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Have A Little Faith... by fredthefrog252
Chapter 15 : Chapter 15 – Pranks, Pride and Proud Mary
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Chapter 15 – Pranks, Pride and Proud Mary

“Ok I’m bored,” Sirius said leaning back in his chair so that it was resting on two legs.

It was Saturday and Faith and Sirius were relaxing in the common room.

“Urgh, there is nothing to doooo!” he whined.

“Well my friend, I, being the super intelligent one out of us, might have an idea for an amusing prank.”

Sirius sat up so that the chair came crashing back to the ground.

“Do tell.”

“What is the magic word?” Faith smiled in a tantalizing voice.

“PLEEEEEAAAAASE!” he whined sounding like a four-year-old.

“Well, what we do is…”


“You’re evil,” Sirius said.

They were sitting back in the common room after setting up the prank playing wizard’s chess.

“Why thank you I know,” she smiled as her knight beat up his queen.

“Bugger,” he whispered leaning close to examine the game.

Just then Remus came through the portrait hole, waving at them before heading up the stairs to the boy’s dormitory.

Faith began to count down, smiling maliciously, “Five…four…three…two…” there was a shrill scream from upstairs.

Faith and Sirius fought back laughter as Remus came sprinting down the stairs.

“It’s all gone,” he cried in a high-pitched, hysterical, whimper. “All of it, it just disappeared I can’t find it I don’t know-”

He stopped and looked at the two. They were Shaking with laughter, Faith had her fist in her mouth to stop her from laughing out loud and Sirius pressed his lips shut tightly.

“You…” Remus said looking between them. “I’LL KILL YOU! GIVE IT BACK!”

The entire common room looked around to see who was shouting. Faith and Sirius fell to the floor howling with laughter.

“What the hell is going on?” Lily asked as she and James walked over from the portrait hole.

Faith and Sirius tried hard to control their laughing but the look on Remus’ face set them off again. Remus stood vibrating with rage.

“They, they…they…can’t believe they…” Remus said, his voice shaking.

“Ok Remus, just calm down and tell me what they did,” Lily said soothingly, grabbing his shoulders and guiding him into a chair.

“They stole all of my chocolate!” he said through clenched teeth.

James snorted before bursting with laughter, joining Sirius and Faith who were still rolling on the floor.

“IT’S NOT FUNNY!” Remus yelled, jumping up and down, his fists clenched, as if he was five years old.

“Remus calm down!” Lily said, forcefully shoving him back into the seat. “You three, stop laughing now! Faith, Sirius you will return the chocolate to Remus.”

They all stopped laughing and hung their heads mumbling, “Yes Lily.”

Faith pulled a small box filled with Remus’ chocolate out from under the armchair she had been sitting in.

“Now what do you say?” Lily said her hands placed on her hips.

“Sorry Remus,” they chorused.

Remus got a smug smile on his face, as if he was a small boy and his mother had just declared him her favourite.

“Very good.”

“You know it was kind of a good prank,” James said shrugging.

“Damn straight it was,” Faith nodded. “I am the prank master!”

Sirius snorted.

“I’m sorry what was that?” Faith asked smirking at Sirius.

“Nothing, there’s just no-way that you are a better prankster then myself and James.”

“Oh please, girls are so much better than pranking,” Faith scoffed. “Plus we’re hotter.”

“Please, I am so much prettier than you,” Sirius retaliated.

“Not even, besides girls are way better in bed.”

It was Sirius’ turn to scoff, “No offense, but our little ‘encounter’ didn’t exactly rock my world.”

“That was rock ‘em sock ‘em!” she cried disbelievingly. “Oh that’s it, we’re going again!” she grabbed the front of his shirt and began to drag him towards the boys dormitory.

“WAIT!” Lily yelled.

Faith stopped and turned realization coming to her, “Oops.”

“You, and Sirius…you…you…”

“Ok it was ages ago when we were fighting and we had one of those moments when you are screaming at one another one minute and doing it the next.”

Lily turned to James, “Did you know?”

“Yea-no,” James said shaking his head.

“YOU TOLD THEM?” Faith screamed shoving Sirius.

“Well duh, we are guys.”

“Ah you’re right whatever!” she said waving her hand. “But there’s no way you’re prettier than me.”

“Yeah, little bit,” Sirius stated.

“Are not!”

