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A Fanfic From Humble Beginnings (Marauder Era) by LadyDux14
Chapter 3 : There's A First Time For Everything.
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The next morning, Lily handed Stacy and Felicia their schedules. 

“Ugh,” Felicia said. “Double Potions right off the bat. That sucks.”

Lily looked up. “No, it doesn’t. I like Potions.”

“Yeah, because I’m so looking forward to listening to Sn—um, Slughorn, was it?”

Fe was busy getting sausages and biscuits for breakfast. Stacy noticed and said, “Just like lunch, Fe! Hot dogs and cookies!”

“Yeah, you’re right!”

Lily cut it, “Hey, I’m sorry, but we might want to consider actually going to class. It’s in the-”

“Dungeons,” James and Sirius said, coming up behind the girls. “But you probably already knew, didn’t you, Stacykins?”

Stacy glared at Fe, and said, “Yeah, we already knew it was in the dungeons, but it’s not like that’s a BIG SECRET or anything.”

James and Sirius both pales a little bit, and the five of them met up with Remus and Peter, and headed off to Potions.

They got toe the door and were greeted individually by Professor Slughorn.

“Potter, Black, Lupin, Pettigrew. In you go boys. And Lily! How are you, dear? And you must be our exchange students, who’s who now?”

Stacy and Felicia introduced them selves and took seats next to Lily’s table. 

Felicia nudged Stacy, and with a jerk of her head, said, “Evil person alert.”

Sure enough, Severus Snape had just taken his seat, which unwisely was right in front of James and Sirius.

Slughorn was now in the front of the room, motioning to a cauldron of thick, bubbling potion.

“We’re going to be studying this potion in depth for the next couple of weeks. It’s fairly advanced, so twenty points to whoever can tell me what it is.”

Lily’s hand shot up, seconds after Stacy’s did.

“Eager to prove yourself, aren’t you, Zuvie?”

“I guess,” Stacy said. “It’s Polyjuice Potion.”

“Exactly!” Slughorn beamed. “Can you tell us what it does for five extra points?”

“Sure,” Stacy said. “It transforms the user into someone else for an hour. The person they transform into depends on who the last ingredient is from.”

James, who along with Sirius, was throwing paperwads at Snape said, “So, I could become anyone I want to, if I could get something from that person?”

Slughorn smiled. “Theoritically, yes, Potter. But you technically can’t. We’re going to brew some, and the best potions, or the ones that meet MoM standards, will be distilled and sent to the Auror program. Please read the instructions for the Potion – they’re in the books in the corner – and take notes.”

Lily leaned over and said, “How’d you know all that? I thought I was the only one in our year that knew.”

“We read a lot, and practically memorize the books that we read,” Fe said. “Plus, some … friends…made it in their second year at the school in…Salem.”

Lily looked amazed. “Second years? Making this? It’s even advanced for us now! What are their names?”

Stacy hesitated, saying, “We were told to not reveal names from Salem to people over here.”

Lily looked dejected and continued her notes.

Half an hour later, Slughorn was back in front of class. “Your homework is to write an essay explaining where to find and how to harvest all the necessary ingredients for the Polyjuice Potion. Yes, Mr. Potter?”

“Is ‘taking them by hand out of your cupboard’ an acceptable answer?”

“No,” Slughorn said, before sighing. “Yes, Black?”

“We’ve seriously got homework then? You’ve got to be kidding! On the first day back?”

“Can’t we skip because it’s our first day here?” Fe asked.

“Yeah. We never get homework on the first day in America!” Stacy said, instantly regretting it.

“As much as you may think otherwise, all three of you, I’m the teacher, you’re the students, and you’re arguing with me. I’m sorry, but the four of you have detention. However, because it is Zuvie and Mato’s first class here, and because Zuvie outshined both Evans and Snape, I won’t take any points away. Class dismissed.”

Lily sped out of the room and Stacy started to pound her head on her desk.

Fe and Sirius looked at each other and said, at the same time, “What’s wrong with 

“Well,” James said. “Lily’s always been top in Potions, so Stacy coming in and outshining her probably bothered her a bit.”

“Oh,” Fe said. “I think Stacy’s angry at herself because she got her first ever detention on her first day at a new school.”

On the way to the common room, Sirius said, “We’re impressed! We only managed to land ourselves in detention on our second day at the castle. Congratulations, you beat our record!”

“I guess there’s a first time for everything,” James said. “Lily being outsmarted in Potions.”

“Me getting detention,” Stacy said, bitterly. “And by the way, I bet I could outsmart you in anything. Even in Transfiguration.”

“How’d you know I was good at that?”

“Same reason we know your secret,” Fe said, as they branched apart at the common room.

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A Fanfic From Humble Beginnings (Marauder Era): There's A First Time For Everything.


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