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The Lonely Places by UnderRugSwept13
Chapter 1 : Abbey Hail: Out of Reach
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DISCLAIMER: I only own the idea.

Just a little story collection to get me ready for writing

This chapterís pretty depressing
And realistic, for me
Yeah, thatís why I like it so much.

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She loves him.

I didnít think I would ever live to see the day that Lily Evans finally gave into loving James Potter. Ever.

I mean, if you had told me six years ago, when we were just wee little first years, that James and Lily would be in love. I would not have believed you for a second. In fact, I probably would have laughed in your face. Loudly, nonetheless.

And yes, you would have had an eleven-year-old laughing in your face.
Youíd feel pretty stupid, now wouldnít you?

Donít worry, I feel really stupid right now too. Like troll stupid. And thatís pretty dumb, let me tell you...

Its not that Iím not happy for them. I mean, Lily is my best friend. I support her though everything. Even wasting hours and hours on end at the library, reading and studying things Iíll never understand. Yeah, weíre that close of friends. So close, I use my limited amount of brain cells on smart people stuff. Lily stuff. Things I wouldnít give a crap about if I werenít Lilyís friend. Well, I still donít give a crap about that stuff...even though weíre best friends...

But anyway, I am happy for them. Lily and James. Its strange to say it out loud. But, it just kind of fits, you know? Theyíve always fit...even when Lily ďhatedĒ James...

Thatís the part I hate most! Lilyís been raving for years that sheís despised James, and then she dates him? I just donít get it.

Sometimes, I think that secretly Lily has loved James all along. That she enjoyed watching him sweat. Watching him yearn. That she liked turning him away. Kicking him when he was already down!
I hated her for that.
Lily doesnít get on my nerves often. I donít mind her continuous studying or fixation with her through-the-roof grades. I just hate the way she treated James Potter.
She doesnít do it now. Theyíre dating now.
(Everyone thinks theyíre the perfect couple)
Which they are. They look beautiful together.

At least better looking than James and I would be together.
Wait! No! I didnít mean to say that...
Well, I meant to say it in my head...
But, it was supposed to stay there...

Fine. Youíve got me.
I like James Potter.
No. I donít like him.
I love him.
I love James Potter.

That proposes a bit of an issue, doesnít it?
Yeah, Iíve noticed that by now.
And no, Lily doesnít know.
Iíve never told anyone.
I donít plan to either.
It would just make things so much more difficult than they are.

I know I have to get over it.
But, its just so hard...
Iíve tried to get over it for the past four years,
Ever since James first started his little routine of asking Lily out...
And then getting shot down...again and again.
And again.
It hurt so bad to see him hurt.
Iíve fallen for him too hard.

Of all people I have to be in love with, it has to be James Potter!
The guy that is completely off-limits to me!

And, as much as it hurts to say this...
Iíd give anything for them to break up.

I am a terrible friend.

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The Lonely Places: Abbey Hail: Out of Reach


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