,” said Harry quietly. 

“Hey yourself,” said Ginny back, trying to smile like a friend would. 

Harry walked slowly closer to her, sensing she was behaving like a trapped wild animal wanting nothing more then to run away, he was very slow and quiet. “Gin, I know we shouldn’t be together, and I don’t want to put you in danger, but, as selfish as it is, I miss you so much.” 

Ginny felt her jaw drop, but was unable to speak as her eyes watered. “I miss you too,” finally came out, almost calmly.

Then, sparked by her red hair, she got angry. “You can’t do this to me Harry, you can’t break my heart and then come in here to do it again. I won’t let you keep doing this to me!” Ginny’s feelings exploded and Harry took an involuntary step backwards.

He then regained his composure and said “ you know why it has to be this way, I don’t want to hurt you, Gin, I’d never want to hurt you. But I can’t let him hurt you either.” He moved closer again as he said this, but much slower.

“Why can Ron and Hermione get to be with you, while I’m stuck here, not knowing….not knowing ANYTHING?”

“Because, well, that’s just the way it is.” Harry replied lamely.

“Just the way it is? You know what I think Mr. High and Mighty Potter? I think you don’t think enough of me to know what I could or couldn’t handle. You don’t care enough to even consider what I might want or how I might feel…you just don’t care!” Ginny was so close to tears at this point she shut her mouth tightly and refused to say another word.

“Ginny, I do care. It’s because I care that it’s this way. I’ve been tortured by him Ginny and when I think of him doing something like that to the person I love I can’t even think, or function, or …..”

“You love me?” asked Ginny timidly, her lip quivering so much that she bit it to keep it still. 

This seemed to completely destroy Harry’s resolve and in one swift movement she was in his arms, his lips an inch from hers, “yea, yea, I love you. Even when I tried to stop, I just can’t stop loving you.” 

She barely got out an “I love you, too” when his lips crushed hers as he settled her against the counter. Her hands wove around his neck and into his hair as his wandered up her sides, under her shirt, and around her back. And this is the scene that met Charlie Weasley, second oldest of all the brothers, when he went back into the kitchen looking for his sister.

“Oy, what the hell is going on in here?!” he shouted. 

Ginny and Harry froze and then broke apart, Harry only just realizing what his hands were doing. Ginny rounded on Charlie so fast Harry’s neck popped as he watched her. “Go away!” she shouted. 

“There’s no way in hell I am going to go away when I see him snogging my little sister in the kitchen!” 

Harry moved in front of Ginny as if to protect her, only to have her then round on him as he said “Look, Charlie..” 

“And I damn sure don’t need you to protect me Harry!” she choked out as she ran from the kitchen. Harry was then left to explain himself to the much older brother, who also worked with dangerous dragons and seemed to have no fear, and ask calmly that he not tell anyone. After hearing the story, Charlie promised no one would be told, but when everything was over with Voldemort, Harry would be in trouble with the Weasley brothers for hurting her. For a slight second, Harry was almost more scared of them, then of the dark wizard.

The next day found everyone getting ready for the wedding. Harry had told Ron what happened in the kitchen and, although Ron fumed for awhile, Harry seemed to be forgiven and everything went back to normal. He wondered if Hermione didn’t step in to help set Ron straight. 

At the foot of the steps, the boys stopped to talk to Mr. Weasley who looked quiet calm. “Yea, I think the wedding will go off without a hitch, but you know Molly, always worried about everything,” Mr. Weasley was saying, with a look of love for his wife. 

Remus Lupin joined the conversation shortly with his girlfriend, Tonks, whose hair was the most vivid color of bubble gum pink, to match her very pretty robes. Lupin and Tonks were holding hands again and Harry couldn’t help but grin at him when he caught Lupin’s eye. Lupin just grinned back, shrugged, and said “What can I say, Harry, I’m wrapped around her little finger already.” Harry began laughing, while Ron looked disgusted. 

