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The Polyjuice Potion Baby by dragonpen
Chapter 15 : Harry's Fight
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Hermione had never thought she could be this miserable at school. She had two great friends, a boyfriend, but she needed her baby. Hermione buried her head in schoolwork trying to forget about Carrina for a while. Anything that reminded her of her baby just made her cry. Yes, it was sad, but Hermione didn't know how to fix it. Neither did Draco, Ron, or Harry. This was her the first week back. Slowly though, Hermione became more and more like her old self.

While Draco was buried in schoolwork as well, he had managed to find time to play Quidditch, laugh with his friends at meals, but Hermione was struggling to do things like that. Draco had tried to be there for her, but now back in the castle they could only see each other so much.

Neither had a good night back, both feeling their beds were missing a person. Only seeing each other in a few classes was weird too. Draco was once again surrounded by Slytherins his age, and not a baby and Hermione. Hermione was also with Gryffindors her age and no baby. It was almost as if Carrina was a dream.

Being back in Hogwarts spiraled them back into time. It was as if they were still at the end of their sixth year, carefree teenagers. Well, not carefree but that was besides the point. It took a while to get back into the swing of things, but once they had February almost seemed like a lifetime ago. They went back to old habits and talked happily of upcoming tests and Hogsmeade trips.

The months passed and Carrina and the cottage felt further and further away. Harry, Ron, and Hermione were just walking back from Hagrid's as the sun went down when a blast was heard from the forest. It was early June and the trio's laughs came to an abrupt stop.

"What was that?" Harry asked pulling out his wand.

"Don't know, but whatever it is, lets run!" Ron reasoned. Nothing from the forest could be good news. They were straining their legs, getting up the hill quickly, when a voice erupted. Whipping around to face the voice the three teens wore anxious expressions and reached into their pockets for their wands.

Staggering out of the forest was a dark brown haired wizard wrapped in a black cloak holding a bottle in one hand and a wand in the other. "And this is for me!" He shrieked sending a blast of blue to streak across the grounds into the Whomping Willow.

On impact the tree reared up and had branches swinging everywhere. Forgetting about the castle the teens raced sideways in a mad dash to steer clear of the tree branches' range. Stumbling over each other they landed on the grass in a tangle of limbs. Hermione could distinctly feel Ron's foot pushing into her gut but was distracted from this by more sounds.

The obviously drunk wizard cackled madly falling to the ground in a fit of giggles. "The tree's alive! The tree's alive!" He yelled at the sky before flinging his wand around. His waves managed to get a rock levitated into the air, and then he shot it off in the direction of Hagrid's hut.

Harry, Ron, and Hermione stared, unable to comprehend what could possibly be going on. They heard a far away clinking and the air was filled with Fang's barks. Hagrid's voice seemed to be moving and soon enough he came into sight.

The first thing the half giant saw was Harry, Ron, and Hermione in a lump on the ground three pairs of wide eyes staring at him. The Whompimg Willow was thrashing about in a rage too he noticed. Adopting a puzzled expression he surveyed the grounds and then he heard it. Giggling. Searching for the source he found it laying in the grass.

Squinting he thumped his way over and stopped. He knew that face. Still a few good yards away from the oblivious wizard his face turned red and an explosion was building up. "Rodolphus" he growled.

The man's giggles suddenly stopped and looked up a grin spreading on his face. "I'm gonna kill ya' you scumbag!" Hagrid roared launching himself on the grinning death eater.

Harry's eyes widened and he squirmed out of the tangle sprinting down the hill, Hermione and Ron hot on his heels. Pulling out their wands they all pointed and casted, sending Hagrid through the air to land on his back three yards away.

Deatheater or not, they weren't going to let Hagrid beat someone to death. And he would have too, being as big as he is. To be honest though, this man already looked almost dead.

The man seemed to realize he wasn't being beaten anymore as his red rimmed eyes started moving around underneath his bruised and bleeding face. Ow, it looked like Hagrid had already broken his jaw and nose. Hermione felt nauseous and Harry and Ron both grimaced.

All traces of the giddy man from a few minutes ago were erased. He looked miserable, but not from Hagrid's beating.

This man looked worse than he did when he was in Azkaban. Finally seeing his rescuers he looked up and locked eyes with Harry. His eyes started brimming with tears and he choked out "Please, let me die." Hermione gasped and Harry felt his chest drop.

