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The Hard Life by killthatrat
Chapter 7 : Chapter 7 A Mutual Understanding
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Bill rubbed his hands together nervously, bouncing on the balls of his feet as he waited for his bride to arrive.

“Nervous brother?” Charlie questioned from beside him with a cheerful demeanor.

Bill and his five groomsmen stood in a line, all slightly nervous about the ceremony before them, but none more than the groom himself.

“No.” he said turning to look at his brother. “What’s there to be nervous about?”

“Nothing.” Charlie said knowingly. The two brothers stood silently, as everybody else continued their chatter. Charlie leaned close to his brother and whispered. “It’s always traditional for the bride to be late you know.”

“Yeah I know.” Bill said sighing.

“Stupid tradition.” Charlie replied with a laugh. It was all Bill needed to release the tension in his chest. He too laughed as he looked around the crowd that had gathered to see he and Fluer marry.

Suddenly the guest fell silent, heads turned around. Music began to play a slow melody that Bill did not know, as the first of the wedding party entered the large enclosure of trees where the ceremony was being held.

Gabrielle, now a young lady of twelve, entered wearing a royal blue bridesmaid dress, which came over one shoulder, but not the other. She smiled at her Mother and Father who were sitting in the front row with the Weasleys. She walked all the French grace she could muster and stood to the opposing side to the groomsmen.

Fluer’s friends Isobella, Elizah and Amelia entered after her, wearing the same dress, and when his sister entered he knew who would be next. He stood a little taller, and the guests stood up as Fluer entered. He smiled widely as she walked gracefully down the aisle towards him. She reached Bill and he took his hand in hers before whispering, “You look beautiful.”


“Need any help Mrs Weasley?” Harry asked entering the kitchen.

The wedding reception had begun; people were standing around discussing the beautiful wedding ceremony that had taken place. Many people from the order were present, including many of Bill and Fluer’s friends and family. He had never seen or met so many red heads in one place. However it was only the one red head that was bothering him. He couldn’t seem to keep his eyes off her, and Sirius kept giving him that knowing look every time he was caught at it.

It wasn’t his fault Ginny’s dress looked beautiful on her, or that her fiery red hair kept glistening in the dying sunlight. So to spare himself the obvious temptation, he had retreated to the kitchen to see if Mrs Weasley needed any help.

“Oh Harry dear! Well, you can stir that sauce for me. There’s not really that much to do, everybody has bought food of some description, which does make cooking easier.” Harry smiled at this reaction, knowing full well that Mrs Weasley was only more than happy to be cooking dinner for her Son’s wedding. He approached the stove and began stirring with a wooden spoon.

“Oh Harry put an apron on dear. You don’t want to get sauce all over your nice new shirt now do you.” She said brandishing a floral apron in his direction. He obliged and fastened it on as Mrs Weasley flicked her wand at a few things. Various platters of home cooked food flew towards the table, ready to be served.

“Here we are.” She said cheerfully, flicking her wand at the pot Harry was stirring. He dropped the spoon as the pot rose up and began to pour itself into a white ceramic jug that flew underneath just in time.

“What else?” He asked as he put the spoon into the sink.

“Nothing my dear.” Mrs Weasley replied turning towards him and pinching his cheek affectionately. “Go out and enjoy yourself. Just don’t forget to take off the apron. Ronald would laugh himself silly.”

“Oh.” Harry said taking off the apron, before heading back outside, this is why I went inside, so I wouldn’t have to go out side. He thought to himself with a laugh. Oh well no use being antisocial.

He approached Ron and Hermione, who were in deep conversation about the wedding.

“It wasn’t that different to a Muggle wedding you know Ron.” Hermione said in earnest.

“Yeah yeah yeah but did you see Fluer start to cry halfway through? What a nutter.”

Hermione rolled her eyes at him as she greeted Harry.

“You look nice.” He replied, referring to her light purple dress underneath her robes.

“Thankyou. Where have you been?”

“Just helping Mrs Weasley. Dinner’s almost ready.” He replied.

“Wrong there mate, it is ready. Come on.” Ron said rubbing his stomach. “Im starved.”

