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The Lonely Places by UnderRugSwept13
Chapter 2 : Ginny Weasley: Lack of Thought
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DISCLAIMER: I just own the idea.

I know you guys must be confused becuase this chapter is about Ginny Weasley and the last chapter was about Abbey Hail.†That's because this isn't a series/novel. Its a collection of one-shots about girls from throughout the different Harry Potter eras (Marauder, Hogwarts, Pre-marauder etc.). So, its not really a series. The only way these girls are connected is basically because their having boy-troubles.†

Or, in other words, I couldn't think of anything else to write, so I wrote this collection.



Harry Potter was put on this earth for one reason: to taunt me, Ginny Weasley.

I know, I know...its seems like a little bit of an overstatement. But it isnít.
I swear to God, Harry James Potter was born just to toy with my emotions!

Why did he have to break up with me?
Its been at least a month, and I still canít figure it out.
I mean, the whole population of Hogwarts knew we were dating, surely one of those prat Slytherins told You-Know-Who- no, Iíll say it, Voldemort- that we were dating. Surely he knows we were dating, that Harry hold some affection for me (though unknown to me at this point...stupid git...)?

Its not that difficult to put two and two together.
Even Ron could have figured that out (and thatís really saying something).

Does Harry think Iím weak?
Iím not. Iím not weak.
Iím a Weasley!
I grew up with six older brothers!
Iím anything but weak!

Okay, so Voldemort controlled me once. Once! I was eleven then...I was stupid...
Or I was completely in awe of Mr. Iím-the-ĎBoy-Who-Livedí-so-worship-me and didnít even know I was being tricked.
Yeah, thatís a good excuse.
Letís go with that.

I mean, if Voldemort used me once, he probably wouldnít do it again!
That would be to expected... ďuse the girlfriend of your enemyĒ.
Yes, that planís totally clichť.
Voldemort hates clichť.
He wouldnít do it again.

I just donít understand the way Harryís mind works sometimes.
Its like all he can do is think about other people.
Not that thatís a bad thing, its good not to be selfish.
But sometimes he just thinks about himself.
And most of the time, he doesnít think at all.

What does he expect me to do then, sit home and knit as he fights Voldemort?
Yeah, thatís really going to work.
I canít sew a stitch.
And plus, heís going to go out and find the remaining Horcruxes of Lord Voldemort with a couple of kids that still havenít graduated yet?!
Heís stupid, if I havenít mentioned that before.

I canít help but wonder what would have happened had he not broken up with me.
Would I be joining him, Hermione and Ron?
Or would I still be stuck at home or Hogwarts, waiting for news of their success or failure.
Thatís kind of a lose/lose situation there.
I mean, if they die, I lose Harry, my brother and my friend.
If they win, then I drown in the guilt of not helping for the rest of my life.
Well, I think in both scenarios Iíd probably feel guilty for sitting on my arse and not doing anything. Even though its not my fault I wouldnít be doing anything because everyone thinks Iím a weak and defenseless child who just slows you down if taken with.

Yeah, any way you look at this, it sucks.
A lot.

But what if Harry hadnít broken up with me?

Would there still be danger?
Of course there would. Anyone associated with Harry is in danger. He has to learn that. If we didnít want to be in danger, there would be no Order of the Phoenix, and I wouldíve had dated him. Or looked in his direction, for that matter.

Would I care about the danger?
Iím indifferent to it now. Its just so normal. And now a days, thereís no such thing as ďmore dangerĒ or ďless dangerĒ, we all have the possibility of dying. There isnít probability anymore.

The best reason for wanting to be with him and for being so angry at him for breaking up with me is simple: I love him.

I love Harry Potter and just because he doesnít want me in danger will not change that!

Sometimes I wonder if he loves me as much as I love him.

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