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Those Few Small Details by Foxlilly5
Chapter 4 : Days Of Our Lives
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The Organ played beautiful melodic tunes, the smell of sweet scented flowers (that had finally arrived) filled everyone’s noses, and smiles and tears passed along each isle. Ginny made her way up the isle clutching onto her fathers arm.

“I love you dad” she whispered to him

He didn’t hear her, or else he made no indication that he did. Mr. Weasley’s eyes were watery with tears; his cheek flushed pink, and a bit of sweat was on his brow. Finally they reached the end of the isle.

“Dad” Ginny whispered gently “You’re going to have to let go of me...”

“Right...” mumbled Mr. Weasley as he let go of his daughter; then he stumbled to his front row seat next to Mrs. Weasley, both of whom were in tears.

Ginny finally looked up, there was Harry, looking very nervous in a cute way, but of course handsome. Their eyes met for the first time today, his, finally since yesterday, looked free of worry and were oddly peaceful as he took her hands. Ginny tried to pay attention to the words that were spoken to seal the marriage but all she could do was look at Harry and the noise faded away.

“ may kiss the bride.”

This would be their first kiss as a married couple! Ginny smiled, as did Harry, they leaned in closer to one another, still smiling their lips touched in a gentle embrace. It felt like it lasted for ever but really it was over quickly. When they pulled away they had stars in their eyes. They look down to see rings appear on their fingers, fitted perfectly. Ginny held it up for the crowd to see and then hats and flowers were tossed into the air and a great cloud of smoke in the shape of two conjoined rings appeared high above them.

They had done it, they were married.

Fred and George pranced around making impressions of what appeared to be two drooling, cross-eyed lovers at the far end of the yard for whoever wanted to watch them. Ron came over and was patting Harry on the back, before coming over and planting a brotherly kiss on Ginny’s cheek. Hermione was positively beside herself in tears of happiness in the second row of seats. The rest of the night would be perfect, nothing could spoil Ginny’s mood, not even the dreaded family photos. 


Harry sat down and moved around in his chair. How to begin? He tried to form words but


Ron and Hermione stared at him, their butts on the edge of their seats. Harry could tell they were eager to hear how it was the rest of the wizarding world. Harry had told the press that he had defeated Voldemort with the Avada Kedavra spell, and that he was destroyed but he wasn’t ready to talk yet. Somehow he knew Hermione and Ron had to be the first ones to know.

“Okay goes...” Harry cleared out his voice and began. 

[Harry’s memory...]

Voldemort stood there, his wand poised; he had a large gash across his lower scaly leg. His slit-like eyes were bloodshot. Godric’s Hollow filled with black swirling clouds of thick smoke. Harry stood upon the deserted ruins of his destroyed house, the one his parents used to live in. The one Voldemort had demolished.

“Any last words Harry? Your parents didn’t...not even about you. It is nice to see how much they care isn’t it young Potter?”

Harry however was not going to give Voldemort any satisfaction. He began to cough as the smoke from the neighborhood filled his lungs; Godric’s Hollow was becoming a wasteland. Harry knew he only had seconds, Neville lay out cold on the ground, possibly dying, and Harry had a feeling he would be joining him.

God Neville why did you follow me here? This wasn’t supposed to happen! I was supposed to die, not you, now I can’t even die in peace without knowing your okay. DAMMIT! 
Hot tears flooded Harry’s eyes as he thought of his plan, he planned to come and fight until death with Voldemort. Now he had Neville’s life to consider. Throwing himself behind the rubble of bricks to his right he closed his eyes and counted to three; shots of different spells bounced and cracked the bricks. It was now or never...

In a flash Harry was up on his feet, then he crouched right away and apparated on Voldemort’s other side. However, Voldemort wasn’t stupid, he had known what was going to happen; however Harry, not waiting another second, did it again but this time to Voldemort’s left, when in his head he planted the plan to go to the right. Then even before all of his body was fully apparated he felt the words tumble out of his mouth.


Holding his wand steady in his mangled hands he watched the life quickly slip out of Voldemort’s eyes. However Voldemort was strong enough for one last spell. He hit Harry with the same spell, but its power was lost. Harry felt dead inside, he couldn’t think, or breath, but he wasn’t dead. Neville ran over to him, though Harry wasn’t sure how long it had been. The next thing he knew he was in St. Mungo’s Hospital being revived. They couldn’t keep Harry there long however...he had other plans.

While the rest of the world was celebrating Harry ran to the person he had last on his mind before he thought he was going to die. Ginny. 

[Present continued...]

“So you mean Harry...Neville followed you there?” asked Hermione

“Yeah, the stupid git...but I owe him my life.” Responded Harry still lost in his swimming thoughts of that dreadful night “He followed me straight from my parents Graveyard, I don’t know why; he said he couldn’t leave me, even when I told him to go back about a million times.”

Ron sat with his eyes wide open. His mouth sat rested against his chest and he couldn’t grasp the right words to say.

“Neville came to visit my parents with me because...I was saying goodbye...and I guess hello to them at the same time. I’m not going to lie to you; my plan was to die trying to kill Voldemort...”

“That makes zero sense, Harry, you know what the prophecy said!” gasped Hermione

Harry shrugged and looked ashamed and Hermione seemed to get the hint. They sat in silence for a long time. None of them really knowing what to say, all of them secretly wiping their eyes. Finally Ron stood up.

“Well you didn’t mate! Justice was served, no use dwelling on the past; both you and Neville are alright.” Ron soothed

Harry nodded and then seemed to snap out of it. “Your right” he responded

The three of them stood up and each went off to visit various spots in the common room by themselves. When they were done they linked arms and walked out of the common room for the last time in their lives. All of them feeling their last conversation by the fire was a worthy one. 

[Authors note: This scene may be slightly inappropriate for some readers.]


The guests had left, the wedding was over; and Ginny was ready to start their lives fresh and new. They were grand white tent in the far end of the Weasley’s backyard. It was cozy; it had a king-sized bed, a fireplace, flowers and a rug. It even had a fridge, kitchen table and a bathroom. It was huge, and this is where they planned to stay for their first night as a couple.

Harry reached over and helped Ginny out of her dress. He couldn’t help it; he stole a look at her for the first time as an innocent husband and not some dirty school boy. She was beautiful in his eyes; her body was slender, her hair the most brilliant color of red, some freckles scattered on her shoulders. He reached out and brushed her hair off her neck, and slowly kissed from her shoulder blade to her ear; nibbling at it slightly.
Ginny shivered even though the tent was warm. She turned around and wrapped her arms around his neck, pressing herself into him. Harry moaned happily and lowered her onto the bed. He was gentle with his touch, and she let him take over. They were married, there were no more sins.

“I love you Harry” she breathed in ecstasy

Harry didn’t need to reply in words, he was showing her in other ways his deepest passion for her; and Ginny had no objections.

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