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Teach me Something Good by the_real_diamond
Chapter 5 : Dark Arts Lesson #1
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Disclaimer~ I don’t own the marauders, but I do indeed own Alex. I’ve always loved that name!

The next day, Sirius was still trying to get all this crazy information sunk into his head. He still had to go to three more classes before his first session with Alex. He himself had to admit, he was a bit scared. Not just of the lesson, but of Alex herself. She did have some scary qualities to her character. She gave him the creeps. Sirius had to wonder; does she even have any friends?

Putting that thought aside, he headed for the classroom of his nightmares, the Defense Against the Dark Arts class. He didn’t have any tutoring sessions yet, and there were some rumors that there was going to be a VERY hard pop quiz. Sirius prayed that the stories weren’t true.

He stepped into the room, and to his surprise, and displeasure, sitting in the chair next to his was none other than Alex. She had that devilish smile on again. Was she trying to torture him?

He reluctantly walked toward his desk when Professor Slughorn walked in and started teaching his class.

Sirius started writing on a small piece of paper and passed it to Alex.

Wat on EARTH r u doing here?

She read it, grimacing at the horrible grammar, and she returned it to him with a reply, and they kept passing it back and forth between each other.

The teachers put me in this class with you so I could help you.

Your lying! You just triked them in 2 putting u here so u could torture me!

Hey, do you think that I would want to be in the same class as you anyhow? And would it kill you to write better?

Sirius read the last comment and stuck his tongue out at Alex. That was when the professor noticed him.

“Ah, Mr. Black. Up to you’re no good shenanigans again, hmmm? Well then, perhaps there will be another detention for you, if it keeps up in my class.”

Sirius quickly and cleverly put a charm on the note to say something else, because he knew that it would be taken away from him, and read aloud to the entire class.

And it was.

“This is what it ways: Sirius, would you like to go out with me?” Sirius was grinning, but Alex was confused and had a really big urge to punch out a certain someone.

Sirius made a clever remark. “Professor, I’m flattered, really, but I will have to say that I decline. As for Alexandria, I do accept.” There was a smile on Sirius’s face that was so large, it could be seen from space. He stoked his fingers through his black hair, admiring his work.

Alex was getting red in the face, both of embarrassment and anger. She now knew that it was him who had changed the note. It was taking her all of her will power to stay in her seat and not staple him to the ceiling with a staple gun, and yes, she did have a staple gun.

There was a big “Oooooooo” in the classroom, and some small giggles, until Professor Slughorn quieted everyone down. It was a long class period for Alex after that moment. How would she be able to put up with the rest of the day?

After all of the classes were done, it was time. Sirius grabbed all of his things and put them in a bag. Then the horrible thought dawned on him. She’s gonna be ticked. Why did he do that to himself? He knew well that she was going to be very angry with him. After all, that was a very uncomfortable situation for Alex.

He dragged himself down to the courtyard to meet his fate. Then he saw it, and it wasn’t a pretty site. There stood a very angry looking Alex Coder in the middle of the courtyard, reading very angrily a book he saw titled, The Death of Those Who’ve Earned It. Now that was one of the scariest things he had ever seen. He didn’t even know there were books like that.

Alex looked up from her book. Let the lecture begin, Sirius thought. That’s what all of them do.

He was dead wrong about her. She walked up to him and, to his surprise, got a big smack on the face. “How could you do that to me!? That was the most humiliating moment of my life! And to think you were going to at least give me a little respect! Even just a LITTLE!”

Sirius got another smack. His left cheek was bright red, and pounding. He’s never seen such anger in a girl in his entire life. Most of the girls would be grateful if that happened to them. At least, that’s what he thought. He thought he was charming enough for anything.

“Let the lesson begin.”

Sirius was now really regretting what he had done. So much information, drowning his brain, being made to memorize names and places, and to top it off, tones of extra homework to do. Sirius was wondering if he would have to do all this if he hadn’t changed the note.

Probably not.

Sirius barely understood half of what Alex was saying. If he weren’t taking notes,(which he usually didn’t do) he might not have gotten any of it.

After eight o’ clock, something had hit Sirius’s toe. Then he realized that it was Alex. He went back to his dorm to meet up with his friends, all ready to tease him. Aren’t they ever so supportive?

He took his bag and turned it upside down and a bunch of papers flew out. He emptied out all the homework he had been given, and all of the marauder gang was stunned. “When’s all this due?”


“But Padfoot, we have to do stuff. What is crazy brunette trying to do? Murder you?”

“Wormtail, she is trying to drill all of this into my mind. She wants me to go mad and have to go to a mental institution! But her evil plot will not break me. My will is too strong!”

Remus spoke this time. “I don’t think so. One time, when you tried to get off your addiction of licorice wands, you gave up and stuffed your face. You ended up eating an entire bag after trying an hour! Padfoot, Will is dead.” Sirius frowned.

“Moony that was the saddest attempt at a joke I had ever heard. Now, shut up and help me with this. It’s going to take me forever.”

“No way! You got yourself into this situation. I’m not going to get you out. Your not going to learn anything unless you do it yourself.” That was the end of that conversation. Sirius got his bag and got to work on his homework, and, eventually, he actually finished.

The thing is, he ended at two thirty in the morning. After the last sentence was written on his paper, he drifted off to sleep.

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