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Photo Album by Nessa Elendil
Chapter 2 : Godric's Hollow
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A/N: This was supposed to be the sequel, but it wasn't getting many reads. So I thought I'd add it as the epilogue/chapter 2.

I look at my great-grandson, tears fill my eyes. Who were the Potters? That was all he asked to know.

But how can I explain to him, when none now remember the hero who conquered the Dark Lord? For I am all that is left; Ron, my dear Ron, Harry, Ginny, Lupin, Tonks, and Jas, are all gone. Their children too, and of their grandchildren, I know not. Whether they were taken by the Wizard Plague or died of old age now matters not, for I am all that's left, my great-grandson and I. When I die, who will remember what we have done?

My great-grandson, all I have left in this world, he must.

I set him atop my old knees, once so young, and tell him all, I must not hold back.

I tell him of wonderful times, of Hogwarts, of them. Our adventures together, those I remember most; the troll and first becoming friends, the sorcerer's stone, the basilisk, the Chamber of Secrets, finding the truth about Sirius Black, the experience with the timeturner, the Triwizard Tournament, what happened to Harry at Voldemort's return, the Order of the Phoenix, the Department of Mysteries, the battle at Hogwarts, finding and destroying Voldemort's Horcuxes, and the Final Battle, in which many lives, both good and evil, were lost.

I tell him of the times after Voldemort fell, when peace finally found its way into our lives, when we all, I think, were happiest, raising our children and living our lives without fear and darkness forever lingering over our heads. In Godric's Hollow was where we lived.

Also, I tell him of the bad; of Harry's early death, of Ginny's distress and of her end, of the deaths of Lupin and Tonks, of losing my darling Ron, his great-grandfather, and when Jas, my last living dear friend, at last was at peace with the world and herself, as all the rest of them, the Marauders, were, for I tell my great-grandson of them as well.

My great-grandson now knows he is more to me than just that, he knows now he is my entire life, all that is left, and that I love him so. He knows why I tell him all that I do, he knows he must remember, and I trust him to do this, with all the love my heart can possibly give, I do.

That is why my heart aches so, as I put him to bed after his weary day. I tuck him in snug, a new burden he must bear lays atop him as the blankets do; and it is with a heavy heart that I make my way into my dark, quiet room.

Maybe now, as I lay down for what I know will be the last time for me, the history of the Wizarding World, my history, our history, will not be forgotten as it has been before, because of what my great-grandson now knows.

"Good-bye, Zachary, I'll always love you."

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