“I will never be wrapped around some chick’s little…” but he suddenly broke off mid-sentence and his jaw dropped. Harry spun around to see what caught his attention and saw Hermione walking down the steps, looking more gorgeous then he had ever seen her. 

Then he laughed, clapped Ron on the back, and said “no, never, not you…or maybe just the little finger of one particular chick.” Remus, Tonks, and Mr. Weasley started laughing at the poor boy, who didn’t even realize how in love, and most definitely wrapped around Hermione Granger’s finger, he was. 

Harry pushed him to the steps and said “Wow Hermione, you look gorgeous!” 

“Thanks Harry,” Hermione said blushing as she looked at Ron. 

“Um, shall we find out seats, then?” asked Harry to break the awkward silence. They both followed him outside without saying a word.

After a few minutes of everyone talking and shuffling around to find seats Harry looked around to see less people then he thought there should be, but more then he thought there would be considering. He also noticed, to his surprise, that Ron never once looked at the gathering Veelas and seemed to have eyes only for Hermione. Not long after everyone had taken their seats, the ceremony started. Harry felt his own jaw drop as he looked down the aisle to see Ginny. She was wearing the most striking golden robes that hugged her figure and showed off her beautiful eyes. With the sun setting, she was bathed in golden light and looked to Harry like a goddess in one of the muggle books he read once. Suddenly he felt a sharp pain in his side and realized Ron had jabbed him for gawking at his sister. Hermione just chuckled softly to herself. The ceremony progressed from there, but Harry couldn’t remember a single thing that was said, but he could remember the way Ginny would glance at him from next to Fleur, then hurriedly look away, and how she would scrunch her nose at times, or wipe away a tear at other times. Harry, however, just sat there mesmerized by her.

After the ceremony ended all the chairs were whisked away and the dance floor revealed. Harry, Ron, and Hermione went to a table in the corner with their food and began talking about the vows and such. Ron had apparently heard as much as Harry, so Hermione filled them in. “Then, since it is a magical wedding, as they were saying their vows and the ropes wound around their hands, they seemed to glow. It was amazing and beautiful.” 

“yea” said Ron rather slowly and with a bewildered look on his face, “amazing and beautiful.” 

No one besides Harry seemed to realize he was looking at Hermione when he said those words. When she got up to refill her glass, Harry leaned over and said, “Listen mate, in all seriousness, we don’t know how long we have to live and what’s going to happen to any of us.” Ron looked up, startled that Harry would bring that up suddenly. “I’m just saying,” started Harry again, “that you shouldn’t waste your time wishing she was yours. You should make her yours and be happy with her. Go and talk to her, make your dreams come true.” 

Ron just stared, open mouthed at Harry now, when they were suddenly interrupted by a shorter, blond haired girl, who looked lovely in her golden dress robes. “Arry, you seemply must dance with me, Pleeze Arry.” Gabrielle was now pleading and Harry was rather embarrassed, but said “yea, sure, ok.” 

Ron noticed that as Harry said this, he was really looking sadly at Ginny, who was dancing with someone from Fluer’s side of the family and just shook his head. It seemed to him that his baby sister and his best friend wouldn’t truly be happy until they were together, much like he felt about Hermione. 

As that thought jumped into his head, Hermione came back over and handed Ron a glass of fire whiskey saying, “yes Ron, your mother said it was ok.” Ron just grinned as he took a drink. 

Then he turned to Hermione, who looked completely at ease with him, and said, “Hermione, can we talk, somewhere alone?” Stunned by this, Hermione just looked questioningly at Ron and nodded her head. Then she followed him down to the field where they sometimes played Quidditch in the summers. 

She noticed Ron looked very nervous and worried, so she said quickly, “Ron, what’s wrong, if something’s wrong please just tell me, you’re getting me very…,” but she was unable to complete this thought as Ron’s mouth descended on hers, blocking every thought from her mind except for how good and how right he felt this close to her. 

