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'Til Death Do Us Part: The 1st Installment by LucyintheSkywithDiamonds
Chapter 5 : To The Max
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*The plot and oc's are mine, the rest belongs to J.K.

The seven of them dragged their trunks up to the carriages.

"You know these carriages get smaller every year." Sirius said.

"Or maybe the logical thing is that we got bigger," Lily said with a small smile.

"And that's why we're going to pack this thing." Shay said.

"No we're not. I like being able to breath," Lily said.

"Lily Evans don't argue with me and get in the carriage so I can recruit people."

"Oy! Dorkus! You and those Hufflepuff red heads get over here!"

Dorcas Meadows and Gideon and Fabian Prewett came over.

"Glad to see you didn’t die over the summer. What can we do you for?” Dory asked after she gave Shay a big hug.

"You guys go get in that carriage. We're packing the thing full of 7th years and you three are invited."

"Only if you sit on my lap,” Gideon said with a toothy grin as he was pulled away by Dory and his brother was right along, shaking his head at the stupidity.

The three of them entered the carriage to the chorus of hellos.

Shay didn’t waste much time before she ran to find her three other friends. She then saw them getting into a carriage.

"Don't go in there!" Shay yelled at Marlene McKinnon, Benjy Fenwick, and Caradoc Dearborn.

"Hey Shay, what's up?" Benjy said.

"No time to talk. We need my three favorite Ravenclaws right now!" Shay said.

"For what?" a confused Marlene asked.

"We are packing the carriage."

"What are we waiting for? Let's go!" Caradoc said and then ran towards the carriage.

"Good, here just on time," Shay said and she opened the door.

"Wow, when you said packing, you really meant packing" Marlene said.

"To the max!" Shay said climbing in.

There was now a total of thirteen people in the carriage though there was only supposed to be six. Dorcas, Benjy, Caradoc, Marlene, Fabian, and Gideon were very close to Shay and the others. It's just that they didn't get to spend as much time together because they were in different houses.

"I can't believe it's our last year at Hogwarts," Dory said.

"Hey don't get these two started again," Peter said pointing at Lily and Niki.

"Why?" Marlene asked.

"Let's just say we got a little emotional on the train," Lily said.

"They're so weird," Shay whispered to the Prewett twins who started laughing.

"We all really need to hang out more this year," Caradoc said.

"We should have a party in the Room of Requirement this Saturday," James suggested.

"That's a great idea, it will give us a chance to hang out and catch up on things." Niki said.

"Wow James, you have some good ideas for having such a thick skull." Dory said and gave his head a few playful knocks.

"Why thank…hey what's that supposed to mean?"

Everyone one was laughing and talking until the carriage stopped.

"We're here. Now get out!" Sirius said.

"Hey guys remember 8:00 on Saturday!" Shay yelled.

"We wouldn't miss it for the world!" Benjy yelled back.

They all entered the hall, which was filled with talking and laughter. They took their usual seats. Lily was on Shay's left side and Niki was on Shay's right. Then Remus sat on Niki's right. Then across the table was Sirius with James on his right and Peter on his left. This was the way they sat for a very long time now. The hall was starting to get annoyed because the sorting was taking so long to start.

"Come on let's get these pip squeaks sorted already!' James said rubbing his stomach.

"Can't you be a little more sensitive? This is the last time we'll get to see this," Lily seethed.

"Lils, that's probably what the 7th years thought about us when we were getting sorted. Plus we're all really hungry," Shay said.

Lily looked offended and was about to speak when the first years started pouring in.

"Aw…they're so little," Niki said.

"We weren't that little our first year, were we?" Sirius asked.

"I don't think so. They just keep on getting smaller every year," Remus said.

Professor McGonagall brought out the four legged stool and the raggedy looking hat. Shay loved seeing the look on the 1st years' faces when they saw the hat talk.

After the sorting was done, Dumbledore stood to make his speech.

"Welcome. I do not want to keep you long, so remember to stay out of the Forbidden Forest and Mr. Filch's lists of supplies that are not allowed is by his office. Now tuck in."

Massive amounts of food appeared on the table.

"Food!" Shay exclaimed.

Shay was digging in the chicken when someone's hand came by hers. So she slapped it away.

"Merlin Shay, are you pregnant or something?" Sirius asked shaking his hand.

"Yes and it's yours. No you idiot, I'm hungry. Have you not seen my daily eating habits in the past month we’ve lived together," Shay mocked.

They all ate until they were stuffed.

"Can't move, ate too much" James said.

"Come on you two, we need to show the 1st years to the common room," Lily said getting up.

"Uh, I suppose so," Remus said reluctantly.

James rolled off the bench and mumbled something about stupid 1st year traditions.

Everybody sat at the table until they were rushed out by Professor McGonagall.

"I'm so tired," Niki said leaning on Peter.

"I know I can't wait to lie in my bed again," Shay said.

They walked in to an almost empty common room. Everybody said their good nights and went to bed. They had a big day tomorrow.


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'Til Death Do Us Part: The 1st Installment: To The Max


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