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Meet Me in the Room of Requirement by shimmeringlady
Chapter 14 : Surprising Discoveries
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Chapter 14: Surprising Discoveries

Over the next week Hermione put herself to work. She really wanted to find out what had happened to the Lady Aurora. She was having a difficult time finding anymore information on the Lady. All she knew was that she had married a muggle prince and been disowned by her pureblood wizarding family, but Hermione wanted to know who the family was and also what had happened after the Prince and her were married.

Hermione searched through tons and tons of books until she finally found two books that would hold the answers to her questions. The first book was called “Origins of Disowned Wizards and Witches” and the second was called “Prestigious Witches and Wizards: Where are they Now?”

Hermione began her search through the first book. She first had to find Aurora’s name on a long list of witches and wizards that had been disowned. She finally found her name. This led her to page 563. Hermione turned the pages until she got to page 563. What she read next surprised her greatly.

Family Tree of Aurora DeSoleil

Alister Draconius Malfoy
Head of Family
Status: Deceased

Catherine Viola Weasley
Relation to Head: Wife
Status: Deceased

Katerina Myra Malfoy
(Aurora DeSoleil)
Relation to Head: Daughter
Status: Disowned, Deceased

Philip Marcus Lennox
Relation to Head: Son in Law
Status: Deceased

Draco Philip Lennox
(Draco Lucius Malfoy)
Relation to Head: Grandson
Status: Living, Adopted by
Lucius and Narcissa Malfoy

Adelaide Catherine Lennox
Relation to Head: Grand-daughter
Status: Unknown

As Hermione skimmed through the family tree she nearly choked. Aurora was a Malfoy?!? “Wow so that means she must be Draco’s Aunt!” However, as Hermione continued down the family tree her finger stopped at Draco’s name. She read “Draco Philip Lennox” in parenthesis she found the name “Draco Lucius Malfoy”. As she read the relation Draco had to Head 2 she realized that Draco had been adopted by Narcissa and Lucius.

Hermione turned to the next page of the book expecting a full explanation, but to her dismay there was nothing else. She hoped that the second book would give her some more information. She opened the next book and looked up Aurora DeSoleil. As she skimmed through the pages she finally found what she had been looking for, a summary of Aurora DeSoleil’s situation with her family.


Katerina Myra Malfoy was disowned by her parents Alister Draconius Malfoy and Catherine Viola Weasley after they discovered that their daughter had eloped with a muggleborn by the name of Philip Marcus Lennox, the crowned prince of Etheria. However, after some investigation it has been found that Philip Marcus Lennox was an adopted pureblood originating from the Lestrange family.

Upon discovering that Philip was actually a pureblood wizard Katerina’s parents were going to re-inherit their daughter. However Katerina turned away from the offer and had her name changed to Aurora DeSoleil.

Katerina had two children with Philip Lennox named Draco Philip Lennox and Adelaide Catherine Lennox. Draco Philip Lennox was removed from his home and given to Lucius Alister Malfoy and his wife Narcissa Vega Black for unknown reasons, although it is rumored that Narcissa and Lucius were unable to have their own children.

Both Philip and Katerina were killed in a fatal car accident on 27 September 1994. The cause of the accident is unknown but may be magic-related. Their daughter Adelaide Catherine Lennox has been reported as missing. Below is the most current picture of Adelaide. Please contact the Missing Persons Department of the Ministry of Magic if you have seen this child.

As Hermione examined the picture of the little girl she couldn’t help but wonder if her sister Adelaide was the same girl in the picture. They looked very similar. After about 20 minutes of sitting at the table in the library with her mouth opened wide in shock Hermione quickly gathered her things together, along with the two books, and ran off to find Draco.

Back in the Common Room

Draco sat on the couch shocked. He couldn’t believe the Lady Aurora was his real mother. He couldn’t believe that Narcissa and Lucius weren’t his real parents and most of all he couldn’t believe he had a little sister. He smiled as he realized that he no longer felt like he had to live up to Lucius’ expectations. He no longer had the pressure of becoming a deatheater and he also didn’t need to worry about what Narcissa and Lucius would think about him being with Hermione. None of it mattered. He had a family. He was determined to find his little sister no matter what. He also had an inheritance from his grandfather, so he didn’t need to worry about money.

Draco smiled in glee as he took Hermione in his arms and kissed her. Everything was working out so well and he owed it all to Hermione.

A few days later

Draco and Hermione were eagerly waiting while Madame Pompfrey was testing the blood of Draco and Adelaide. Hermione had explained to Draco her theory that Adelaide was Draco’s real sister. After explaining the situation to Adelaide she was glad to find out whether or not Draco was her real brother.

Draco and Adelaide waited in anticipation. Madame Pompfrey finally returned. “Well Mr. Malfoy and Ms. Granger, I have some very interesting and exciting news. It seems that Ms. Adelaide Granger is the biological sister of Mr. Draco Malfoy. Congratulations you two are siblings!”

