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She Paints Me Blue by lennyXartiste
Chapter 6 : Morning Fun in the Kitchens
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A/N: I must say, I quite like this bit. I want to give a special mention to withyou26, who has reviewed every chapter of this story. I really appreciate it! Anywho, enjoy!!

Disclaimer: I don't own HP. never have, never will.

"Waiting for a boy to save you from your old ways..."

Draco woke up the next morning, feeling extra tired, and quite gross. He had had a restless night...he couldn't have had more than three hours of sleep. His pounding head reminded him of the night before - and he smiled, despite his hangover.

Heaving himself out of bed, he took a quick shower, hoping it would wake him up. He had no such luck, however, and emerged feeling just as disgusting as before.He looked at his timetable, pinned to the wall next to his bed. Potions first. He could skip that class without Snape saying a word, so instead of hurrying, Draco took his time getting dressed and ready.

By the time he left the Slytherin common rooms, it was way past breakfast time in the great hall. So he decided to go to the kitchens, to get a sneak preview (and hopefully a sample) of what the house elves were cooking for lunch.

He approached the still life painting of fruit just outside the kitchens, and tickled the pear, causing the hidden door to creak open. He hurried in, hoping no one had heard him, and as he looked around, he saw not only house elves scurrying around, but someone looking in one of the cupboards. He coughed and the person jumped, hitting their head on the cupboard door.

"OUCH!" Jayla screamed, falling to the floor. Draco had to refrain himself from gasping. He rushed over to her.

"Are you okay?" he asked. She looked up and her eyes widened.

"Yeah, I'm good..." She said slowly, staring at him. It really wasn't fair, how attractive he was. Like an idiot, she stayed on the floor, just looking at him. She coud hardly believe that dancing with him at that party hadn't been a dream...

"Uh... Sorry I scared you, " he mumbled, staring right back at her.

Jayla nodded, captivated by his eyes.

Draco reached out towards her, took her hand, and pulled her up. "What are you doing here?" he asked her.

"Uhh. Umm." Jayla found herself tongue tied, and unable to think clearly. She knew she couldn't tell him that she had avoided eating at breakfast, skipped, and was now gorging herself. Oh, and that she was planning to get rid of it later.

"I...missed breakfast?" she tried wearily, as she tried to smooth down her hair (wet from her morning shower).

"Me too, " he said. "And skipping potions." He smirked.

"Charms....I'm skipping charms..." Jayla forced herself to look away from him. "I was just deciding what to eat first, " she lied. If only he knew that she had already inhaled three sandwiches and drained a half carton of pumpkin juice.

"Well, I need a coffee...want one, dollface?" Draco ran his hands through his damp hair, messing it up. The back of it was sticking out, not unlike Harry Potter's. He looked at her, wondering if she would react to his name for her.

""Okay, " Jayla said, ignoring the dollface comment. "I...need to go to the bathroom, for a minute..but I'll come back..."

"Oh, yeah, sure." Draco turned and started to talk to one of the house elves. Jayla scurried out and sprinted to the closest washroom. The sandwhiches and pumpkin juice were definitely not in her stomach anymore. She ran back to the kitchen, her eyes watering.

As she came in, Draco looked at her oddly from where he was sitting, on the floor close to the fireplace.

"Are you okay? Your eyes are all red.."

"Are they? I'm fine, " she said, her throat burning with every word she spoke. A house elf came up and gave her and Draco each a mug filled with steaming coffee. They said their thanks and sipped at their drinks, an awkward silence coming about them.

"That was weird, yesterday." Draco said suddenly, his smooth voice breaking the silence.

"Huh?" He wasn't talking about their dancing at the party, was he?

"When you came to my divination class....and Trelawney made you dance." Draco smiled at Jayla.

"Oh..that. Yeah, well...I've always been a bit scared of Trelawney..."

"Really? Why?" Draco asked her.

"You mean you aren't?" Jayla said incredulously. "Wow...I just think she's a bit mad, that's all...something about her just scares me! And that's all stuffy..."

Draco laughed. "Yeah I know what you mean..." He took another sip of coffee and decided to ignore how nervous he was feeling. "You're a really good dancer, Jayla. I saw it in Trelawney's room, and I definitley saw it last night... "

Her insides melted when he said her name. She took a deep breath, trying to hide the explosion of emotions inside of her. "Thanks! Want me to teach you something?" she blurted out.

WHAT THE HELL DID I JUST SAY?!? Jayla mentally shot herself in the head for being so idiotic.

Draco stared at her, then shrugged. "Sure, why long as it's not too offense."

