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It's getting better by Leoanna
Chapter 4 : Memory problems
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Memory problems

pic by me

Cassiopeia woke up early the next morning. All of the other girls were in their beds 
and still fast asleep. Deciding to get up, she stood up and went to the bathroom, which was next to the sixth year’s dormitory, to take a shower. After the shower she put on her school uniform, actually planning to go directly to breakfast. This way she would not have to face to many people glaring and frowning at her before the lessons started. But as soon as she stood outside of the portrait-hole she became aware she had no idea how to find the Great Hall. Because she had more then two hours left until the lessons would begin she choose to wander trough the castle a little bit, getting to know it better and hopefully finding her way to the Great Hall in the process. At first she went down several staircases – of which one suddenly began to change direction while she was going down it, nearly causing her to fall – then she went along an empty corridor in attempt to find the big marble staircase leading to the Great Hall. She was not entirely sure but thought it was somewhere on that corridor. Instead the corridor led her to a little stone staircase going downwards. 

She used it anyway and found herself in the dungeons. Turning around to go up stairs again she faced what seemed to be a solid wall, she touched it and it actually was solid. The urge to bang her head against said wall came to her mind. ‘Uhrg… why of all those bloody stairways in this castle I went down this damn stair has to be a one-way one? Stupid castle constructors.’

Cassiopeia had been wandering around in the dungeons for quite some time when she turned a corner and found herself looking at Malfoy and three other Slytherins coming her way. ‘Of all Slytherins why do I have to run into him…?’ She knew he had already seen her and didn’t even try to go back again but put down her messenger bag down instead. 

“So, what are you doing here in the dungeons, Cassie dear?” He sneered at her. 

“Certainly not to search for you, Malfoy dear.” She hissed back ignoring the fact that he called her Cassie. 

“Did you get lost you poor thing?” Malfoy cooed mocking pity. 

“Oh is little Lucius baby boy scared for me?” she said in a babyish voice and wiped out her wand exactly the same time he got his. 

“This time you won’t escape Lykaon.” He said pointing his wand at her. 

“Malfoy, I think you should go to see the Doctor it seems there is something wrong with your brain. Your memory doesn’t seem to work anymore.” Cassiopeia replied. By now the other Slytherins also had their wands pointed at Cassiopeia. 

“This time I won’t treat you so nicely Lykaon!” 

“Yeah, sure keep dreaming Malfoy your dreams might just come true one day.” The pale boy was seething with anger. 

“Expelliarmus!” He yelled but Cassiopeia had seen this coming and put a shield charm up just in time. Malfoy who had not expected this was caught off guard by the spell that had bounced back and was hit squarely in the chest. His wand was flying trough the air and he was pushed back in to his followers. The wand hit the floor and rolled in Cassiopeia’s direction and she picked it up. 

“Your not trying to fight with me once again Malfoy, are you?” He just motioned for the other three to use their wands. 

“Silencio.” She muttered pointing her wand at them as she was quite sure they couldn’t do nonverbal spells. And she was right they all were flicking their wands, but there was no use. 

“So you need bodyguards now you little coward?” She demanded. His normally pale complexion was changing to tomato red, if it was because of anger or embarrassment Cassiopeia could not tell. 

“You are just a filthy little blood-traitor.” He said in a dangerously low voice. A smirk was forming on Cassiopeia’s face, she had never liked Malfoy. 

“I am, ain’t I…” her smirk grew even wider. 

“You will not smirk anymore when your parents hear of your sorting and I already send them a letter.” He said triumph evident on his face. 

“Why thank you, that’s so kind of you.” She replied and wanted to say something else but was cut short by someone else coming round the corner. 

It was the boy who was Gryffindor prefect; he still was a little pale. His arms were circled around some books and he was looking at the Slytherins in what seemed to be amazement. Then he looked at Cassiopeia who still had her wand pointed at Lucius. 

“What’s going on her?” he asked curiosity evident in his voice. Malfoy and Cassiopeia both looked at him not sure what to say. The other three Slytherins gaped at him rather stupidly but could not say a word due to Cassiopeias silencing charm. It was Cassiopeia who spoke after a short silence. 

