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It Was Fate by BrooklynDyme
Chapter 7 : Epilogue
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A little boy, five years old with strawberry blonde hair and bright blue eyes, sat at the coffee table in his living room coloring. It was three o’clock; he was still in his navy blue collared trinity shirt and beige pants after just being picked up from school. The boy was so engrossed as the colors of the of his pencils managed to fill the blank picture of the lion, that he did not hear the lock of the front door being turned. 

Suddenly, a man in a blue oxford shirt, black pants, and a blue and black patterned tie lifted his entire body through the air. The little boy’s body wriggled and kicked as the man tickled his small frame. By the time his curly, brown haired mother walked into the room, the man was holding his feet as he hung upside down. 

“Daddy’s home!” the little boy shrieked when he saw his mother. 

“I can see that David, thank you,” Hermione said calmly as she glided towards the kitchen where she put on boiling water for tea. 

The man placed his son back onto the floor, ruffling David’s hair as he did so, and smiled as he watched his son smooth it back. He walked over to his wife at the kitchen counter and wrapped his arms around her small waist as he softly kissed her neck. 

“Good afternoon my dear,” he whispered. 

“Good afternoon to you too,” she replied, pouring the boiling water into a cup. “You know you could really hurt him by doing that?” she questioned while smiling. 

“Oh come on it’s just some light hearted fun. If I actually meant to hurt the little bugger I’d lift him so his head hit the fan,” the man, Aristo Malfoy, joked. Hermione playfully punched his arm as he took a seat in a chair at the counter. “So how was work 
today?” he asked her. 

Hermione sighed heavily before replying. “Well someone at the company sent the wrong shipment to Japan so I had to spend the entire day trying to rectify the mishap. Plus, your son over there, used magic at school again so I had to go get him. A boy was bothering him so he started mumbling spells he’d heard you use under his breath and naturally there was so much feeling behind it he crazy glued the boy to his seat…” Aristo’s laughter interrupted her ranting. “It’s not funny. And it’s that kind of reaction that’s making it happen more often. You need to talk to him Aristo!” 

“Okay, okay, okay,” Aristo, said between laughter. “Just give me a second to recompose myself”. Aristo laughed a little more before finally straightening up and putting on a serious face. Hermione herself had to hold in the laughter and she watched him puff out his chest and sit up straight. 

“David William Malfoy, get over here right now,” he said sternly. David dropped his 
colored pencils and walked over to his father. Aristo took the boy in his arms, and placed him in his lap. “Your mother told me about what happened at school today”. David hung his head. “Young man haven’t we talked about this before? You are not to perform magic in front of muggles”. 

“I know daddy but I didn’t mean to!” David suddenly cried as he head shot up. “Parker was calling me a smelly diaper boy because I wouldn’t share my candy with him and all the kids were laughing at me. I just wanted him to stop. I didn’t mean to use magic I promise!” David’s little voice cried out as he defended his actions. 

“Alright, alright, just try to have some more control okay?” Aristo waited to see David’s head nod before turning back to his wife. “There, now that that’s settled,” his fist suddenly slammed the counter top, “Where’s my dinner woman?” he asked or rather demanded with a smirk on his face. 

“Yeah. Where’s my dinner woman?” David mimicked, also slamming his fist on the table. 

“Oh no you don’t Malfoy. Don’t you dare influence my son with your pompous pig-headed ways,” Hermione joked. 

“What? Excuse me? David, is daddy pompous and pig-headed?” Aristo asked with a shocked expression on his face. 

“I don’t know,” David responded shrugging his shoulders. Hermione was rolling with laughter. 

“What do you mean you don’t know?” Aristo asked his son even more shocked than before. 

“I don’t know what those words mean,” he said. The look of confusion on his face as both his mother and father laughed was priceless. 

“Well pompous means self-absorbed and all about himself. And pig-headed means stubborn,” Hermione told her son. 

“Well then you’re not pomp-u-us daddy. But you are stubborn”. Hermione couldn’t hold down her laughter at all as her son spoke. If one thing was true, he had inherited Hermione’s smarts and perception. Although he barely resembled her at all physically, he was just as intelligent and observant as she was. Hermione’s smile did not fade as she looked into the oven to see if the chicken was done yet. Although there were ways to make food using magic, Hermione would rather use her own two hands. That way she could be sure her family received what was best for them. After deciding the chicken needed a few more minutes in the oven, she turned back to her small family to see her son being tortured in the form of tickling by her husband. 

“Mommy make him stop!” David shrieked as his little body squirmed. 