Jayla nodded. "Okay." She wondered what the hell she was even doing as she stood up and put her coffee on the floor. "How about a pirouette?"

"Sounds girly, " he said, giving her a cocky smirk.

"No, it's not! If you can do a good pirouette, every girl will love you, I swear!"

"You mean they don't already?" Draco asked.

Jayla blushed. "Er..."

Draco stood up. "I'm just kidding. Go ahead. Show me what a pee-or-ett is."

"Its pronounced peer-ooh-ett, not pee-or-ett." She giggled. "But okay..." She led him to the centre of the rom, where there was the most space.

"It would be easier of we had a mirror..."

"No problem." Draco said smugly. He took out his wand, muttered a few words, and a large mirror appeared in front of them.

"Wow!" Jayla said. Where had Draco learned a spell to summon mirrors? "Won't it be in the house elve's way?"

"We is fine, Miss, " a small squeaky voice piped up.

"Oh...Okay. Um." Jayla turned to Draco. "Ready?" He nodded and she turned back to the mirror, kicking off her shoes. Draco did the same.

"If you look in the mirror and don't like what you see, you can find out firsthand what it's like to be me..." Jayla murmured softly, looking at her reflection.

Draco stared at her. What on earth did that mean? "Jayla, what - "

"Okay...stand like this, " she instructed, interrupting him. She stuck both arms and her right leg out, so that her arms were parallel to the floor and her leg was on an angle, her toe pointed to the tiles. Draco copied her with surprising accuracy, his legs nice and straight. He had an athlete's body, probably from quidditch, and Jayla could tell that he would make a good dancer.

" 'Kay, good, that's the first position," she told him. "Now you point your right arm straight forward, and move your right leg back. Like so." She demonstrated. He copied her with ease.

"This is the position where you actually get ready to spin, so you can bend your knees...and prepare..."

She started to bounce on her knees, and so did Draco. He was smiling. "This is too easy," he said.

"Yeah?" Jayla laughed, rethinking the compliment she had been about to give him. "Well...wait until the next step. You might change your mind."

She continued to bounce on her knees. "Next is where you actually turn...I'll teach you the easiest way." She grinned.

"The EASIEST way?" Draco asked her. Jayla nodded, still smiling.

"Okay...there are two ways to remember which direction to spin. One is that you spin TOWARDS whichever arm is forward. To the right, in this case. The other way is to spin towards whichever leg comes up, which is the back leg. Right leg for now. Get it?"

"I think so..." Draco said.

" when you spin, you bring up the back leg...bring it way up..and snap your arms in, elbows out, fists together." She demonstrated in slow motion.

Draco decided to try something. "Huh?" he said in a confused voice.

Jayla repeated her instructions.

"Uuummm..." Draco tried to look bewildered.

"I guess I'll have to show you the way I learned," Jayla said. She came up behind him.

"Okay, so you're bouncing, preparing to spin..."

Draco bounced on his knees.

"And when you're about to start, you bring your back leg up...."

Jayla crouched down and eased his leg up in the proper position. Draco laughed.

"What are you doing?"

"Helping you! So that leg comes up, and your arms go like so...." She came around in front of him and put his arms in the proper position. "Then you spin clockwise!" She shoved his left shoulder and he almost lost his balance.


"Dancers have to have good balance!" Jayla said.

"Yeah, right. You just wanted to push me," Draco said. He was smiling though. His plan had worked. His body burned wherever Jayla had touched him. He felt lighter than air.

Jayla smiled mysteriously. She went back beside him. "Ready to pirouette?" She asked him.


"What I just taught you!!!" she said angrily.

"Woah! Okay, okay."

"Go back to that first position. Good. Now....second, and get ready to spin ONCE, just once for now....go!"

Draco completed a perfect spin, although very slow, and stopped while still in the spinning position, arms together and one leg up. Jayla started to laugh at him.

"Whats so funny?" He asked. " I thought I did a good job!"

She kept laughing, and fell to the floor, unable to stop. She looked up at him, her eyes still red around the edges, but her violet irises sparkling.

He remained in the same position. "Whats so funny?"

"You! I forgot to teach you how to stop! And why are you still standing like that?" With those words, she burst out into loud laughter again.

Draco realized he was standing there with one leg up, looking like a demented flamingo. He immediatly stood normally.

" I don't look like a flamingo anymore!"

Jayla didn't stop laughing, and Draco bent down beside her.

"You think I'm funny?" Not knowing what he was doing, he took a chance and started to tickle her sides mercilessly. She shrieked.

