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Harry Missed You: III by xLaurx
Chapter 9 : 'Brilliant' Babysitting and Bursting Into the Bathroom
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Normally, breakfast at the Weasley’s was fast-paced, exuberant, and lively. Unfortunately, since the death of Mrs. Weasley, breakfast had become completely the opposite. Bill was no longer battling with Kassy to eat, not trying to be affectionate with Fleur, and not yelling at Fred and George for levitating their forks to battle with. Charlie, who would normally be the one to sit back and laugh at everything that went on, was sitting and eating quietly, glaring at Harry every so often. Fred and George had tried to make things a little more high-spirited by cracking the odd joke, but finally quit when the twelfth dinner roll was thrown at them.

Ron was eating slowly, glancing at Harry every so often, but holding back a stony look as he caught Hermione eying him every time. Harry would sneak a glance at Ginny every five minutes or so, only to see her looking at him, and flushing furiously, which only made her brother’s even more suspicious as to what went on last night.

The only thing that interrupted the quiet meal that everyone was sharing was a loud crash, and a long screech of surprise from Kassy who was now leaning over in her high-chair, desperately reaching for the bit of porridge that had fallen.

“Wa’! Wa’! WA’!” Kassy was screaming, beating her tiny fists against the small table in front of her.

“I theenk she eez trying to say ‘want’,” Fleur explained quickly, and mumbling an apology, took out her wand and cleaned up the mess that was on the floor.

“Does she ever shut up?” Ron muttered under his breath, forking scrambled egg into his mouth, ignoring the fact that Hermione had just jabbed his ribs with her elbow.

“Do you ever shut up?” Hermione hissed at him. “Kassy’s just a baby!”


“She’s nearly 6 months old!”


“Can we go through breakfast without an argument from you two?” George suddenly piped in.

“Yeah, honestly, it does get on people’s nerves. Correct me if I’m mistaken, but you two are going out, and have been for quite some time?” Fred added, grinning madly.

“Yes,” Ron said, flushing a deep red. “But you’ve known that for a long time.”

“Funny, you don’t act like you’re going out.”

“Yeah, you sound like an old married couple.” Kassy giggled and seemed to forget about her incident, and began watching her uncle’s with interest.

“Fleur,” Harry began clearing his throat, “would you mind if I took Kassy outside for a little while. I think I could use some fresh air. The Burrow is awfully hot this morning and –“

“Of course, you may,” Fleur said brightly, but with a hint of exasperation from her daughter in her voice. With another wave of her wand, Kassy was cleaned up in an instant and Bill lifted her out of the high-chair and unwillingly gave up his child.

“Be careful,” he said sternly, as he placed the squirming baby in Harry’s arms. Harry gave him a weak smile and held Kassy tightly as he exited from the kitchen, outside.

“Er, I think I’ll go with him,” Ginny said quickly, jumping up from her seat, and dashing after Harry.


“Harry! HARRY!” Ginny called out, jogging up to him. Harry continued to walk. “What the hell is the matter with you?” she added, dumbfounded by his rudeness.

“Oh brilliant aunt you make, Gin,” Harry said, still walking. “Swearing in front of your own niece …”

“Oh, what difference does it make, she’s 5 months old! But don’t go changing the subject! Are you alright?” Ginny said in concern, grabbing Harry’s arm, and forcing him to stop.

“I’m fine,” Harry said slowly. “You’re mother’s dead, I had a horrible dream last night, and you’re family hates me. I’m just dandy.”

“Harry, my family does not hate you, and – wait? What dream? You never mentioned a dream when you came into my room last night.” Ginny said slowly, a concentrated look washing over her face, as though trying to recall last night’s memory.

“It – it’s nothing, alright?”

“That’s what you said last night,” Ginny said, taking Kassy from Harry’s arms as she reached out for her aunt.

"Because I meant it. Everything's fine," Harry said firmly, crossing his arms over his chest. "Now look, I don't want to argue over something stupid."

"What if it's not stupid though," Ginny hissed. "What if you know that this is important and you're just not telling me? Harry, I thought we could be honestly with each other."

"We can it's just -"

"Just what?" Ginny snapped.

"It is importantly," Harry said gently. "At least, I think it is. I'm just not ready to say anything yet. Just incase."

Ginny huffed, yet seemed somewhat satisfied with Harry's answer. She pried Kassy's fingers from around her hair and turned to go back inside. Harry placed a hand on her shoulder to stop her.


"Why don't we stay out here, just for a while longer?" Harry suggested, and watched as Ginny placed Kassy gently on the ground and watched her roll around in the grass, not quite crawling yet. Ginny slid her hand into Harry's and the pair sat down together beneath a small, flowered tree. Ginny kept a close eye on Kassy who was squealing in delight as she discovered that if she blew on the dandelion seeds, they would float off into the distance.

