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A Web Of Lies, Love and Confusion by HurtfulEyes
Chapter 10 : Running away
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Another one for my lovelies =]

“Harry, Malfoy, you’ve been in here all night! Come and get something to eat, she’ll be fine!” Hermione heard Ginny say from the doorway.

“She hasn’t woken, is that normal?” Harry’s voice said.

“She’s just asleep! She’ll probably be awake by the time you guys come back, now come because I can still do my famous Bat Bogie hex.” Ginny’s irritated voice said.

“Fine. But only for ten minutes.” Draco said, Hermione could hear two chairs scrape against the floor and then foot steps leading out of the room. As soon as she heard the door close she opened her eyes and looked around. She had been awake for hours now but she didn’t want to talk to anyone, she just wanted to go home. When she first woke up she didn’t remember anything, but as soon as she heard Harry talking to Draco about it, it all came flooding back. As soon as she realized that Ron was alive and no one had the guts to tell her, she decided that this was all a bad idea and she had to go back to Australia, to her family.

Hermione quietly walked across the room to the vanity where her wand was sitting on top, she then conjured herself out of her dress and into a black sweat suite. She then apparated to her hotel and quickly packed her belongings with magic. As soon as the last pair of socks were in the suitcase, she closed it and got ready to apparate home, a second before she apparated, she heard two small pops and she saw Harry and Draco standing before her.

“I’m sorry.” Hermione said before apparating off.

When Hermione got to her house, there was no one home, she stood still trying to figure out why they weren’t there when it dawned on her, because of the time differences, they were still in school. That gave Hermione some time to think, because she had her tracksuit on already, she walked out of her house and went for a run. Over the years that was how she got through her problems, whenever she felt annoyed or needed some time to think, she would go out for a long run.

As Hermione’s feet hit the ground at a steady pace, Hermione started to do her thinking. Ron was alive. Ron was alive and no body told her. Ron was alive and he tried to see her. Hermione couldn’t completely wrap her head around it, after over 15 years of thinking he was dead, he was alive. Was he married? Does he have kids? Hermione felt like she didn’t know who the person was anymore, just a man with the face of someone she once loved. Also what about Draco, she hadn’t seen him since the night she left, he certainly had grown out of being mean for the sake of it, and he still loved Alli. What was going to happen when Hermione told her kids about magic? What would happen when Hermione told her kids Ron was alive? What would happen when Hermione told the kids that Draco was Alli’s father? Would Alli and Tom hate her? Would they blame her for not telling them Ron was alive? Would they feel like they aren’t related to each other? Would Alli feel like she wasn’t a part of Hermione’s family? What would Nate say about all of this? Would he still love Hermione? Would he decide to move to England with her? Would Hermione move to England at all? Tears formed in Hermione’s eyes as she thought about all of this. She also thought about what she was going to say to her kids.

What can I say to them?? “Hey, guess what? You’re magical!” or “You’re a witch! And you’re a wizard!” or “Hey, Do you want to see my broom stick?” no, that one sounds to perverted… Hermione thought to herself as she turned onto the street with her club on it.

Hermione slowed down as she reached her Club. It took her and Laura the longest time to get it up and running and now she was thinking of just packing away and leaving it? She couldn’t do that. Hermione started running again and she picked up speed, soon she was full out sprinting, as if she was trying to run away from her problems.

Hermione stopped running when she reached a park on the outskirts of town, she sat down on the bench near the lake and she watched as the ducks swam around. Hermione had other reasons why she couldn’t move, Alli had her first real boyfriend to think about and Ron was just getting into dating, Hermione couldn’t take that away from them, they would resent her.

After over an hour of thinking, Hermione got up and started jogging towards her house. She had to tell the kids and get over with it. It took Hermione over 15 minutes to get to her house, and when she did, she saw Nate’s car in the driveway. She slowly walked up the steps of her porch and opened the front door. As she walked inside, she saw Nate and the kids sitting on the couch in the living room watching TV.

