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Diamond. by joojoo
Chapter 4 : Of Hot Gits and Steamy Kisses
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         Seduction is enticing someone into what they want to do already. - Waiter Rant

“Wake up, you lazy, futile lump of crap! You’re going to be late!”


A sixteen year old girl rolled over lazily in her bed, waking up to usual dulcet profanities that got her going each morning since she had reached the ripe-old-age of twelve. Her arms and legs stuck out at random intervals from under her shambolic duvet, each feeling too heavy to respond to her brain’s summons.


“I’m up!” she mumbled, head still stuffed firmly into its groove in her pillow, wishing the garish light from the sun to go away.


Once a few more abusive insults had been hurled her way, she began contemplating the idea of actually opening her eyes – a feat that she finally managed a good five minutes after. Whilst lying down, she stretched out her arms and legs, much like an overgrown cat. Feeling her tiredness seep out of her, she sat up with as much poise as a Neanderthal. 


The sun shone fiercely through Amelie’s window, blinding her, illuminating a room that was practically identical to how it looked six years ago, but now with a few more tasteful decorations. The decrease in cuddly toys was evident, as was the increase in clutter. Her dressing table was encumbered with everything ranging from empty ink bottles, broken quills, pieces of parchment and notebooks to nail-polish and make-up remover. Beside her, her bedside table was cluttered with pictures of her and her mates (none of whom had her family’s seal of approval) Alice Caldwell, Kyle Taylor, Dorcas Meadows, Callum Spencer and Lily Evans, which they had taken over the years that they had spent together, surreptitiously wreaking havoc within the walls of Hogwarts.


As she sat baking under the baleful influence of the sun, she suddenly felt suffocated. Wondering why she hadn’t moved before this, Amelie tumbled out of her bed, falling on to the floor, patting her hand over her bed to try and find her favourite pair of jeans and muttering mutinously to anything and everything. She really wasn’t a morning person.


Her first five years of Hogwarts had passed in a blur: she quickly making friends with fellow Gryffindors. Their sorting had been particularly memorable, what with the whole school thinking that Avery and Black were sure to go into Slytherin. There was uproar as they saw that they had in fact been placed in the ‘enemy house’, as they would call it. Slytherins had screamed insults at them (Narcissa Black’s feud with her cousin was particularly memorable), to which they both only too happily replied with witty comebacks, both feeling elated that they had finally shown their true place in society.


Though she focused on her studies, her and her friends were just as mischievous as the next bunch, perhaps more so. Although Alice did need quite a bit of persuasion, they spent a fair amount of time getting to know their way around the castle, and had, over the years developed their own methods of sneaking out undetected. Their knowledge of the castle’s secret passages and corridors were probably second to that of the Marauders. No one, of course, knew of these midnight endeavours: their perfect reputation was at risk.


Yet, some part of Amelie still held that reserved, hostile aura. She had found that she could hide behind it easily when feeling vulnerable – it made her feel a great deal stronger. If Amelie was at all formidable as a young girl, it was nothing to how she was now. Even though her close friends saw her true colours, not many outsiders did. She was ‘the mysterious Gryffindor girl’, and with her long, shiny black hair, luscious, full, blood-red lips, dark eyes, sculpted face and skin that looked golden all year round (all of which was inherited from her mother), it was hard not to see why. The length that her legs had managed to achieve over the past year had steadily begun to get more and more comments from the boys, whom she seemed to lure without even trying. Even so, she was not really comfortable with the way that she knew people talked about her.


By no means was she a saint: she had quite a good knowledge of the schools broom cupboards and secret passages. In the past, she would entice the lads and trick them, giving them a passionate kiss, letting them caress her smooth skin, or perhaps even (if they were lucky) let them see her topless before ignoring them for weeks. Despite the fact that she had had a couple of long-term boyfriends, (which, in Amelie’s book, meant more than two weeks) she never really felt connected with any of them, and she hated herself for it. She saw other girls with their boyfriends, content, and it made her want to kick herself. Why couldn’t she be like that with someone? Though, in truth, she never really gave them a chance.