“Are too!”

“Are not!”

“Are too!”

“Are not!”

“Are too!”

“Well we are definatley better at pranking.”

“Are not!”

“Are too!”

“Are not!”

“Are too!”

“Are not!”

“Are too!”

“Are not!”

“You wanna bet?” Faith said. “Lily and I could take you on.”

“Pfft. James and I could out-prank you in our sleeps.”

“Well why don’t you put your money where your mouth is?” Lily challenged.

“We need to bet more than our cash,” James said, joining in.

“All right, cash, dignity and bragging rights.”

“But how are we going to decide who wins?” Lily asked gazing around at them all.

“Umm, we need an impartial third party with no particular interest in the matter,” Faith said.

“REMUS!” they all yelled turning to see him trying to sneak up the stairs.

“No!” he cried as James and Sirius dragged him by his arms to a nearby armchair. “I want nothing to do with it!”

“Tough luck honey,” Faith said sitting on the table in front of him. “Ok so here’s the deal: Two teams of two, guys versus girls. Each team has until the end of the week to pull a major prank for the others and the judge to see. Everyone puts in 5 galleons for the prize money. Winners get bragging rights and losers have to profess their undying love to Snivellus. Remus you will be judging us on whether or not it was successful, how ingenious it was, how innovative it was, how imaginative, how-”

“Yeah I get the point,” he interrupted.

“Ok three categories to give points out of ten for: Creativity, successfulness and individuality. You deduct points from our final score for things like whether or not we get caught and get detention. Got it?”

Remus sighed and nodded.

“Ok let the games,” Faith said, pausing for effect. “…Begin.”


“That is brilliant!” Lily cried clapping her hands together.

It was late the following afternoon and Lily and Faith were in their dorm scheming about the prank they were going to pull.

“Thanks. You know I’m starting to worry about you Lils,” Faith said.

Lily gave her a confused look.

“I think I am a bad impression on you. Who’d of thought, the head girl pulling a serious – no pun intended – prank on the teachers.”

Lily scoffed, “I can be bad and mischievous if I want!”

“That you can Lils, that you can. Come on, we have a potion to make.”


The following morning Lily and Faith were sitting down for breakfast grinning broadly.

“Something tells me you two have something planned for breakfast,” Sirius said smirking cockily.

“So what if we do, we’re not telling, you’ll just have to wait and see,” Lily said before Faith got the chance.

Twenty minutes later the hall had filled up and everyone was chatting merrily.

“Now Lily!”

Lily pulled out a small phial of blue potion and poured it into her goblet before pointing her wand at it.

The liquid rose out of the goblet and flew towards the teachers’ table. Lily was aiming for McGonogall’s goblet but a first year tripped behind her, knocking her over and breaking her concentration. The liquid dropped into the pitcher of pumpkin juice.

Lily cursed under her breath.

“Don’t worry,” Faith reassured her, pointing towards the table.

They watched as McGonnogall poured herself a drink, offered it to Slughorn and Flitwick before pouring each of them a goblet full of the spiked pumpkin juice.

Lily shrugged and put her wand away before returning to her porridge.

A few minutes later McGonogall stepped up onto the table and cleared her throat. Silence fell over the entire hall as everyone looked up at the transfiguration teacher.

“Y’know, every now and then
I think you might like to hear something from us
Nice and easy
But there’s just one thing
You see we never ever do nothing
Nice and easy
We always do it nice and rough
So were gonna take the beginning of this song
And do it easy
Then were gonna do the finish rough
This is the way we do proud mary,” she spoke clearly into the croud before singing slowly and softly, “And were rolling, rolling, rolling on the river…Listen to the story.

“I left a good job in the city
Working for the man every night and day
And I never lost one minute of sleeping
Worrying bout the way things might have been,

“Big wheel keep on turning,

“Proud mary keep on burning.

“And were rolling, rolling
Rolling on the river.

“Cleaned a lot of plates in memphis
Pumped a lot of tane down in new orleans
But I never saw the good side of the city
Till I hitched a ride on a riverboat queen,

“Big wheel keep on turning,

“Proud mary keep on burning.

“And were rolling, rolling
Rolling on the river.”

The lights went dark before there was a burst of music and a spotlight flooded onto Mcgonogall who began to sing fast and loud like Tina turner. Slughorn and Flitwick jumping up behing her before dancing from side to side clicking there fingers and humming.

