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Have A Little Faith... by fredthefrog252
Chapter 13 : Chapter 13 – Chums, Crumpets & Cracking Shots
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Chapter 13 – Chums, Crumpets & Cracking Shots
“Why thank you kind sir,” Faith smiled stepping through the portrait hole as Sirius held it open.

He bowed before stepping through after her.

The Common room went silent.

“Run for your lives!” Peter screamed.

The room erupted. First years ran around gathering their things before springing up the stairs.

Peter was frantically running around crashing into things until he decided to hide behind a door.

Faith looked bewilderedly at Sirius before shrugging, linking arms and skipping over to James, Lily, Remus, Alice and Frank who were sitting at a table laughing.

“Good evening gentle-viewers. We hope you enjoyed the show!” Faith smiled taking a small bow with Sirius.

“I swear Peter nearly shit himself when you two walked in.” James said clutching his side in mirth.

“Sorted out your issues then?” Lily asked. “What’d McGonogall do to you?”

“Well,” Faith began. “After yelling at us about splitting the school in two, causing fights, stirring up a series of bets – which, by the way James, your gonna need for medical bills – Minnie McG, my new favorite teacher locked us in the room of requirement to razzle it out for a couple of hours.

“Except the room was a padded cell that had an anti-violence charm and she has our wands,” Sirius added.

“So what your saying is you sorted this out by acting mature and talking it over to reach a compromise?” Lily questioned looking between them incredulously.

“Pfft. No,” Faith chuckled. “We spent the first five hours ignoring each other, then we played paper, scissors, rock, then I threw a knife at his head, then we acted all growded up.”

“Oh but of course.” Lily mumbled, mostly to her self as nobody was listening.

“I’m just glad you sorted it out cause we’ve got quidditch tomorrow,”

“Quidditch!” Lily huffed – again to herself – before muttering darkly under her breath about something along the lines of “stupid” and “barbaric sports”.

”Gryffindor versus Ravenclaw. You guys sure you won’t kill each other?”

“Jamsie, Jamsie, Jamsie,” Faith sighed sitting on his lap and wrapping her arms around his neck. “I feel this little tiff has strengthened our relationship. Peas in an effing pod am I right JJ?”

Sirius nodded.

“JJ…?” James muttered looking between the two.

“Good night James.” She said patting him on the head.


“And Longbottom scores. Gryffindor lead 20-10,” The commentators voice called over the noise of the crowd.

Faith was flying around the hoops at the Ravenclaw end. She darted forward swinging her club so it hit a bludgers a way from Frank, who had the quaffle, and off towards Sirius who beat it at the Ravenclaw keeper Young. Clearing Frank’s path to score.

“Cracking shot, old chum,” Faith cried in a false English accent.

They cracked knuckles as they flew past. (A/N – you know what I mean, when you punch someone’s knuckles in a celebratory, high-5 way! I know you’ve done it!) Sirius laughed at her.

“It seems that black and Porter have made nice after a series of rows that mad the Potter and Evans spats look-“

“Commentate or hand the microphone over,” Came the stern voice of Professor McGonogall.

“Well I feel it my personal responsibility as commentator to inform the public of such important,” McGonogall gave him a look, “Alright, alright, Gryffindor lead 30-10.”

Faith zoomed around the pitch, catching sight of a bludgers that was streaming towards James, who was circling for the snitch but had not in fact sighted it yet. She whacked the bludgers forcefully in the direction of White, the Ravenclaw chaser that had the quaffle.

She smiled to herself when it hit its mark and White dropped the quaffle, which was caught by Luke Matthews, a Gryffindor chaser.

“It’s Matthews with the quaffle. Down the pitch, passes to Longbottom who eskimo rolls, missing a bludgers, and passes back to Matthews who his hurtling down the pitch. He passes off to Dervin, who scores! Gryffindor lead 40-10.”

There was a roar of applause from the Gryffindor stands.

The game continued on for another two hours and it was beginning to spit with rain.

“EAT MY CRUMPETS!!” Faith hollered in that false English accent smacking a bludgers violently at Young, the Ravenclaw keeper.

Young ducked at the last minute leaving Luke free to score.

“Gryffindor score, 210-190.” There was a tidal wave of applause from the Gryffindor end. “Willshaw has the quaffle, passes to White. White speeding up the pitch feints a right and passes to Williamson. Williamson with the quaffle, he shoots…oh intercepted by Townsend who passes to Dervin who ducks a bludgers but loses the quaffle to Williamson who is going for goal, Ravenclaw score!! Gryffindor-210, Ravenclaw-200.”

Faith looked around the pitch. She caught Sirius’ eye and he tilted his head. She looked down to where he was indicating.

James was streaking towards something and going into a dive. He had seen the snitch! The Ravenclaw seeker, Clarke, was way behind him and wouldn’t catch up.

Hughes and Hall, the Ravenclaw beaters, had also seen this and were currently hitting bludgers at James, who couldn’t see them coming.

“Come Robin, to the Batmobile,” Faith said, “We have to save James from two-face.”

She indicated to Hughes and Hall, Sirius let out his bark-like laugh, before streaking over to the bludgers.

Faith followed.

She swooped under to the left of James while Sirius stayed to the right.

They hit the bludgers in unison so that they crashed into Clarke.

Turning back around – just in time – Faith watched James reach out and snatch the snitch (A/N – hah, snatch the snitch) out of the air.

“James Potter has caught the snitch. Gryffindor wins, 360-200!”

Faith landed away from the crowd that was swarming the rest of the team and started toward the changerooms.

“Faith!” Sirius bellowed, breaking away from the large group of girls who were fighting for his attention.

“Yes.” She said.

“Hey um...I just wanted to…um…” He stuttered before grabbing her shoulders and kissing her.

They broke apart.

Faith opened her mouth to speak.

“Oy! Padfoot,” James interrupted. “Party, common room.”

Faith took the opportunity as Sirius was replying to sneak off to the change rooms.

Oh crap.

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