"Draco! Someone will hear! Stop!" She gasped for air.

"Not until you apologize!"

"Sorry!" she wheezed out, and he let her go. She collapsed onto the floor and lay down on her back, breathing deeply.

Draco sat beside her, and Jayla pulled down her shirt (which had conviently ridden up to reveal her stomach). Draco couldn't help notice how her hip bones jutted out, and he could count her ribs. As Jayla caught him staring, he quickly looked away.

"Nice teaching," he said sarcastically. "I like how you laugh at your pupils..."

Jayla sighed. "I'm sorry!" she said seriously.

"Show me how many spins you can do," Draco demanded.

She shrugged. "Fine." She got up and positioned herself, bouncing on her knees like Draco had seen her do a few days earlier. Now he could appreciate how hard what she was doing really was. He would never admit it, but he had had trouble doing even one spin.

"Your pirouette was good, by the way," Jayla said, as she burst up, spinning like crazy, her skinny but strong leg going in, out, in, out...Draco counted out loud.

"One, two, three, four, five, six ... "

Her spins began to slow down, but still went on.

"Ten, eleven, twelve ..."

She stopped at fifteen and collapsed onto the floor beside Draco.

"Wow..." he said. "That was amazing."

"Thanks. New record, I think!" She grinned at him, feeling a lot better about herself than she usually did. "Wanna come to the black lake with me?"

* * * * *

"Now that she's back in the atmosphere,
With drops of Jupiter in her hair;
She acts like summer and she walks like rain:
Reminds me that there's time to change."

Five minutes later, Draco and Jayla were sitting at the edge of the black lake, under a tree. Jayla had insisted they sit under that specific tree, for a 'special reason' that she promised to tell Draco.

He trembled as a cold breeze whipped across his body. Jayla was digging in her bag for something, and didn't even seem to notice how cold it was outside.

Finally, she pulled out a thin white metallic rectangular thing, with a long white wire coming out one end.

She held it out to him and he stared at it. Then he stared at her, one eyebrow cocked. "What is it?"

"An iPod!" she said. He continued to stare at her. She might as well have been talking a different language, for all he could understand what she was saying.

"You don't know what it is, do you?" she asked. "It plays music!"

"So it's a muggle.....thing?" he asked her.

"Yeah...something wrong with that?"

Yes! he thought. "No." he said. "It won't work on Hogwarts grounds, though..."

"You're wrong there! This is the one place on the whooooole grounds where my iPod will work."

"Oh." Draco said.

Jayla took one end of the wire and stuck it in her ear. Then she took the other and stuck it in one of his ears. Draco held back from trembling again, although this time it had nothing to do with how cold it was outside.

In a matter of seconds, music was baring into his left ear. "Woah.."

"I don't know how it works, so dont ask me." Jayla said, as if she was reading his mind. She had her eyes closed and was moving her head slowly back and forth to the piano music.

Draco stared out across the lake and listened to the music. A voice started to sing in his ear.

"Tonight I'll watch the lights go out in your house...
Wondering how I could get so deep,
And you could still get sleep.
In vain I blame my trembling on the cold air,
But I cant hide that I relied on you.
Like yellow does on blue."

Draco furrowed his brow. These lyrics sounded familiar, somehow.

"And you're my good feeling.
I'm kneeling, inside a room, she paints me blue.
And you are my reason for breathing.
Inside a room, she paints me blue, again."

So that was it! The song Draco had heard Jayla singing the first time he had seen her dance. He smiled and began to enjoy the music.

When it ended, Jayla opened her eyes and caught him staring at her. She blushed.

"Sorry..." he said quickly, looking away.

"Um. Did you like the song?" she asked him.

"Er, yeah. I did."

She smiled. "Here's another one I like!"

For another fifteen minutes, Draco and Jayla sat under that tree, listening to music and talking. Jayla found herself being able to talk to him easily, once she got going. She hadn't felt this comfortable with a guy in along time.

"I know! And I hate being paired with Harry for potions, we always get Dreadfuls because Snape hates him!"

"Well, you can pair with me next time," Draco said, enjoying their conversation. "I'm pretty good at potions, and I'm a Slytherin."

Jayla nodded, knowing that Draco meant they would get good marks. Snape favored the Slytherins, and had no shame in showing it. "Okay." She picked up a stone and threw it into the lake.

Draco did the same, but his stone went farther than her's had. "Haha! Mine went farther."

"Yeah? Well let's see if you can do it again." Jayla threw another stone as hard as she could. It sailed through the air, and landed pretty far out. "Beat that!" She said, sticking her tongue out.

