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Scarlet's Fangs by odd_profession
Chapter 2 : A life size game of Shoots and ladders
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A life size game of Shoots and ladders .

“Excuse me Aren’t you –“ The deep voice came from behind me. Oh great here it comes ‘aren’t you the weird freak vampire chick?’ Man can’t say I was looking forward to this.
“in my potions class?” he finished. I looked at him in the eye. No sign of being mentally handicapped.

“No, I’m new.” I stated. I couldn’t help but twirl my black hair between my fingers. I’m a fifteen-year-old girl talking to a hott fifteen-year-old boy, no blaming.

“Oh okay then.” He went to turn away. How could I screw up so easily? Really I must say record time there.

“My name’s Scarlet. What’s yours?” he turned back around to face me. Yesss!
He had short black hair. So I thought he was joking when he said, “Regulus. Regulus Black.” I laugh a little, after all he was just joking right? Wrong. “You think my name is funny?” Damn, I’m screwing up again, just watch I do that a lot.
    “No, no actually. I think it’s a very nice name. It’s just that you know your hair is black. I thought you were making a pun. I didn’t mean for you to take offense.” Okay I panicked a little. When I panic I babble. So that’s what I did. I’m quite awful at it but I shall take pride in it.
    “What ever,” he said rolling his eyes, turning back around to a group of his friends. I think the blonde one named Bellatrix is his girlfriend or something. He keeps talking to her. Finally one named Narcissa turned to me.
    “Your Scarlet right?” she asked confirming my name. I nodded. “Hmm… I heard about you. In the paper. They say you’re a Vamp. That true?” I considered my options. One I could lie. Never an extremely good option because it generally unravels itself. Two I could tell the truth. Never a good option because people generally don’t like my kind. So that left me with three, a combination.
    “I’m half. Part Wizard, Part Vampire.” I said hoping with all my life no one new that both my parents were Vamps and I was just some weird accident by nature. No one did. Or if they did they didn’t challenge me.
    “Cool,” She said. Just cool. Then they went back to their conversation. When I went to my dormitory I paused on the stairs. Was it just me or were they moving? O yea they’re moving I have no doubt in that. After an hour of shoots and ladders I found my self in the common room. Which was deserted. Everyone went to bed so I wondered my way up there.
    Okay so maybe everyone wasn’t asleep. Nobody was. I sat up in bed reading this book about some muggle who can see ghosts, it wasn’t that interesting because I see ghosts everyday, I decided to as well as read, eavesdrop on the other girls. I found out several things for one Bellatrix wasn’t dating Regulus. Besides the fact he was her cousin making the whole thing really creepy, She had a boyfriend. Rudolphus Lestrange he apparently had great hair and a killer laugh. SO Regulus was unattached….hmm. I also found out his brother is somewhat of a prat. O well can’t say I really care. He’s like seventeen and in a different house.
    I fell asleep with some very valuable information in my head, I’m so glad I came here. Not only were the blankets cotton soft but also the pillows have great neck support, just kidding.
    Who was the genius that came up with the time 5 am? I would like to kill him please. I really would adore that. It’s his fault that I have to get up right now. Right now he’s the only one I want to kill. And I’m positive it was a man, only a man would want to get up at five am cause he doesn’t have to apply make up when he’s drowsy.
    I stepped out of the shower and wrapped a towel around myself. I looked in the mirror, I look pretty decent no bags under my green eyes today at least. My black hair was still soaked but c’mon I just got out of the shower. My skin is still creamy white. How I wish it to be tan. I did a simple spell to dry my hair and got dressed in my uniform.
    Wahoo first day of new classes I can’t wait, not that I have a choise in the matter.
Perhaps I’ll do a happy dance…or perhaps not.
A/N SO not much longer maybe even shorter? GASP! I lied hits hand with ruler bad me. So review pleaseJ I’ll try to write soon. Okay this chapter was written late at night. Love it Hate it? Want me to re write it better? Let me know with A dun dun dah! REVIEW… ill be very happy J

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