Not that she was the only girl with guy problems. Lily, who was currently head over heels for a Ravenclaw by the name of Robert Branstone (more commonly known as Rob, captain and keeper of the Ravenclaw Quidditch team), didn’t seem to be getting very far. This wasn’t because of her lack of beauty: she had grown into one of the most gorgeous girls in her year with her long, flowing red hair and piercing green eyes. Everyone had a sneaking suspicion that it might have been due to James Potter – the bane of Lily Evans’ existence, though no one dared mention it for fear of another “Lily Rampage”.


The Potter/Evans feud had, if possible, heightened the previous year. Lily, forever the saviour of the underdogs, hated pranking people unawares. She believed of it as cowardly. Luckily for her, James Potter and his ‘cronies’ (otherwise known as the Marauders) absolutely revelled in it, and set about pranking everyone within the vicinity as long as they were Slytherins or annoyed them. If they happened to be a certain greasy-haired Severus Snape, then they would fall into both categories. Unfortunately, these incidents never ended very pleasantly for him, and had, over the years, caused him to become an object of ridicule amongst the majority of the school’s populace.


Lily hated Snape too, but just couldn’t seem to be able to understand for the life of her why Potter and Black – his partner in crime – would just hex him for the fun of it and let themselves sink to his level (Snape was known to be deep into the Dark Arts, and had once allegedly caught in a situation where he had cast an illegal hex on a passing third year to ‘see if she would scream or not’). It was stupid, idiotic and showed their immaturity to the maximum.


One – for want of a better word – pleasant summer afternoon, after the fifth years had finished their Defence Against the Dark Arts written OWL, Black and James had, once again, unwittingly, decided that they would continue their favourite game of Snivellus-snaring. Luckily for Potter, Lily was in the vicinity, and to put it simply, she was furious.


Unknown to James or his morons (apologies to Remus Lupin – the shy, rather gorgeous boy mentioned earlier), Lily had, only the day before, admitted to her friends that she may have some sort of feelings for James, thus making the whole ordeal even more infuriating for her. Amelie, though generally on good terms with James, could certainly empathise with Lily. It was almost as if you were about to eat an orange coloured Every-Flavoured-Bean, that constantly brought up a stream of arguments to persuade you that it was, indeed pumpkin flavoured and not rotten carrots, only for you to take a bite and realise that the damn bean had been lying to you all along. Horrible.


Yet, some part of her told herself that Lily would be perfect for James. Her steady head and logical manner would perfectly counterbalance his rashness, and heaven knew how his confidence could do Lily a world of good. Amelie had seen both at their best (and worst). She had even had decent conversations with the boy, where he would talk and debate with strong and valid points over matters which most people would have considered that James Potter would not have given a second thought over.


Unfortunately, the rest of that year was spent ignoring the Marauders, to which Amelie felt a twinge of regret. Though she had her own set of problems with Black, she did truly get on quite well with the rest of the group. Nevertheless, as this also meant ignoring Sirius – the self conceited prat, she obliged.  


The first few years of their time in Hogwarts was spent with Amelie keeping her head down when it came to Black. After the incident on the train, Black reverted back to his far observation of her, and found himself quickly becoming enthralled. Fourth year found them both sharing quite a heated kiss in a broom cupboard, where she left him (as per usual with her guys) once he’d had his one hand up her shirt and the other up her skirt. After that, he had been gagging for more, quite pathetically. Realising that that line of reasoning wouldn’t work, he changed tactics.


He began to brag and throw lewd little ‘comments’ at her – suggesting that there might be a problem with her sexuality that she didn’t want him, for example, eventually led to creating a passionate dislike between the girl and boy; now she was the only one who refused to be put herself in any sort of situation with him. Her violent outbursts were rare and far between, though explosive. Over the years, she had learned to build up her endurance, though something about Sirius Black (what it was, she really didn’t know) managed to set her off. People flinched at the sight of these incidents, wondering how Black could ever come out alive from them.


Even though these comments had decreased considerably since last year, the fact of the matter was that Amelie hated that she felt, in a way, indebted to Black. After all, if he hadn’t got her mad that day at the ball, she would probably be pretending to be a stuffed up Slytherin. He had got her out of that, and Amelie had a feeling that he had done it all on purpose. Something about him that night made her think that he knew what he was doing all along. Of course, she had had no idea that his loyalties lay elsewhere from his family either, at the time, and was just as shocked as everyone else when he got sorted into Gryffindor.