"Mmmm, this is nice," Ginny said quietly, laying her head on Harry's shoulder, picking at the grass with her free hand. "We should just do this all day."

"Well, it's only eleven-thirty, we've got plenty of time," Harry replied, playing with Ginny's red hair, which was shimmering pleasantly in the sun. Ginny leaned up and pressed her lips to Harry's gently, who kissed her back, and it wasn't long before pair was lost in their own world ...



"I can't believe him."

"Ron -"

"I just can't ... why would he do that?"

"Ron -"

"He's supposed to be my best mate!"


Hermione stood before Ron, arms crossed. Ron had been mumbling to himself about the morning's events.

"What?" Ron asked, exasperated.

"Relax," Hermione said. "You don't even know that Harry and Ginny did anything last night. They're both very responsible you know ..."

"Yeah, I do know. But I mean ... I just can't!" Ron said, sighing and he collapsed onto his bed, head resting on his pillow. Hermione shut the door to Ron's room and went over and sat by him. She ran a finger down the bridge of his long nose, and Ron smiled at her before he leaned up and pecked her on the lips.

Hermione placed her hands on either side of Ron's face, and kissed him back passionately. Ron grasped her wrists, kissing her firmly, and running his tongue on Hermione's bottom lip. Hermione allowed Ron to deepen the kiss and neither of them wanted to stop.

Nearly a half-hour had past already, and Hermione was beneath Ron on his bed, the two of them still glued together.

"Ron!" Hermione gasped suddenly, as she pulled away from her boyfriend and pushing him off of her so he fell to the bed with a thud.

"Oof!" Ron cried as he hit the floor. "What? We weren't doing anything ..."

"I know I just ... I don't know. " Hermione said, suddenly feeling very revealing although she was wearing denim shorts and a red tank-top. "Here," she said, giving Ron a hand and helping him get back to his feet.

"I'm sorry," Ron said bluntly, still rather confused.

"No, I am. Look, do you realize what would happen if one of your brothers came in?" Hermione asked slowly.

"Well, it'd look suspicious, but it's no biggie. We were just kissing!"

"Things looked awful suspicious with Harry and Ginny this morning, but nobody listened to them ..." Hermione snapped suddenly, glaring at Ron with her hands on her hips.

"But look at them ... Harry's well ..."

"Not nearly as randy as you are!" Hermione said angrily, shaking her finger at Ron. "And he's your best mate!"

Ron only grunted in response. He rolled his eyes, and opened his mouth to retort back, but only ended up looking like a fish as he closed his mouth, re-opened it and closed it again.

Hermione glared hard at him for a few moments, here eyes glistening with tears as she realized that Ron didn't even trust his best friend.

"Harry's our best friend," Ron finally heard her whisper harshly, before storming out of the room and into the bathroom. Sighing, Ron combed his fingers through his hair, scenes of the morning's events playing over and over again in his mind.


"Ginny ... we have ... to ... stop," Harry tried to mumble out as Ginny's kissed him forcefully. "Where's ... Kassy?" Ginny shot up to her feet, as she looked around for the bubbly baby who was no where in site.

"Oh damn, damn, damn ..." Ginny muttered, scanning the area for any sign as to where she went. "I didn't know she could crawl! Little early, if you ask me ... oh damn, Bill's going to kill me!"

"No, probably me. He'll know what we were up to," Harry said, still a little dazed, and admiring how sexy Ginny looked as she bit her lip, and a look of concern on her face. He watched her run her fingers through her now rather messy red hair that he loved so much. Silky between his fingers and …

“HARRY! Are you helping me or not?” Ginny yelled at him, snapping Harry out of his thoughts.

“Wha – oh yeah, right. She couldn’t have gotten that far! I mean, she’s like 5 months old …” Harry said lazily.

“Please help me, Harry!” Ginny pleaded at him, desperate to find her lost niece. “What if she got down to the lake?! Oh, geez, Harry! What if -?”

“GINNY! HARRY! GET OVER HERE!” Bill’s voice came from the Burrow, and Ginny gulped. Harry clasped his hand in hers and they went back into the house to see Mr. Weasley, Fleur, Bill and … Kassy! Who was babbling happily in her Grandfather’s arms and clapping her hands together.

“Oh, Kassy, thank God …” Ginny breathed as she saw her niece in her father’s arms.

“What do you mean by that?” Bill demanded. “Did you lose her by any chance? You are very lucky I glanced out the window to see if I could find you lot! Do you know what I saw instead? My DAUGHTER! CRAWLING TOWARDS THE LAKE! Do you have any idea how irresponsible you two have been?” he roared at the pair. Ginny flinched at her brother’s harsh words. Sure, he was probably the most responsible of the siblings, but she’d never heard him yell at her like this.

