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Kissing My Enemy by mirrormask
Chapter 1 : Sticky Beginnings
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Kissing My Enemy

Lily Evans was seething in annoyance as she walked to Gryffindor common room. The incident replayed in her mind over and over again, causing her to grind her teeth frustratedly.
If he ever crossed her path again, she would hex him into oblivion! He was a conceited, arrogant, cocksure stuck up. A bloody cockroach if you asked her! And it was her misfortune to meet him. Lord, why me? She groaned.

James Potter. Yes, that was what they called him. A two-faced troll is what she preferred calling him. How could she forget that name. The first time she had ever met him, she ended up in detention with him, because of him!

Lily Evans was an uncommonly kind witch, but right now she would make an exception, for James Potter!

He had proved to be nothing but a thorn in her side, since they first met. And not to mention a down right pompous arse, who needed a good kick in the afore mentioned place once in a while!

‘He thinks he’s so perfect—he thinks he’s God. Just you wait, James Potter. Just you wait. I’ll show that bull headed toad. And he will rue the day he met me. He will spend eternity, lamenting the day he ever crossed Lily Evans path,’ Lily muttered to herself as she marched down the corridor.

Lily was just several steps away from reaching the tower, when the stair case started to move, changing her destined location.

‘Great, just what I need, to find another way to get to the Common Rooms—as if this day wasn't abysmal enough,’ she said irritably. She wanted to hit something, preferably one infuriating Pothead, James Potter!

She and James had been named head boy and girl. How that had happened, in his case, only God knew. As far as she was concerned, his attitude and supposed intelligence was rather questionable, makes one wonder about his perfect grades.

He seemed to derive constant pleasure in irking her and getting her into trouble in all seemingly innocence. And that oaf knew that he annoyed the hell out of her and he would purposefully tease her at every chance he got.

Jerk face! 

A roaring sound erupted from the dark corridor which was off limits. Lily could hear foot steps running her way. She waited warily, her wand out and ready for whatever danger that was approaching.

A tall boy with long jet black hair and attractive features came running out; right on his tail was another boy with short hair and a violent scar across his left eye.
It was Sirius Black and Remus Lupin.

Lily stood on the stairs, just a few steps away from the dark corridor and watched them.

She heard another pair of footsteps coming from the corridor, and a thunderous bellow right after it.

Sirius jumped onto the railing of the stairs and slid down it, while Remus, did a flip in the air, and landed gracefully at the last step on the seventh floor corridor. He disappeared as soon as his feet touched the ground.

‘I’d run if I were you, Evans’ Sirius called over his shoulders mischievously, before jumping of the railing and disappearing into the bottom corridor.

Then something hard and warm came slamming into Lily, causing her to lose her balance and go tumbling down the stairs. Lily lost whatever breath she possessed has the hard warm lump landed on top of her, cushioning his fall and causing a roiling pain through her.

It was unbearable the searing pain that tore through her. Lily closed her eyes, wishing for oblivion; even death was preferable, when she heard his voice.
Oh God, she had gone to hell instead, as the lump spoke.

‘Hey Evans, what brings you here,’ James Potter’s said in an amused tone.

Her eyes jerked open as she stared into that mockingly and astonishingly handsome face. It was amazing how jerks could be so truly blessed!

‘You,’ she said through gritted teeth, anger as none she had ever known filling her. ‘Get off me—get off—,’ she pummelled him. He grabbed her flaying fists.

‘Whoa, calm down Evans, I know I'm good looking, but you don't need to grab me to prove it,’ James said his grin widening and a smirk playing on his, soon to be ugly face if she had her way and could get her damned wand!

‘Why you—,’ Lily’s threats was cut off at the inhumane, thunderous bellowing that came from nearby.
‘Not now Evans, we can discuss my good looks later,’ his teasing expression becoming serious. ‘Right now we’ve got to run, and I mean that literally!’

James jumped up and pulled Lily to her feet. Her body protesting at its brutal handling, she sucked in a painful breath as he dragged her to the seventh floor corridor.

He shoved Lily into a crammed broomstick cupboard, which was the closest to them.
‘Hey!’ Lily objected, as he roughly pushed her into the small space, causing her protesting body to slam into a broom.

James, peaked through the small slits in the door, he saw the ‘thing’ approaching. He took a step back, but found that he could not move any further.

The broom cupboard wasn't that small, even if it was filled with another occupant. He turned around then, to find Lily on the floor, looking up at him murderously.

‘I swear I will get you for—,’ Lily’s flow of vengeance was stopped as James quickly put his hand over her mouth.