“I left a good job in the city
Working for the man every night and day
And I never lost one minute of sleeping
Worrying bout the way things might have been,

“Big wheel keep on turning,”

“Turning.” Slughorn and Flitwick sang softly stepping from side to side waving their arms around and dancing.

“Proud mary keep on burning.”


“And we’re rolling,”




“Rolling on the river.”

“Sing do,do,do,do,
Yeah, alright

“Cleaned a lot of plates in memphis
Pumped a lot of tane down in new orleans
But I never saw the good side of the city
Till I hitched a ride on a riverboat queen,

“Big wheel keep on turning.”


“Proud mary keep on burning.”


“And we’re rolling,”




“Rolling on the river.”

“Sing do,do,do,do,
Yeah, alright

“If you come down to the river
I bet you gonna find some people who live
You dont have to worry if you got no money
People on the river are happy to give,

“Big wheel keep on turning.”


“Proud mary keep on burning.”

“And we’re rolling,”




“Rolling on the river.”

“And we’re rolling,”




“Rolling on the river.”

“And we’re rolling,”




“Rolling on the river.”

“And we’re rolling,”




“Rolling on the river.”


The entire hall sat there in stunned silence. All except for James Sirius and the Slytherins who were all laughing. McGonogall, Flitwick and Slughorn blinked a couple of times before looking down at the stunned audience. McGonogall gasped and clamped her mouth.

She stepped down from the table with the assistance of Dumbledore who was smiling.

“Get back to your breakfast!” she barked before sweeping down the aisle to where Lily, Faith and the Marauders were sitting.

“I should have known you two would pull a stunt like this!” she snarled.

Faith and Lily arranged their faces with looks of innocent surprise and were taken aback when they saw McGonogall towering over James and Sirius.

“But!” James spluttered looking between Faith and McGonogall. “It wasn’t us!”

Sirius was shaking, his mouth clamped shut to refrain from laughing.

“Oh?” McGonogall cried. “Then who was it? Miss Evans I suppose?”

Lily gasped.

“Yes!” James cried.

“Don’t be so ridiculous Mr. Potter!” McGonogall cried. “You can’t really expect me to believe that Miss Evans would do such a thing! You and Mr. Black will have detentions every Friday night until Easter!”

“But…but, it really was Evans Professor!” Sirius cried. “Her and Porter!”

“Ridiculous!” she snarled throwing her arms into the air. “You and Mr. Potter will report to my office at seven o’clock on Friday.”

And with that she stormed out of the hall leaving James and Sirius with their mouths working soundlessly.

Faith and Lily clapped their hands over their mouths to stop them from laughing.

“You two are so dead!” Sirius growled, flinging himself back into his seat.

Faith smirked.

“We are going to make you wish you had never agreed to this bet.”

“I’d like to see you try,” Faith grinned confidently. “I’m hard to shake up and Lils is tougher that she looks.”

Lily smiled appreciatively, “Thanks Faith.”

“No problem Lils,” Faith smiled they high-fived before linking arms and skipping out of the great hall.


“So unfair,” Sirius huffed, throwing himself into a comfortable armchair in front of the fire.

“Totally,” James agreed.

They had just returned from their detention with McGonogall and sat there seething for at least ten minutes before two witches interrupted them; one with dark curls the other with hair of flaming fire.

“Ah my beautiful boys!” Lily sung happily. “How was your date with the lovely Minerva?”

She jumped on to James’ lap and wrapped her arm around his neck, smiling expectantly at him. He, however, continued to stare straight ahead angrily.

Faith took a seat next to Sirius who was ignoring her and mumbling angrily to himself. Something about “revenge” and “bloody female types.”

“Well I’ll take that as a lovely time!” Lily cried.

James flinched slightly as she was practically yelling in his face.

Lily didn’t mind though, she leaned close and began to whisper into his ear. James’ eyes grew wide and he choked. Lily smiled satisfactorily before whispering some more.

Sirius left to the other side of James and grabbed his arm.

“No, prongs you must fight it!” he cried attempting to pull his best friend away.

Lily pulled back and began to pout.

Faith laughed slightly as the two fought over James.

“James,” Lily said softly and seductively.

“Prongs mate you can’t give in you must fight!”

James looked helplessly between the two his breathing becoming shallow.