"I...I'm nothin' without, without. Oh god! I miss her so much! Why did she have to die?" He choked, tears now flowing freely over his cut and battered face. The salty tears mixing with the blood.

"Bella" he whispered his face showing pure heartbreak. "God Bella, who killed you? How? I.. I." He never finished. He just sobbed.

Harry felt as if his chest was being squeezed to the point of bursting. He had never felt so much guilt. This man wanted to die because of what he, Harry, had done to his wife. He was responsible for this misery. He was responsible for tearing another man inside out.

Ron was staring at the man in awe but Hermione glanced Harry's way and took a sharp breath. Harry was white. He was pale and looked sickly.

"Harry?" She asked quietly and Harry turned his head slowly towards her. He had tears streaming down his face. "Harry?" She asked again with rising panic.

Harry gulped and let out a choked sob. He couldn't take it. He had to admit it. It would kill him if he didn't. "I did this. I...I. I killed her." He admitted quietly. Ron's head spun around so fast he should have gotten whiplash and Hermione's jaw dropped.

"What?" She asked not believing what he just said.

"It was, it was the last day of summer. She came to kill me and I just, I was supposed to be self defense" he whispered the last part no longer looking at them. He was staring into the trees blankly oblivious to the world around him. Rodolphus had his face in the ground and was crying as he had been doing during Harry's admission. It was obvious he hadn't heard a word anyone had said.

Hagrid, on the other hand, had regained his awareness. He was sitting up his eyes big just having heard the conversation. "Well, she deserved it Harry. ‘Ya did the righ' thing." He said softly to Harry's back. He didn't want to upset Harry but she had been evil. She had deserved it.

No one answered him. Ron just stared at Harry's back still in shock of what his best mate had said. Hermione looked down at the ground and Rodolphus continued grieving in his own little world. Finally Hermione broke it. "No one deserves death Hagrid. No whole person. Voldermort has to be stopped because Tom died a long time ago. Voldermort is just a shell of him living off power."

Hermione's words hit home for Harry. They shook him out of his daze and he set a new goal. Harry gave a small nod and tried to gulp down the lump in his throat. "Yeah, Voldermort." Turning around to face his friends he took a deep breath. "This has to stop. Now. I'm killing him now." He stated. He had enough. He couldn't stand being responsible for another death. He was killing Voldermort and that was it.

Hagrid and Ron looked at him as if about to argue, but they both decided not to at the last minute. Hermione reached out and gave his hand a tight squeeze. He mustered up a little smile for her and squeezed back genuinely thankful for her support. "So how you gonna find him?" Ron asked and Harry looked down at the sobbing death eater.

"Know where Malfoy Manor is?" He asked and Hermione nodded. She knew. It was in Wiltshire.

Telling Hagrid to go to Dumbledore and tell him Rodolphus was out here, the three made their way to the dungeons. Hermione took a deep breath and knocked on the wall. A fourth year opened it curiously and Hermione stared at the Slytherin.

"I need to talk to Draco Malfoy." She said and the boy nodded before scurrying off to the boy's dorms to fetch him. Normally a Slytherin wouldn't be acting this way but the grim looking seventh years were a bit intimidating. Especially since Harry Potter was included in the group.

Draco looking confused made his way down the stairs and across the common room. He still had on his shirt and pants from their uniform but had no shoes or robes. "Hermione? Potter, Weasley. What's going on?" He acknowledged them not liking their expressions.

"We need to see your father." Harry informed him. Draco, not breaking his gaze with Harry, accioed his shoes. The four made their way up to Dumbledore, Draco sensing that something big was happening tonight. Making it into the Headmaster's office Harry stared at Dumbledore and simply said "We need to use your fireplace."

Dumbledore stared at him surprised until a smile formed. He gave them a knowing look and whispered "Good luck." Two minutes later the four were in the Malfoy's living room.

"Father?" Draco called out and was answered by his mother.

"Draco, is that you?" The woman made her way down the stairs carrying a baby in her arms she had just gotten to sleep. Hermione gasped and ran for her. Scooping her up she held her baby and cried happily. She forgot why they were there or what they had just seen earlier that night. All she knew was she had her baby in her arms again.

