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Cravings by dracolover4ever
Chapter 2 : A Change In Names
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A Change In Names


 Hermione woke early the next morning so she could cook breakfast before work, but George was already up and had breakfast cooked. Hermione blushed slightly when she saw a man who looked so much like Ron, but better, in only a tee shirt and boxers.


 "I didn't know that you cooked." Hermione said looking at mostly her food.

  "Well I figured that I should pay you back somehow, until I can pay you with money that is. Pay day is soon I promises." George added not sure if Hermione wanted rent.


 "God no, I'm not taking your money." She said taking another bite. "Just make some more of these pancakes while you're here and we'll call it even." She finished her breakfast in mainly silence. " Oh after work I am going shopping with Ginny if there's something that you need I can get it for you."


 "Oh I don't need anything." George told her.


 "Well have fun here without me, call Fred if you want. The fireplace has hook-up." And with that Hermione went on to work.


 Hermione was really enjoying her work today for some reason. She was happier than usual and she didn't think of Ron once. When she went out for lunch she told her secretary all about how hot she felt seeing George in his boxers.


 "I swear I got as red as his hair! I could look him in the eye."


 "Someone's in love!" Melody replied.


 "No I'm not I am dating his brother, they just look so alike, but Ron doesn't seem and well built, and trust me even with a tee shirt on you could tell George was well built!" Hermione and Melody gossiped all through lunch but only that one time did the conversation go to George, and Hermione was disappointed.


 "Here you go sir. Take this once a week and your leg will grow back or your money back." Hermione told a very old man who's dog had gotten magical rabies.


 "Melody push my meeting an hour okay. I still have two patients." Hermione had almost gotten away when…

"Oh a Ronald Weasley called, he said that he couldn't believe you would take in his brother when he stole his other brother's girl. You should really kick him out, if mum says it isn't worth the time then why are you bothering. Please meet me at the movies at eight." Melody repeated.

"Okay Melody that's good, now push the meeting!" Hermione went on to treat a girl who got bitten by a vampire and a woman who was only frightened by a Banshee. When she was done she went to a meeting about whether allowing family to stay by a patients side 24/7 was healthy for the patient.

 "Hermione!" cried Ginny when she saw Hermione walking her way in Diagon Alley. "Where have you been?"


 "The world's stupidest meeting that's where. Now wait you aren't shunning me right, because I took George in. I mean it was that or a hotel and I felt bad for him he's like a brother to me." Hermione spoke quietly.


 "Hermione his actual brothers' shunned him, and I'm semi-shunning him. I'm not going to shun you though. Let's get shopping now okay."

 They went around town and Ginny stopped looking in a tattoo parlor window. She pulled Hermione in and they both got at least one tattoo. Hermione got three one that was a heart that had the name of the person she truly loved at the moment on it on her left ankle (but it would change if necessary), she got a small lion on her right ankle, and a red sword pierced through a heart on her lower back. Ginny got only Harry's name on her wrist.

They bought clothes and shoes then went and got their hair washed and their highlights renewed. They spent almost the entire evening out and about. They were acting as if all those years apart had really been days, like they were best friends again. Hermione put her bags away when she returned home and went to go take a shower.

 She opened the bathroom door and George was standing there in nothing but a towel. Hermione slammed the door quickly and ran to her room hoping he didn't notice. George got fully dressed then walked into Hermione room.

"Hermione how long were you watching for?"


"How dare you! I wasn't watching I was going to take a shower. I closed the door the second I saw you were in there!" Though she had really paused for a moment just to compare him with Ron, and sadly he was winning.


"Well then now the shower has no one in it so you can go get washed up. I'm making food for me, but I assume you and Ronnie have a date."

"Ronald and I are going out. I won't be gone super long though. He left such a message at my work I can't believe I'm meeting him at all."


