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Cravings by dracolover4ever
Chapter 3 : Getting Ready For New Years
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Getting Ready For New Years


Hermione went over to Ginny's to get ready for the party. They both went to a salon and sat gossiping and reading magazines while women worked on their hair. Then they went and got their nails painted, Hermione's were bright pink and Ginny's were a bold green. They went and bought a new outfit, special for the night.

 Hermione's outfit looked like a fairy princess, which matched her white ruffled mask. Ginny looked more like a cat, which matched her black lacy mask. The both had their hair up, because they figured it would be hot in the club. Hermione had on silver heals and Ginny's where a gold color.


"Well Gin, I don't know how great this party will be. I know I'll have fun being away from your brother for the night though!"


"Oh George is bothering you already?" Ginny said

  "No George is being great. Ronald is being an overprotective jerk! Ronald keeps thinking the only reason George is staying with me is because I'm cheating on him. I'm not going to say that I don't care for Ronald, because I do, but I really do think about him less and less now a days."


 "Oh Hermione it must be terrible having a boyfriend that doesn't trust you enough to stop bugging you! I'm glad Harry was never that way." Ginny tried to understand.


"Ginny Ronald was fine. Even after the money he was okay, but since I asked him to be serious… I don't know things have been weird between us."


"It's okay Hermione, here let me fix your hair, it's falling." Ginny fixed Hermione's falling hair.


 They finished getting ready then Hermione went back to her flat to say bye to George. She found a note instead.


    Sorry that I'm not here. I went to a last minute New Years party. I'll see you in the morning. Don't worry my hangover won't be so bad! J----G.W.

 Hermione threw the note away then grabbed a small sandwich and left for the party at Club EZ.




 George sat around the house most of the day. He didn't have anything to look forward to since Hermione would be gone all night. He had started to like her night time rants about his brother. It made him feel better.


 George sat on the couch and watched T.V. most of the time. He got up and made lunch at about noon. When a head appeared in the fire it almost scared him to death.

 "George Weasley that you?" it was Lee's head.


 "Hey Lee. What do you need?" George asked sticking his head in the fire.

  "Well Fred is busy and you weren't at the shop. I wanted to know if you could go to a New Years party with my girl and me. You'd need a mask and an outfit to match. I've got a fish mask and my suit has different patches of color." Lee explained with a smile on his face.


 "Well if Fred won't be there. Sure I'll come. I have a mask and I'll go get an outfit for it. I'll see you there at eight." George got the rest of the information and went to get ready.


 He was feeling better now that he had something to do that night. He went and got washed up before going and buying a shirt and jeans that would match. He combed through his hair and put gel in it so the ends would stick up just right. He put a spell on his mask so that no one would know who he was, except Lee and his date. He also made it stick on with out strings or a stick.


 George was all ready to leave at six but he thought about Hermione. He grabbed a piece of paper and wrote her a small note. He didn't tell her exactly where he was going, but he was a big boy he didn't need to let her know every little thing.


 He left and walked around Diagon Alley until about ten till eight, then he headed over to Club EZ and met up with Lee.



 Hermione looked for Ginny outside, and it took forever to get to the front of the line. It was nine o'clock when the doors closed due to too many people. Hermione bribed the doorman and she got them both in.

A.N. This is the next chapter hope you R+R I only own the plot and OC characters sadly. Please tell me what you think!

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Cravings: Getting Ready For New Years


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