When, after what felt like no time at all, he broke away saying, “I know I’m probably messing up a great friendship here, but...but.. I think I’m in love with you Hermione, and not telling you is driving me insane.” 

Ron looked suddenly even more nervous and worried and Hermione grinned up at him saying, “I think I’m in love with you too, Ron.” 

“You are, really?” 

“Yeah, really. So, will you, er, kiss me again?” Ron obliged and spent the next hour kissing the love of his life on the Quidditch pitch thinking this is what life is all about and it’s definitely worth fighting for.

Meanwhile, back at the reception, Harry was being dragged from one person to another for a dance and feeling quite miserable about the whole thing. He had watched Ron lead Hermione away and was just hopeful that they both realized what they meant to each other. He also kept looking at Ginny wishing he were dancing with her instead of her second cousin, once removed, or something like that. Finally he’d had enough and excused himself to go sit back down. Watching Ginny dance was both driving him crazy with lust and making him angrier then he could remember being in awhile. Suddenly, he saw her walking back to the house alone and made to follow her. 

He was stopped dead at the door by Fred and George. “Where ya going Harry?” Fred said. 

“Yea,” said George “we need to talk.” 

“Not now guys, maybe later,” Harry said, trying to get past them and to Ginny. 

“Not now he says, did you hear that Fred, he thinks we’re just going to let go of the fact that we just realized why our little, and only, sister has been so upset this month.” 

“Really guys, I just need…what?” Harry said looking at their murderous faces, he began to understand. 

“Yea, the way we see it, you’re like a brother to us, but she IS our sister, and we’re not happy that you’ve hurt her. So, we need to have a word with you.” Fred said this actually kind of loud and the back door opened again. There stood Ginny, fuming. 

She walked right through Fred and George to Harry, grabbed his hand and said, “Come on, you owe me a dance.” 

As they came to the dance floor she said, “I’m sorry. I know this is hard on you too, and they aren’t helping.” 

“How did they find out?” Harry asked, as his hands rested respectfully at Ginny’s waist. 

“I don’t know, maybe it has to do with the fact that everyone can see right through us. You really aren’t hiding it well you know.." she said coyly.  "Gawking at me, following me around, looking at me constantly, no matter who else you’re dancing with or how pretty they are.” 

“No one is as pretty as you Ginny,” said Harry has his hands began moving of their own accord. 

“Got ya Harry. I told you, you just can’t hide your emotions. But Harry, let me ask you, if everyone around us can see it, and everyone at school knew we were dating, don’t you think Voldemort will know too?” Harry stopped dead. He hadn’t thought of that and now he was even more worried, but Ginny pressed on. “So, don’t you think that really, the safest place for me, is with you. Guarding me with your love.” 

Suddenly something clicked for Harry. Dumbledore had said that Love was the weapon that Voldemort wouldn’t have, that Harry possesses love in such quantities that Voldemort can’t stand to be around it. And after all this, Ginny was completely right. He looked down into her eyes and realized that she knows exactly how he feels. Their connection was still there and growing. There was nothing left for him to do. With a grin, he kissed her.  Right in front of her family, right in front of people he didn’t know, and in front of the Minister of Magic himself, Harry Potter kissed the girl he loves more than anything.

Over to the side, several adults had been watching the whole display since Fred and George cornered Harry earlier. They all chuckled and Remus said, “it looks like young Harry has gotten himself wrapped around ‘some chicks’ little finger as well.” 

Mr. Weasley said “bout time, too,” as his wife smiled broadly. 

Tonks then laughed heartedly saying “well yes, it does take some men longer to realize that then others,” as she loving stroked Remus’ chest and said, “shall we join the love birds on the dance floor, dear?” 

They all however, stopped in their tracks when they saw Ron and Hermione coming back, hand in hand, and more obviously in love then ever. Harry looked up and grinned at Ron, who grinned back, and then started kissing Ginny again as they danced.

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