“I’m sorry,” Ginny croaked out weakly. “Bill, I’m sorry, really sorry …”

“Did ‘oo theek at ze time zat if Kassy had drowned that ‘oo could just apologize?” Fleur snapped angrily, and she snatched her daughter from Mr. Weasley, who frowned, but knew how worried Fleur had been.

“Fleur, look, we’re really sorry …” Harry said meekly, head hanging shamefully, refusing to meet anyone’s but Ginny’s eyes.

“Sorry doesn’t cut it!” Bill yelled angrily. “How can I ever trust you again, Ginny?"

“I’m sorry,” Ginny choked out this time. "I swear it won't happen again!"

"But we don't know that!" Bill continued, eyes blazing. "Kassy could have died! Doesn't that mean anything to you?!"

"Yes!" Ginny choked out for a second time, "can't you see that I'm sorry?" With a small sob, she left the room and Harry caught a glimpse of a few tears running down her cheeks. He began to follow her.

"Don't go after her! Who's knows what you'll do to her!" Bill snapped angrily.

"I wasn't going to do anything!" Harry argued back, yet calmly.

"Everyone, please, just calm down. Harry, I give you permission to go see Ginny right now and -"

"I need permission to see my girlfriend?!"

Harry didn't wait for an answer, he stormed upstairs as he heard the slam of Ginny's door, and her crying. He went into Ginny's room and slammed the door fiercely behind him.

"W-what are you doing here?" Ginny sniffed, swiping at her eyes with the back of her hand.

"I 'have permission' to come see you," Harry snapped, as he went over to Ginny and embraced her in his arms. Ginny cried into his chest for a few moments before calming down.

"Harry, everything's been upsetting me lately ... Kassy nearly died now! If she did ... oh, Harry ..."

"But she didn't," Harry soothed. "It's alright, okay? If it was anyone's fault, it was mine. I ... er ... distracted you." Ginny gave a muffled, wet giggle as her face was pressed into Harry's chest.


Warm water eloped her as Hermione stepped into the shower. Tears fell from her eyes as she thought about the argument with Ron, a little while previous. She couldn't believe that Ron didn't trust Harry! Although she'd never admit it, Hermione would probably be more willing to trust Harry than Ron.

It wasn't long before she turned the hot water off, and she stepped out of the shower, hair clinging to her back. She grabbed a blue towel off the counter and wrapped it around her tightly. The towel was small, for it only reached slightly above her mid-thigh. 

Just as Hermione had begun to do her hair, the door opened. A familiar red-headed boy entered.

"Arrrgh!" Ron had exclaimed in surprise, while Hermione shrieked, and looked for anything else to cover her up besides the skimpy towel.

"What are you doing?" Hermione yelled. "If the shower is just turned off, you don't just go barging in on people, Ronald Billius Weasley! You are so lucky I had this towel on ..." she trailed off, flushing a brilliant scarlet as she looked down at her attire.

Ron was far from scarlet and was nearly purple right now he was blushing so hard. He stammered something inaudible.

"S-so-sorry!" he finally blurted out.

"Get OUT!"

Stumbling out of the bathroom as Hermione gave him a mighty heave; Ron slammed into the wall, and rubbed his nose which was now throbbing.

"Stupid wall," Ron muttered, kicking it furiously.

"How can you tell the stupid ones from the smart ones?"

Ron wheel around to see Harry grinning.

"Shut up," Ron said, scowling.

"Ooo, touchy, aren't we?" Harry exclaimed, an eyebrow raised.

"Again, shut up," Ron frowned.

"What happened?" Harry asked with a smirk, as he leaned against the wall.

"Aw, I just walked into the bathroom, and Hermione was there," Ron said slowly, pink flushing back into his face.

"That's it?"

"And ... she was in ... in a ..."

"A ...?"

"Towel," Ron croaked out, his face a brilliant scarlet now. Harry let out a loud laugh, and from outside the bathroom, could hear Hermione let out a frustrated cry.

"Good grief Ron, don't you knock at all?" Harry laughed.

"No," Ron groaned. "That's the problem ... growing up with 5 older brothers ... we never knocked. George nearly landed himself in St. Mungo's when he walked in on Ginny once when she was 13 ..."

This caused Harry to laugh even harder.

"Besides, what are you all ... giddy about?" Ron asked curiously.

"Nothing ... I was just with Ginny. No big deal," Harry said happily, and Ron noticed he nearly seemed to be dancing down the hallway.

"Ugh," was all Ron said.


Author's Note: Chappy 8 is up. XD Sorry ... I've been at Theatre Production at my school for so long now, which is why I haven't been on a lot ... but we're performing next week. =D

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