Oh she looked so.....small? She was bigger than last time, but she didn't look four months old. She was small, like she wasn't four months old yet. Hermione shrugged it off though. What did she know about how fast baby's are supposed to grow? Draco came next kissing his daughter's forehead staring fondly at her.

He had missed Carrina as much as Hermione had. Next were Harry and Ron who had their first look at their best friend's baby. She was adorable. The moment was broken by Mrs. Malfoy's voice. "Why are you all here?" She asked, not having expected Hermione and Draco for two more weeks.

This snapped everyone out of their awe and they all looked up from Carrina. "Good question. Why are we here Potter?" asked Draco still not sure what was going on.

Why was he here? He was here because after seeing Rodolphus like that he realized death eaters care as much about their families as anyone else. He was here because Hermione's daughter was Lucius Malfoy's granddaughter. He was here because he was desperate and willing to take a chance. He was here because "I want to ask Mr. Malfoy if he has any ideas about the Dark Lord's location."

Yeah, he said Dark Lord. It was something about this house. Something about being here asking for a deatheater's help. It seemed like the polite thing to do. He didn't want to insult the only people who might help him by calling the powerful wizard Voldermort.

Ron, Draco, and Mrs. Malfoy all gasped. Hermione only gulped having had a suspicion that was what Harry had been thinking. "Leave before you all die." Mrs. Malfoy hissed angrily but Harry stood his ground.

The door at the front of the house swung open and all turned worriedly towards the direction of it but Harry. He was still staring intensely at Mrs. Malfoy.

"Here." Hermione whispered giving him Carrina to hold. Harry took her, shock on his face. He looked at Hermione curiously but she had already turned back around facing the entranceway to the living room. Two minutes of worried silence lapsed before Mr. Malfoy made his way into the room.

He took in the sight before him and pulled out his wand. "Potter." He growled his wand tip already glowing green. It was in those five seconds Harry finally realized what Hermione had done.

"Careful with that sir, I wouldn't want to wake...the baby." He finished lamely. He was going to say the baby's name but it had slipped his mind. He knew Hermione had told him and Ron the name in some letter in January but he had sort of forgotten it. It was some Latin name.....did it start with a K?

Upon realizing his granddaughter was in Potter's arms he quickly lowered his wand. "What do you want?" He sneered eyes flashing anger. So far he had muggles, mudbloods, Potter, and Weasley in his house. Draco was lucky his father loved him so much.

This was it. Harry had to become a damn good persuader. "To give you freedom. To let you have a happy and long life with your family." It was two sentences but they carried the weight of the wizarding world.

Every person stared at Harry, his meaning not lost on anyone. If Lucius helped him and Harry managed to defeat Voldermort, Harry would keep Lucius out of jail. He wouldn't be charged with a single thing. If Lucius refused to help and Harry defeated Voldermort any ways, Lucius could expect to see jail bars for the rest of his days.

Lucius struggled. Deep inside him he really did want to be free from any Lord. He wanted to live in his house with his expanding family without having to worry every other day about making his Lord angry and being killed. He also never wanted Voldermort to have so much power that he sentenced less than pure wizards and witches to death. That would mean his granddaughter could die. And this was a chance to escape jail.

"Number 13 Railwood Drive, Surrey." It went without saying he had killed the previous residents before moving in. Narcissa started crying silently and Draco stared in wonder at his father.

Harry nodded and handed Carrina to Draco who was closest to him before apparating. "Harry!" Hermione yelled at the spot he had just disappeared from. She was worried. Every book she had read these past months all said the same thing. Harry wouldn't be able to defeat him alone.

Harry found himself in a dark entranceway and his scar seared. Voldermort was close, he could feel it. Drawing his wand he sprinted up the stairs his scar leading him to a locked room at the end of the hallway. Blasting it open he shouted "Adva Kedava!" A green stream met his as he had predicted and he was lifted into the air with Voldermort facing him.

Voldermort had no time to wonder how Potter had found him. If he had to guess it would be Lestrange blurted something out in a drunken rambling. He knew he should have killed him. Ever since he had told Lestrange his wife was dead he had been useless. Voldermort had no use for depressed deatheaters.

