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Harry Potter and Forgotten Magic by Harrymaster2003
Chapter 1 : The Return
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The Return

Harry woke with a start, a slight pain in his scar. It was only a few days until his birthday, and unlike most boys, he didn’t really care. Harry was still mourning the death of his last bearable family member, Sirius Black. He wasn’t exactly family, but he was the closest thing Harry had to a father after Lord Voldemort, the darkest wizard in modern times, killed both of his parents.

Harry was lying in the rose bushes under the window, trying to ignore the large empty spot in his heart. Harry had ignored all of his friends over the summer, only sending two or three sentence letters to the members of the Order to make sure they didn’t curse the Dursley’s for mistreating him. This was the only part of the magical world that the Dursley’s took part in, making sure he wrote those letters.
Since it was nearly one o’clock in the morning, Harry decided he should head off to bed. He walked through they living room and met Dudley, one of the meanest and ugliest muggles Harry knew, followed closely by Harry’s Uncle Vernon. Strangely, this great brute had been being unusually nice to Harry.

“Hey Harry!”

“What do you want Dudley?”

“I just wanted to say goodnight.”

“ Well, O.K., bye then.”

“Yeah, OK Harry, see you!”

Dudley slammed off to his room, not that he meant to; he was just too fat to do it quietly.

Harry went upstairs to his room to sleep for the rest of the night, but when he arrived he found a black owl in his room with a black letter on it’s leg. Harry took the letter from the bird.

“Oh no…” On the seal it had a dark mark.


I know what you are afraid of and they will attack you soon.

Best wishes,
The Dark Lord

Harry stood petrified with fear. He knew what Voldemort meant. He meant that Dementors were going to attack. Harry did the first thing he could think of. Dumbledore! Harry quickly grabbed a quill and parchment and quickly scribbled:

Voldemort just sent me this! He means Dementors are going to attack!


He rushed over to his owl cage and hurriedly tied the letter to Hedwig’s leg, along with Voldemort’s.

“Fly fast, Hedwig”

As if she understood Harry’s words, she flew out of the window and off into the nights sky. As Harry watched her fly away, he saw a jet of green light fly from the ground a hit Hedwig.

“HEDWIG! NO!” Harry screamed into the empty night sky. Although all he wanted to do is to collapse onto the ground and never wake up, he knew what he had to do. He quickly grabbed his wand and went and rouse the Dursleys. When he arrived in the hallway, a very frightening sight met his eyes. Harry saw three Dementors walking into his Aunt and Uncles room. But, when he stepped into the hall, they turned in unison and headed straight for him. Harry was caught off guard. The only thing he could think of doing was screaming, so he did. As if on cue, his cousin did the stupidest thing anyone could do. Since Dudley couldn’t see the Dementors, on his way out of the door, he tackled one of them. Harry was immediately aware of his surroundings. He raised his wand and concentrated on the happiest thing he could think of.

“Expecto Patronum!” Harry shouted.

A silver stag flew from the tip of Harry’s wand and charged the Dementors, who immediately turned around and glided away from the stag.

Vernon Dursley came flying out of his room across the hall, tripped over his mountain of a son, and crashed straight into a wall.

“Just what in the bloody hell do you think you two are doing!” roared his purple uncle.

There was nothing Harry could say to defend himself. How do you explain to your uncle that your son was once again attacked by something you can’t see in his own house?

“ You are leaving this house at once!”
“ He can’t Vernon.” Said his Aunt.
“Oh, yes that’s right isn’t it. Then we are! Get your things; we’re leaving at once. What do you think your doing, boy! You’re not coming! We’re trying to get away from you!”

The Dursley’s all left the hall, and out the door they went. He heard the car doors slam, tires squeal, and the Dursleys were gone.

“Thank god.” Said Harry. As he walked down the hall to the kitchen, Harry looked at the hole in the wall. His first thought was “God, he really was fat.” But as he inspected the hole, he noticed a faint light coming from the thinner spots. His curiosity got the best of him and he shoulder charged the wall. The wall broke apart and Harry fell two stories into a well-lit room he had never been in before. At first, he thought it was a trap. But when he caught a glimpse a word on a box, he dropped to his knees. The box had only one word, Lily.

Harry quickly recuperated from his state of shock and ran to the box. He stood staring at his mothers name for a minute, then opened the box. Inside were a wand, a pensive, and an ancient book in a language probably long forgotten. Harry didn’t know what to do. He just stood staring at his mother’s things.

Then a sudden thought struck him like a ton of bricks.


He must have known. How else would his mothers wand and all of these other things get from their destroyed house to a secret room in the Dursleys.


Finally, the Order had arrived.

“I’m down here!” yelled Harry to the opening that was soon blocked out by a shadow.

“What happened?” It was Tonks.

“Dementors attacked me five minutes after Voldemort sent me a letter.” Harry had just remembered Hedwig.

“Why didn’t you send an owl to us straight away, boy!” That bark was recognizable anywhere. It was Moody.

“I did, but someone killed her, are you happy?!” Harry screamed at the pair of them.

“Calm down Harry. We have a surprise for you back at headquarters.” Finally, someone who knew what Harry was going through, Remus Lupin.

“Well, then get me out of here before someone tries to attack again.” Shouted Harry at the group again.

Harry felt himself float up and through the hole that his Uncle had made.

“Thanks.” Harry mumbled.