Draco and Adelaide looked at each other with huge smiles on their faces. Both of them had tears running down their cheeks as Draco pulled Adelaide into a huge hug and spun her around. Both were glad that they were no longer alone.

As Hermione watched Draco spin Adelaide around she realized that no matter what or no matter where she would be her family would always love her. She sent a letter home that night explaining to her parents that she wasn’t going to go to the states with them and Adelaide. She also asked if Draco could come and spend the holidays with them.

Five Years Later

Hermione smiled with glee, she couldn’t believe that her Draco had just become the youngest Minister of Magic. The war had lasted three years. Voldemort had waited one month after graduation to start the final war.

Harry, Ron, and Draco had all fought side by side and together they were able to find and destroy the remaining horcruxes. While Harry had been gone during the first part of 7th year at Hogwarts he had gathered all the clues necessary in order to find the horcruxes, but with the help of Draco and Ron he was able to destroy all of them and finally defeat Voldemort.

Many witches and wizards both old and young, good and bad had died. Draco’s father had been given the dementor’s kiss and his mother had died in battle. She had accepted Hermione and had gone to the private wedding the week before the war, but because of Lucius and his ties to the Dark Lord, Narcissa felt trapped. She fought on the side of the Dark Lord and died in the last great battle. Draco had found her on the battlefield and held her in his arms as she faded away. He told he loved her and that he would always remember her. Just before she slipped away she told Draco that she loved him for the first time in his life and then she said goodbye.

After the war it took the ministry awhile to get things back in order. During that time Draco, Harry, and Ron helped the ministry and based on their deeds during the war all three were honored with positions as aurors in the ministry. Draco thought that Harry was going to be asked to be the next Minister of magic, when the position was given to him, he was in shock. Harry and Ron both congratulated him the instant they found out and now Hermione was throwing a party for him in his honor.

Hermione waited in anticipation for all of the guests to arrive, she had made a huge effort to track down all of Draco’s friends from Hogwarts, some of them were very easy to find, but others were quite difficult in deed. The most difficult friend of all to find had been Blaise Zabini. Hermione hoped that he would come. No one had seen him since graduation. Ginny knew that he had left to get away from the pain, but she thought that he would have returned to help with the war.

When it came time for everyone to arrive Hermione was surprised to see that almost everyone had come. Pansy and Ron came along with their two daughters, Molly and Fleur, they had been named after Ron’s mum and sister-in-law in honor of their lives, they had both died in the war. Harry and Ginny came with their little boy named James. Hermione led the children into the nursery where they were allowed to play with the Malfoy triplets named Lily, Sirius, and Narcissa. Hermione smiled at her children before leaving the room, she loved them with all her heart.

Many more people arrived including Neville Longbottom along with his wife Luna. Lavender Brown came hand in hand with her girlfriend Parvati Patil, followed by Gregory Goyle and his wife Millicent. Crabbe had been killed in the war by his own father. Crabbe and Goyle had both followed Draco and joined the good side. Many of the students that Hermione and Draco had gone to school with had heard about the party and had come to show their support. Hermione was surprised to see almost all of her and Draco’s graduating class from Hogwarts at the party. Draco was overwhelmed with joy and happiness. He had never imagined that by playing a game in order to trick a ‘mudblood’ his life had become one of happiness and love. He looked at Hermione with love in his eyes and walked over to her.

“I owe everything to you my love, everything.” He quietly whispered into her ear as he held her in a loving embrace.

Half way through the party Hermione was surprised by Adelaide. Adelaide had become a fine young lady. She was now 17 years old and had just graduated from Artisan Academy in the states. She had grown to a height of 5’8” and had long thick blonde hair that fell in smooth curls down her back. She was wearing a beautiful lilac colored dress that showed her perfect figure. Around her neck was a silver chain that held a small and beautiful white gold ring on it. Hermione looked at the ring curiously as she greeted her little sister, she had never noticed it before.

Draco came up to Adelaide and pulled her into a tight hug, he still couldn’t believe he had a little sister. He smiled as he remembered how Hermione had found out that Adelaide was the daughter of the Lady Aurora and that the Lady Aurora was Draco’s real mother.

“Welcome to the party Adelaide! It’s so good to see you!” Draco exclaimed excitedly.

Hermione stopped looking at the necklace and then grabbed Adelaide into a nice long hug.

Adelaide smiled at both Draco and Hermione and said, “It’s been too long, I love you both!”

Hermione, Adelaide, Ginny, and Pansy all got together and talked to each other as they sat around one of the round tables that had been set up outside in the gardens. They all laughed as Draco was being bombarded by people on all sides. He couldn’t take two steps without being congratulated. Hermione was very happy with how the party had turned out, she was disappointed only by the fact that after taking a very long time to track down Blaise he hadn’t even bothered showing up.

A few minutes after Hermione had thought about Blaise he all of a sudden showed up at the party. Hermione was extremely surprised, but very happy. She ran over to Blaise and hugged him tightly.