“I’m on a different table; I’ll see you later.” Hermione said as the group parted.

Ron and Harry approached the high table where the wedding party would be seated and sat down next to each other.

“You know, what exactly is the point of having groomsmen Harry?”

Harry considered this for a moment before answering, “How do you expect me to know? You’re right though all we did was stand there and watch.”

“Hmmm.” Ron replied as platters of food magically appeared on their table as it did the others. “Ooh, great food.”

Ron began piling up his plate with roast beef as Fred and George sat either side of them.

“Some wedding huh. It’s been years since we’ve seen Auntie Muriel.” Fred said in wonder.

“Yeah I didn’t realize she was really that old. I was practically yelling out my name to her. Memories not too good either.” George added, shoveling mashed potato into his mouth.

Harry laughed quietly at this as Ron continued. “Well there’s one family member that I’m glad isn’t present.”

There was a murmur of agreement between the four, as Harry asked, “Why didn’t he come?”

“He and Dad had another big fight, so Bill told him not to come.” Fred answered.

“Percy still wont admit that he was wrong about the whole you know who thing, and still reckons that Dad’s reputation is bringing him down in the ministry.” George continued.

“And he won’t apologize for calling you unbalanced and violent.” Ron finished.

“Oh. OK.”

They fell quiet as the rest of the wedding party sat down and also began to eat.

“Hey guys.” Ginny said as she plopped herself down across from them. “Ugh, if Auntie Muriel wants to pinch my cheek one more time I’m going to go insane. And she’s dying to meet you Harry.” She said pointedly, “Actually half our extended family is.”

Well that does explain why everyone seemed to be looking at me a lot. He thought to himself.

Harry forced a smile at this thought, and replied weakly, “Great.”

Everybody laughed at this, knowing how much he hated unwanted attention.

Harry looked around at the many people who had come, spotting Sirius and Hermione in deep conversation at a nearby table. However all eyes turned towards Bill and Fluer as they sat down, Fluer still in her modest wedding dress. The chatter continued as everybody continued eating the magnificent feast that everybody had helped prepare in some way. They continued eating and talking as the sun fully set, and the many floating candles lit up. It wasn’t long before soft music began to play, and Bill and Fluer stepped onto the dance floor to begin their first dance as husband and wife.

“You boys better not step on my feet when we all dance together.” Ginny said as she watched her brother and sister in law. Harry felt a whooping sensation in the pit of his stomach as the beast inside him began to applaud. Yes, he would get to dance with Ginny. Atleast now he had an excuse to look at her, he thought to himself forcing back a smile.

“Don’t worry sis.” Fred and George said in unison. “We will.”

Ginny rolled her eyes at this and then asked, “You wont will you Harry.”

“No.” Harry said melodramatically, “Only a little bit.”

Mrs Weasley stood up and made her way over to their table. “Come on you lot.” she whispered loudly in their ears. “Get up and join them!”

Harry sighed, Now?

“Awww Mum! Now?” Ron moaned from his chair. Harry began to stand and everybody followed suit, with the exception of Ron.

“Yes now! Come on get up!” She flustered about and began to pair the groomsmen up with the Bridesmaids. “Here, now Harry dear, this is Fluer’s friend from France, Elizah.”

A young French girl, whom he vaguely recognized from the Triwizard Tournament, stepped forward, wearing the same style dress as the other bridesmaids. He took her hand and they followed Charlie and Isobella onto the makeshift dance floor. Not knowing exactly what to say, he put his hand on her waist and took her other, before saying,

“Nice wedding hey.”

Elizah, paused, looking slightly confused as she put her remaining hand on his shoulder and they began to move on the spot.

“Jene sais pas anglais?” She replied.


“Jene sais pas anglais, parlez-vous francais?” She replied hopefully.

“You don’t speak English do you.” Harry asked, already knowing the answer.

“Jene comprends pas.” She replied laughing.

“Ok,” Harry said slowly, “This could be a very interesting conversation.”

“Je n’ai aucune idee qu’est-ce qui se passe.”

Harry laughed loudly as she continued, “Ce n’est pas grave.”