Draco wound his arm back, ready to face the challenge, but as he flung the stone forward, Jayla grabbed his elbow, causing him to release it too early. It barely went a metre out, and landed with a big 'plop'.

"Haha!" Jayla laughed at him.

He gasped. " cheated!" he said in a fake, offended voice. "I can't believe it. Jayla, a Gryffindor, cheated!"

She was grinning evilly. "You never thought I was such a badass, did you?"

"I think you want to be tickled again..." Draco said, trying to be intimidating. He leaned over her menacingly, and Jayla let out a small squeal.

Why the hell am I flirting with her? She's a bloody muggleborn! Oh well.. Draco reached for her sides.

"No!" Jayla wiggled out from underneath him and wrenched the speaker out of her ear. Draco grabbed her arm but she jerked away, laughing. She started to run away. She was surprisingly fast, and Draco started to run after her, leaving their bags and her iPod unattended.

He chased after her, and as he gained on her, she looked back and screeched, still laughing hysterically. He finally caught up to her completely, and grabbed her around her very small waist. He picked her up, slinging her over his shoulder, and began to carry her back to the tree they had been sitting under.

"Draco! Let me go! AAHH!" She wriggled around and punched his back.

He finally dumped her back onto the ground under the tree, and started to tickle her stomach.

She shrieked with laughter, kicking wildly, but he sat on top of her legs. "You cheated! You cheated bad! You cheated!" he teased as he lowered his hands to start tickling her hips instead.

"I did not!" she wheezed. "I didn't cheat!"

"Jayyyyylaaaaa cheeeeeeateeeed!!!"

They were both having so much fun they didn't realize who was coming towards them.

"MR. MALFOY! MS. MALLOY!" came the voice of Professor McGonagall.

Draco and Jayla both froze. They stared at each other, too startled and scared to move.

"What on Earth are you two - " Professor McGonagall's voice was interrupted by Snape's.


Draco snapped out of it first and got up, extending his hand to help Jayla. But as she grasped his hand it was slapped away by McGonagall.

"I never would have expected such foolishness out of two sixth years! Skipping classes to play tickle? And right outside my window, none the less..."

Jayla groaned and managed to get up. She had forgotten that the special tree was right under McGonagall's window. Her whole class must have been able to hear them fooling around...

Draco had made the same realization and was staring fixedly at the ground.

Snape began to have his say. "It is fine to, perhaps, miss a few classes because of sickness, or to work on studies...but your actions this morning have shown total abuse of these regulations and resposibilities!" he spat out, more to Draco than Jayla. She was surprised that Snape was shouting at his favourite student.

"We shall be taking you to Dumbledore immediately," McGonagall said stiffly. He shall decide on your punishment.

Jayla's jaw dropped. "Taken to Dumbledore just for skipping first period? Come on!" she blurted out. "We didn't kill anybody!" She felt her anger rise and was about to say what was really on her mind, but Draco put his hand lightly on her shoulder.

"Come on, Jayla....that won't help." He let go of her and she scowled.

"He's right, Jayla. Even someone with as much to deal with as you should have more sense than to say something like that." McGonagall said sharply.

Jayla's eyes immediatly began to water, as McGonagall turned away from her. Jayla wanted to Avada Kedavra the old hag...she had no idea what it was like, had no idea what Jayla was going through....

Snape and McGonagall quickly started walking towards the castle, Draco and Jayla dragging their sorry asses behind them.

* * * * *

"We didn't realize we were making memories, we just thought we were having fun."

Jayla sniffled and entered the headmaster's office. Beside her, Draco had a purely pissed off look on his face. She wasn't exactly feeling peachy herself.

All four of them (Jayla, Draco, Snape, and McGonagall) sat in the appropriate number of chairs set in front of Dumbledore's desk. Dumbledore smiled at them, and then started to speak.

"What seems to be the problem on a fine morning like this?"

Jayla and Draco exchanged looks, and Snape began to summarize the previous events.

"Professor McGonagall heard voices from her classroom, and looked out the window, to see these two fooling around by the lake. She alerted me, since Mr.Malfoy is in Slytherin, and we came to get them and bring them here. They were skipping their morning classes."

Dumbledore raised his thick white eyebrows. "Fooling around?" he inquired.

"He doesn't mean it like....fooling AROUND fooling around." Jayla said hurriedly. "We were chasing each other and tickling and stuff...." her cheeks turned pink as she said it.

Draco turned away to hide the smile on his face. He was so amused by that girl...

