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Those Few Small Details by Foxlilly5
Chapter 3 : Back Of My Mind
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Ginny smiled as she peeked out the window into the back garden. A slight breeze rustled the healthy green grass; the skies were a perfect blue. It was the perfect day, and the day she was to be married.

My cheeks used to turn pink when I saw him, my palms sweaty...I must have looked so weird trying to smile at him. I couldn’t stand straight, it was a young girl’s crush but now we’re getting married. This is too good to be true, we’ll have children, and we’ll have our own house soon. Everything is going to turn out as planned, my life is set, everything is going according to plan, I love my life, and the only life I could love is one with Harry in it.
A dreamy face came over Ginny as she remembered back to when Harry proposed... 

It was a glorious day. Harry apparated next to her, the whole wizarding world was in an uproar. Hats were being thrown into the air, fireworks trumpeted with showery blasts into the sky. Ministry members paraded the streets cheering, the Leaky Cauldron was giving out free drinks for all (and it was being shipped all over Britain). Gatherings of people crowded the streets regardless of the Muggle community. Tears were shed, laughter rang in their ears.

“Harry! Oh Harry you did it! You defeated Voldemort!”
Ginny had wiped tears away from her eyes as Harry; covered in blood, picked her up and swung her around. Her eyes had sparkled; she threw her hands around his neck. The next thing she knew a group of people ran over to hug Harry, congratulate him, and whisper their thanks to him. Harry had graciously thanked them, but his concentration was full on Ginny. When the crowed moved on to celebrate, and it had been indeed made clear that Voldemort was gone, and his Death Eaters defeated, Harry moved Ginny over, took her hand and apparated.
The next thing she had known was she was standing on the outskirts of the Hogwarts grounds, the warm spring air hung all around them, and she smiled standing in silence gazing into his eyes. Harry took her hand and led her through the gates; never taking his gaze away from her for a second. When they reached the lake Harry took both her hands into his; they just looked at each other in shock; they were alive and it was over. Overlooking the Lake, Harry had bent down on one knee, reached into his pocket with sure, steady hands, then said choking up with tears “Ginny, will you marry me?” 

Ginny found herself back in her room, tears flooding her face as she remembered what she had known to be the best day of her life. Voldemort was gone, and not in the he’s-gone-but-not-dead gone, it was true, he was really truly gone.

Her thoughts were interrupted “Ginny, you in there?”

Ginny turned around to see the door open and in walked Bill. He smiled and his mouth stood agape. Ginny could almost read his mind, he had never seen her look so beautiful and he was proud of her. She had gotten that look a lot lately but for some reason it meant a lot coming from Bill.

“Ginny, you look...amazing!” He said his eyes filled with awe

“Thank you.” She breathed

“So, you’re the second one, the second Weasley to get married, you must be proud!”

“I am.” She responded shyly, this was an awkward moment for the both of them

They stood there for a minute not daring to glance at each other. Finally Bill moved closer and sat on Ginny’s bed. His hands went straight to his long pony tail and he twirled a strand of hair around his finger while he cleared his throat before continuing.

“You know, Ginny, it is alright to feel a certain sense of...Oh I don’t know, fear, second thoughts, but it’s gunna be alright! I felt the same thing before marrying Fleur and now we are really happy together. I knew I had made the right decision, and I know you don’t think much of Fleur-”

“No! No, Bill...I have changed my mind about her, she really isn’t so know...once you get to know her.” Ginny admitted

“Yeah...yeah she really isn’t” continued Bill smiling “But, Harry is a great guy Ginny, and I know he loves you, your making the right choice, I just thought I’d let you know that.”

He waited patiently for her to answer but Ginny just nodded and blushed. A tear ran down her face, but it was more of happiness that anything. Bill walked over and wiped it from her eyes.

“People are arriving now Ginny, I’m going to go down and great them.”

With that he gave her shoulder a small squeeze and left the room. Ginny looked once again out the window. Bill was right, the chairs were being filled up, through the slits in the white blinds she could see Charlie and his new girlfriend what’s-her-name, along with Tonks, Kingsley and most of the order. She knew it was almost time; she would have to go down soon. Taking one last breath she closed her eyes in a half-meditative state, then opened the door and slowly walked down the stairs. 


Hermione had scanned through most of the books, or at least what she had considered her ‘favorites’...which ended up being most of the books. Ron sighed in a bored tone, until finally Hermione rolled her eyes and agreed to leave.

“Where-to next then?” she asked in an annoyed tone tossing aside ‘Magical Brews for fantastic stews!’; as if there was nothing that could be better than searching the Library.

“We are going to look at the Great Hall, then maybe take a poke at the teachers lounge, and then try to get into the Room of Requirements. I mean, why not? We’re here aren’t we? Might as well check out all the cool stuff we couldn’t see before!” argued Ron

Harry didn’t care where they went as long as it was in Hogwarts. He hadn’t properly enjoyed his last year here because he didn’t come in his seventh year. The only reason he ever ended up becoming an Auror was because he was the one to slay Voldemort and the Ministry felt he was as qualified as any other one of the Aurors in the office. Hogwarts had always been his second home, or what he considered his first because the Dursley’s in his mind, didn’t count.

“I wonder where all the ghosts are?” he said more to himself

Hermione looked at him then admitting she didn’t know the answer to something for once looked defeated and shrugged “Probably on vacation, you can’t expect everyone besides Myrtle to stick around all year!”

Ron wasn’t listening, he was working his way up sets of stairs and Harry and Hermione followed. Finally they came to the portrait of the Fat Lady. “How dare you! You scoundrels!” she scolded when she saw them, however she smiled and swung open for them whispering “Special privileges are given to those who kill the dark lord!”

Harry blushed but pushed through and climbed into the familiar common room. It was empty and surprisingly clean, the absence of noise and activity gave it an almost lonely look. It was awaiting the next year’s regular students. Harry, surprisingly, found himself feeling a twang of sadness when he realized that he would never be back at Hogwarts as a student. Glancing around the room he decided that someday he would maybe come back to Hogwarts and teach Defense against the Dark Arts.

All three of them settled on the couch. Harry knew it was time but for once he didn’t feel like talking. It had been almost four months since he defeated Voldemort, Ginny and his’ wedding was a quick arrangement, but he still hadn’t told anyone exactly all the details of what had happened. It had been too terrible, but he knew now, sitting here in ‘their spot’ that it was time.

Their looks suggested they were ready to.

“Okay.” He nodded. 

Authors note: Sorry this wasn't very long guys but I promis longer ones coming up VERY soon, and some twists to the plot...



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Those Few Small Details: Back Of My Mind


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