Away from the prying eyes of most of the Hogwarts students, Amelie and Sirius were both still stuck in the pureblood world, however much disgraced. During the long, tedious gatherings that they were still forced to meet; every once in a while having half-decent conversations, each time him surprising Amelie that the idiot knew more than he let on. Their intellectual and philosophical conversations would act as a break for them both – being something other than the thrills of tormenting mudbloods. She didn’t let it get to her, though, and would quickly revert back into hating Sirius, reminding herself that he was a womaniser who did not in fact know everything, and he shouldn’t act like he did whenever he had the chance to prove it. Everything was so much simpler that way. 


Nevertheless, Amelie still labelled him an idiot, hating him and his absolute pig-headedness in thinking that he knew her better than herself – and also, obviously, that he would be able to get her – and every other girl in the world so easily.


Grudgingly, Amelie had to admit that he had – to a point – a right to think so. A lot of girls would throw themselves at his feet, dying for one night with the guy. If Amelie had thought he was a looker at the mere age of eleven… well at sixteen, he had turned into any girls’ dream. With his place alongside her as beater on the Gryffindor Quidditch team, his muscles were defined and drool-worthy. This was a fact that no girl in Hogwarts would ever deny: he may be a prick, but he was a hot one. Damn him.


He used his charm and elegant looks to no end on the foolish women around him, whether it was to wangle his way out of a detention or to get a discount on his favourite sweet in Honeydukes. At a drop of a hat he could beguile any woman, captivating her fullest attention. He had practically dubbed it as his mission to mesmerise the entire female populace to himself. And though Amelie hated Sirius for all of this, she had to admit (albeit grudgingly) that his game was much like her own – not getting too close with anyone – purely having fun, probably trying to live the childhood he missed out on.


From what she had heard, his mother had also decided to give her child the silent treatment from when he had returned home as a Gryffindor in first year. This, hence, caused more drama as the two would always awkwardly find themselves in each other’s presence whenever it came round to another pureblood gathering. Amelie would try not to loose her temper again (for fear of being disowned) at a Sirius who would again smirk at her, watching her as if she was an interesting television programme. Not that he knew what a television was – the uncultured swine.


Alice Caldwell and Dorcas Meadows were both sweet girls, harbouring much less aggressive attitudes than their other two friends. Alice was too much in her own dream-world, thinking of a certain Benjy Fenwick in the year above her, whom she had harboured a secret crush for since the previous year. She was a prim, shy girl with a round face, bright blue eyes and a permanent smile. All the parents loved Alice; she was very well-mannered and modest, never being too bold or harsh. Anyone who saw her was blown away by her pure heart and how caring she was. 


Dorcas, on the other hand, was far too hyper from sugar overload to be violent. She liked Remus Lupin, and showed it - to her friends, at least. Lupin was the sensible Marauder, and was quite conscious of morals that needed to be upheld, even whilst pranking. Remus gave her chocolate. Chocolate made her happy. Therefore Remus made her happy. Life was simple in Dorcas’s world.


Her final two friends, Kyle Taylor and Callum Spencer were, in her opinion, the most dependable, prudent, and caring boys she had ever had the fortune to meet. Their fun-loving attitudes were infectious, though they both knew well when to give the girls space. Each of them tried to protect the girls in their own way, though slowly realised that there wasn’t much point in trying. With Amelie and Lily in the group, it was the rest of the school that needed saving. Envied by half the school for being accepted by the prettiest girls in Hogwarts, it was needless to say that the two boys had grown a bit of an ego – even if they didn’t harbour any feelings towards their female friends.


Kicking off her duvet with her legs, Amelie rolled off her bed, dragging herself to her dressing table, pulling down her face with her hands as she looked at her eyes in the mirror. Dragging herself towards the bathroom, she washed her face with freezing cold water. She looked up at the mirror feeling much more refreshed, and began to apply some light make-up for the day.


