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Playing Cat and Mouse by SkinAndBones_
Chapter 1 : [1] Let the Game Began
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Chapter 1
Let the Game Began

Blaise Zabini always liked to consider himself different from the average Slytherin. It's not that he was necessarily courageous, or would give his life to save someone else's. No, he wasn't saying that he was a goody toe shoes like those Gryffindors. It was just that he wasn't what most people expected from a Slytherin.

To explain what he meant, Blaise would have to compare himself to Draco Malfoy, the mirror image of what a Slytherin boy should be. This would be a simple task, because if anyone knew the flaxen haired teen, it was Blaise Zabini.

Blaise tended to be a quieter boy all together. He held the motto 'it's better to keep your mouth shut and let people think your smart, then open it and risk proving them wrong.' Not that he would ever diminish his 'smarts' by speaking. It would probably only insure his intelligence, but, he liked to have people guessing about him. Which was very much unlike Draco, because the blonde let people know everything on his mind, and often spoke even before thinking about what he was going to say. This tended to lead to some, less then brilliant words slipping from his mouth.

As well as being quiet, he was slightly less egotistical when it came to his dashing good looks. Unlike Draco Malfoy, Blaise simply kept the fact that he was gorgeous to himself. He believes that there was no need of telling others that he was fit; consider they were sure to know once looking at him anyway.

Along with that Blaise wasn't exactly flamboyant in his 'evil' moments either. Oh he had them, you had to have them to be friends with Malfoy, or any of the Slytherins that he associated with, but they was the slightest bit more modest about his schemes.

Being the quieter of the bunch, Blaise tended to fly under the radar a lot. There wasn't as much talk about him, as there was about The Draco Malfoy, which was the way he liked it. He liked to have girlfriends, he liked to sleep around, and he liked having the woman fawning over him without having the whole of the school talking about it. Sometimes he wondered how Draco even managed it. It's rather surprising that the other boy's head hadn't exploded yet.

Of course, despite these little differences, Blaise still knew he was a Slytherin at heart. Why?

Because Slytherins loved games.

And Blaise lived for them.

Never had Blaise ever thought that he would get inspiration from such a girl. After all, it's not that she was incredible beautiful or had something amazing and different about her. She liked books more then boys, she was too smart for her own good, and she was a brown noser if Blaise had ever seen one. And yet, as he sat in the Library one day with Draco, Theodore, and Tracey (Draco's current arm-candy), he couldn't help but smirk ever so slightly as he watched the dark eyes of Hermione Granger skim across a research book, intent and obviously intrigued in whatever she was reading.

Hermione Granger. She was pure lioness if anyone was. She was smart as a tack, quick witted if the time called to be, and could bite your head off if you weren't too careful. He remembered her being the bookish girl in first year that had teeth bigger then two icebergs and hair so bushy that he wouldn't have been surprised if she often lost things in it. Of course, the girl had changed over the years. Her teeth had been put to normal size (with the unfortunate help of Draco), she had learned how to tame her hair the slightest bit more, and she had developed, rather nicely.

But it wasn't because she had become presentable that Hermione inspired Blaise. It wasn't even because she would be a challenge because of her untamable temper. No, it was merely because Draco hated the girl almost as much as he did Harry Potter, maybe even more it some ways. Actually, if Blaise weren't such a nice guy, he probably would have picked Harry Potter himself. Of course, he knew that would have just been cruel for poor Draco.

And Harry would never swing that way, so it was a lost cause.

Blaise brought his blue eyes to Draco after a moment longer of staring at the girl who was sitting a few tables down the way from them, catching the stormy gaze of the other boy as he lounged with an arm around the shoulders of Tracey. The master of always looking good, he seemed to ooze sex appeal, even when just sitting around.

This was not the first time that he had sent this gaze to Draco, therefore when the blonde caught it, he knew exactly what it meant. Blaise watched as a slender eyebrow rose in a suggestive manner in reply to that gaze, before he pushed dark hair lazily out of his face and lifted himself from his seat.

"I'm off." Blaise said to dismiss himself, not replying when Theo had asked where he was headed. He had never really liked Theodore Nott, but Draco away said he was convenient to have around. Theo was a smart boy, and had a father in a high position of power in the Ministry.