Hermione smiled once more before telling Aristo to put David down, which he did almost immediately. David, once he was placed on the floor, sprinted back to his spot in front of the television, where he began to color again. Hermione walked over to Aristo and sat on his lap while he rested his head on the crook of her neck and wrapped his arms around her. They sat there, in mutual silence, watching their son fill in the pages’ blank spaces. Aristo placed his hand on Hermione’s and softly massaged it. He sighed onto her neck. 

“Your hands are so soft,” he whispered so quietly she could barely hear him. “What’s your secret?” he asked. 

“Chicken grease,” she joked while smiling. Aristo laughed lightly on her neck. She turned her head to look at him. He softly kissed her chin. 

“Baby I’ve got some bad news,” he whispered again. Hermione’s expression became rock-hard, as she looked him in the eye. 

“What is it?” she asked him. 

“Some company called and wants to have meeting tomorrow about a potential deal. Only thing is the meeting’s in Washington”. 

“Can’t you just let Francis handle this?” Hermione whined. Francis was right below him in office. 

“Well I would dear,” he said. “But here’s the thing, they said the guy specifically asked for me,” he replied. 

Now it was Hermione’s turn to sigh. “What time do you have to leave?” she asked him. 

“Around two,” he answered. 

“In the morning?” Hermione gasped. 

“Hey the meeting’s at nine a.m. and it takes about five hours to get there. I ‘m gonna need time to freshen up and eat a bit won’t I”. 

“I guess,” Hermione said. 

“Hey,” Aristo said as he hugged her closer to him. “I’ll be back by the latest 7:30. After the meeting I won’t even mingle I’ll just go take a nap and then come straight home”. Hermione smiled at his comment and he kissed the side of her mouth where it extended. She sat like that in his arms for another 20 minutes until the timer on the oven went off. Hermione took out the chicken while Aristo began setting the dining table with David. “Go wash your hands son,” he said to him and watched as David raced to the bathroom. 

The small family sat down around the dinner table. The dinner was full of conversation; most of the speaking coming from David as Aristo and Hermione only threw in a word every now and then. He was an eager boy, always questioning different facts he’d heard at school, and constantly asking question about random topics. They were soon finished however, and Aristo cleared the table and washed dishes, while Hermione helped David with his homework. By the time everything was finished, it was 9:30 pm. 

“Alrighty squirt, time for bed,” Aristo said scooping up David from in front of the television and taking him towards his room. Hermione walked behind them slowly. They all went into the room, which was with a forest theme. Hermione walked over to the Mahogany chest of drawers, and took out David’s Indians and Cowboys pajamas. She placed them on the edge of the bed before beginning to peel off his Trinity uniform. “But I’m not tired,” David claimed although his eyes drooped and his head began to fall. Aristo laughed and threw his dirty clothing in the hamper before picking up his changed son again and placing him in the bed. “Well would a story help you fall asleep?” Aristo asked giving Hermione a look so she knew he’d tuck David in tonight. Hermione nodded and slipped out from the room after kissing David on the cheek and saying goodnight. 

“So, my spoilt prince what story would you like the King to read you tonight? How about, Where the Wild Things Are?” Aristo asked putting on a fake voice. David giggled. 

“No daddy. Tell me the story about the necklace,” David responded. The necklace David was referring to was the silver chain that hung around Aristo’s neck, he never took it off. David had always been fascinated by it. Even as a baby he’d always play with the pendant on the chain. The pendant was two golden triangles joining to form a rhombus, with a silver dragon intertwining through both. Aristo smiled and rubbed the chain in his fingers before beginning. 

“Well son, one day I was walking in a shop down in Wizarding New York. You were still in your mommy’s tummy and she said she really wanted some organic pumpkin juice, which could only be found in a store on Seamount Avenue. So I went out to get it and as I was walking back down the road, an old woman walked up to me with this necklace in her hand. She placed it in mine and said it was a great symbol. According to her, the two joining triangles of gold are an Ancient Chinese symbol of fire and water, and the dragon that soars through them both is the dragon of earth and sky. She says it will be the mark of a great person, a warrior if you will, for the world. And I bought because I thought that was pretty cool, and one day it will belong to you”. Aristo finished his story to see David lying sound asleep. He smiled down at his sleeping figure before kissing his forehead and walking out the room, turning off the lights as he did so. 

He walked into his room to see Hermione already in bed reading a muggle magazine. He crawled in next to her, and began o plant soft kisses on her collarbone. She was wearing his favorite nightgown, the one he’d bought for their anniversary at Victoria’s Secret. 

