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The Other Daughter by manic_rage
Chapter 4 : Treason & Blood Mixed With A Hint Of Uncertainty
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Treason & Blood Mixed With A Hint Of Uncertainty

Electres woke the next day, Ron and Ginny standing next to her bed, she jumped up, almost screaming.

“What in bloody hell are you doing in here?”

“We wanted to wake you up.” Said Ginny, Electres looked at her, obviously still tired.

“Well you did that, now why?”

“We wanted to take you early morning swimming.” Said Ron and Electres nodded.

“Ok, I’ll be out in a moment.” She said and they walked out, once outside they looked at each other.

“Do you think she fell for it?”

“Yeah, I think she did.”

No Electres did not fall for it, she had spent the three weeks analyzing her ‘brothers and sister’ and under no circumstances did her brother wake up early, and Ginny was never vocal in the morning, something was up.

She got dressed in guys jeans and tee shirt again; yes, they had been Draco’s at some point.

She walked out of her room and down to the kitchen, where Ron, Ginny, Hermione, and Harry all say, and waiting for her.

“Ok you guys are scaring me, what are you all doing up this early?”

“Nothing, we wanted to take you out swimming?” Said Ginny smiling, Electres knew that look; she hated it.

“Ok.” Said Electres sitting at the table, for some reason she was not hungry.

“Electres would you like some juice?” Asked Ginny, Electres looked at her and smiled.

“Yes please.” She said, taking the glass, and drinking it all down.

“So let’s go to the lake.” Said Harry and they all walked out, Electres smiling the entire time.

When they got to the lake, everyone looked at Electres who again only took off her pants.

“Now.” Whispered Ron and Ginny nodded, walking over to Electres smiling.


“Huh?” She asked as she walked into the water.

“Where were you?”


“Why were you there?”

“I was a work slave.” Everyone except Harry and Hermione looked at her in disbelief.

“How do you know Malfoy?”

“We had crazy monkey sex all the time.” She said and they all looked at her, eyes wide.

Electres looked at them, her head cocked.

“Do you really think I am that stupid?” She asked, looking at all of them, they hung their heads in shame.

“I knew the exact moment you woke me up that you lot were up to something, you don’t live the life I have and not know when people are lying through their teeth.”

“Electres how did you do it? Beat the potion?”

“Honestly, do you think I would not have been given a counter to all truth serums? With what I have seen, it would be almost stupid for me not to have been given.”

They all looked at her puzzled, yet shamed as she swam around, not wanting to hear them speak anymore.

She swam around until she felt it, her ankle burn. She floated and looked down at her ankle, it was bleeding.

“Electres are you alright?” Asked Harry as he swam over to her, looking at her oddly.

“God Electres you’re bleeding really bad.” He said looking at her ankle.

“I am fine.” She said swimming over to the beach, grabbing Harry’s tee shirt and wrapping her ankle with it. Ron and Ginny moved closer to her, trying to see what was wrong.

“Back off, do you think after what you pulled earlier that I should trust you?” She said looking down at her ankle, the blood had soaked through the tee shirt, and it looked very painful.

Harry walked over to her, looking down at her ankle.

“Electres can I see it?” She turned towards him, her face set in anger.

“And why should I trust you, you didn’t even try and help me.” he looked at her, she knew that look, it was the look of guilt and something she knew.

“Its fine really.”

“It doesn’t look so fine.”

“Yeah well nothing usually does, I swear its fine.” She said, she looked down, and then back up to him.

“I need to go inside.” She said standing; Harry stood as well, and looked at his friends.

“I’ll go with you.”


“Yes.” She said nothing and started walking, Harry followed her. Leaving the others behind, staring at them walking away.

“So what’s really going on?”

“my friend who got me the tattoo, its enchanted, if he is hurt, I will bleed from it.”


“Because I am suppose to go and find him, to help him.”
“Again why?”

“Because he is, he is mine, and I his.” Harry nodded his head and walked with her to the house where they went to her room and she took the tee shirt off her ankle, it was still bleed.

“Why is it bleeding so hard?”

“He must really be being beat.”

“I am so sorry.”

“It is the only thing I know.” She said looking down and Harry looked at her, raising her head so he could look her in the eyes.

“You not her anymore, just remember that.” He said, and that very moment Ginny walked in, without knocking, she gasped and then ran out.

Electres could have sworn she saw the tears already in her eyes.

“what was that about?” asked Harry and Electres looked at him and stood, guys can be so dense.

“She likes you Harry, my god, and we looked like we were about to kiss.”

“No, I mean she-“

“She does, now go do something about it.” said Electres and Harry nodded, walking out of her room.

That is when she saw Hermione standing at her door, arms crossed.

“How’s your ankle?”

“Its seen worse.”

“I bet.” She said and they just stared at each other.

“That was some thing you just did, telling Harry to go tell Ginny his feelings, all of us could have sworn you two were something.”

“I don’t do boys.” She said, instantly regretting her word choice.

“So then what is Draco?”

“Someone like me.”

“How so?”

“With all do respect you could never understand, you were not raised the way we were.”

“Right, he was given everything.”

“Including his father’s fist.” She said looking at Hermione with pure hatred and Hermione looked as if she was just now understanding everything.


“Yeah, he was beat, in fact, sense you seem to love facts, he still is.”

Hermione looked at her and for the first time in six years pitted Malfoy, as foul as he was, he had it bad.

“You are never repeat that to another living soul, do not look at him differently because of it, because he is still what he has always been.”

“And what’s that?”

“An arrogant ass hole.” Said Electres looking at Hermione and she smiled.

Then walked out, she had nothing more to say to Hermione, or visa versa. Electres sat in her room, trying o figure out what she was going to do now that she was free.

