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Scarlet's Fangs by odd_profession
Chapter 3 : No good, Vanglet.
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No good, Vanglet.

    Classes I do believe are the worst part of the day. Not only did they stick me in classes with every one else my age who are much more advanced and knowledgeable and make me feel stupid but all of those Gryfindors, Ravenclaws and Hufflepuffs spit on me and make me feel small. I swear the only descent ones in this school are in Slytherin. I’m trying my best not to give a reaction and get mad. If I act in violence I’ll be what they’re all accusing me to be. No if I want to clear the name of Vampires I’m going to have to take it. Take it in silence.

    I had just endured the most humiliating and horrible time in potions. I’m so glad I have lunch next. Looks like Regulus got out of the class faster then I thought.
    “Reg-“ I stopped. I was on a first name bases right? Maybe if I use his last name in a sort of joking matter…yea I’ll do that. “Black wait up!” I called down. He stopped. I ran up next to him. “Sorry I didn’t know if we were on a first-“ I stopped again. That wasn’t Regulus. “Oh I’m sorry. I thought you were someone else.” I muttered to my shoes.

    “It’s al right love. My name is black. I’m just not my brother. I am however some what insulted.” He ran a hand through his hair. “I look way better than that prat of a brother of mine.”

    My mouth went a little askew. I thought I heard them say he was rude and stupid the other night. I also recall them calling him ugly. They defiantly need their glasses checked.

    “Oh. Your that Vampire girl aren’t you?” He said not sounding scared or disgusted.

    “Yeah… How’d you guess?” I actually wanted to know.

    “Besides the fact you have a kick me I’m I psycho Vampire sign on you back,” he started, while taking the sign off. “Close your mouth it’s not polite to gawk. Even if I’m extremely attractive.” He finished pushing my jaw up. I almost didn’t hear the part because, it wasn’t meant to be heard only muttered.

    “What makes you think you are?” I asked. He looked stunned I heard it then even more stunned when he realized I called him on it.

    “What makes you think I’m not?” Good come back actually I always like the answer the question with a question technique.

    “ You’re ego.” I said before brushing past him to catch up with Bellatrix and the rest of the girls in my dorm.

    We had almost reached the doors to the great hall when some one picked me up. Literally picked me up. I wiped my head to see who had decided to make me airborne. I didn’t recognize him but it was obvious he was seventeen. He pushed the doors open.

    “Look what I’ve caught! A little devil.” He announced to the hall. Well I thought of it this way at least my face got some color into it. Even if it was red. Every one was laughing at me I struggled to get down but his grip was like iron. Not even the teachers were trying to make him put me down. This sucked suddenly a voice rang out.

    “Enough, you had your fun put her down Prongs.” A boy who was reading a book motioned with his hand to put me down.

    “ Oh ‘c’mon Moony. Why? Even Lily flower likes this one.” The one who was caring me complained.

    “Because I am Moony that’s why.” He stressed the word moony as if it was supposed to mean something. At least it worked with out a second thought the boy put me down.

    “I’m sorry.” He scuffed out.
“It’s alright.” I replied. Always forgive your enemies, never forget their names. It was Prongs right? I think that was it.

    I walked over to the Slytherin table. The girls were muttering something between themselves. I heard one of them say ‘give her a week.’ What were they planning? Or were they just betting how long I could stand this?

    During launch people decided I was their new trashcan and pored ketch-up and other gross things all over me. Did these people even have souls? I sat there I didn’t react in hope of them leaving me alone.

    “GO home! No one wants you here!” Some yelled at me when I got up to leave.

        “Yeah! No one wants you why are you even here?”

      “GO HOME!” People were yelling at me and I felt tears roll down my check. Why? Why did I have to be cursed with this? Why couldn’t I have been normal? I felt my feet going faster.

    “YOU SUCK!”

    “GO DIE!”


    “VANGLET!” I covered my eyes with my hands trying to wipe away the tears that were now steadily flowing down my cheek. Vanglet was like Mudblood. I very bad name for Vampires who had Magic. Then the voices stopped. I also landed with a hard thump on the floor.

    “ ENOUGH SILENCE!” I looked up my vision still blurry with tears. I saw an old man looking very disappointed and angry. “ Is this what you were taught? To treat other living humans as scum?! I am disappointed in you all. Especially the teachers. You tried not to stop this madness.” There was a long pause and then the old man reached down and offered me his hand. I accepted and pulled my self up. I mouthed the words thank you sir. And walked out of the great hall.

    I skipped my afternoon classes. I couldn’t bear to stay subject to their ridicule and torment.

A/N Awe Dumbledore to the rescue! Sirius Remus and James are now in her tell me what you think. Good? Bad? Need Revisions? Review it will make me happyJ

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Scarlet's Fangs: No good, Vanglet.


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