“Hey! Alli and Tom called saying that your suitcase was in the living room so we knew you must of been back.” Nate said, getting up and kissing Hermione lightly on the lips.

“ I missed you.” Hermione said, smiling, “Hey guys, can you turn off the TV for a minute? I sort of have to tell you something important.” Hermione said, sitting on the loveseat. Nate came over and sat next to her and took her hand into his.

“Sure, what is it?” Alli said, looking up from the magazine she was reading.

“Ok… I have something really serious to tell you… ummm… ok. You know how when Tom was 7, he accidentally lit the couch on fire but he didn’t have any matches?” Hermione asked.

“Yeah I thought it was an accident…” Alli said, looking at Hermione strangely.

“…well it wasn’t. Tom lit the couch on fire with magic.” Hermione said, watching their faces.

“Mom… did you catch some sort of disease while you were abroad?” Tom said, looking scared.

“No honey, I know that it was magic because I am a witch.” Hermione said, taking out her wand and showing it.

“…uh huh.” Alli said sarcastically before snorting.

“You don’t believe me?” Hermione said, looking at her children, “ fine” Hermione flicked the wand at herself and immediately instead of wearing a track suit, she was in jeans and a white tank top.

Hermione looked at her kids disbelieving faced and couldn’t help but smile, they believed her.

“… and how did Tom light the couch on fire?” Alli asked.

“Because, you two are both magical as well.” Hermione said seriously.

“…you’re kidding right?” Tom said.

“Nope. And I can get you into a magical school so you can learn everything, but there’s a downside. If you do decide to go, we would have to move as soon as school is over and we’d have to live in the school over the summer to catch up with your year group.” Hermione said.

“So you’re trying to tell me that I am a wizard and that I can go to a school to learn magic but I’d have to move across the world and work though my summer holiday?” Tom asked.

“Yes.” Hermione said, “It’s a boarding school but I have been offered a job as a teacher so we could live with you.”

“But I can’t go! I just became the cheerleader captain this year! I can’t leave my squad, and I have Bobbie to think about, you know my Boyfriend!” Alli said angrily.

“You just got told that you’re a wizard and all you can think about is your cheerleading?” Tom said incredulously.

“Look guys, I know that you might not want to go but it’s for the best, your magic is getting powerful and if you don’t learn to control it than it might get out of hand.” Hermione said evenly.

“If you’re a witch, than where’s all your “Magical” friends?” Tom asked.

“Back in England, that’s why I went there, to see them and to tell them about you guys.” Hermione said.

“…tell them about us? What they’ve never heard of us before?” Alli asked.

“…well no… it’s a long story and I really don’t want to explain it right now, could we all just go to bed and talk about this in the morning?” Hermione asked, getting up from the couch.

“Fine.” Alli said before walking up stairs.

“Good night.” Tom said, getting up from the couch and following his sister.

“Do you want me to stay here tonight? I can see that you’re stressed about something.”

“Sure. You know I love you, don’t you?” Hermione asked, leaning into Nate on the couch.

“I love you too.”

Finally I got this chapter up!! I’m so sorry that it took so long!! Even though it was like 3 weeks it felt like I hadn’t updated in like 3 months!! I have excuses though!! Haha ok so first, I was grounded off the computer for a week (don’t ask) and then my mom decided that I only get an hour a day! And also I have my SATs exams this week =[ So it might take longer to update these days, but never over 2 months I promise!! Because It took so long, I’ll give you a kinds spoiler for the next chapter!! =]
Alli ran to get the door as the doorbell rang again, as she opened the door, she was immideatly confused.

“Who is it?” Hermione yelled from the kitchen. After a couple of minutes of silence, Hermione walked to the doorway, “Oh god.” She said.

“Mom, who is this and why does he look like me?” Alli asked.

DUM DUM DUM!!!!!! Thank you thank you =]

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