The sap had held up hope Bellatrix would return one day for months until Voldermort grew tired of it. Not caring he was shattering the man's world he informed Lestrange he knew Bellatrix had died since September. Ever since then Lestrange had been hopeless. Damn deatheaters with their bloody emotions.

It was like fourth year as he knew it would be. Ghosts streamed out of Voldermort's wand, but this time a ghost came out of Harry's as well. The ghost of Bellatrix Lestrange was next to him and he could see Voldermort's red slits widening in surprise. Who thought the 'golden boy' could have killed? No matter. He would kill this boy in but a few moments.

They both struggled trying to overpower each other. It was a tug of war and both wizards were using all their strength. Minutes passed and Harry was breaking.

He had Bellatrix screaming at him trying to distract him, sweat pouring off him, and the encouragements of Voldermort's victims seemed worlds away. He was desperately thinking about all the people he had lost to this monster, the childhood he had lost, but it wasn't working. He lost more of the struggle and Voldermort's green stream was reaching closer and closer to him.

The door burst open. Hermione and Ron had followed Harry once he had gone and were now panting at the door. Unlike Harry they couldn't tell where Voldermort was, and had checked the basement first before heading upstairs. Running around the house made them a little out breath, but it was nothing compared to the faltering strength of Harry.

The two were scared stiff. Harry was losing. They had never seen something so terrifying. Wild strands of magic whipped around forming a sphere around Voldermort and Harry, and Harry looked as if he was about to pass out. Voldermort's spell was only a foot away from killing him. "Harry!" Ron screamed and Hermione looked around desperately for an object. No spell could penetrate the sphere, but maybe an ordinary object could.

Throwing a lamp at Voldermort with all her strength it met the sphere, and the strands of magic tore it to shreds. She shrieked as glass and metal rained down, one piece slicing her arm. "Harry! Hang on! We believe in you!" She screamed frantically searching her mind for anything that could help. Nothing! She had never felt so scared and helpless her entire life. Years of reading and studying as she had no idea what to do.

No, she did. It all came back to sacrifice. She sobbed refusing that as a solution.

Looking up she saw Voldermort gain another two inches and she shrieked. If Harry died Voldermort would be unstoppable. The wizarding world would be under a reign of terror. If she didn't so this she could be responsible for countless lives being lost. Voldermort had to be stopped, no matter what.

She had to do it. She choked back sobs. To stop Voldermort an innocent would have to be sacrificed. None of them were innocent though. None, except for Carrina. If Voldermort killed someone innocent, the spell would rebound and kill him as well. It was an old magic Hermione had read about that was forgotten about for ages. It was to keep parents from killing unwanted children centuries ago. Any killing curse directed at an innocent creature and the caster would die too. It was like unicorn blood. Hurting something that pure gave the drinker a half life. Killing someone innocent would give the caster no life.

Apparating to the manor she grabbed Carrina out of Draco's arms and apparated right back. The sounds of the wild magic woke Carrina up, and she shrieked at the sight before her. She wailed loudly and Hermione did too.

She couldn't believes she was going to do this. There had to be another way, but alas there wasn't.

It was the only way. Harry was only four inches away from death now. Her heart broke and her chest felt leaden. She levitated Carrina up into the air where she cried her little lungs out right outside of the sphere. Hermione stopped moving hoping desperatly for a miracle. For Harry to suddenly find a surge of power and beat Voldermort.

None. Now there was three inches, two, Harry's eyes had closed. He would die in the next few seconds. In a few seconds all of wizarding kind would be doomed if Hermione didn't do what had to be done. Why was fate so cruel?

Crying her mouth wide opened, her throat to tight to cry any other way she pushed her baby into the sphere in front of Harry. The green stream hit Carrina's chest and she shrieked louder than a baby should be able to. Hermione shrieked along with her baby feeling as if she was dying inside.

A second later the stream bounced off Carrina right towards Voldermort who was too slow to stop it. His slits were wide and he watched the green come at him disbelievingly.

The strands of magic shrunk back into the wands and the sphere was no more. Harry, Carrina, and Voldermort all dropped to the floor. Carrina and Voldermort were still but Harry was breathing heavily his eyes closed.

Hermione fell to the floor hitting it with her fists sobbing like a mad woman. Ron stared in shock and then collapsed by Hermione sobbing freely as well.

