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Scarlet's Fangs by odd_profession
Chapter 1 : The court has spoken.
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The court has spoken.

The courtroom was buzzing with all sorts of noises. People were arguing and yelling all around me, about me. People who never even met me were make assumptions over me because of what I was. Could I help it? Honestly? Can any one help what they’re born as?

It was a cruel torture hearing vicious slurs tossed around as if they didn’t affect any one. Some people glared at me and others acted like I wasn’t even there and at the moment I wish I wasn’t.

I hadn’t done anything wrong. No the reason for my court date was something on the contrary. I am gifted with magic. The thing is I’m not from a wizard family. I’m not exactly muggle either. We live in the magical community and all we’re just looked upon as scum, the villains in those storybooks. We are Vampires.

Be fore you start thinking I’m some blood sucking maniac chill. I’m not anything like that. In fact I don’t drink human blood at all. I just like my steak extra rare. I think I’m pretty normal. You probably wouldn’t be able to tell I’m a Vamp if for one my eating habits weren’t what they were and, two my extremely pale skin. I can actually go in sunlight too. So there isn’t much that sets me apart from wizards, especially the fact I can do magic. Given I don’t exactly know how to use it yet.

This meeting was sort of pointless as well. I pretty much know they’re not going to let me into Hogwarts; my parents are the ones who are fighting for it. I could careless. I mean really if people are trying this hard to keep me out even if I do get in I don’t think they’re going to reconsider their views on the matter. Letting a fifteen-year-old Vampire roam the halls is very scandals.

“Ms. Tate,” The judge began. I know Scarlet Tate. Doesn’t leave the creepy effect it should. “I rule you case In favor of the Defendant.” I think my jaw actually fell open. What? I was going? I stood up trying to shake the feeling something could happen to me and I probably wouldn’t realize…is that my arm over there? I looked over to my parents who were extremely happy for getting their moneys worth from that lawyer. They had these greedy looking grins on their faces. You could practically see the cash signs rolling in their eyes. Yeah that’s what I was to them money. Everyone knows you can make more money if you have magic.

When I got home, which isn’t exactly home sweet home, I changed. Wearing that wool suit al day may look impressive but I’ll tell you it’s no fun. I threw on some pajama bottoms and an over sized T-shirt. My parents went out for a victory dinner with out me so I pulled out a steak from the fridge and ate it. Ahh if we only had some chicken. I love chicken. I think that why everything taste likes it. I get to start hell in a couple of days. Yes I get to go to the well sought after Hogwarts. I’m soooo exited. Wow was the sarcasm a little to evident?

The next couple of days went by slowly with out much happening. They were your average day. Get up, do chores, eat, go back to bed. I know they are so eventful. I should alert the media. Maybe tomorrow I heard a kitten got caught in a tree that defiantly trumps this.

I feel like sewing any one who came up with the idea of instant friends. You know in the movies there is generally one person who comes up with a nice gesture to the new kid? Not in real life. Real life you can’t just say hello to whom you want. You can’t say hello to boys unless you are in a group of three or more giggling and you can’t say hello to the girls with shiny pretty hair. Even the nerds want to see if they’ll like you first. I tried to make friends with this girl named Lily. Wow I can’t say I’ve ever seen someone look so scared yet so confident. She told me she was only interested in the living.

Another conmen misconception, I am not dead. I have a heartbeat and everything. Wizards just assume we are because ewe can ‘play dead,’ and stop our hearts when need be. The key word in that sentence being play. I have never really been dead. I sat in the aisle of the train for the ride. No one wanted me to sit with him or her. Well I can’t say all I stopped at compartment 53 I think I can guess though as to the results of the other students. I took out a pack of cards from my purse and began playing my self in war. So far my right is winning, or is it the left? Which ever I’m winning.

During the sorting I was told to sit down in the back and they’d sort me latter. It was like they were trying to cover me up. When they finally did sort me I was sorted into Slytherin. I don’t really like the name of it but I guess you can’t blame me. Things that slither are gross. I’m trying to remember what was so important about combing here. Let me tell you it’s like trying to remember what small item your supposed to find in the middle of haystack when you don’t know if your in the right field. Other words very, very hard.

“Excuse me? Aren’t you-“ The deep voice came from behind me.

A/N: Yes I intend to leave you there I hope you liked it please review it will encourage me to write more. Or not depending on what’s in it. I hope to update soon  promise to be longer chapters from now on J

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Scarlet's Fangs: The court has spoken.


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