“Well, you see Malfoy her wanted to get a duelling lesson but I must say he wasn’t really good at all.” At this Malfoy looked like he was about to strangle her. 

“Is that so?” The boy said rising one eyebrow questioningly. Malfoy obviously hadn’t liked what Cassiopeia had said but didn’t say anything. 

“Then I recommend that you get yourself cleaned up and go to breakfast.” The boy said after eyeing both of them carefully. Lucius got up and he and the other Slytherins were nearly running in attempt to get away from Cassiopeia as fast as possible. She pocketed her wand, picked up her messenger bag then straightened her school uniform brushing away (imaginary) dust. Remus watched her do all this amusedly. 

“Do you even know how to get to the Great Hall?” He asked her when she finished and looked at him. 

“No actually I don’t. I kinda got lost…” she admitted. 

“I’ll take you there. I’m Remus Lupin by the way. I’d shake your hand but…”- he nodded at the books in his arms. 

“I’m Cassiopeia Lykaon but I think you already know that.” She replied. 

“How come you are completely fine while Malfoy was on the floor and the others were silenced?” He asked wonderingly. Cassiopeia smirked. 

“Oh, that…”- her smirk grew even wider, “lets simply say Malfoy isn’t the best duellist.” 

“But he also had his three bodyguards with him and you were alone.” Remus said not really satisfied by her vague answer. Cassiopeia found that somehow amusing. 

“To be a good fighter you need brains and the three of them have such an extreme lack of that, they are on minus at the scale.” she explained. The rest of the way the walked in silence and Remus seemed to be bothered by something.

Soon afterwards they entered the Great Hall. It wasn’t empty at all and Cassiopeia wondered how long she had wandered thought the castle. Her thoughts were interrupted when she saw Sahra waving at her motioning she could sit with her. She said a quick thanks to the Gryffindor perfect – who didn’t really seem to notice, he merely nodded – and went to sit with the excited first year. 

“Good morning.” Sahra near yelled when Cassiopeia had settled down beside her. 

“Good morning to you too! Are you excited about your first day?” She replied smiling. Sahra grinned. 

“I think it’ll be cool.” 

--------------------------------- James POV----------------------------- 



When Remus came to the Great Hall Cassiopeia Lykaon was with him and he seemed to be bothered about some thing. When they were some steps away from the table Cassiopeia said something to Remus and went over to a first year girl who was nearly jumping of excitement. Sirius glared at Remus as he sat down beside James and opposite to Peter. 

“Why was she talking to you?” He demanded and Remus looked up from the egg he had been about to eat puzzled. 

“I took her to the Great Hall she got lost. Actually I found her-” It looked as if he had wanted to tell them something but he was interrupted by Sirius. 

“You should not talk to her. She is a pure-blood princess. I am amazed she thanked you at all.” He said angrily. 

“Padfoot I think I can decide myself who I talk with!” Remus told Sirius being visibly annoyed, 

“And after all, I think she is not as bad as you think. She might even be a perfectly nice girl.” 

“Stop it guys.” Peter intervened not liking the both of them fighting. 

“Were did you find her anyways?” James put in. 

“She was in the Dungeons. I turned around a corner and saw her, Malfoy and three other Slytherin-” “See I told you she is making plans with them.” Sirius interrupted once again. 

“Would you just let me finish!” Remus demanded annoyance evident in his voice. 

“Ok what I wanted to tell you before this moron here decided to interrupt so rudely; I saw Cassiopeia and the Slytherins, Malfoy on the floor and the others obviously silenced. Malfoy seemed to be glad to get away when I told them to get themselves cleaned up…” Trailing of he looked at them expectantly. James, Peter and Sirius looked at him astonished. 

“I wonder where she learned to fight like that. I mean it was four against one.” 

A/n: I really enjoy writing this story but i would also enjoy to have more reviews. The story - by the way - has nearly 300 reads =) but only 10 reviews =( You don't have to write anything long just tell me weather you like it or not.
also i will draw a picture for each of the chapters, i allready put some up for chapter one and two I hope you like them!
And last but cairtanly ot least I want to thank my beta once again!
ta-ta leoanna

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It's getting better: Memory problems


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