 Hermione went on her date and she and Ron saw a scary movie. Ron thought that when Hermione was scared she'd jump to him. But Hermione forced herself to stay still and not even flinch; she didn't feel like giving him that satisfaction.


 "Well Ronald, that was a…good movie. I'll be heading home now."


  "He's still there isn't he? That no good brother of mine, listen Hermione after what he did to Fred I want you being careful around him." Ron grabbed her arms a little too tight and left a small bruise where his thumb had been.


"Ronald, the fact that you would think that! I just… oh you annoy me to no extent some times. If you think I'm going to cheat then there's something wrong with our relationship Ronald." Hermione left it at that when she left, and she didn't go out with him for two weeks.


 "Hey Ginny New Years is coming up. Do you think that you can come with me to a big party? If you can break away from lover boy." Hermione asked one day before Christmas.


 "That depends is Ron going with you?"


"No, I haven't talked to Ron in over two weeks. I don't feel like seeing if he wants to go. It will be a girls night out."


 "Well, Hermione, okay. I'll go. Where is it?"


 "There are posters all over Diagon Alley, just find one that's bright blue." Hermione told her during a weekly teatime they had started.

"Well don't you feel like a real Brit now that you've had a tea time?" Ginny joked around.


"Why yes all we have to do now is say 'Cheerio Chap.'"


"Oh Hermione I have to be going. Tell George that I said hi. And tell him mum has been easing up a bit when we say his name." Hermione nodded and Ginny left the flat.

 George had become very comfortable around the flat. He had in just two weeks, started cleaning it up, arranging furniture, and just wore boxers around. It was really the last one that bothered Hermione, only because she would turn pink. She found it ridiculous that George was only a year older than her, he looked so much older.

Hermione often found herself thinking about George, but she would never do anything about it. She just sat and watched him cook in what he wore that night. She found almost a sick pleasure having him around. She felt like some sort of desperate housewife, and she wasn't even married yet.


"Your brother's great and all, but he just got too serious. I mean knowing when not to be funny is important but I can't stand this new Ronald. I can't even call him anything but Ronald; it started when he got all this money. He thought he could buy the world. I just want someone who's funny but knows when to be serious." Hermione told George one night about three weeks into his stay with her.


"Well Hermione. You don't seem to know Ron well. He's always been a little bit more on the serious side. Compared to Percy he was a evil, but compared to me he was heaven on earth!" George often joked about how bad he and Fred had been.


"But George sure you have your rough points but you really help out around here, you're really sweet when I need someone sweet and you know when to be mean when I need to shout at someone." Hermione listed off a bunch of qualities and neither of them realized that she said everything that she wanted in a man about George.

It was only one day till Hermione and Ginny were going to the New Years party and Hermione still had to shop. She got an outfit and a mask for both her and Ginny. She got someone to make an appointment for her hair. She even called Ginny to make sure she could still go. Hermione was determined to have fun that night.


 She and Ron had talked again, but it was a pathetic conversation. She talked about weather he talked about sports. Neither of them listened to each other, but it was progress for them. Hermione told him about how she and Ginny were going out on New Years and he had seemed excited for a while.


 "Why can't I go with you? What about the New Years kiss? How are you getting there? Is Harry really letting Ginny go?"


Hermione got sick of his questions so she made her phone a silent ring when Ron called, but she swore after New Years she'd put it back on sound.


 Hermione was waiting, she could tell that something big was going to happen and she really wasn't paying attention to anything. She and George were hanging out every night. And Hermione would talk with Ron or Ginny during the day. Ginny would even come over but Ron refused he thought there was something wrong with his big brother, and he didn't really want to find out with it was.


 Hermione had almost forgotten about her tattoos but if she had remembered about them she would have known that one had changed. Her little heart no longer read RONALD WEASLEY in big bold letters. But instead it said George Weasley in a small almost unreadable size.

A.N. I don't own Harry Potter, sadly. I know I wish I do but it belongs to JK I only own the plot and OC charaters! R+R

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