Ten minutes later, she and her hefty trunk were downstairs. Her mother was up, busy about her own business. Neither said a word to the other. Amelie grabbed a slice of toast for herself and headed to the hall where she was going to floo to Lily’s house (her parents had refused to take her to Hogwarts ever since she had returned from her first year). The Floo Network had allowed Lily’s house to be connected as she was a witch, and by the request of Albus Dumbledore, the Headmaster at Hogwarts. She stepped into the fireplace with her belongings, barely fitting in, even though it was quite large and disappeared in a flash of green flames.




Without even being given the chance to breathe, she had been pulled into a bone-breaking hug by her best friend.


“H-h-hi Lily,” she managed to wheeze. “D-do you mind l-letting go?”


Realising herself, Lily pulled away, smiling. “Gosh, I missed you! They didn’t treat you bad, did they?”


“Nah, it was fine. They pretty much ignored me, though I prefer it like that to be honest…” shrugged Amy. It was true. She stayed up in her room when her relatives came over and threatened to hex any of her pesky cousins who had once been such a bother to her. The rest of her family pretended that she didn’t exist, except her ‘father’, who wouldn’t enjoy his evening meal without having shouted at the girl at least once. Amelie, however, who had found this so routine now, and who wanted to build a fresh life apart from them, she found she didn’t particularly care.


“Hmm… I guess that’s good,” Lily said, not sounding altogether convinced. “Come on, else my Dad’ll be in a mood: you know how he gets when we’re late.”


Knowing full well, Amy nodded, walking behind her friend, who was helping her lug her personal belongings.


“Flip! Amy… What the hell do you put in these things? Bricks?”


Amelie grinned at her friend, a twinkle in her eye. “No, Lily, but like you say, I’m too darn materialistic for my own good.”


Lily sighed. Amelie was a clothes freak, and absolutely revelled in her shopping sprees. This made her perfect for any clothes crisis that any of the girls’ had, but as Lily pointedly reminded her every year, they would rather go with the clothes crisis than with a friend with a broken back. The argument, however, old as it was, was ignored by both of them as they walked towards the car where Mr. Evans was waiting for them.


“Morning, Mr. Evans.”


“Hi there, Amy! How you been?”


“Fine thank you,”


“Great… now hop in, both of you. Don’t want to be late for your first day, do you? And you, Lily, a prefect…” Her father visibly swelled with pride.


Being muggles, Lily’s parents were understandably proud of their daughters’ achievements over the years at Hogwarts. She was extremely clever, and had managed to get twelve OWLs that summer, with nine Outstandings, two Exceeds Expectations in Defence Against the Dark Arts and Astronomy, and only one Acceptable in Divination, not to mention being made prefect in her fifth year with Remus Lupin, the sensible Marauder (if there ever was one).


Amelie had more of a natural talent for subjects, much like James Potter and Sirius Black. Where Lily would spend time actually studying subjects, Amelie would find that she would more or less learn things as soon as she was taught them. She found that as long as she paid attention to a certain degree in class and re-read her notes fully once before the exam, she could pass with distinction. She had also managed to obtain twelve OWLs. She had taken the subjects as Lily apart from Divination (she had taken Arithmancy instead), and had obtained another O in Defence Against the Dark Arts and an E in Arithmancy. She, however, was not made a prefect…her disregard for the rules were slightly more blatant than little Miss Evans. Not that she minded: she much preferred her freedom in school without the responsibilities of a prefect.


Alice, Dorcas, Kyle and Callum each had decent grades. They were not as clever as the other two, but got on well. The boys seemed to have quite a natural talent, passing well without studying. Alice and Dorcas got on well, studying with Lily and yet having their fun as well. Alice seemed to actually enjoy working (something which confused Amelie to an extent) and Dorcas… Frankly, Amelie was surprised that Dorcas could even sit down for long enough to actually learn anything. Lily, however, had managed to nail down exactly when Dorcas needed her ‘breaks’ so that she could retain her concentration.


Before they knew it, their trip to the station ended, and Lily’s father was getting the girls’ their trolleys and helping them get their luggage towards the barrier that separated platform nine and three quarters from the rest of King’s Cross.