The teen wandered the halls in a leisurely pace, knowing where he was going and having all the time in the world to get there. After all, what else was he going to be doing on a Saturday afternoon? As he walked, he reached around his neck and unhooked the gold chain that hung there, a present he had gotten at a young age from his mother, with the help of her third husband, and his wallet.

His mother was probably one of the major reasons why Draco even started liking the boy. At the time that Draco and Blaise first met, everyone was talking about how Mrs Zabini had been on her fourth husband to mysteriously die. Although she always got off, everyone knew that she was killing for money. Therefore, making her a very valuable person to have on your side at the time of Blaise's entry to Hogwarts.

Now, you see, Draco Malfoy like to associate himself with powerful people, much like Lucius Malfoy did. He always said 'to be in the presence of power makes you powerful.' Blaise likes to tease the blonde and say it's because he knew deep down that he truly held no power himself. Of course, Blaise knew he was not exactly the type of person who struck fear into people eyes, but his mother was the prefect image of someone you dread even before meeting, and that was the power that a Malfoy would be looking for. Nowadays Blaise liked to think he was at least a bit influential, manipulative, and that was why the two boys had stayed so close over the years, but back then the boy was merely another boy sorted into Slytherin, who was nervous as hell to be away from his family.

Blaise wrapped the chain he held around the finger of a old witch statue, letting it hang there delicately, and as it did, the sunlight from a window nearby made the gold shine and sparkle while it swung back and forth slightly.

Across the hall from the statue was a storage room, made famous in fourth year when Cedric Diggory and Cho Chang were caught together inside, doing a little more then talking. Nowadays couples, for fear of getting caught, rarely visited it, and staff had also abandoned it, for the fact that couples rarely visited.

Making it the prefect place really.

Blaise turned the knob of the door, and kicked the bottom of it, being the only way you could actually open the old door. He sneaked inside, lighting the hanging lamp with his wand before letting himself lean casually on the wall, waiting.

Of course, he was never kept waiting long. A few minutes later Blaise saw the doorknob turn and heard the sound of someone's foot kick it, the same way he had opened it moments before. Someone entered, and Blaise was no longer alone in the small broom closet.

"Blaise Zabini. Now what on earth are you doing locked away in a closet?" Draco asked with his signature smirk playing over his features, pale skin now an orange color with the help of the one lamp in the room.

"I could ask you the same question." Blaise replied in a silky tone.

This is how it always worked. This closet was where it always happened, and actually, now that Blaise remembered, it was where it had all started.

It's not that Blaise and Draco were gay. Draco would probably kill himself if there was no such thing as woman, and Blaise had to agree, girls were amazing and he wouldn't settle for anything less, but being a teenager is difficult, especial for two boys who were on the top of the 'most wanted' list, and had girls making outrageously intriguing offers left, right and center.

You see, both boys had realized at a young age that hormones were anything but enjoyable. They were what made most other boys their age stare and drool at the sight of a girl. God forbid that a woman who knew how to swing her hips a little walked by, because for those boys, a bit of a shake would be the death of them. Of course, that wouldn't work for Draco and Blaise, because they were practically sex symbols, and they needed to keep their cool at all times. That's what made the girls follow them like puppies. They couldn't be seen drooling. Drooling was for lesser beings.

But, they were still men, and could not escape urges that came along with being a teenager. If hormones were not satisfied they can lead you do doing very rash things, things that boys of their stature could not risk having happen. Draco was already pushing his chances at times with his constant flirting with pretty well anything that moved; the only thing that was keeping him alive was how much the girls actually wanted him. Of course, he understood that it would all go away if he was ever caught making out with Daphne Greengrass if he was going out with Pansy. Then he would get the 'cheater' label, and his pick of girls would significantly decrease.

Of course, as we stated, being a boy with uncontrollable hormones, sometimes you just had to make out with someone tu satisfy those urges, and often your girlfriend isn't always readily available for randomly kissing. After all, girls were girls, and sometimes just didn't feel like making out. And, even though you could fight it sometimes, the temptation of just sneaking off with one of the many girls who were willing to satisfy your needs could be a little bit to much to handle. Both boys knew that eventually, if their hormones were not dealt with, they would give into an offer, and they would get caught. This was not an option.

Therefore leading the two boys here, with the realization that boys were always willing to make out.

"Just returning a lost item. This wouldn't happen to be yours would it?" Draco asked after holding up a pale hand, Blaise's gold chain weaved around his fingertips. Blaise let a smile crawl over his features.

