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Setting It All Up by luckistars
Chapter 12 : Sooner or Later
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As usual, Lilly had been spending her Friday evening in the library. The quidditch game was tomorrow, and she was exhausted from the practice. After grabbing a bite to eat from the Great Hall, she had immediately went to the library to finish her homework; it was always a pain to have to do it on Sundays.

Not to mention that the Hogsmeade trip was that day as well.

But Lilly didn’t care about Hogsmeade. All that meant to her were idiotic couples, cooing over each other, and showing their infatuation with each other in public. It disgusted her. That was why she had turned Alex down so quickly.

Or so she told herself. She just kept repeating the same reasons, over and over again in her head, trying to convince herself, what she wanted to convince herself of. It was the way she worked, which was why she never backed down from a battle.

As soon as she set her mind to something… it was set.

Her mind was set to many things, and as she walked down the dark hallway, she began to think of some. One, no dating. Oh, that one was easy! She just told herself that that would require her to dress up and be girly, what she didn’t want to be. It bothered her so. Two, no drugs or smoking. That one was easier than one. It kills your lungs and liver. Not to mention is plain disgusting. Three, get the best grades in the class. Three, she didn’t mind as much as she used to, before she got on the quidditch team. But she was still working as hard as she did before to maintain appearances of ‘bookworm’. Four, hate Wood. …Why did she even set that one up? Lilly thought about this one for a while.

Oh yes, Wood was a big-headed, egotistic brat. But as she repeated that over and over again in her mind, it didn’t seem to stick as well as the first three. She thought over this, but before she could get to the root of her problems, she heard someone shouting her na,e

“Lil-ly!” George called down the hallway, skipping down the hallway. Lilly turned around and spotted her friend, smiling at his obvious tendency to do feminine things.

As he jumped before her, then stopping in his tracks, Lilly sang, “Geo-rge!” He smirked, and the two began walking towards their next class. “What are you up to?”

“Nothing. Why do you always think I’m up to something!” George shouted instinctively, then his smile widening, “Nothing of course.”

Lilly rolled her eyes. “What are you guys up to?” she repeated, now changing the ‘you’ to ‘guys’. “I know you two are planning something. Four possibly?”

“I’m not telling!’ he insisted, the all knowing smile was already on his face.

“Don’t give me that look!” she warned, walking faster to catch up with George. He had long legs; she didn’t. “Just tell me if it’s two or four, pretty please?”

“It’s neither…” he whispered secretively. George then spotted his brother, and began to resume skipping as he sang, “Fr-ed!”

Lilly smiled gently at the childish behavior of her friend. There was something going on, there was always something going on. And she was going to get to the bottom of it… Sooner or later.

Angelina looked at the portrait door hastily, beckoning Fred and George to hurry up and get into the common room. “How long do we have?” she asked George.

“…I saw her in the second corridor to the left, and then Fred and I ran here. We got about a minute or so.” He reported dutifully.

Fred piped, “She is lounging this time. Quite possibly two.”

“Okay…!” Alicia shouted, acknowledging them. She was crouched behind a table, tying a piece of string to the leg. “String in position!”

“This isn’t going to work!” Oliver sighed.

“Shut up lover-boy!” Alicia snapped, defending her idea.

Oliver rolled his idea. “What’s the plan again?”

“OLIVER!” The four shouted in unison. Angelina took over, speaking quickly, as time was running out. “Lilly will walk in, trip on the string, and you’ll catch her like you did at the dinner. Then, you’ll bend over, and help her get the books, asking if she’s okay and what not.” She then turned to George. “She did have books, right?” When he nodded, she sighed in relief.

“I sure do hope this will,” Oliver started, “wo-. I think she’s coming! Run!”

They all scattered, George and Fred dashing to the tower doors, and Angelina and Alicia to their dorms. Oliver hopped over a couch, and sat down, pretending to browse through a nearby quidditch magazine. He was so distracted, he didn’t realize he was holding it upside down, but not like it mattered.

The door swung open, and his heart began to race. “Hel-!” Lilly shouted, expecting a full common room.

Oliver heard a thud. He was too slow to catch her, but he could still get the books. “Are you okay?” He leaped over the couch, and ran as fast as he could towards her. “Here, let me help you!” he said, trying to skid to a stop. His toe stubbed a book, and rather than stopping, he was thrown into a wall.

“Oh gosh! Oliver!” Lilly exclaimed, pushing her glasses from her face, dropping her books once more to survey the accident. “Are you okay?”

Oliver groaned, not only from the pain, but that his plan had backfired. He was supposed to help her when she fell… Not the other way around. “I’m fine.” He said solidly, getting up. “I should be asking you that.”

Lilly rolled her eyes. “You did,” she then smiled and added, “Before you crashed into the wall.”

He felt warm, blush creeping up his neck. “Shuddup.” He insisted, thrusting his hands in his pocket, looking away.

“Oh… is Olive-poo embarrassed?” Lilly cooed to his discomfort. “Oh, yes he is!”

Oliver looked at Lilly’s head, bangs in eyes, glasses hanging off the bridge of her nose. He couldn’t help but laugh, she looked so ridiculous, teasing him. Squatting, the two picked up the books, laughing.

“Why are you always falling into things when you are around me?” Lilly asked quietly as she picked up a book. Oliver’s hand touched hers, only for a brief moment, before they both moved their hands away, causing her to blush. “Seriously… you are such a klutz!” she exclaimed, to fill the awkward gap of silence.

Wood chuckled. “Did it hurt when you fell from heaven?” he asked, using a pick up line that was never successful.

She groaned, and pushed him, as he fell down once more, off his feet. “Did that hurt?”

“No, because it was from you!” he replied coolly. She just had to laugh at that. “Are you from Tennessee, because you are the only ten I see!” he added, using another pick up line.

“Oh my gosh Wood! All you do all summer is look at bad pick up lines on the internet or something, isn’t it? And you know quite well I’ve never been to Tennessee in my life.”

“Would you like to? I’ll let you ride my broomstick.” He asked, raising his brow suggestively. She groaned.

As soon as the two finished, Lilly acknowledged gracefully, “Thanks Wood.”

“No problem Dillamond.” As Lilly began to walk away, Oliver stopped her. "Would you like to--" He paused, and told her to go.


A/N: ...Wow, I really lied when I said 'Update more often!' I haven't updated in nearly five monthes! Yes, I'm a horrible person. I hope you guys don't mind, but summer's rolling around, and I'm graduating in almost a month, so I will have a little bit more time to squeeze in AT LEAST a chapter a month. Love you all, mwah!


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Setting It All Up: Sooner or Later


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