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Harry Potter and Forgotten Magic by Harrymaster2003
Chapter 2 : Happy Birthday
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Happy Birthday

When Harry woke a few days later, it was pouring.

He looked at his calendar, July 31st.

“Happy Birthday to me…

Harry stumbled down the stairs, feeling like a drunken sailor. As he reached the bottom, he noticed almost the whole Order was standing around the fireplace.

“What’s wrong?” Harry repeated to the crowed.

“If you would like to know, Harry, you must agree not to interrupt me.” Dumbledore said in a quiet voice, one of the only people Harry respected and loved.


“Well, Harry, this all is very hard on all of us, but none more than you, you must understand that Harry. But I guess this all begins with the Unforgivable Curses. You see, Harry, there is Avada Kedavara, Crutacius Curse, and the Imperio Curse. Many wizards know these curses and Dark wizards use them very often. What only a few wizards know is there is another Unforgivable Curse. I believe only Lord Voldemort, another witch, and myself know of it, and soon you will too. It is in only one book that is in our hands, so no more Dark Lords rise to challenge us, or worse, join forces with Lord Voldemort himself. This curse is called the Draconis Curse. It is named after an evil wizard who used to have Dementors suck the souls from people and feed them to him. Actually, I believe that is who your friend Draco Malfoy is named after. Anyway, this curse does not suck the soul from someone, but takes their magical energy and adds it to the caster, therefore making them more powerful. This is how Lord Voldemort became so powerful. You see, there were plenty of wizards ready to give up their power to be a muggle ruler after Voldemort took over. Before using the curse, you must run many tests, to make sure you have almost the exact same magical power as the other person. I am very sorry to tell you, Harry, that you must use this curse. Mrs. Luna Lovegood approached me and asked if she could volunteer for the Order. Of course, I had to turn her away, she is not of age. But she came back to me with another offer. She told me that if you must defeat Lord Voldemort, you must be of equal power. I told her I knew that and she volunteered to have you perform the curse on her. I agreed to do the tests, assuming that she would have less magical energy than you, but it turned out that you two have the exact same amount. Of course, now that I had agreed, I had to make good of my promise and let the ritual take place. I am truly sorry to put this burden on you Harry, but for the good of the world, you should carry through with what Luna has offered.”

Harry stood there, stunned, without the slightest clue as to what he should do. The members of the Order stood staring at him, waiting for his response. Finally, Luna broke the awkward silence,

“Harry, please. It’s really my decision, and I have already made up my mind. All I want is to be the most help to the Order as possible, and, as we all know, I’m not very good at dueling. Just take a look at how well I did of helping to stun the Death Eaters. I didn’t even get a spell off…” Although it was obvious Luna was highly embarrassed by this last statement, she obviously hadn’t changed her mind.


Harry croaked, obviously moved by the fact that someone he barely knew was about to give up her magical energy to him.

“I must warn you, Harry. If Voldemort should find out what happened between Ms. Lovegood and yourself, he would try any means to either recruit you, or kill you.” Warned Dumbledore.

“Well, then lets make sure he doesn’t find out.” Said a rather pale, yet determined, Luna Lovegood.

“If you two will kindly follow me, we shall begin the ceremony right away.”

Dumbledore began to walk very quickly up the stairway. Luna followed him, her chest swelled and head held high. But Harry did none of these. When he finally started moving, it was as though he was in a funeral march and his legs were made of lead.

Dumbledore lead them into the master bedroom where Kreacher was busy trying to find anything he could to save. Harry didn’t have the patience for this. Harry put Kreacher into a full body bind and tossed him into a corner. Dumbledore didn’t seem to care, so Harry left him there.

“Harry, you must remember not to become to arrogant with this new power. If you do, you would be acting like Voldemort himself, and I’m sure that’s not what Ms. Lovegood would want you to do with her power.” Said Dumbledore as he stared at Harry with his peaceful blue eyes.

Harry just nodded; he could no longer speak over the egg-sized lump in his throat.