They continued this random chatter, which neither of them understood until the song finished, when they stopped dancing and changed partners. Harry was glad to see that others had also joined them by this stage. He leaned down slightly trying to interpret the words his new partner was saying to him through her accent, as they danced as well.

“I whaz so exchited zoo be meeting you Hawwy!” Gabrielle said as she grinned up at him.

“After you saved moi from zee lake, who could nhot?”

Harry simply nodded his head at this, once again not knowing exactly what to say to her.

“I’ve been telling all my-” She stopped mid sentence as she was tapped on the shoulder by Ginny.

“Can I cut in Gabrielle?” She asked sweetly. Gabrielle pouted and let go of Harry, then proceeded to stalk off in search of her mother.

“Isn’t it my job to cut in?” Harry asked with a smile as he placed his hands on her waist, very aware of how fast his heart had begun to beat.

“Well you looked like you needed saving from Gabrielle.”

Harry laughed at this. “I needed saving when I was dancing with Elizah. She doesn’t speak a word of English.”

Ginny laughed, and the beast inside his chest sat a little taller, having made her genuinely laugh.

“Yes, I too found that out the hard way. Poor thing, Fluer and her family have been translating for her ever since she got here last night.”

They began to sway on the spot, neither of them knowing exactly how to dance fashionably.

Ginny sighed as she began, “You know it doesn’t have to be like this Harry.”

His breath caught in his throat, as he replied in question, “Like what?”

“Like this.” She said looking up at him. “The forced conversations, the awkward smiles. Being friends isn’t going to get me killed.”

“Our conversations are not forced.” He replied as tried to focus on not stepping on her feet.

“You must admit it’s not like when we were friends before is it.”

He shrugged in a non-committal kind of way, agreeing even though he didn’t want to fully admit it. Obviously things were different now.

“You know, ‘You know who’ would have known about our relationship from the moment it started. The whole school knew, and Snape and Malfoy are not idiots unfortunately.”

“Yeah I know. Fred and Sirius took the liberty of pointing out what I already knew.” He said smiling slightly as he looked at her. But he looked away as he said, “But it’s more complicated than that, you know it is.”

“Oh.” Was all that she said. Ginny looked at the ground for a few moments as they continued dancing. She then all of a sudden perked up and said, “So when are you going to tell them?”

Harry did a double take, before asking, “Tell who what?”

Ginny looked at him incredulously. “Ron and Hermione. Tell them you can’t be friends anymore.”

Growing more confused than ever, he questioned, “Why would I tell them that?”

“Well if our relationship was putting me in danger, don’t you think your relationship with them would be putting them in danger also?” She said with a smirk.

Harry stuttered at this sentence, but launched into his own. “Well that’s obviously different.”


“Well…it just is!”

“But how?”

“Well, well I don’t know exactly, but it is!”

“Harry you can’t just keep protecting me like this. Just because we’re not together doesn’t mean you know who wouldn’t hurt me if he wanted to. Together or not, he could still swoop down on us at any moment.”

“Well, I don’t want to give him anymore incentive than he already has.”

“You know who doesn’t need incentive. You know that Harry.”

Harry fell completely silent at this, knowing that she and everybody else had made very good points.

“It’s just,” he began uncertainly. “It’s so complicated, I need time to think some things through. That’s all.”

He looked down to see Ginny smiling ever so slightly.

“Does this mean we’ve reached a mutual understanding?”

He sighed before replying, “Yeah, I guess so.” He looked into her eyes, and she smiled a little wider. She took a deep breath and said,

“Come on. Auntie Muriel really is dying to meet you.”

A/N hey sorry this chapter is a bit long. And it may have taken a few days to do this, I had really bad writer’s block. Can anybody tell me what those French phrases actually mean? Im not too sure that I got them right!  Anyway as always please review! (I’m very interested in what you want to get out of this story. What you want to happen etc!)
Looking forward to writing the next chapter, his Royal Highness (my baby nephew) is coming over tomorrow so maybe Saturday or Sunday night the next chapter might be up.


NB school goes back in one week so I do have to sometimes put school before writing, so chapters may not be as frequent, but as always I will do my best to not keep you waiting.

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