"Draco Malfoy youíre my hero." He replied mischievously as he grabbed around a bit of the chain that was hanging with his finger and pulled it slightly, leading the blonde boy to move closer slightly.

"Just doing my civic duty. It was probably very expensive." He replied, receive a bit of a shrug from Blaise.

"It was. But I wouldn't exactly worry about Henry missing the money." Blaise let out a bit of a chuckle when Draco smirked at that joke, a quirky play at his mother's decease husband, one that Blaise hadn't particularly liked all that much.

Despite sounded really homosexual, Blaise had to say that he always liked his time with Draco, only because, you realize exactly how good your relationship with someone was when alone with them in a closet. Not in a sexual way, just in the way you interact with them. Blaise knew he was good friend with Draco only because in moments like this they could laugh and joke, despite how it would be very awkward if anyone else tried it. Outside, where reality was, people judged you too much to talk like they were now. Outside Draco put on his mask, the one that mirrored what everyone wanted from him, and Blaise shut up.

But here, they could be themselves.

A silence fell as they stood there, Blaise taking the hand that was not twisted in the chain with Draco's and grabbed at the blonde boy's tie, pulling it gentle so it was taunt, and then lead him closer. Blaise felt a little bad that he was doing this to Draco, leading him on slightly, for he had other plans for today, plans that did not include making out. Draco was just going to have to fight off those hormones for the day.

"Lets play a game." Blaise suggested, after he had turned his head slightly when Draco had moved forward for a kiss. The words ended up whispered in the blonde's ear, them being so close that it was illogical for it to have been whispered into anywhere else. Blaise almost felt that familiar smirk crawl over the thin lips of his friend.

"What do you have in mind?" He asked, deciding he would join into the exchange of whispers, but used it to get Blaise back for that teasing by letting the words come out on a hot breath that hit the side if Blaise's neck, making his skin crawl ever so slightly. Blaise should have known not to attempt teasing Draco Malfoy, because he had his way of turning it all around.

"A race." The dark haired boy responded, fisting the hand that held around his peers tie as he tried to level his breathing, which had just jumped slightly in intensity. Blaise felt as Draco moved his head slightly to glance down at the hold the other boy had on his tie, lifting it again and daring to brush his cheek over Blaise's jaw before replying in another whisper.

"And the goal?" he inquired, Blaise taking a moment to swallow slightly, letting his own smile come back onto his face, for he knew he would be getting back at the other boy for the torture he was being put through when he uttered the following words.

"The heart of Hermione Granger." He whispered, and just as he had guessed, almost immediately he had a hand on his stomach, shoving him slightly as Draco moved away suddenly.

"Mud-blood?" Draco said, as if not believe what the boy had said moment before, causing a chuckle to come for Blaise, the boy enjoying that reaction a little bit too much.

"What? Scared you might not be able to woe her? Is she too much of a task for poor little Draco." Blaise asked through a wide grin, making a sneer fall over his companies face.

"Hardly. A Malfoy gets whatever he wants." He replied, folding his arms across his chest as his words suddenly turned rather defensive. Blaise let his eyes roll slightly, pushing his teasing a little too far, and seeing that he did so when Draco let his eyebrows raise ever so slightly.

"Do I need to remind you why a Malfoy gets whatever he wants, or is it reminder enough the fact that I got you." Draco said, that same suggestive mannerism taking over his voice like it had earlier in the library when he had cocked his eyebrow.

"No one has me Draco, you should know that by now." Blaise replied, letting another bit of a chuckle out as he turned for the door, only to have Malfoy put his hand on it to keep it closed.

"Except me, right?"

"Keep telling yourself that." Blaise answered, shoving away the hand that was keeping him from leaving.

"You owe me." Draco commented at Blaise's attempted departure, only making another smirk crawl other the lips of the darker skinned boy.

"Well how about I make up for that after I win?" Blaise said, putting his own suggestion into his tone, to almost mirror that of his peer before.

"After I win." Draco corrected. Blaise smirked, letting his head fall ever so slightly. Draco did that ever time, even though they both had an even track record. Of course, Blaise was going to win this one, because, rule number one, never start a game that you can't win.

"Then it's on?" Blaise asked, not even bothering to point out his logical to the blonde.

"Like white on rice."

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