Dumbledore waved his wand lazily through the air, and all of the furniture disappeared from the room. One more wave and a large carpet of grass appeared on the ground. Trees started growing around the room. Harry was strongly reminded of his new Divination classroom that Farinze used. Then Harry noticed a large engraved rock in the center of the room. It showed a raven on one side and a lion on the other. In the middle, it showed the lion and raven coming together as one. Next to it, it had a large, beautiful winged lion striking, what looked to be a basilisk, to the ground.

Dumbledore noticed that Harry was eyeing the stone.

“That is a soul stone. Since you are the heir of Gryffindor, you appear as the lion. Ms. Lovegood is the heir to Ravenclaw, so she appears as a raven. You two will merge, as shown by the lion with wings, better known as a gryffin, and defeat the heir of Slytherin, shown by the basilisk. Obviously, the heir to Slytherin is Voldemort. So this means that with the help of Luna, you will destroy Voldemort.”

Harry’s head was swimming with information. He was the heir to Gryffindor, and Luna to Ravenclaw?

“Professor, that can’t be right. How can I be the heir to Gryffindor if I was almost put into Slytherin?”

“Ha, what a question. But you see the answer is very simple. Salazar and Godric were so much alike, and so much time has passed between the creation of Hogwarts and your sorting, you are most likely related to both of them. The Sorting Hat only suggested Slytherin to see what decision you would come to Harry. Because alas, our decisions make up who we are, as I told you in your first year. I know this will come as a big surprise Harry, but your father was also the heir of Gryffindor in his day.”

If Harry had thought that his head had been swimming before, it was nothing compared to this.

“So, if Voldemort would have killed me, he would have wiped out the last of the Gryffindor blood and therefore could have turned Hogwarts into a school for the Dark Arts?”

“Yes, Harry, that was one of his motives in killing your father and you.” Dumbledore actually sounded shocked that Harry had figured this out with minimal information.

In fact, Harry was shocked that that wasn’t just some crazy theory he had said off the top of his head.

“Now, Ms. Lovegood, will you be so kind as to position yourself on the side with the raven, and Harry, opposite her, next to the lion.” Dumbledore gave a small smile.

Luna shifted into a kneeling position and closed her eyes. She looked very pale, but extremely determined.

“Luna, you don’t have to do this…” Harry’s voice trailed off as he watched her start shaking.

“Yes I do.” Luna stopped shaking and rested her hands on the picture of the raven.

“Harry, if you would do the same, please.” Dumbledore nodded in the lion’s direction.

Harry rested his hands on the picture of the lion and closed his eyes. As soon as he did, he felt himself leaving his body. He saw a green field and a lion with gigantic white wings running through the field. Suddenly, he started shaking, feeling as though he was growing at an alarming rate. He felt his body start convulsing, and he felt as though he couldn’t control himself. Suddenly, all of the memories of his past started coming back to him. Dudley and his gang were tying him to the flagpole… Harry jumped behind some trash cans, and ended up on the kitchen roof… Dudley fell through the glass at the zoo, and a snake crawled away… Harry boarded the Hogwarts Express, listening to the Weasley’s conversation. Suddenly, he was thrown backwards into the wall, right next to a wide eyed Kreacher. Luna was opposite him, looking as though she was about to faint.

“Well, that went fairly well…” She whispered as her eyes rolled into the back of her head and she slipped into a state of unconsciousness.

Harry, on the other hand, was filled with a strength he had never felt before. Harry stood up and looked at a tired looking Dumbledore. It suddenly struck Harry how old his hero truly was. Dumbledore suddenly let out a great cough, and Harry noticed he had a little blood on his lip.

“Sir, what’s wrong?” Harry asked carefully, acting as though a slight breeze would kill Dumbledore.

“Harry, I’m dying.” Dumbledore looked up at Harry with tired, pale blue eyes that Harry had never seen before.

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Harry Potter and Forgotten Magic: Happy Birthday


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