“I…I-I…er…um…I…” he stuttered.

Lily grabbed his chin turning him to face her before crashing her lips against his. Sirius let go of his arm and shook his head disbelievingly.

“No, Prongs, no! I will fight for you!” he cried stepping around the couch, grabbing Lily around the waist and pulling her away from James just as Remus came through the portrait hole.

“Moony, Prongs is in great peril you must lead him away!” Sirius cried lifting Lily over his shoulder.

“N-no I’m not!” James cried. “Let me stay I want to face the peril!”

Remus laughed before stepping in front of him, “I’m sorry mate but you can’t. It is just too perilous!”

James cried out, “NOOOOO!”

Remus sighed before forcefully dragging him up the stairs.

Faith looked back over to Sirius and laughed when she saw that Lily had somehow wrestled Sirius to the floor where she had him pinned and her wand pointing at his throat. She was smirking smugly.

Faith got to her feet and walked over to the pair.

“Do I make myself clear Mr. Black?” Lily threatened.

Sirius nodded his head, his eyes widened in fear.

“Very well,” she said getting to her feet and pocketing her wand.

“Wait-a-go Lils!” Faith whistled.

They performed their secret handshake, which went a little something like: high-five, knuckle crack, goes for a handshake but instead flipping hair back.

They fell to the floor laughing.

“You two are insane, do you know that?” Sirius said, getting to his feet and brushing off our robes.

“You’re like totally jealous,” Lily laughed.

“Not even!” he whined. “To your feet Porter!”

Faith smiled before getting to her feet and performing their secret handshake which was: knuckle crack, fist bump up, fist bump down, high-five and then the grande finale: a head but.

“Ow,” Sirius moaned, rubbing his head. “We really should work on the ending.”

Faith laughed.

“Anyways, I gotta go. You know, revenge to plot, people to prank.”

He ran up the stairs to the boys’ dormitory.

“You think we should follow and see what they’ll do to us?” Lily asked uncertainly.

“Nah,” Faith said. “That takes all the fun out of life.”

Lily nodded and the pair made their way up the stairs to their dorm.


Faith watched the snickering between James and Sirius as she and Lily skipped up to them at breakfast, their arms linked. They continued to smile broadly as they sat down.

“You two seem awfully happy,” Sirius stated barely being able to control his laughter.

“I could say the same about you Black, why on earth would you be so euphoric?” Lily smiled as the two boys shared a smirk. “Ah I see. So what is it going to be then?”

“Huh?” James asked looking at his girlfriend confusedly.

“Cut the crap Jimmy,” Faith answered for her. “We aren’t retarded, you of all people should know that. We know your prank has been planned for today and we know who your targets are. We probably would have been better off not coming to breakfast ‘cause you have most likely slipped something into the food that’ll embarrass us in front of all of these people.”

She gestured at the crowded hall.

“And yet here you sit piling your plate with more food than is required for a whole Quidditch team,” Sirius smirked.

“Ah but what makes you believe that you’ll be able to embarrass me? I mean, after your last attempt at Halloween, why should I be in the least bit scared? I am simply hard to shake up.”

“That you are but you must remember that Lily is included in this bet and I highly doubt that she would be willing to walk around in a bikini,” Sirius said his smirk growing into a cocky, lop-sided grin.

“Is that a dare Mr. Black?” Lily asked, raising her eyebrows and smiling suggestively.

Faith had to give it to the girl, she was in no way weak like people thought. She would take up almost any dare, bet or challenge with confidence and class. Her personality had changed dramatically and Faith couldn’t help feel proudly responsible.

James stared open mouthed at her.

She smiled back at him before raising her fork and filling her mouth with bacon. Faith took a sip of juice.

James snapped out of his trance when Sirius nudged him and they bowed their heads and snickered into their hands.

Faith and Lily ignored them and continued to eat.

“Well that was rather enjoyable, don’t you think Lils?” Faith said placing her cutlery down onto her plate.

“Yes rather,” Lily agreed doing the same with her own cutlery.

“Just wait,” Sirius smirked.

“Pfft. We know you didn’t put any kind of potion in our food and/or drink,” Faith smiled as their face fell.

“What makes you say that?” Sirius retaliated quickly, rearranging his facial features back to their usual cocky grin.

