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Teach me Something Good by the_real_diamond
Chapter 3 : The Way of an Angry Dog
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Sirius made it up to his dorm room after that strange argument. He defiantly needed some sleep after what he’s been through. He had to lug all of his things that he had brought in the bag up many stairs, and got very tired. The fact that they moved didn’t help, either.

It was a good thing that the marauder gang was just going up to the room as well. They spotted him and all helped to carry the impossibly heavy bag. Remus looked a little pooped from the weight already. “Wow. This thing is heavy. So, how did the lesson go? Was it fun? Was it boring? Did you actually learn anything?”

Sirius said nothing, but had a horrible expression on his face. Then he opened his mouth. “I,” was all that came out of it. All of his friends stared at him with blank looks. Being the most supportive group ever, they changed the subject.

“Well, um… oh yeah! Our plan worked out perfectly! That was probably one of our best executed pranks ever, even if it was just on a squirrel. It was a perfect shot.” They went on talking about that until they made it up to their dorm. That was when the subject changed back.

“I have no tutor.”

There was sudden confusion in the room. Remus, Peter, and James all stared in amazement at him. They had no clue what he was talking about. Remus seemed to be the most amazed at this news. “How is that possible? Was it a prank back at you?”

Sirius looked back at him and wasn’t too pleased at his comment. “Moony, I didn’t get tricked. You know as well as I do that Professor McGonnagol is no prankster. Even if she was, she would be very bad at it.”

Remus had to agree with that. James couldn’t take it any more. He ran up to Sirius and started shaking him wildly. “Spit it out! What is it? I need to know!”

“Get a hold of yourself, Prongs!” Peter pulled James away from Sirius to give him a bit of breathing room. “All right. Just tell us what happened. I’m sure there is a reasonable explanation for whatever this is,”

Sirius paused for one second, and then said it. “She went ballistic.” They looked at him with a funny expression, and he said something else. “My tutor.”


They all stared at him in wonder of how that could be possible. He went on explaining to them all about how he was late, how she thought it was annoying that he thought she was a boy, him teasing her, and how she walked off in a huff. It was still very much a blur to Sirius, though.

Then he remembered how she quick-quizzed him. “I swear, I can’t believe that tiny little girl knew all those things and I didn’t. How can she fit such a big brain in such a tiny head? The world makes me wonder…”

James was still completely mesmerized at the news. He was thinking about the girl. “What was the name of your tutor, anyhow?”

Sirius scrambled around his bag to find the letter. It was a little wrinkled and torn, but still readable. “It says here, Alex Coder. The girl said that her name was Alexandria and that she used ‘Alex’ as a nick name.” Sirius kept looking at it. “I can’t believe that Professor McGonnagol thought that a girl that was younger than me could know more than me.”

Peter gave a small giggle. “I can’t believe she was right.”

Sirius frowned at him and chucked a pillow at his friend, but missed and hit Remus. Remus picked up a pillow and tried to hit him back, but got James instead. Isn’t that how a pillow fight always starts? It always does for these guys.

The next morning, the marauders all unwillingly got out of their beds to prepare for the day’s classes. For them, that usually meant whoopee cushions, spitball ammo, and, in some cases, a bucket of fish heads. You can only imagine what they plan to do with that.

The four friends were all talking about the tutor incident down the hallway. “So Padfoot, are you going to break the news to professor Crack-Pot? She’s going to explode!”

“I don’t really know, yet. If I don’t tell her, she will never know any of this happened, but my grades will go down more. If I tell her, she will get really angry, but she will find me a new tutor and my grades will go up, I hope. Of course, if you think about it this way-“

Sirius found himself on the floor, and a bit dizzy. He had knocked into someone. “Hey! Watch where you’re-“

He looked up and saw none other than Alex. She dropped all her things in the process of bumping into Sirius. She didn’t look too happy at all with him. “I suggest you watch where you’re going, Grey.”

“It’s BLACK! Sirius BLACK! Can’t you ever get it right?”

Alex had an expression on her face that said “I don’t care.” Sirius did want a tutor, even though it would eat up his time to hang out with his friends. He desperately needed Defense against the Dark Arts grades to rise. He needed a plan.

This was the only one he could think of. “I am willing to make a deal with you.”

She got a sour look on her face again. “I already told you, I will not teach you a word of knowledge. You have proved that you are too ignorant to learn what I have to teach you.”

“Oh, c’mon. I really need this grade. I can’t fail, I just can’t!

Alex then had a devilish idea and made a nasty grin. This could only be trouble. “Come with me to the courtyard. I’m sure we can think of something there.”

“But our classes-“

“They don’t start for fifteen more minutes. Just come.”

Sirius scuttled after her, leaving his friends behind to wonder what that girl was going to do. Sirius and the Alex girl disappeared from sight.

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