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Golden Days by Proud Hufflepuff
Chapter 1 : Golden Days
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Disclaimer: I own nothing but the plot. The song is 'Golden Days' and belongs to the Damnwells. The characters belong to the lovely and talented JKR. I am just having fun with her world.

On your mark get ready set and run away for good
There’s a bold unbridled lie where my soul once stood
Fall apart confetti, come on cry right on sleeve
I am just a ghost of hearts that break bittersweet

Ron Weasley was sitting in a smoky room at a bar even he didn’t know was. His fiery red hair was disheveled and his eyes glazed over from heavy drinking. Five years ago today, he had made the stupidest mistake of his life: Letting his one true love go. He broke Hermione Granger’s heart and would never forgive himself. After the tragic breakup, his soul had become lies that he told to explain his absences to his brothers, Harry, Ginny, and his parents. He told lies to disguise the fact that he was an alcoholic. He told lies to disguise that he was alone; he had no shoulder to cry on any more. Every time he thought of not having a shoulder to cry on, he thought of Hermione and how she no longer had a shoulder to cry on.

Am I in tune?
Yeah I can’t hear much but the melody coming from you
Baby please don’t rush
Keep the tempo slow and blue
Let me hear the words you say
Let’s go and get tangled in the chains of golden days

Memories from years ago flooded back. Neither of them were in a rush to commit themselves to marriage. People perceived the couple as crazy. People thought they had a fear of commitment. The truth was that they had no fear and they weren’t crazy. They just weren’t ready to commit the rest of their young lives to each other all the time. The tempo of their relationship was slow and easy. Sometimes it was spiked with sadness, but most of the time it was happy. They were living the golden days of their relationship. They had eyes only for each other.

Counting down t-minus ten, nine wait I still believe
There’s a distance in your eyes only mine can see
Leave the ground behind us I’ll be floating ‘round your lips
I am just a host of arms holding one fool wish

Ron’s mind swam to the day exactly five years ago that he ended the best thing that had ever happened to him.

“Hermione…” Ron’s voice trailed off. 

“Yes, Ron,” Hermione’s eyes were large and filled with concern. Ron let go of her hand and she followed. 

“I think we need to take a break…” 

“What? I thought we were okay.” 

“We’re fine, I’m the problem. I’m never around with Quidditch games and you don’t deserve this. I’m an injured, drunken fool. I wish you’d just give up on me.” 

“Why would I do that? I still believe, Ron. I still believe that we can work through this…Am I just believing in this fool wish?” Her voice cracked at the last of what she said.

Am I in tune?
Yeah I can’t hear much but the melody coming from you
Baby please don’t rush
Keep the tempo slow and blue
Let me hear the words you say
Let’s go and get tangled in the chains of golden days

Ron shook himself out of the memories. He couldn’t handle it anymore. He ordered another round for himself. 

‘Why?’ That simple question was the only thing of importance going through his mind. 

A song began playing via speakers. If he wasn’t mistaken, the words sounded familiar to him. His heart dropped at this realization: it was his and Hermione’s song. The song that was playing the first time they’d kissed. He clenched his fists at the distant memory. It was nearly eight years ago; the summer before their seventh year.

Ron looked up from his now empty drink. A woman with curly brown hair and chocolaty brown eyes walked in the room. If he wasn’t mistaken, this young woman was Hermione Granger. His heart began beating as though it were going to pound out of his chest. 

“Hi, Ronald,” Hermione said to him for the first time in five years. 

“Hullo, ‘Mione,” Ron managed to say. ‘Do I sound drunk?’ he thought to himself. 

“And, no, you don’t sound drunk,” she said as though reading his mind. Ron looked down at the table and started messing with the straw in his cup. 

“You do smell drunk, though.” 

“Oh,” Ron simply muttered. 

“I don’t mind, though. As long as you’re not actually drunk, I don’t care. Do you know why?” Ron nodded ‘no.’ “Then I’ll tell you. I don’t care because I love you, Ron, I love you.” Ron was silent. Hermione was the one who broke the silence. 

“It’s our song.” Ron nodded ‘yes.’ 

“If you have nothing to say to me, Ronald, I’ll be on my merry way. I came here because Harry said you were a drunken wreck after we split. Harry told me you went to bars every night of the week. Ginny told me she was worried about you. Ginny told me you’re risking your dream of being a Quidditch star because we split. I came here to try to make it better. I told you how I honestly felt. I really do love you, Ron. I’ve been miserable without you. I really love you. Honestly.” Hermione got up to leave. Ron stared in awe at what Hermione had just said, not once, but four times.

Ron jumped out of his daze. Hermione was already out the door. Ron hopped out of his seat, dropped some money on the table and ran for the door. 

“Hermione! Wait!” he was yelling at the top of his lungs. 

“I waited, Ron, and I’m sick of waiting. What do you want me to wait for now?” Hermione looked as though she was about to cry if she wasn’t already. 

“Are…are you crying, ‘Mione?” 

“No, Ronald, tears are just falling out of my eyes for no particular reason.” Ron pulled her into a bear hug. She didn’t resist like he thought she would. They stood there for what seemed like hours. Ron had no clue how much time had passed. The only thing he knew was that he never wanted this moment to end.

“Will you take me back, Hermione?” Hermione smiled at this. 

“Of course, Ron, in a heartbeat I’d take you back. But will you answer me this time with an honest and true response?” 

“Yes, of course I will.” 

“I love you, Ron.” 

“I love you, too, Hermione, more than you’ll ever know.” He said that without thinking. Hermione let out a sigh of relief.

Ron bent down and kissed her as if there were no tomorrow. 

“Hermione, this is a little…erm…what’s the word…impromptu, but…” 

“But what, Ron?” Hermione’s eyes went big, like flying saucers. 

“Hermione Jane Granger, will you marry me?” The water works started to come out of Hermione’s eyes. 

“Did I do something wrong? I would have a ring, but this wasn’t exactly planned. I would have gotten down on one knee if I had a ring and if the ground wasn’t iced over.” 

“You didn’t do anything wrong, Ron. I’m just so happy that you finally came around. Of course I’ll marry you.”

Am I in tune?
Yeah I can’t hear much but the melody coming from you
Baby please don’t rush
Keep the tempo slow and blue
Let me hear the words you say
Let’s go and get tangled in the chains of golden days


A/N: Well, what do you think? I am quite proud of this one shot/song fic if I do say so myself. I really love the song and I came up with this idea while listening to it. I hope you enjoyed. If you enjoyed, you can type a little something for me in the little box at the bottom of the page. Even if you didn’t like it, you can tell me by typing in that same little box. *wink, wink*

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