“A) Anyone in your potions class would know that you two suck, B) you’re acting was overdone and C) you guys knowing you suck at potions normally would risk it for the good of the prank but we know for a fact that no matter what we did, James wouldn’t risk poisoning Lily.”

She smiled at their dumbstruck faces before linking arms with Lily and skipping off in the direction of the Defence against the Dark Arts Classroom.

“Damn they’re good!” James sighed throwing down his knife and fork.

“Too good,” Sirius said, staring after them.

“Completely barmy though,” James added as they watched the two girls begin to dance around the hall, singing loudly.

“Definitely off they’re rockers,” Sirius agreed smiling as he got to his feet. “Shall we?”


Faith and Lily sat with each other in DADA and shared a look when the Marauders claimed the seats behind them.

The lesson went well for the first five minutes. Professor Henderson was explaining how to call for your wand with wandless magic.

Faith was paired with Lily who had managed to call for her wand. She concentrated hard and in no time her wand was flying towards her outstretched hand.

“Yay!” Lily cried as they did their secret handshake being the first in the class to get it.

“Well done you two!” Professor Henderson called. “Ten points to Gryf…”

The professor looked at the two girls and soon the whole class was staring at them.

“What the hell?” Faith whispered turning to face Lily, only to find that it was not Lily staring back at her.

Standing before her was a guy with deep auburn hair that was short and spiky. His eyes were green and almond shaped. He was staring at Faith with an identical look of shock and confusion.

“Who the hell are you?” Faith asked in a deep voice that was no way her own.

She looked down at her hands. They were large and masculine. Slightly dry and tough from Quidditch but what else is new. She looked at her body that was no longer curvy but muscular and in a boys uniform.

“Faith?” the red-haired boy asked.

“Lily?” Faith replied staring at the new boy Lily.

Lily’s face hardened, “Marauders,” she growled wheeling around to see Sirius and James suppressing laughter.

She lunged at them and managed to tackle Sirius to the ground.

“That is enough!” Professor Henderson cried. “Miss, er, Evans you will get off of Mr. Black.”

Lily climbed off shooting death glares at Sirius.

“Hey!” Faith cried realization dawning. “This means that I have a-”

“That’s enough!” Henderson interrupted just as Faith snuck a peak down her pants. “Mr. Potter, Mr. Black what is it that you did to Lily and Faith?”

James smirked before answering, “Just a little gender swap spell, it’ll wear off at the end of the day.”

“Well I don’t mind being a guy for a day, do you Lils?”

“Well there could be certain advantages,” Lily agreed giving James a significant look.

“Very well, everyone this lesson is over.”

Faith punched the air when she ran out of the classroom.

“This is great! We are guys! Ha ha! I bet James didn’t realize that he couldn’t snog you for a whole day when they came up with this plan!”

“WHAT?” James, who was walking behind them, cried. “Oh man, Padfoot you didn’t tell me that!”

“This is the world of pranking, sacrifices must be made!”

“What ever you say.”

“OOH! I gotta go see what I look like!” Faith cried stopping dead.

“Yeah me too!”

They ran down the corridor to the toilets and realizing they couldn’t go into the girls went into the guys.

Faith stepped in front of a mirror and examined her reflection.

She was about six feet tall with rich fudge coloured hair that was curly and came down around her ears with a fringe that swept across her eyes. She had olive skin and her eyes hadn’t changed. She looked almost identical to Liam. She was HOT!

Lily was also about six feet tall with deep auburn hair that was short-ish and spiked up at the front. She had pale-ish skin that had a couple of freckles and her eyes were as green and almond shaped as ever.

“Dude,” Faith said turning to face Lily. “We are like totally sexy!”

“Yeah!” Lily agreed her face lighting up.

“This is going to be fun!”

Smiling at each other they sauntered out of the toilets.

“We need names,” Lily said.

“Hmm…I’ll name you, you name me ok?”


“Lets see…how about Will?”

Lily thought about it for a while before nodding.

“Ok and you can be…Alex.”

“Alex…yeah, why not?”

They started laughing.

“What is so funny?” came the voice of Sirius who was walking with James.

“Our new names,” Lily gasped, holding a stitch in her side.

“Yep, she’s Will and I’m Alex.”

They looked at each other before bursting out laughing again.

“Well whatever the hell you are calling yourselves you are still completely barmy,” James smiled looking at the two ‘guys’ on the ground.

