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How To Save A Life by goodbyetoyou
Chapter 11 : Chapter 11: Sad Looks and Sickness.
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Chapter 11: Sad Looks and Sickness. 

A.N.: Gorg. chatper banner by the wonderful Overdose x3!!!


“I just don’t know, what am I supposed to do, Remus? Hey, by the way you have a child,” Jamie asked. Remus stared at her, watching her hair blow around in the wind. It was mid December and they were sitting outside by the lake.

“I don’t know, wait for the right time. Where is Rory anyway?” Remus said, surprised that Jamie was outside. It seemed like every moment she spent was with the small girl.

“Madam Shaft loves her. She says she thinks that a cold is coming on, but I know she really just wants to take care of her,” Jamie laughed. Remus laughed too as there was a giggle behind them. They both turned around to see Lily and James kissing

“Do they ever breathe,” Jamie asked scrunching her nose in disgust of the couple.

“So I have a small favor,” Lily asked James finally pulling apart, “Will you go to Room of Requirements and get me a bunch of tampons, I want to play a joke of Jamie.” James gave her a very weird look,

“Sure I guess.” He slowly walked away while Lily made her way to Remus and Jamie.

“You’re playing a prank on me,” Jamie asked raising an eyebrow.

“No, just seeing how far I can push him,” Lily smirked. They all laughed, but quieted as Colin walked passed them, shooting them sad looks. “He’s not very happy with you,” Lily whispered as he talked with all his friends.

“Not at all,” Jamie whispered.

“Nope, not at all,” Said another voice behind them, it was Sirius. Jamie laughed for he was agreeing with her without the slightest idea what was going on. Jamie and Sirius hadn’t been alone since that say in the hall way. They talked but never made plans to hang out; they just bumped into each other. It seemed that everywhere Sirius went Kara did too, so Jamie never stuck around long.

“Bye,” Jamie said grabbing her bag.

“Leaving as soon as I get here?” Sirius said hurt evident in his voice. Jamie put up five fingers. Four. Three. Two. One. As soon as her last one went down a voice yelled out,

“Sirbear! Honeybee, I thought you left me!” The voice belonged to Kara, who was walking towards them, putting on lip gloss. She was wearing a skirt, which mystified Jamie and Lily for it was 15 degrees out. Sirius rolled his eyes and looked towards Jamie. She shrugged,

“You’re dating her.” She and Lily took off like that, ignoring Kara’s evil glares. Remus began to pick up his stuff too.

“No, Moony, don’t leave me with her!” Sirius said, “10-4! 10-4!”

“What the hell is 10-4, Padfoot?”

“It means save me,” Sirius whispered.

“I’ll save you, Sirius,” Kara said, coming over before plopping her self in his lap, “Remus?”

“Mmhmm?” Remus mumbled throwing things in his bag.

“Go away.” Sirius’s jaw dropped as he shook his head no behind her.

“Gladly,” Remus said smiling at her. He walked by, not before kicking Sirius in the back. Sirius tried to smile at Kara, but it only came out as a grimace.


“I miss Rory,” Jamie grumbled sitting next to Tyler during Charms.

“Go get her,” Tyler yawned trying to do his charms essay in the five minutes they had.

“I tried,” Jamie moaned.


“She yelled at me,” Jamie said, as if she was in shock. Tyler sighed throwing an arm around her.

“That lady had issues.”


“That girl has issues,” Sirius yelled running into James.

“Padfoot, who,” James said raising an eyebrow.


“Oh, then dump her,” James said simply.

“Dump her!” Sirius yelled, “PRONGS YOU’RE A GENIUS!”

“Yes I know,” He said walking with Sirius back to the common room.

“Prongs,” Sirius said, “Why are you carrying tampons?”


Jamie had just fallen asleep when there were loud bangs upon one of the secret passageways.

“Ms. Smith, MS. SMITH!” The voice yelled. Jamie bolted up, before opening the door. She glanced at the clock; it was 12:34 am. Madam Shaft appeared to be shaken, and in a hurry. Jamie stifled a yawn and nodded her head to show she was listening, “It’s Rory. She had a fever of 104, won’t eat, won’t sleep, and won’t stop crying. She sick, darling!” Jamie eyes widen, now being fully awake. She ran through the portrait.

“Rory,” she yelled when she got there, “Rory!” Rory was indeed screaming out. Jamie picked her up, trying to soothe her. The screaming put fear into Jamie’s heart, she could feel her face becoming soaked as she sobbed, seeing her daughter in pain. Rory’s head felt warm. You couldn’t see her warm brown eyes because they were squinted in pain. Jamie bit her lip, having no idea what to do, just knowing she couldn’t see her daughter this way. She quickly handed her to Madam Shaft, not being able to take it, “I’ll be right back,” She sobbed, and ignoring the nurse’s calls, ran through the hole.

“Tyler, Tyler,” Jamie yelled, running in, she tripped and fell on her face. She was breathing through her teeth and she recognized what was happening: She was breaking down. Tyler waddled out yawning muttering about how Jamie needed therapy, then seeing Jamie on the floor, blood dripping from her elbow which she fell on, immediately ran towards her.

“Jamie, breathe,” Tyler whispered picking her up, he had witnessed her break down once before. When she broke up with Sirius. It was a lot like this, we was sobbing, and breathing through her teeth. Only that time, she was able to deal with everything she had to first, holding her pain until the weekend where she could just deal with her pain. Here, Jamie knew she wasn’t going to be able to deal with anything else. Her daughter was sick, and she had no idea with what. All she knew was that her daughter was in immense pain. Jamie wished, with everything she had, that she could take that pain away. But singing Rory a song or holding her wasn’t going to do it this time. “What’s wrong?”

“Rory,” Jamie croaked, “She’s sick. She is screaming in pain!” Tyler gasped, before lifting her up and running to the hospital wing. The cries of a little girl were heard through out the hospital wing, but no more screaming. Tyler put Jamie down, running inside. The blood was now dripping through Jamie’s long sleeved, white shirt but she didn’t notice.

“Is she ok,” Jamie cried. Tyler was watching his sister fall apart, and it scared him. She was always the strong one. No matter what happened between them, she was always the one who made it through. When she found about Rory, she told Tyler immediately, with Lily. While Tyler and Lily freaked out, Jamie calmly decided what to do. Madam Shaft sighed,

“She’s sick, I’m not sure with what though. I gave her a potion to help out with the pain-”

“She’s in pain,” Jamie interrupted. She knew this, but she needed to hear it from Madam Shaft.

“She was, I need your permission to give her a sleeping potion,” Madam Shaft whispered, feeling bad for the young mother.

“Will it help her,” Jamie said, her voice becoming hoarse, “If so then yes.” Madam Shaft disappeared into her office where Rory was. Jamie sat there shaking, not knowing what to do. 

A.N.: I love you all very much. But what makes me sad? when my reviews and reads go down because i think my story is getting worse. so please Review. Ugh sorry not writing alot, but really really really tired“You broke the train! Blimy, Jamie, you broke the train,” Sirius smirked, “You’re a train wreaker!”

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How To Save A Life: Chapter 11: Sad Looks and Sickness.


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