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My One and Only Sweetheart by CrimsonEmeralds
Chapter 2 : The Breaking News
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A/N: Fluffy warning!

The next morning both Lily and James woke up and ate breakfast. Lily's mom was to drop by in a few minutes to pick up Lily.

Lily and James were in the Living room playing 'Monopoly'.

"Yes! I got Boardwalk!" Lily said happily. "And I'm going to put a hotel on it soon."

"Gosh, you had to get the most money worth lot." James said pouting.

"Hey, let’s put it this way. It makes us even. You beat me at running and I beat you at Monopoly, fair and square." Lily said cheerfully.

"Alright." James said still pouting, but happily.

The door bell rang and Mrs. Potter went to go answer it.

"Clarisse. Good to see you." Mrs. Potter said happily giving her best friend a hug.

"Good to see you Madeline." Clarisse Evans said upon entering the hall.

"Was Lily behaving?" Mrs. Evans asked.

"Angel, as usual." Mrs. Potter said happily.

"Alright Lily do you have your stuff." Mrs. Evans asked.

"I don't have stuff mom. It’s such a big house I have my own room. I always leave it in my closet for the next time I sleep over." Lily said while helping James clean up the board game.

"Well, there’s something I wanted to tell you all, another reason why I came to pick up Lily today." Mrs. Evans said sitting down in the living room.

"What is it mom?" Lily asked worried.

"Its actually quite good news." Mrs. Evans said happily.

"What is it?" Lily asked again.

"I got promoted to Vice President of World Enterprise!" Mrs. Evans said excitedly.

"Mom that’s great, why so eerie about it." Lily said giving her mom a hug.

"Congratulations Clarisse, great honor, we should celebrate." Mrs. Potter said getting up.

"Wait, I’m not done." Mrs. Evans said reluctantly.

"There’s more?" Lily asked.

"Well, the main headquarters of World Enterprise is located in." Mrs. Evans said sadly not wanting to finish the sentence.

"Where?" Lily asked dreading the answer.

"United states." Mrs. Evans finished the words as if she was spitting out dirt.

Lily stomach twisted and turned. Her eyes were starting to water. "You call that good news! I can't believe you!" Lily shouted.

"Lily wait! Please." Mrs. Evans said sadly.

"No!" Lily yelled and dashed towards the backyard to the playground fort.

James felt his whole body feel weak from sadness. But he recovered and ran after Lily.

Mrs. Evans and Mrs. Potter gave each other a hug. "I'm sure she will be fine, don't worry."

"Really." Mrs. Evans asked sadly.

"It’s hard, losing your best friend, moving out of country. Its really hard for her." Mrs. Potter said comforting. "Me as well. Losing my best friend. When are you moving?"

"Two days." Mrs. Evans replied sadly.

"Wow, that’s, that’s tough."

"I know." Mrs. Evans said hugging Mrs. Potter.


"Lia, stop. I want to talk." James said chasing her.

She ran up the ladder and down the wooden drawbridge. "No, I don't want to talk."

James ran faster and started catching up. "Please, I just want to talk."

"No." Lily replied while going down the slide and headed towards the open grass field.

James sped off towards her and caught her around the waist.

"No! I don't want to talk about it. Just let me go Jamie!" Lily said while sobbing and trying to get around James grip.

"Please Lia. I just want to talk to you." James said strongly as his eyes started to water. He held on to Lily and turned her around to face him.

"No! No! No! No..No.." Lily's loud tantrums started to fade into loud sobbing. She sobbed against James and just stood there crying.

"Lia. I'm sorry. So Sorry." James said hugging her tightly.

"This can't be happening. I don't want to go. I don't want to leave London, I don't want to leave you." Lily cried harder into James shoulder.

"It’s ok Lia. We'll get through this." James said comforting but inside he was breaking down. "We'll get through this."

They both stood there for the longest time silently crying.

After Lily recovered from her crying tantrums, her and James headed back inside the house reluctantly. Mrs. Evans and Mrs. Potter were sitting around the fire drinking coffee.

Mrs. Evans hurriedly got up to hug Lily. Lily's eyes started to water as she hugged her mother.

"When are we leaving mom?" Lily said not happy at all.

"Well sweetie, my boss wants me to come as soon as possible so...” Mrs. Evans said.

"So..?" Lily replied miserably.

"Two days."

"Two days! I have two days to spend with Jamie. That’s unfair and you know it." Lily said frustrated.

"Well I know, and James mother and I have been thinking and you can stay here until we leave. How does that sound?" Mrs. Evans asked hopefully getting Lily to be happy.

Lily looked upset but nodded her head in agreement. "Fine." Lily said softly.

"Alright, I'm going to go home and help Petunia finish packing alright sweetie." Mrs. Evans said hugging her daughter and giving her a kiss on her forehead.

"Bye mom." Lily said sadly.

Moments later Mrs. Evans was out the door and Mrs. Potter, James, and Lily were in the den sitting around the fire.

"Um. Lia. w.where in the United States are you g..going?" James asked

"I don't know." Lia said sighing.

"Well Lily, you are going to be leaving Friday, and heading towards Boston, Massachusetts."

"That’s so far." Lily said miserably.

"That’s why we will spend as much a time as we have together." James said faking a smile.

Lily just smiled at James. 'I don't want to loose this.' Lily thought silently to herself.


The next two days, Lily and James were literally inseparable. They did everything together. Ate together, played outside and inside together. Walked together, even slept in the same room together. Lily and James were both trying as much as possible to spend every waking moment together before they would leave.

It was the dreaded day that Lily would leave and she and James were in the playground fort sitting down talking about everything. Lily was to leave in an hour.

"I don't want to leave Jamie." Lily said silently.

"I don't want you to leave me either Lia. But you have to." James said sadly.

They sat there silently enjoying each others company for the last time.

"Um. Lia. I have something for you. Its before you go." James said pulling out a ring out of his pocket.

Lily smiled sadly at James.

James took Lily's hand and slipped the small gold band around Lily's thumb. Lily was smiling sadly and happy.

"It’s so you don't forget about me." James said sadly. "Threes some small writing on it."

Lily looked at the gold band with had a small cursive writing that said 'My Sweetheart'. Lily gave a watery smile. She pulled out her necklace that had a white ring band hanging at the end. She pulled it off the silver chain and handed it to James.

"So you won't forget me Jamie." Lily said smiling.

James looked at Lily happily. The ring had an inscription of 'My one and only.'

"Don't forget me." Lily said now half smiling.

"Never." James replied hugging Lily tightly.

The hour past quickly and both were heading towards the house holding hands. Mrs. Evans was standing in the doorway waiting for Lily while giving Mrs. Potter a sad hug.

"Lily are you ready dear?" Mrs. Potter asked as Lily and James approached.

"Yes and thank you Mrs. Potter for everything." Lily replied giving her a huge hug.

The house maid took Lily's bags to put into the car.

"Alright Lily. Let’s go. Say goodbye." Mrs. Evans said quietly.

Lily went towards James and gave him a huge tight hug. Lily started to cry and James as well.

The two moms looked at the children mournfully they were going to be separated.

"I Love you Jamie." Lily whispered while sneaking James a kiss on the cheek.

"I Love you too Lia." James said holding tighter.

They both let go reluctantly while letting their hands slip away from each other slowly.

"Bye." Lily said crying.

"Bye." James replied as tears slipped down his face.

Then Lily headed for the door with one last look at James who looked directly at Lily. With a sad wave of goodbye, Lily closed the door.

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