Only ten hours later there was a funeral at Clover Cottage for one Carrina Naidia Malfoy. There was never a funeral for Voldermort, but it was certain that he was dead. He would never be coming back. His body was at the ministry where some unspeakables were studying it in one of their many rooms.

Harry did recover and the trio sat at the funeral along with Draco, Mr. and Mrs. Malfoy, and Mr. and Mrs. Granger. Everyone had always thought people would have to die to rid the world of Voldermort, but no one suspected that person would have been an innocent four-month old baby. The room was full of crying people. Even the men, including Lucius, had tears in their eyes.

Draco was making his speech with a choked up voice when Hermione jumped up. Her sobs abruptly stopped as she heard one word. "What?" She asked disbelievingly.

Draco frowned at her and repeated his words. "Her silver-blue eyes shone with innocence."

"Yeah" Hermione said finally having stopped crying. "Her eyes were silver- brown." She corrected and Draco frowned.

"No they weren't. I saw them. They were silver-blue."

Marching up to the casket she shot a spell at her baby making her eyes open. Her daughter had died a hero and Hermione wanted every detail about her remembered correctly. Including eye color. She blinked and gasped. There were silver-blue lifeless eyes staring back at her. "But they were silver-brown! I'm sure of it!" She said hysterically. She knew her daughter, how could she have been mistaken?

Just then the lifeless eyes started to change. They were silver-brown just like she had remembered them, and they had life! Carrina's arms started moving and she let out an 'aaah!'

At this noise everyone jumped out of their chairs and ran to the casket. Hermione thought she was going to faint. What was going on?

Tears stopped as everyone ragarded this new development with fear and panic. What in the world was happening?

No one wanted to touch the reanimated corpse but seeing her mommy and daddy looking at her funny Carrina's smile instantly turned into confusion. She started to whimper but when no one made a move to pick her up she started crying.

Blinking Draco finally picked her up and feeling odd cradled her in his arms. She was warm, it was like she had never died. Running to Saint Mungos they rushed the baby to a healer and all eight people explained what had happened. The healer studied Carrina for over an hour before he finally came back with results.

All eight people sat up and stared intently at him. "Your baby had polyjuice potion running through her blood. We've never seen anything like it. It's like she was born with it inside her system."

"From your descriptions I believe she turned into two different people. One day she was a baby with silver-blue eyes, and then the next day she was another baby with silver-brown eyes."

They all stared at each other and then Hermione spoke up. Unable to convey all her overwhelming emotions, she talked logically. It was the only way she could keep sane. "She did have a little bit curlier hair every other day." Draco, Hermione, and their parents all thought back while Harry and Ron watched them in shock.

The healer decided this was his cue to continue. "When she died, she died. The baby that had silver-blue eyes is gone, but the one with silver-brown eyes is still very much alive."

"So, our daughter is just going to be dead every other day?" Draco asked his voice on borderline hysterical.

"No, we can drain the polyjuice potion out of her system which means she will simply stay one baby. Before it was as if two different babies took turns living. They both are, or were, only two months old. " Draco and Hermione nodded numbly and agreed to let them do it. This was too much. They were just coming to grips with the fact their daughter was dead and now she was alive again. And before, they had two babies trapped inside one body? It was all very confusing.

An hour later a smiling baby was handed to Hermione and she sobbed. She had her daughter back. Draco came over and let his daughter swat at his finger smiling.

Being a polyjuice potion baby had saved her life, but now they just had a normal baby.

They were the proud parents of one Carrina Naidia Malfoy. A two month year old baby with silver-brown eyes and somewhat curly blonde hair. Voldermort was gone and life was going to be good. They had gotten their happy ending after all.


(A/N: Well that's the end. If the science doesn't make sense to you sorry. I just really wanted a happy ending. If you want you can pretend it ended with Carrina dying. Also, for those who hate the fact she died, I'll explain. Lily Potter was sacrificed to weaken Voldermort so bringing him down for good seemed like it needed a bigger sacrifice. The sacrifice of a baby seemed bigger to me, and more than enough to kill him. Hope you enjoyed it and now that I'm done writing it I do plan on going back and editing some spelling errors. Feel free to leave a review and to all the people who reviewed while I was writing it thank you so much. ~ Dragonpen )

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The Polyjuice Potion Baby: Harry's Fight


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