“Bye, bye, darling. Be good and take care of yourself. Oh and Lils – don’t forget to send an owl over if you’ve forgotten anything.”


“I will, Dad, thanks.” Lily gave her father a kiss on the cheek and the two girls waved as they walked through the metal barrier casually, coming face to face with a scarlet steam engine – the Hogwarts Express.


“Amy! Lily!”


Suddenly everywhere went dark as the two girls were suffocated under the weight of four bodies and odd bits of luggage.


“You’re here! You’re here! You’re here!” Dorcas screamed as she was pushed aside by her two friends who came up, panting for air.


“Come off, Dori. Let them breathe,” said a deep voice that Amelie immediately registered as Callum’s.


“Did you expect us not to come?” asked Lily, brushing down her clothes and breathing heavily.


Dorcas smiled sheepishly.


“Come on, Lily. You know Dorcas. How’ve you two been?” asked Kyle, grinning at his friend’s foolishness, chocolate eyes sparkling from beneath his mop of brown hair.


“Fine, fine…” muttered Lily vaguely, thinking about getting onto the train.


“Come on, let’s get on the bloody train before it leaves without our dearest prefect!” Amelie smirked at Lily, who poked her tongue out in return.


They all snickered as they boarded the train. Lily went towards the prefect compartment and the other five began to scour the length of the train for an empty compartment (after Dorcas had shouted after Lily, telling her to say hi to ‘her Remy’ from her).


“Hey, you two… em… I promised Benjy to meet him in his compartment. You don’t mind, do you?”


Alice turned an impossible shade of red, while averting everyone’s eyes.


“You’re what?!” screamed Amelie and Dorcas together.  


The boys remained stony faced.


 Alice, who didn’t notice the latter’s reaction, grinned sheepishly. “We got together at the end of last year and we’ve been owling each other all summer. It isn’t the same as talking face to face though…”


Had she not been so happy at the prospect of meeting Benjy, she would have been shivering from the steely glare that her four friends were giving her.


“And why, may I ask, did you refrain from passing on such important news for so long?”


“Well, you know… I didn’t want to jinx it. It’s been so long that I liked him and you guys know that I don’t like attention much so…”


“Guys!” moaned Dorcas, now frustrated due to the lack of movement of her two friends and annoyingly tugging on Amelie’s top. “Come on! We need to find a compartment.”


Reluctantly, Amelie let the conversation pass. Dorcas had an attention span far too short for such matters and she needed Lily on her side for a better effect. Deciding that the wait would be worth it, she followed the rest onto the train, looking for an empty compartment.


As she passed through, she managed to catch quite a few gazes and felt pleased with herself. It seemed that her reputation hadn’t worn away over the summer. As part of her daily chores, she ignored a few, glanced appreciatively at others and bit her lip at a select few whom she had previously known. 


“I wish you’d stop doing all that,” muttered Alice. “It makes me feel so self-conscious when I’m with you…”


“Aw, Alice, you know that I can’t go by without my daily dosage. Besides, you should be used to it by now.”


“Amy…” said Kyle, warningly. However much they got on in general, after countless arguments on this one topic in particular, they had decided talking about Amelie’s endeavours with the male population of Hogwarts was a topic they had agreed on not discussing in their presence.


Alice mumbled something incoherent, her permanent effervescent demeanour not as vibrant as usual, as she set off to find Benjy. Amelie, catching parts of it was quite surprised at Alice’s use of such – vulgar – language, decided to feign deafness and continue with her mission. To be honest, she hadn’t thought Alice capable of such colourful adjectives, and mentally applauded her. She even added some to her own ever-expanding vocabulary, hoping to use them on a certain Sirius Black at the next opportunity. Hearing Dorcas giggle, Amelie noted that she had heard it too. Knowing the kind of uses she could come up with for that kind of information, she smirked. ‘At least that’s one entertaining day we’ll have this year,’ she thought.


When the remaining girls and boys managed to find a compartment, it was situated near the back of the train. They sat down.