Dumbledore nodded. "I see...So, you skipped class to fool around with Draco outside?"

"No!" Jayla exclaimed. "It wasn't planned, it just happened!"

"Tell me how it happened," Dumbledore said kindly.

McGonagall interrupted. "With all due respect, Albus, I do not think how it happened is of importance...they were skipping classes, there's no way around it!"

"I have to disagree with you, Minerva. Continue, Miss Malloy."

Jayla sighed. "Well....I was in the kitchens...and then Draco came in...."

"Being in the kitchens is against school rules!" Snape barked.

"Severus, please," Dumbledore said. "Let the poor girl tell her story without being interrupted. Then Draco will tell his."

"I'm not really sure how much detail you want, " Jayla said.

"Anything you believe is important." Dumbledore said. McGonagall and Snape were shaking their heads and looking annoyed, but Dumbledore ignored them.

" I was in there looking for something to eat...and then Draco came in, and we started talking. Then...I decided to show him my iPod, because it works in one specific spot on the school grounds... So we were listening to music, and then we had a rock throwing contest, and I won, but Draco thought I cheated, so he chased me and tickled me."

Dumbledore nodded slowly, trying to absorb what Jayla said. "You were in the kitchens looking for something to slept in and missed breakfast?"

Jayla didn't think before she answered. "No...I was awake at breakfast time." She immediatly slapped her hand across her forehead in regret. "Urgh...I mean..."

"If you were awake at breakfast, why didn't you go to the great hall to eat?" Dumbledore asked her, kindly. Jayla wanted to jump out the window....he knew she had eating problems, why was he going to make her say it in front of Draco?

"I...I didn't want to eat in the great hall. I don't like watched. When I eat." Out of the corner of her eye she saw Draco give her a funny look. His mind was racing - she had lied to him before! She had told him she missed breakfast...

"Okay," said Dumbledore. "Now, Draco, your version." Draco turned to the headmaster.

"Basically the same....I woke up and felt gross, and I really just didn't feel like going to class. So I went to the kitchens, ran into Jayla, all the same stuff."

"Okay. I will give you each a weeks worth of detentions...every evening, eight to ten o'clock. Special detentions, in my office. Starting...tomorrow."

Jayla nodded and got up quickly. "Thanks, Sir...." She and Draco scurried out, as McGonagall and Snape both stood up and started talking to Dumbledore (awfully loudly) about what their punishments SHOULD have been...

The huge oak door shut and the spiral staircase descended slowly, bringing Jayla and Draco down into the corridor. Once they were out in the hall, which was deserted, Draco was the first to speak.

"What do you think the detention is gonna be?"

"Dunno. What do you think?"

"Dunno." Draco smirked evilly. "You know, second period is half over already..."

"Oh dear..." Jayla grinned, and started running away from Draco (for the second time that day), up a huge staircase. And as she reached the top, Draco caught her (for the second time that day), pinning her against the hard stone walls of the corridor.

"HEY!" she shouted, forgetting that there were classes going on.

"SSSHHH!" Draco hissed. "Be quiet..."

Jayla looked up into his eyes. She was tall, but he was taller. She put a hand on his chest and tried to push him off. Needless to say, he was a lot stronger than her and couldn't be moved.

"Now that you've caught me, what are you gonna do?" she whispered and fake pouted, sticking her lower lip way out. She had no idea where this flirting came from, but it was working...

Draco smirked. "I'm not sure," he murmured, and started to lean his face towards hers.

As if in slow motion, their faces came closer and closer together, until they both had their eyes closed, their noses touching, and their lips just millimetres apart....

Suddenly, a door slammed from somewhere and time went back to normal. It seemed to fast forward, even, as Draco shot off Jayla like a bullet from a gun.

A small first year from Jayla's dance class emerged from a classroom. Jayla and Draco both stared at her. She blushed and held out an envelope.

"I'm just delivering a letter!" she said, and scurried off. As soon as she was gone, Jayla sighed and sunk down to the floor. Draco came and sat beside her.

"I think I had a heart atack, " he muttered.

"Me too." Jayla smiled. "Wasn't that just thrilling?"

"Thrilling. Just thrilling..." Draco muttered. He suddenly got up. "I have to go get ready for next period...Later, dollface!" He winked at her like he had the day before.

As he walked away, Jayla longed to call after him, tell him not to leave - but she didn't. Instead, she sighed and stood up, realizing that she herself had a third period class to go to. 

So there it is! Did you like? Not like? Tell me what you think! Lovelovelove.

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