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A Fanfic From Humble Beginnings (Marauder Era) by LadyDux14
Chapter 4 : Animagi.....
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Fe, James, Sirius, and an aggravated Stacy left the Gryffindor common room and headed to the office of the Potions master, Professor Slughorn, for they had a detention to serve.

     Breaking the silence James asked, " you two usually get detention on the first day of school?"

   "Yeah, we managed to obtain one on the second day of school, but first? Wow!", Sirius added.

   "Oh God. Detention.", the aggravated Stacy cried, "on the first day of school! WHAT ABOUT MY CLEAN RECORD..."

     Fe laughed at Stacy's panic-stricken comment, "Well, I've never gotten detention on the FIRST day of school. I suppose this is a sort of new record and deserves some form of celebration..."

    "Oh please!" interrupted the aggravated Stacy, " Felicia stop trying to show off, I very well as know you have never gotten detention Miss I'm-so-big-and-bad-and-attempt-to-show-off-in-front-of-guys-that-have-nice-hair-and-eyes!"

      With this Sirius ended the conversation with an eruption of laughter.

     "Wow Zuvie, you sounded a bit much like Evans...” James ruffled his hair and a sly smile came upon his face.


Felicia looked up at  Stacy, trying to catch her eye and attempt to use this moment to mock her, and saw she was blushing and started smirking. 

     "Does that mean you want her too Prongsie?” Sirius hissed jokingly.

     James blushed, "Um...maybe we should go now guys, before we are so late we are forced to go through another torture session of Sluggy's detention."

    The four walked to potions together in an awkward silence. In what seemed like a lifetime later they finally reached the entrance to the dungeons.

     Fe, being the extremely random girl she was, tried to break it the monotonous silence, "So... anyone heard of the great cacti within?"

     "Fe, maybe you should shut it.", Stacy usually wasn't a snappy person (although she was one of the most sarcastic characters one would ever hope to meet), but this was her first detention and had a right to be angry. Stacy was still somewhat confused, “So, James, I take it you like Lily”. Of course she had already known this from being a Harry Potter nerd, but she was looking forward to a very interesting reaction.


“He is only obsessed about her Zuvie, take it from me, I have known it from the first day I met him at Hogwarts.”


“That’s cool, I happen to know Stacy thinks James has sexy features such as his eyes and hair…” at this Felicia was lost in her own world she often visited, dreaming of hazel eyes and messy hair. 


“Very nice, James digs bookworms, or the librarian type that cares if they get detention, so Zuvie and him would be a perfect match!”


If looks could kill, Fe and Sirius would have died on the spot from the evil glares they were receiving from Stacy and James. In fact James was so tempted to hex Sirius right then and there, but fought the urge. 


“Stacy, what I’m trying to say is, if you play your cards right, you could be the next Lily Evans, so be careful.” Sirius warned shaking his finger at her, jokingly of course.


“Sirius, thanks for the advice, but it was actually Fe here who was all ‘eyes… hair…’ when she saw James at breakfast this morning!”


Fe attempted to change the subject, but failed miserably as usual.                                        


“It’s hard being this attractive, let me tell you!” James sighed, while at the same time doing his ‘I-am-sexy jig’, but he was the only one who really found it attractive.


“Come off it James, I’m the good-looking one, as all the ladies know”, Sirius ran a hand through his black  hair.


Stacy and Fe rolled their eyes, then Stacy began muttering, “Great, I got a detention and now I’m going to be late for it…” I’m going to give them a piece of my mind. Heck, I will dish it out to them…”Well fine! You lot can go on being prats look I’m picking up the slang already , but I’m coming from a 4.0 in my high school, and a 4.0 from our tutor, Minerva. So I’m going to be on time, AND FE! I suggest you do the same or Minerva wouldn’t be pleased with your actions.”


“Fine Stacykins, I’m sorry just don’t have a cow! You are right we need to follow Minerva’s instructions.”


James snickered, “Stacykins?”


“More American term age I’m guessing, mate”, Sirius piped in.


“Thanks Fe, now James is going to call me ‘Stacykins’”, she rolled her eyes. 


They entered the dungeons and began heading towards the potions section before Felicia said, “We are animagus too!”


This caused James to do a double-take and Sirius did what appeared to be a back flip and screamed, “What the heck!!!”


Stacy looked at Felicia, confused, “Eh, What?”


“Okay! How do you know about us! Bloody stalkers!” James was extremely frightened, “And how does Stacy not know she is an animagus?!”


Felicia began coolly, “First of all, we read books. Second of all, Stacy has been known to be slow on the occasion. And we aren’t stalkers, we have just heard of you before.”


Sirius jaw almost hit the floor, “Okay, I really don’t read much, but I don’t think there are many books out there about me and James, especially including the fact we are animagi…” Sirius then put on his puppy-dog eyes, “Tell us everything you know about us.”


“Well, the books aren’t out… yet”


“Come on Fe, we should…or need to go”, Stacy was on the verge of dragging Fe all the way to potions.


“…well I did bring the books.” Felicia said, ignoring Stacy’s comment. 


“Oh! So that’s why your trunk weighed a million pounds! The hardcover ones too right? And I’m going to get another detention if we don’t get to our first one … SO MOVE!”


Fe glanced at the clock, panicked and began to jump up and down pointing at it attempting to talk. Everyone else was shocked at her sudden actions and then looked at the clock she was pointing at. The three gasped and they all sprinted to Slughorn’s office, which luckily, was located just around the corner.

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