Anyone who didn’t know them very well would think that they were a highly unconventional group – though that was not strictly untrue. Amelie held quite a dark, mysterious aura, whilst Lily was fiery and passionate (about everything and anything). Alice was pleasant and good-natured, and Dorcas seemed to have a secret vat of energy that she would go get refills from. Most people were under the impression that she went high on sweets, as she ate quite a lot of them, but it had been proven that she would be quite the same on oxygen.


Kyle was a hormone ridden, cocky prat at times, but it was counterbalanced by his sudden moments of insightfulness that had helped them all in several sticky situations. He was a brilliant listener when he wanted to be. Callum, in the first five minutes of meeting someone, would come across as the shy type, but, in an almost Cinderella-like fashion, as soon as a second over five minute passes, he would explode into the typical teenage guy, slick comments and all. He had an obsession with all things physical: sports, sex – you name it, he loved it. Though that may seem typical behaviour, his love of sports rivalled James Potter’s love for Quidditch. Since the age of fourteen, he had, without fail, ran at least an hour a day, along with practising an assortment of other exercises. Now, at the age of sixteen, he would go to pieces without it. It was his life.


And yet, none of them could imagine themselves without the other. They did not feel the need to chatter constantly or meet up every two seconds to know that their friendship was stable. They shared a no-strings-attached relationship with the each other, knowing that it would always be there, no matter what they did. For hours, they could sit together in a comfortable silence, though, this was practically impossible when Dorcas was around.


“Soooo, Amy!” asked Dorcas, swinging her legs and twirling her curly dark brown her around her index finger, before sucking on one out of many sweets that she had undoubtedly packed from home. “What do you think Remy is saying to Lily about now?”


Amelie couldn’t help but grin at her hopelessly lost friend over the book she was reading. (Not many people knew that Amelie read, nor of her unhealthy obsession with Edgar Allen Poe, the sinister muggle writer.) She was practically bursting at the mere thought of the marauder. She had to admit that Remus Lupin was in fact very good-looking, though a polar-opposite to Sirius Black. Where Sirius was loud, boisterous and overly-assertive, Remus would just bury himself in his book, looking highly intelligent and – admittedly – extremely hot. For her friends’ sanity, Amelie had conveniently forgotten to tell Dorcas that she had, in fact, had a – for want of a better word - moment with one Remus Lupin. To her, it wasn’t exactly a big deal: she had had a moment with practically all the boys in the school that were her age or above. Nevertheless, she didn’t think her friend would be too happy, even if the incident was so long ago, and an unhappy Dorcas would surely be one of the signs of the apocalypse. Amelie, not entirely a devout catholic, was far from ready for such an event.


Remus’ first few years at Hogwarts found him quite shy and reserved. A few years with the Marauders though, had changed that. He had learnt to socialise much more. Amelie had time and time again found herself in intelligent debates with Remus, not unlike the ones she had with James. Of course, she flirted with the pair of them from time to time a bit – it came without questioning, but she found that however cute the pair of them were, they were simply not for her: Remus was far too prone to sudden bought of introverted behaviour, and James too smitten with Lily, and Amelie would never get in the way of that one. She liked her men to be bold, slightly controlling. That way, she could fight for control with him; it would be no fun if he just gave it all to her.


“Dori, you know what? I think he might just be trying to convince Lily that she has to increase your daily chocolate allowance.”


Lily was very strict with her chocolate rations – something that Dorcas despised. The latter would go into tantrums, screaming and shouting at Lily for hours, who would then console herself by believing that Dorcas would thank her at the golden age of thirty when she wasn’t the size of an over-grown whale.


Callum and Kyle both snorted. Both boys got on well with Remus, and, in fact, all of the Marauders. They just stuck with the girls, simply because they seemed to fit better that way.


Dorcas grinned her famous grin, the thought of all the chocolate and Remus bringing them hovering above her, almost as if she was afraid that it would run away if she wanted to grab it. Amelie laughed.


After a few hours of playful banter (and the passing of the food trolley where Dorcas almost emptied the entire thing), Lily returned, looking quite flustered. Her cheeks were red and she looked distinctly ruffled. Amelie and Dorcas looked up at her questioningly.


