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The Hard Life by killthatrat
Chapter 8 : Chapter 8 Cooking for an Army
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Harry blearily opened his eyes, as the sounds of Mrs Weasly pottering around in the kitchen awoke him. He sat up from his sleeping bag on the lounge room floor rubbing the sleep from his eyes. He looked around beside him for his glasses and found them on the coffee table, putting them on he crawled out of his sleeping bag and stood up. Harry stretched as he made his way to the kitchen, being careful not to step on any of the Weasley children and Hermione who had given up their beds to family.

“Morning Mrs Weasley.” He said as he entered the kitchen.

“Oh good morning dear. Sleep well?”

“Yeah. Good night last night wasn’t it.” He replied cheerfully as he put the kettle onto the stove to boil.

“Yes, Bill and Fluer seemed the enjoy it. That’s what matters.”

“Hmmm.” He said with an agreeing smile. “Im just going to get dressed.”

He looked at the regular clock, which read 8:05, before grabbing some clothing and quietly heading upstairs. In the bathroom he splashed cold water onto his face and rubbed a bit more sleep from his eyes. He sighed as he pulled on a T-shirt, remembering all the Weasleys Ginny had introduced him too. A few of them had stayed the night, and he was having some trouble remembering some names. He looked in the mirror trying to flatten his hair, but the mirror simply said, “You know there’s no point in trying that.”

He rolled his eyes as he headed back downstairs; he always had the feeling that the mirror had never really liked him. He heard chatter as he entered the kitchen and dining room area, and found some people already awake. There was Gerard who was Mrs Weasley’s brother, sitting down with a lady whom he vaguely recognized as his wife Suellen. Sitting down also was a women, what’s her name again? Annette?” he thought to himself.

“Morning.” He said, to the room at large.

“Morning.” They replied, Gerard looking up from the daily prophet.

He entered the kitchen again to see Mrs Weasley standing at the stove making sausages and eggs.

“Anything I can do Mrs Weasley?” he said hopefully.

“Yes, you can please slice and toast that loaf of bread for me please dear.” She said indicating to the loaf of bread and sharp knife.

He nodded as she added, “Be careful we don’t want you loosing a finger.”

He smiled at this as she continued; “I forgot what it’s like to be cooking for an army. Oh and Harry dear, Sirius is coming around lunchtime today to take you back to Privit Drive. I’m sure you’re thrilled about that.”

“Ecstatic.” He said sarcastically with a smile, he began slicing the bread, careful not to cut himself. He quickly popped the slices one by one into the Muggle toaster Mr Weasley had charmed to cook at top speed. He caught each piece as it immediately popped up, and popped the next one in.

“Morning folks.” George greeted as he entered the dining room, rubbing his head blearily.

“Morning.” Harry replied as he put the last piece of toast on the plate. “All done. What else needs doing?”

“Hmmm, mix up some pancakes, enough for all of us and cook them up for me would you Harry?”

“Sure.” Harry replied, he immediately went to the cupboard in search of some flour.

“George wake up your brothers and sister for me would you? Oh and Hermione also. There’s work to be done.”

“All right.”

“Looking forward to moving in with Sirius Harry?” Mrs Weasley asked as she put the cooked sausages into the oven to keep warm. Out of the corner of his eye he thought he saw Gerard look up from his paper, but he ignored this.

“Yeah definitely. Leaving the Dursleys has definitely never looked this appealing.”

“Were popping around tomorrow to have a lo-”

“OUCH! RON!” George yelled out from the lounge room.

Mrs Weasley sighed at this outburst as Ron yelled back, “WHAT?”

“MUM!” George yelled. “HE HIT ME!”

“Oh shush you two! You’ll wake up the whole house.” She said angrily as she stalked out into the lounge room.

“Too late.” Mr Weasley said as he came down the stairs.

“Now look what you’ve done.” Harry could hear her fussing around in there, and he smiled at the thought of George still appealing to his mother.

“But he-”

“I don’t care!”

“I was only waking you up and you swung one at me!” George said in outrage.

“I did not!”

“Whaz gon on?” Ginny said through a yawn as she abruptly sat up on the couch.

“Ron hit me!”

“Ron!” Ginny exclaimed tiredly.

“How could I? I was asleep!”

“Quiet both of you!” Mrs Weasley said working herself into a rant. “Ronald, go out and get some more eggs, now! George, wake up everyone else and go get dressed.”

“But-” they said in unison.

“Butt’s are for Muggle ashtrays boys now do what your mother says.” Mr Weasley interjected; realizing this argument could become dangerous grounds.

Ron stalked off into the backyard heading towards the hen house, muttering under his breath.

“Never a quiet moment here is there Harry.” Mr Weasley said cheerfully as he took some mugs from the cupboard and set them on the table, pouring mugs of coffee for everybody.

“That’s common knowledge Mr Weasley.” Harry said cheerfully.

“Isn’t it ever.” Mrs Weasley muttered as she re-entered the kitchen to look for sugar to go with the coffee. “Ginny would you wake Auntie Muriel up for me dear. You know what she’s like about the thought of eating alone.”

“Yeah an old nut that is.” Ginny muttered to herself as she made her way up stairs.

“And make sure to help her down the stairs.” Mrs Weasley called out after her.

“Morning!” someone said overcheerfully.

“Morning Rob.” the room said at large.

Harry turned his head slightly to see Robert flop down into a chair and pour himself some coffee. Now he remembered who he was, he was the one that was always cheerful and optimistic about almost everything. Even Voldemort, Ginny had said. Harry let the now cooked pancake slide neatly onto a plate already stacked high, and then poured some more mixture onto the skillet he was using.

Charlie entered the kitchen, greeting everybody as he did. He and Harry were the only ones dressed, everybody else still in their pajamas.

“Morning Harry.”


The back door shut loudly as Ron entered with a basketful of eggs for his mother. He dumped the basket on the kitchen bench and headed into the dining room, nearly knocking over his sister and Auntie Muriel. Ginny held her Aunt firmly by the elbow as she slowly sat her down at the dining room table.

Mrs Weasley took the cooked items out of the oven and put them onto the dining room table. She flicked her wand and sent plates and cutlery flying towards the table, however they sat neatly in front of each person, ready to be used. Harry tipped the last pancake onto the stack, before placing them neatly on the table. He then washed his hands quickly as Ginny whispered into his ear.

“Merlin Auntie Muriel is slow! She took forever to get down one flight of stairs!”

Harry tried to suppress a laugh at this, he felt a shiver go down his spine as he felt her breath on his neck.

He followed her as she sat down, and he took a seat next to Ron, who was already shoveling sausage and egg into his mouth, and Hermione who had also just sat down said,

“Eww Ron, take smaller bites!”

Harry laughed at his two friends’ antics as he too helped himself to a generous helping of sausages and egg.

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The Hard Life: Chapter 8 Cooking for an Army


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