“Blaise we’ve missed you so much!” Hermione practically shouted.

“It’s been a very long time, hasn’t it,” Blaise responded as he smiled down at Hermione. He looked up to see Ginny looking at him. She seemed hesitant to come to him, but then when she finally gained the courage to say hi, he grabbed her in his arms and hugged her tightly.

Ginny had tears in her eyes as she greeted her old love. “Oh Blaise it is so good to see you! I’ve missed you.”

“I’ve missed you too Ginny, I heard that you and Harry got married, I hope you two have been very happy, and I hope you won’t mind if I stop by every now and then to see how you two are doing.” Blaise said in a very kind tone.

“Of course you can come to visit Blaise! Please come any time!” Ginny replied excitedly.

After Hermione and Ginny had talked his ear off, Blaise finally made his way over to Draco. The surprise on Draco’s face when he saw Blaise was unforgettable. Hermione hadn’t seen Draco that surprised since the day they had found out they were having triplets. Draco ran over to Blaise and grabbed him into a firm embrace. Hermione could have sworn Draco had tears in his eyes.

Blaise and Draco went off for about half an hour and caught up on old times. Eventually Draco and Hermione both needed to go to the nursery to tuck their children in, they had set up small beds for the rest of the children visiting. While Draco and Hermione were with their children Blaise had decided to explore the party.

He was standing by the punch bowl when he saw the most beautiful girl he had ever seen. She was sitting by herself at a small table in the corner of the garden. He walked over and took a seat. She smiled and looked at him as if she knew who he was, but he couldn’t remember meeting someone with her face.

She almost laughed at him when he asked what her name was, she decided to have some fun and not tell him. They spent the rest of the party laughing, teasing, and flirting. She was the most amazing girl he had ever met, it was the first time in 5 years that he hadn’t felt the ache in his heart that he had had for Ginny. It was the first time he truly felt happy.

When it was time for Adelaide to return to the hotel she was staying at, Blaise offered to give her a ride. She kindly accepted the offer, she still hadn’t told him her name, so during the ride he continued to guess.

“And you’re sure that we have met before?” asked Blaise for about the 4th time that night.

“Oh yes, I know for a fact that we have met before,” stated Adelaide with a mischevious grin.
Blaise knew he had seen that grin somewhere before, he just couldn’t remember. Blaise and Adelaide had finally reached her hotel and were walking up the stairs when he got a flash of a little blonde girl and the stairs at Hogwarts. He remembered a story about Hermione’s little sister and a prank that somehow eventually involved stairs. He shook his head and shrugged off the thought. The girl in front of him couldn’t be Adelaide.

They reached Adelaide’s door. Adelaide took out her key and started opening the door, before she entered her room she turned around to say goodnight to Blaise. As she turned the light hit her ring and caused the metal to flash at Blaise for a split second. He quickly looked down at the ring on the chain and brought his fingers down to touch it. Adelaide looked at him nervously hoping he would remember the night in front of the fireplace. That was the night he had given her the ring and the night that she had promised to herself that she would one day give him the ring back.

Blaise examined the ring, he looked at the crown, the heart, and the hands, and smiled sadly as he remembered buying a claddagh ring for Ginny. He then remembered the night he had broken up with Ginny in order to allow her to be with Harry. He remembered the fireplace and he remembered Adelaide and how he had given her the ring. He remembered the inscription on the ring. As he held the ring in his fingers he turned it in order to see if the inscription was there. Sure enough he read the words, “You have my heart.”

With tears in his eyes he looked up into the blonde girl’s eyes and said “Adelaide”

Adelaide responded, “Yes Blaise it is me and I kept the ring and in order to fulfill the promise that I must give it to the person that I love and will be with forever.” As Adelaide spoke to Blaise she removed the chain from around her neck and took the ring off of it. She then opened Blaise’s hand and gave him the ring.

“I’ll be yours forever Blaise, if you’ll have me. You have had my heart since that night in front of the fireplace.” Adelaide said quietly while looking into Blaise’s eyes showing all the love she had for him.

Blaise looked down into Adelaide’s eyes and knew that he had fallen in love with her at first sight at the party, for it was at the party that he had seen her for the first time as a woman. He grabbed her gently by her shoulders and then pulled her into a warm embrace. He whispered into her ear, “You have my heart Adelaide.” He then slid the claddagh ring onto her left hand.

Six months later Blaise and Adelaide were married in the gardens at Hermione and Draco’s home. It was a small wedding in the garden, but Adelaide and Blaise smiled at all of their friends. Draco and Hermione were busy chasing after their triplets. Harry and Ginny were expecting twins. Meanwhile James Potter II was busy trying to get the attention of Lily Malfoy. Ron and Pansy had adopted two more children in addition to their twins. Adelaide looked up and smiled at her husband and then at her adopted parents.
The Grangers looked back at Adelaide and then at Hermione. They had two children who were married to two very fine gentlemen and to think it had all started with an invitation to a party.

The End

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