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The Lonely Places by UnderRugSwept13
Chapter 3 : Pansy Parkinson: My Hero
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DISCLAIMER: I own the idea and that's it.†
And yes, I'm writing "The Continuation"
I have it all planned out...
well, sort of...
at least in my head I do.
Expect the first part on Friday



Heís changed.
I think that his mission really shook him.
I want to help him, make him feel better, but he just pushes me away.
Tells me to ďback offĒ or ďstop sticking my nose in other peopleĎs businessĒ.

He used to like attention from me.
He doesnít now.
I donít like it.

Iíve known Draco Malfoy for years.
Weíre purebloods, you know. Weíre very tight-knit.
Iíve known Draco since before Hogwarts.
But, in all the years Iíve known him, heís never shied away from attention.
Well, heís not really shying away from attention, heís just avoiding me.
Which, isnít any better.

I donít think he loves me anymore.
No, Iím not being overdramatic.
I really think that Draco doesnít love me anymore.
I have no idea.
But somehow, I think that if I did know, Iíd feel worse.
So, I think Iíll stick with being clueless.
Its always worked in the past...

Maybe he thinks he can do better than me!
Which he canít.
Iím Pansy Parkinson.
He could never do better than me!

I mean, what is he?
Lucius Malfoyís son, and thatís all.
Heís not special in anyway.
Heís not really a Death Eater.
Heís only seventeen!
Heíd never be able to be a good Death Eater at seventeen...

But what if he dies?
Oh God, I donít know what Iíd do if he died!
I mean, heís only seventeen...The Dark Lord doesnít care about some stupid child.
He could care less whether Draco died or not.
Which is probably the most unsettling.

Since the Dark Lord doesnít care about Draco that much, heíll set him impossible tasks...
Which will probably end in Dracoís painful and gruesome death...
Oh dear God, I donít know what Iíd do if he died!

But, itíd serve him right, wouldnít it?
If you follow the Dark Lord, youíre likely to get killed...

I really donít want him to die.

Iím not obsessed...Iím fine...heís a big boy, he can handle himself, right?
Probably not.

Oh God, why didnít I just fall in love with Blaise Zabini?
At least he wouldnít have gone off and tried to avenge his father...
I guess he couldnít though, his father died...
I think his mother killed him...and every other man she married after she was guaranteed his money.
Yeah, I definitely wouldnít want to marry into that family.

But then again, how much better could Blaiseís family...erm, mother, be than Dracoís family? Then again, Dracoís father is in Azkaban...thatís a bit of a disgrace to that bloodline...


I know something bad is going to happen to Draco, I just know it!
Heís just a child, he canít work for the Dark Lord!
Plus, Dracoís too much of a soft and sensitive man to be a murderer!

Heíd never last in Azkaban!
Heíd die within days!
Oh, my poor Draco...
You and your stupid obsession with revenge!
Potter will be taken care of soon, Draco doesnít have to try to kill him too!
Draco couldnít even kill Dumbledore!
But then again, nobodyís been able to kill Dumbledore, I mean really...that guy was ancient...

But, I guess Dracoís doing what he thinks is right...
Avenging his father and killing Mudbloods...

Why does he always feel the need to be a hero?
More specifically, my hero?

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The Lonely Places: Pansy Parkinson: My Hero


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