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Oh fidlesticks! by nazozink
Chapter 1 : prolouge
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A/N: okay the beginning is a bit dry but the next chapter I garuntee is better. and the second part of the prolouge Please owever do read it. It's the base for things to build off of.

It was a blank winters night in London. The frost was biting at the only two people in sights skin. An old man with a daringly long beard who was covered in several long purple and black robes pulled a tiny piece of bent up paper from out of his cloak. His fingers felt stiff because he had been waiting for a couple of hours in the dead of night to pass this special and very important note on. The fringed piece of parchment fell out of his and in to hers. Hers whose hands were warm and not the least bit cold and were at least half the old mans age. She had just arrived and had no attention of staying longer then it took.

“It will be starting then?” He rasped his breath coming out with puffs of little smoke as his warm breath hit bellow zero temperatures. She nodded allowing her thin red velvet cloak to scoop over her vivid orange eyes.

“It will be starting at the beginning.” She slipped the parchment into her sleeve and turned around. Her cloak was blowing half hazardless as the wind took it into its grasps, revealing a long evening gown.

“Wait-“ He began but it was to late she was disappearing into the wind rather quite literal. He was left to wonder what had just happened. Reaching into his left sleeve he pulled out a perfectly cut and made piece of twig. He gave it a couple of flicks and was back in his office. He leaned back into his chair. Three new children this year, all-ranging in age. The only door leading in opened slightly and an old woman peaked her head in.

“Albus?” She asked, waiting for his approval to come in.

“Yes Minerva?” She walked in fully securely closing the door after herself before speaking. Even then there was an awkward silence. A few moments went bye and she seated herself in front of his big maple desk.

“Albus, is it true? Has she-“ The old man put his hand up to stop her. He lowered it and opened a drawer. He retrieved a solid gold key with a few red rubies at the top.

“Yes, Minerva I’m afraid so.” He stood up from his chair and led her to a side table that had several locks on it. He took another key from his pocket and unlocked three of the holes. He took the gold key and unlocked the last two. He then took out a black velvet pouch which inside concealed a book that matched the key. “ The three saints of Time. The teacher, the obedient and the Un- dead. They are part of the future here at Hogwarts.” He pulled out the book and studied the cover. It had designs complex and yet simple.

“I see when do they arrive?” She asked hesitantly. He slide the book back into it bag and replaced it into its drawer. The locks all clicked shut at once.

“They arrive in one month.”

Destiny lied out on his bed listening to music when a crash came from his closet. A tad upset he sat up.

“Riashocka?” he called at the closed door.

“Yes?” A little girls voice rang out. He opened the door to the walk-in. All tangled up in hangers, clothes and bored games was a sprawled out spunky little eight year old. Her hair was purple today and braided in over a thousand braids. She was also defiantly a runt. Very skinny with a slightly big head.

“What are you doing?” He inquired actually interested to what she might be doing in his closet at three am.

“Measuring?” she tested but she soon realized he just wasn’t buying it. “Alright, I’m nervous with the news Ms. Rena might come back with. Do you think they won’t let us in?”

Destiny scooped up the little girl in to his arms. She reminded him a lot of his little sister before she had passed. He carried her over to his big chair were he sat down and let her sit on his knee.

“They’d be crazy if they didn’t. Plus have you ever tried to say no to Madame?” She shook her head and he laughed a little. “Yeah neither have I. They’ll let us in you’ll see.” She hastily threw her arms around his neck.

“I hope your right! I don’t like living here any more. I don’t want you to go away either! You’re the closest thing to family I have!” the child started to sob into the teens shoulder.

“Hey, shush. Shush. I will always be there for you okay kid? Don’t worry.” He rubbed up and down her back to soath her crying. The door to his room creaked open and a blonde boy made his way in to the room.

“What’s wrong?” he asked.

“She’s just worried if we will get to go to Hogwarts.” Destiny replied still playing the role of a good older brother.

“Oh well then kid I’ve got great news!” Riashocka lifted her head and wiped stray tears away from her face.

“What?” she sniffled out.

“Madame just got home. We’re in!” The little girl jumped of the black haired boy quicker then anything and ran down stairs.

“Ms.Rena! Is it true are we going?” The lady in a red cloak nodded.
“You are sweetheart. All three of you.”

A/N: So yea just the intro things will get better from here on out just had to put some back round stuff in. please review tell me what I’m doing right and What I’m doing wrong!

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