“You’re beautiful, did you know that?” he asked her. 

“You tell me all the time,” Hermione responded with a smile. 

“Well it’s true. You’re the most amazing, sexy, loving person I know, and I love you”. 

“I love you too,” she responded as their lips met in a heated kiss. The kiss deepened as both their hands roamed each other’s bodies. In moments they were under the covers filling the room with an atmosphere of exotic passion. Moans escaped on both ends, as they moved together as one being. It was slow and beautiful and gentle as they moved with one another. It was already 1:30 when they finally separated. 

Hermione fell asleep against Aristo’s bare chest, as he lay awake watching her. He didn’t want to leave; he wanted to lie there with her in his arms forever. But he got up anyway, careful not to disturb his sleeping wife, and began to prepare for his long trip. He took a shower and got dressed, bringing a suit with him to change into. He kissed her lips one last time, and walked out of the room. He walked out of the house and to his car where he got in and drove off down the street. 

* * * *

Bring! Bring! Bring! Hermione awoke naked and alone in her bed to the sound of the phone ringing. She looked at the clock and saw it was 5: 47. Who would be calling at this hour? She wondered as she sat up and answered the phone. 

“Hello,” her voice was groggy. 

“Hello is this Mrs. Hermione Malfoy?” a male voice asked. 

“Yes,” she responded, a bit more alert. 

“Well this is Marcus Riddick from the New York Police Department and it seems your husband has been in a terrible car accident…” Hermione almost dropped the phone but instead held tighter as she listened to the officer speak. “He’s been taken to Bellvue Hospital Center an…” Hermione did not wait to hear the rest of the man’s statement. 

She immediately pulled on a pair of sweatpants lying on the floor, and a bra and t-shirt, before running into David’s room and scooping him up. David did not even budge as the apparated right in front of Bellvue Hospital. She walked through the revolving doors and ran to the receptionist asking where she could find her husband. The woman informed her he was on the third floor and Hermione sprinted to the elevator, still carrying David in her arms. 

Upon reaching the third floor, she ran straight to the room number the receptionist had told her only to be greeted by a doctor who’s expression was somber. Her heart stopped beating for a moment as she walked straight up to him. “Excuse me sir, I’m Hermione Malfoy. Could you please tell me how my husband’s doing?” Hermione pleaded, buckling under the weight of her son. 

The doctor’s eyes were sad as he opened his mouth to speak. “I’m sorry Mrs. Malfoy but there was nothing we could do. It seems your husband died on impact. We couldn’t save him”. 

Hermione’s legs felt like jelly as she fell to the floor with tears streaming down her face. The doctor lifted David from her arms, who immediately awoke to see his mother in despair on the hospital floor. “Mommy what’s wrong?” David asked confused. 
“Where’s daddy?” Hermione sobbed harder and harder. She couldn’t even bring herself to look into her son’s face that resembled her husband’s so much. Instead she sat on the floor and cried and cried until there were no tears left to fall. 

* * * * * * 

David did not go to school that day, or at all for the next two weeks. Hermione had taken the time to explain to him what had happened and he had also been crying non-stop since. Hermione had no one to help her with David, or cope with such a significant lost. She was alone to arrange the funeral arrangements and explain to David that daddy was now up in heaven and at peace. Every night she’d wake up thinking the events were just dreams, but then she’d look over at the empty side of the bed and know that they weren’t. David had slept with her in the bed for the first week, refusing to leave her side for anything. It was hard at first to look into his blue orbs, knowing he had the same ones that his father did, but it became easier with time.
The wake before the funeral was quick. It was mostly co-workers and acquaintances that came. In fact it was the first time in five years Hermione had thought about the people she left behind and how much she needed them. She wanted desperately to write to them, but decided better of it. AT the wake everyone took time to look at Aristo’s body, except Hermione. She couldn’t bring herself to look at her husband, once so full of life, lying there completely still. David on the other hand had ran right up to the casket. He needed to make sure his father wasn’t coming back. And as he looked at his lying figure, David knew Aristo was really gone. He was about to turn away and get beck to his mother, when a glint of light caught his eye. The dragon necklace still lay on his father’s neck. David bent forward and carefully removed the necklace, and put it around his own neck. This was one of his father’s most prized possessions, and he would hold on to it forever as a connection they’d always have. David took one last look at his father before running back towards his mom. He didn’t notice the new emergence of the small gem where the Dragon’s eyes would be that looked like the infusion of a ruby and emerald. And he definitely didn’t notice how it glowed for a split second when he clipped it around his neck.

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