“Potter,” she mumbled, leaving the rest to nod in understanding. Nothing more needed to be said. Feeling that leaving Lily to brood in her mutinous thoughts would surely bring more misery that happiness, they encouraged her to start on the sweets with them. Soon, all thoughts of the Marauders disappeared as the conversation turned to each of their summers.


That was until they decided to arrive in person instead.


“Why hello, ladies,”


Black. Who else?


Kyle coughed pointedly.


“Kyle! Callum! How you two been?” asked Sirius, acting as if he had just seen them.


“Fine, mate – thanks for ignoring us.”


Sirius ignored the comment and continued with his conquest.


Amelie looked around, looking Sirius up and down once before giving him a look of disgust and turning back to converse with Lily. His smirk did not go unnoticed.


“Checking me out, are we?”


Callum dropped his head, smacking it in painful resignation of where the situation was going. Kyle looked up, eyes boring into Sirius’.


Remus, James and Peter Pettigrew were standing behind him, looking wary. Though this was usual for Peter, it certainly wasn’t for Remus or James. Remus would have by now started a decent conversation, and James would by now be sitting next to Lily, annoying her.


Peter Pettigrew was an odd boy. Though he wasn’t ugly by any means, he didn’t have the looks or the brains of the other three Marauders. Instead, he had oddly sharp senses and the capability to be very sneaky when he wanted to be. It seemed odd that the others would hang around with Peter, but they did, and no one really questioned it.


Amelie felt her blood boil as she muttered, “In your dreams,”


She distinctly heard a “you bet”, but at Lily’s command decided to ignore it as best she could. She sufficed by turning the page of her book with such brutality that it ripped. She muttered “Reparo”.


Some things in life just have an affect on you, for no apparent reason. As much as you try to find a logical reasoning behind it, you wouldn’t be able to. It’s the little things – things that normally people wouldn’t think twice about. And, ironically, it’s usually those little things that cause the major problems or events in our life. Amelie had no idea why Sirius’ snicker acted as a stimulus – why it triggered such a huge explosion of irritation and antagonism within her.


It just did.


Before she knew it, she had jumped up, pulled out her wand and poked it straight into Black’s heart, her hand surprisingly steady despite her anger. Her eyes glittered venomously, not even thinking about the lack of gap between the two of them. She could clearly see the look of shock in Black’s misty eyes, only to be aggravatingly replaced by an arrogant glint as he realised the proximity between their bodies. Not missing a beat, he swept in, turned around and closed the distance, kissing her fervently on the lips, pinning her up against the wall of the compartment, his tongue exploring her familiar mouth.


Amelie didn’t even realise what she was doing. It was an immediate reaction to respond to any guy who kissed her: who was she to refuse those who were willing? But before her mind could process what was happening, she had wrapped her arms around his neck, one hand sinking into his immaculate hair, the other to bring him even closer. Her body seemed to melt at an alarming rate, and her heart screamed protest as his lips left her mouth, beginning to tease her neck and collar bone, his hips pushing into hers, pressing her against the wall. She let a soft moan escape her lips, and then caught herself.


This was Black! This was wrong!


Quickly moving, she turned, pinning him to the wall, ignoring the shocked looks of the witnesses, her wand drawn again. He had gone too far with her. He  should have known better.




Sirius was blasted through the wall of the compartment, falling straight into the lap of a Hufflepuff fifth year, who looked ready to feint at both shock and the proximity she had with the Hogwarts heart-throb. Sirius, too, looked dazed, but for an entirely different reason.


“Fuck,” he whispered, and passed out on the spot.


[A/N] Hehe, three chapters of little snippets and you suddenly get all that! I am so nice! I think this chapter was probably one of my favourites. Sirius got a little more than he expected, didn’t he? But you know our lovely Amelie can’t help but kiss someone so gorgeous when they just throw themselves at her. She’s no fool!

I feel a bit sorry for Sirius though… he should really learn to control his hormones. (well, they both should, really). You would think that getting a broken nose from an eleven year old Amelie would prevent him from doing something stupid when she’s sixteen? Ah well, boys…

Just wanted to add that the title for this chapter was changed from 'Of Hot Pricks and Steamy Kisses' - it doesn't change much, but I'd gotten rather fond of the title I had so ingeniously thought of and decided to give it a little credit.

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