“Hmm…” Faith said controlling her laughter and getting to her feet. “Well I gotta say it is some pretty good magic. Did it take you long to figure out how to do it?”

“Nah, we had to do it in DADA instead of transfiguration, charms or potions because McGonogall, Flitwick and Slughorn would have most definitely expelled us.”

“True. Well since we don’t want to get you booted out we’ll tell McGonogall that we were doing a spell and it backfired or something.”

“Aw, you guys care about us!” James said wiping away a fake tear.

Faith punched him lightly on the arm; well at least she thought it was lightly.

“Ow, Alex that hurt!” James said rubbing it.

“My bad, don’t know my own strength!” she smiled.

“I’m sure you don’t.”


The rest of the day passed without too much trouble. When they had Transfiguration Lily explained how she and Faith had a problem with a spell backfiring and that it would wear off by the end of the day.

The five of them were now sitting at the Gryffindor table at the end of dinner.

“Mmm…” Faith sighed contently leaning back in her chair. “That was good.”

“Faith I really think you should stop eating so much,” James sighed shaking his head at her.

“Why would that be Jimmy?”

“Because the rest of the house wants food too you know.”

She responded by throwing a dinner roll at him.

“Faith look!” Lily cried suddenly.

Faith looked over at her to see that she actually was a her again. She immediately grabbed her chest and jumped to her feet.

“BOOBS!” she cried throwing her arms up in the air and smiling like a maniac.

She twirled around the hall almost tripping over the oversized males uniform she was wearing. She was so happy to be a girl again that she grabbed the tie of a random Ravenclaw and kissed him before running out on to the grounds.

“I’M A GIIIIIRRRRLLL!” she cried her arms stretched wide.

“Yes we are very well aware of that,” Sirius smirked leaning against the doorway to the entrance hall.

Faith simply smiled before running back up to the common room. Sirius shook his head before following.

“OH REEEEMMMUUUUSSS!!!” Faith called when she entered the common room.

“Yes?” he asked sitting up on the couch he was previously laying on.

“I WANNA KNOW WHO WON THE BET!” she yelled walking over to him.

By now the entire common room had stopped what they were doing to watch.

“Why are you shouting?” he asked quietly.

“BECAUSE I MISSED MY VOICE TODAY!” she hollered right to his face.

“Oh but of course,” he smiled.


“I can’t tell you until Sirius gets ba-”

He was interrupted by the sound of the portrait hole closing as Sirius walked over.

Faith smiled victoriously at him.

“Oh fine go and get Lily and James they are over there,” he said pointing over his shoulder.

Faith walked over to the corner where Lily and James were sucking face. They didn’t even realize that she was there they just kept going. It was getting to the stage where you couldn’t tell whose lips were who’s when Faith leaned in close and yelled, “TIME TO SETTLE THE BET SEX BUNNNIES!”

Lily pulled away from James so fast she nearly fell to the floor.

“Jesus Faith scare the fuck out of us,” James said his heart beating a million miles an hour.


“Why are you yelling?”



They walked over to Remus and Sirius and sat down.

“Ok then. First up Lily and Faith, 9/10 for creativity, 9/10 for individuality and 10/10 for successfulness because you pulled it off and managed to somehow give Sirius and James detentions. Padfoot and Prongs you get 8/10 for creativity and 9/10 for individuality and 9/10 for success because you weaseled out of punishment.”

“OH YEAH, WHO IS THE BEST?” Faith cried jumping up onto the table and doing a victory dance.

Not realizing that she was still in the robes that were ten sizes too big she stumbled and fell onto James’ lap.


“Yes we are all glad you are a girl again but can you please stop shouting?” Remus said tiredly.

“Ok fine then,” she huffed crossing her arm across her chest and throwing herself into a seat her face lighting up when she remembered. “Now about Snivellus…”


The following morning at breakfast James and Sirius skulked over to the Slytherin table before bending down on one knee and singing.

“Oh, Severus…”

A/N – Hey Dudes and Dudettes, this chapter was a random thing to fill the time before they travel to Boston. That is next chapter and it is called: Planes, Trains and Automobiles. (three guesses what it is about, hehe. I am like the queen of non-obviousnessness) that was the longest chapter i have ever writted. uhuh. 4821 words. it was to make up for the last chapter which was only like 840 or summat. hehe.


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