“No problem!” Exclaimed Tonks with some sort of odd happiness.

“What’s wrong?” asked Harry immediately. It looked as though the whole group had been feeling the same way he did for months.

“You’ll see when we get back to headquarters.” Mumbled Lupin.

“Well, lets get the bloody hell outta here!” said Moody.

Tonks reached into her coat and grabbed a bag of what Harry immediately recognized as floo powder.

Moody walked over to the fireplace and quickly lit a huge blaze alight.

“You first Harry.” Said Tonks, with the same false cheeriness.

“Whatever…” Harry mumbled at the ground.

Harry threw the powder into the blaze, stepped in, and shouted, “Number 12 Grimwald Place!” Harry knew what was coming. He held his stomach as he felt the usual spinning and nausea taking him through the floo network. When he arrived, he fell flat on his face and quickly proceeded to a flowerpot where he was sick all over the plant.

“Harry, how good to see you again!” said Mrs. Weasley with Tonks’ fake cheeriness.

“I’m going to bed…” Sighed Harry. So many memories came flooding back to him at the sight of his Godfathers house; he just had to get rid of them. He shuffled from the room, and without another thought, flopped down on to his bed.

“How ya doin, Harry?” Harry recognized that voice immediately. It was Ron.

“I’m all right, I guess…” Mumbled Harry as he shifted off the bed and headed to the master bedroom.

“Where ya goin Harry?” Asked Ron with a note of slight confusion in his voice.

“To bed…” Harry stuttered across the room.

“But…” Harry never heard what, he just stumbled up the stairs to the master bedroom.

“Hello, Harry. I didn’t expect to see you in here this late.” Harry ignored the voice of Remus Lupin and bowed to the Hippogriff lying on the ground next to the bed. Buckbeak immediately rose to his feet and gave a quick bow, then returning to the floor with a muffled thump.

“I didn’t want to talk to Ron, so I decided to sleep in here.” Harry finally responded, but Lupin had already left.

“He must have guessed…”

Harry woke that night in a cold sweat.

“Hello, Harry, I haven’t seen you in months, how are you?” Came the haunting voice of Bellatrix Lestrange, the cousin to his Godfather, and also his murderer.

Harry didn’t even think of what he was going to do; it was a reflex that he had been dying to use all summer.

“CRUCIO!” screamed Harry with all of the anger he had in his heart.

The familiar beam of light shot out of his wand and passed right through the target, Lestrange’s heart, if there was one.

“You didn’t think I would visit you at this old place did you, with every member of the Order here, I would have to be crazy.” Lestrange laughed her hollow, dead laugh; still a telltale sign of the time she had spent with the Dementors.

“Well, I wouldn’t argue with that. You joined Voldemort, that’s enough to prove it.”

Lestrange stopped laughing at once.

“You might want to stop insulting my master, I could turn very nasty. Why don’t you just ask you Godfather?”

Harry’s eyes burned with an emerald fire that had never been there before.

“If… You… Ever… Mention… Him… Again… I… Will…”

But Bellatrix Lestrange never found out what Harry would do. Once he reached the last angry syllable, she collapsed on the ground screaming.


Suddenly, Harry woke with a start. Surprisingly, his scar didn’t even twinge with pain. For once, the only man Harry wanted to talk to was Snape.

“Professor Snape! Harry went running as fast as he could. The thought finally hit him. Mrs. Blacks Portrait!

“HEY! YOU ARE THE UGLIEST, FOWLEST WITCH I HAVE EVER MET IN MY LIFE!” Harry screamed at the top of his lungs. The trick worked.


Snape came running out of one of the walls, and immediately shut the curtains tightly. Although you could still hear the muffled calls of Mrs. Black, she silenced after 30 seconds or so.

“What in the name of Merlin do you think you were doing?! What if muggles heard her screams?!”
Snape said in a harsh whisper, telling Harry that he was a grumpy man in the morning.

“Professor, I had a dream, but I don’t understand what it means.” Harry said in a rushed whisper. By the look on Snape’s face, this was the last thing he expected.

“Well, are you going to stand there all day, or are you going to explain?”

“OK, professor. I was asleep, and I woke up and Bellatrix Lestrange was at the foot of my bed. I tried to curse her, but the beam of light went right through her. She started talking about Si-Sirius, and I yelled at her. Next thing I knew, she was laying on the ground screaming in pain, saying something about she never wanted to kill Siri-him, and that Voldemort made her do it. Then I woke up.”

Snape did the last thing Harry expected him to, and it was the first time he had ever done it to a Potter, period. He smiled

“Well, congratulations, Potter. You have mastered the art of Occulimency. And from what it sounds like, you are very gifted in Legilimency too. Quite a bit more so than myself or even the Dark Lord for that matter. The Dark Lord can easily detect when people are lying to him, but I believe you are the second person in history to ever force someone to admit it without the use of a wand, pain, or any practical way of torture period. You see, Lestrange was not in pain, she was literally wallowing in her own misery. You now have a direct connection with Bellatrix Lestrange that may prove very useful, unless, of course, the Dark Lord realizes what has happened. If he does, she will be most assuredly killed. Goodnight, Harry”

Harry stood stunned. Him? Do something the Dark Lord couldn’t? There was no way. Well, maybe there was, but he wasn’t going to figure out what it was tonight. Harry stumbled up the stairs again and back into bed.

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