‘Do you want that ‘thing’ to find us?!’ he whispered irritated, at her ability to complain so bloody much!

Lily glared at him, her deep green eyes filling with tears of extreme frustration. She was so angry with him; she wanted to lash out, to hurt him. However, she couldn’t. The only way she knew how to channel her feelings for this one very irritating bane to her existence and that was to cry.

‘Oh, come on, Evans, you don't have to bawl your eyes out about it,’ James said, his hand still on her mouth. This earned him one sharp bite on his finger.
He pulled his hand away. Rubbing it, he looked at her in astonishment. She bit him! The little wild cat!

‘Damn, it, woman—you bit me! ’ he growled in a ferocious whisper.

‘Be grateful, decapitation is frowned upon in Hogwarts,’ she snapped back in a hiss.
‘Now—now Lily—’ he began.

‘Don't you dare touch me—you jerk,’ Lily cried, tears streaming down her face and halting James’s hand as he was about to touch her face.
The door to the closet flung open.

James and Lily both looked up, shock written on their face. Lily caught a glimpse of the ‘thing’ they had been hiding from. Before, it exhaled out something ghastly smelling, and green.

Lily and James sight became blurred, before they both blacked out.

* * * *

It was past midnight.

Lily opened her eyes; she was no longer in the broom cupboard. She felt sore all over. She remembered falling. But wait, she wasn't in the Infirmary either. So where was she?

She shifted a little; this didn't feel like a bed as her head bumped into the backrest. She was on a couch!
She turned a little to find a body next to hers, it was James. He was awake and looking at her. Irritation combined with something else glared at her from his darkened gaze. When she realised just how close to her he was… and so very still.

They both stared at each other, fury burning in their eyes.
They looked away when they heard someone clear their throat.

Dumbledore towered over his head boy and girl who lay on the long sofa. He looked at them through his half moon glasses.

‘Don’t bother getting up, Miss Evans; you wouldn’t be able to even if you wanted, the potion madam Pomfrey has given the both of you needs time to settle into your systems, so just hold on for a while before you can sit up,’ Dumbledore said. Lily stared at him confusedly.

‘Professor? What happened?’ she asked.

‘You and Mr Potter, were attacked by a Jabberjaw, a creature we found a couple of months ago wandering in the dark forest. It casts a green spell upon its enemies, which causes them to stick to what ever is near it. In your case and due to such circumstances Mr. Potter was the closest to you.’ Dumbledore stated as he moved around his office.

‘Unfortunately…’ Dumbledore paused before continuing, causing both Lily and James to panic. ‘Madam Pomfrey is still brewing the potion to free the both of you.’

‘Just what do you mean?’ James asked his tone was so quiet that Lily started to feel dread steal over her.

The professor coughed to hide his smile. ‘Simply put, Mr Potter, it will take several weeks—two to three months for it to properly be concocted. But if like most green spells it should wear of on its own, soon. But in the meantime I'm afraid you and Miss Evans are going to be close companions for a while. If we’re lucky the spell should wear off in a month or so, so there would be no need for the potion.’

‘But, professor, can't you do something, to well—a spell to set us free?’ Lily asked not bothering to hide the desperation in her voice.

‘I have Miss Evans; I have provided a simple charm, so that horrible green substance which is sticking both of you together becomes transparent. However, there is only so much magic one can do. You and Mr. Potter are going to have to remain close friends,’ Dumbledore said, glancing at them, a smile playing on his thin pale lips.

‘The spell that the Jabberjaw cast on you, will only allow you two to separate for no more then two metres.’

Oh God.

Horror filled Lily.

‘But—what about living situations and well personal –er things?’ Lily asked, hysteria filling her voice.
She was going to have this fool stuck to her for a month. How was she ever going to survive?!

‘Well Miss Evans, I guess you and Mr. Potter will have to reach a compromise, which will be fitting to both your needs,’ Dumbledore said once more.

‘You both have my permission to leave. Its rather late and you two need to get some rest,’ and with that Dumbledore left the room with a resigned sigh knowing full well what was to come within the days that followed.
All hell was going to break loose.

Lily and James sat up. Then glared at each other.

This will never work, Lily thought, glowering at him. She would kill him!

James swallowed several times as nausea filled him.

Oh hell, he was stuck to this shrew. He closed his eyes briefly in defeat. It was one thing to rile or tease her and then disappear. Now, even that bit of fun was taken away from him. Lily had a memory like an elephant and she would never forget his pranks. And he was stuck to her.

Indeed, this was going to be one helleva long month!

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Kissing My Enemy: Sticky Beginnings


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