She had always thought, before being bought that she would die a whore, probably beaten my one of her masters customers, then after being bought she thought she would die by her new masters hand, because he had a temper and she seemed to never do anything right.

Now she was truly free and had no idea what to do, she walked down to the kitchen, only to find Charlie standing there with Ron, talking silently.

When they both saw Electres they shut up and Charlie walked over to Electres.

“What am I to do now? I am free, yet I have nothing.” She said and Charlie looked at Ron, giving him the ‘go away’ look. Ron left and Charlie took Electres by the hand, sitting at the table.

“what do you mean?”

“I always thought I would die a slave, now I have freedom, what do I do?”

“Be a kid.”

“I can no go back, only forward, and being a kid is going back.”

“Then go to school, and there you might find your calling.”

“What if I don’t?”

“Then I will help you.”

“thank you.” She said smiling warmly, he smiled back, then looked at her.

“Are you going to tell me about what happened yesterday at Diagon Alley?”

“What happened?” she asked dimly and he smiled, she was like the twins.

“The thing with Malfoy.”

“he is a friend.”


“I will tell you one day.” She said standing from the table, walking out to the living room and out the door.

She looked around and sat on the ground, staring at the sky, how long had it been since she had done this?

When she was first given the sky?

Years, too many, and still not enough to make her forget the way she felt, the way he looked at her when he saw how happy she was.

It is honestly something one should never forget; yet, she wanted to so she would not feel him every time she closes her eyes, every time she dreams.

It was the only way for him to stay alive; unfortunately, it caused the her great pain, but it was something she was willing to bare, just as long as he was alive in her head, she could live.
Electres had fallen asleep outside, and people were looking for her. She sat up and Harry saw her and yelled,

“Found her, she’s fine.” He said walking over to her, kneeling beside her.

“Where have you been?”

“I must have fallen asleep.”


“Yes.” She said and he looked her in the eyes, nodding because he believed her.

Harry stood and helped Electres up just in time for Ginny to come running, looking for them.

“There you are.” She said smiling, but her smile fading as she saw how close they were.

“I fell asleep out here.” Said Electres, walking off without Harry or Ginny, they had problems they needed to work out that had nothing to do with her.

She walked back into the house, only to be tackled by the twins.

“Oye, here she is.” Said George and Electres pushed them off, glaring.

“Well now that we found you, there’s something you need to know.”


“Well mum is the one going to tell you, we can’t.”

“Ok where is she?”

“In the kitchen.” Said Fred and she nodded, and walked into the kitchen, only to find Molly sitting at the table, looking at her.

“The twins said you needed to talk to me.”

“Sit.” She said and Electres obeyed, surveying the situation.

“Before you speak, if is has anything to do with making me leave I understand and can be pack in a few minutes.” said Electres quickly, Molly’s eyes shot up and looked at Electres.

“No, it doesn’t.”

“Then what is it?”

“What do you know about the war?”

“There is a war going on?” She asked stupidly; years of being what she was, she learned how to be a great actress.

She had been told of the war years ago, by the only one who cared.

“Yes and our family is quite in the middle of it.”

“So what does this mean?”

“It means that we are moving to a safe house before we send you all back to school.”

“I guess I will be joining you.”

“Of course dear, we would not have it any other way.” Said Molly and Electres nodded, and stood, looking at this woman who was her mother.



“I will go pack.” Said Electres walking out, not waiting for Molly’s response.

As she walked up the stairs it hit her; her Dragon and her ‘family’ were on opposite sides, and that she would have to choose between a family she barely knew and a boy that kept her alive.

She pondered this as she walked into her room, closing and locking the door behind her, then gathering her things, and stuffing them into her bag, making sure her bloody tee shirt was in the bottom, not to be found.

After packing, her things she sat on her bed, waiting, she had nothing else to do. A knock came and she did not answer, she was still pondering what she had to do.

After another knock came and went she made up her mind, she had to do something before leaving.

A note appeared on her bed as she climbed out the window; she had to do this.

When Charlie heard no response from his sister’s room he pulled out his wand, whispering a spell, he opened the door and found the room to be empty, a note laying on the bed.

He walked over and picked it up, reading it carefully before running down the stairs, yelling about Electres being gone.

Ten minutes later the entire family sat around the kitchen table, including a few order members, trying to figure out what Electres’s letter meant.

“Charlie read it again.” Said Hermione and he nodded, looking down at the paper.

“Dear everyone, I cannot leave to this safe house until I decide something,

something that needs to be done. I cannot continue living until I know what it is I must

do. Until we met again.” He said breathing out hard.

“What are we going to do? She does not know where the headquarters is.” Yelled Molly, Dumbledore looked at her, smiling.

“Yes she does, I told her.” He said and everyone looked at him, surprised.

“You told her? Why?”

“Because I knew something like this would happen.”

“And you did not warn us?”

“No, I could not because what would a warning mean if you did not know when it was going to happen?” he asked and everyone looked confused, it only made him smiled more.

Harry was in deep thought, ‘what she must do.’ He thought, he knew only one person might even know what this meant, and it was a long shot.

“Does anyone have a phone?” He asked and everyone looked at him oddly.

“I want to call my aunt.” He said and then they looked at him even odder, luckily Dumbledore, for reasons unknown kept a cell phone on him, odd man.

Harry walked out of the living room and outside, looking at the phone in his hand. He dialed a number and a voice spoke.

“Hello 411.”

“Yes could you tell me if there’s a number for Draco Malfoy please.” 

A/N: This is for everyone who reads this.  But mostly to Draco_is_fit_123 and of course my Henria. 

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The Other Daughter: Treason & Blood Mixed With A Hint Of Uncertainty


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